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DAYS Spinoff: Beyond Salem Discussion Thread

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1 minute ago, AbcNbc247 said:

I do think there's love there though. I mean, he almost killed her and she still stuck around. But Idk, there's just something about her. 


They seem happy and in love to me but agreed

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3 minutes ago, wingwalker said:

I do love that this is a verb now.  

Soap Dictionary: 

Guy Wilson'd: To screw up a recast of a legacy character so badly, that the show feels the only way to fix it, is to kill them off. 

They can't all be Charity Rahmer to be fair!

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So Freddie is now charging membership for his YouTube account.

$10 membership

You can also buy t-shirts and an Alyssa and Freddie mug.

How about Freddie singing happy birthday to you?

$50 bucks please...

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29 minutes ago, AlexElizabeth said:

I won't even watch their videos for free.  Freddie really thinks people are going to pay a fee to listen to him talk about his pet's bladder infection? He must be desperate.

Reading the comments he has definitely some fans who in theory might be willing to.

But I am more skeptical whether they will be able to. It is a lot of people for a lot of young people! 

There is no shame in getting a real job. Just saying that out loud in case someone who this might be relevant to reads this.

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3 hours ago, Craigger said:

I'll totally pay Freddie's membership! Funny how all of you who hate him follow him endlessly and know everything going on with him. Freddie is the best! 

Dude. You are hilarious. Seriously, you should have quit while you were behind.

Your fangirling over Freddie is too much. Believe me, after making a couple $10/monthly payments to watch his YouTube vids, those subscribers will drop off.

What do Freddie and his wife offer on those videos? What do they have to offer? I can’t see it. There is no must-see there, no particular talent, no can’t-be-missed discussion.

Free podcasts and free videos are EVERYWHERE. They are not going to make a living charging for You Tube. That’s DELUSIONAL.

Your support here for Freddie went bad when you trashed Zach Tinker — which NO ONE else is doing — and then trashed this board. You’re new here and you come in this hot?  

You are as upset as Freddie that Tinker was PRAISED from his first scene. That praise was loud and it was practically universal — and that almost never happens.

Zach was great. Few people mentioned Freddie much at all because they wanted to be nice. I mentioned Freddie because I thought he was lousy on the show and got worse when he stopped trying. He made WilSon a DISASTER.

Enjoy yourself spending $120 a year on Freddie’s insipid and worthless videos. Please let the other boards you frequent know that I’m glad Freddie is out of acting. 

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13 minutes ago, Cheap21 said:

I saw the first episode and this sh-t was terrible. When does Eileen show up as Kristen bc I'll skip to that




It's way better than the main show.


She's in Episode 3 and she shows up in Episode 4 about halfway through. 

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