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  1. The Tracy Quartermaine Lovefest

    I just hate that Tracy is engaged, but to the wrong Luke. They need to let the audience know who FauxLuke is. Pervert Luke juxtaposed to InLoveTracy is not cool. I still think Ned looks like Tracy's brother instead of her son.
  2. The Tracy Quartermaine Lovefest

    They were playing Sunlight Kisses during the Kelly's scenes today 4/7/14. I like Geary getting something meaty do, but I don't like Tracy being made to look dumb. I cannot believe they let her act as if she did not know her nephew is dead. They just totally ignored her recent care and concern over AJ.
  3. The Tracy Quartermaine Lovefest

    Am I the only one who noticed Pluke giving Carly the up-and-down-eyes when he was being released from the hospital on the 2/27 episode? I remembered being creeped out by him looking at his niece that way. Who is this person and where is real Luke?
  4. The Tracy Quartermaine Lovefest

    http://realnewspaper.wordpress.com/2014/03/13/why-men-cheat-on-loyal-women/ I found this link about why men cheat on women who are loyal to them. It explains a lot about real life relationships; but most Definitely explains about Tracy and Luke's past relationship. I think the GH writers read it! Hopefully Tracy is finished with that part of her saga/
  5. The Tracy Quartermaine Lovefest

    Today's "Squeaky, Freaky, Kiki" scene was jaw-dropping. Maybe Luke has D.I.D.? Tracy is clueless of course. Why doesn't anyone take Tracy seriously? Kevin totally blew her off about Luke and went to talk to Scott instead. Luke is in need of some sort of mental intervention!
  6. The Tracy Quartermaine Lovefest

    They would probably have to recast Dillon, since Scott is on B&B. I want Luke and Tracy together, no more cheating and scamming. Pod Luke will hopefully not last too long.
  7. The Tracy Quartermaine Lovefest

    Yes Tracy needs her boy; her hands are full with pod Luke.
  8. The Tracy Quartermaine Lovefest

    OMG!!!! The previews for Monday's show. :0 Luke is wackadoodle for sure. I can't wait to see what is going to happen next.
  9. The Tracy Quartermaine Lovefest

    Today's episode is crazy!
  10. The Tracy Quartermaine Lovefest

    Hi *hookedongh* Real life has been full of sorrow and joy. I graduated, finished two plays and lost my Aunt and like-an-Aunt to lung cancer. The stage work helps and watching Lunacy get together makes me smile. I have been reading the board whenever possible. When I can; I want to write again.
  11. The Tracy Quartermaine Lovefest

    I have been waiting for this, but Luke does seem off. Some couples just belong together. It is weird that he has not called her Spanky. I am a sucker for a sappy Luke. I hope the weird behavior is/was over. I need to see them together.
  12. The Tracy Quartermaine Lovefest

    My thoughts have been that he does not remember her and was looking for Laura, he was going to propose or he is an imposter.
  13. The Tracy Quartermaine Lovefest

    I was bored so I looked up a nickname generator and this was my result. This is insane!
  14. The Tracy Quartermaine Lovefest

    I used to like Monica, but I am so sick of her ragging on Tracy. P.S. I made it through my finals and I graduate on Saturday!!! Whoo, hoo!