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DAYS Spinoff: Beyond Salem Discussion Thread

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I thought it was light and fun. Nothing groundbreaking and some of the directing was disappointing (oddly the drag scenes played flat to me), but I’ve been watching old episodes of Santa Barbara, and it gave me somewhat of an updated SB vibe. Mostly it made me nostalgic for a time when soaps could use extras and had comedy.

Chandler Massey as a bearded lady voguing was a kick. As was Billy Flynn doing high glamour with his hairy pits. Sad that Eileen didn’t get much to do, but she effortlessly brings Kristen to life. 

The Miami stuff started slowly and limply, but I was surprised that I came to enjoy it. Jackée and James Reynolds have a delightfully warm old-sitcom rapport.

I like Ciara when she’s doing capers and not mooning over her serial-killer lover. My favorite scene was her “seducing” the Havisham dude.

Glad Shane had the opportunity to lash out at Ben for killing his granddaughter.

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I finished this up earlier this week and this was the most I have enjoyed a soap in a while, it may not have actually been groundbreaking but it was in the sense that the characters actually had FUN, something that seems illegal on actual daytime TV. 

Episode #4 with the sex party and the drag show was definitely a favorite and while Cin aren't all that popular on this board I think they handled them well with a mini-arc that didn't involve danger and recognized Ben for who he was without pandering. 

Sonny/Will/Leo/Chad was the most fun, followed by Jarlena/Tanna/Caustin then the Miami group, who I wish they had spent more time developing an arc for but I must say the production for the outside restaurant scenes was top notch. 

Lastly, the only thing that killed it for me was everyone not ending up in Alamania in the climax-maybe not everyone but a good majority of them meeting and having the climax at the museum during a gala or something would have been epic and could have still been low budget. 

It was also fun to see Billie, Kristen and Shane/Drew popping in, I actually enjoyed Billie's mini-arc with the fellow detective and his sudden reveal of being Russian was fun. 

Oh-I remembered the casting call for the Bond-esque villain and was kind of sad that he only ended up being on screen two seconds when escorted from the auction, I thought they may have done more there. 

Regardless, this was fun, funny and the best nod to 80s soaps in a while but modern on a low budget and I hope to see many more series to come. 

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It was a rainy day so I watched all 5 episodes consecutively today.

Overall, I enjoyed it as the cheesy fun that is DAYS. The difference was the pacing - this show had zero filler and went at breakneck speed. 

It amazes me that Eileen returns to Y&R time and again for Ashley, a somewhat thankless character at times, when she can come to DAYS and inhabit Kristen and positively come alive. It is very interesting to see just how differently she plays the two characters. 

The ending with Deidre Hall karate chopping her way to safety was hilarious. So hilarious I watched it three times. 

Zach Tinker was a huge upgrade for Sonny. His intensity was jarring compared to how that character had been played in the past. He's also a very good on camera cryer. 

Billy Flynn was a highlight for me. He was very funny.

Greg Rikaart is shockingly fun in the role of Leo while I can't stand him on Y&R. He clearly had a blast playing those scenes.

Austin Peck had a relaxed, fun quality to his performance. It was good to see him. 

Rinna has destroyed herself on RHOBH but she was fun to watch as Billie. 

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On 11/3/2021 at 12:22 PM, Soapsuds said:

Anyone have news on numbers or how it did in viewership? 




You'll never find out actual raw data as Peacock doesn't release those figures as per policy which is in line with most streaming service's.

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