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DAYS Spinoff: Beyond Salem Discussion Thread


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    • Someone actually compared Anne Frank (and others) hiding from the nazis to the Covid-vaccine??!! Please register in order to view this content
    • It hasn't been stated that they're recasting Hope. There was a blind item in SOD (could be for any of the four US soaps) "One show is on the active hunt to recast a major character who has been off the canvas". Some of the guesses are Hope on Days, or Lucky on GH. Or maybe Summer or Kyle on Y&R. Or Thorne on B&B.  That was just a few of the guesses.  Could be anyone. The full list of blind items is here: https://boards.soapoperanetwork.com/topic/60456-sod/  
    • Is Eva coaching Tits from the tunnel?  What is happening here?!    
    • I agree totally.  I was just trying to reply to the other poster's suggestion that the show needs drama.  As I said, their suggestion could work with expert writing, but we don't have that.  And we just don't need rape storylines. Period. For anyone. Plus the only reason the show is using Noah is to further CBS's seeming agenda to unGay Tessa. So yeah that's a HUGE no. Also, I will add.... Bianca getting raped by Michael Cambias on AMC was bad enough. I don't need to see that again.
    • There is that worry, yes.   I'm sure there are some who think that I'm too hard on the Dingles, but frankly that's their problem..... I have to concede that there have been times when I have actually (almost) liked some of them, although it pains me to admit that now. Chas was sort of likeable for a while, and Marlon was kind of tolerable when he was with Tricia and with Donna. I also liked Lisa in the beginning. But all that was long ago, and now I can't stand the sight of any of them. I disliked the family right from the start. I mean, there was nothing even remotely appealing about them from the beginning. The pathetic feud with the McAllister family, they destroyed Luke's life and practically drove him to his death, Tina tried to frame Angharad for possession of drugs, Butch terrorized Jessica.... And then the way they gatecrashed Joe Sugden's funeral and acted like the pigs they are. It still makes my blood boil to think about it.   And then came the unholy trinity of Cain, Charity and (yuck) Debbie! Three of the most unappealing characters ever created, although they have been challenged in recent years by Aaron and Liv.  And don't get me wrong. I don't mind characters with flaws. I loved Viv, and she could be the most hypocritical and vicious of bitches. Rachel had affairs with three (!) married men, including Jack, who was the brother of her stepfather, yet I cared about her. (Except when she fought Frank to help the Dingles keep their house. If there was ever a time she deserved to be pushed from a cliff then that was it!). Steph was a psycho, who imprisoned and drugged her own father, and she was still able to arouse some sympathy. Amos could be the most irritating, pretentious man, yet he is one of my all-time favourites. I don't know if it's the writing who fail or the actors, but I have never ever been able to feel any kind of sympathy or empathy for the Dingles. And they don't even have to be Dingles by blood, as Liv has proved in recent years, and Alice did before that. It was probably not the intention from the show, but I was overjoyed when Sam helped Alice to die. She was probably the most insufferable non-Dingle ever. Yes, even worse than Liv! I know that Emmerdale has turned into more of a soap than the realistic dramaseries it was in the beginning, but I miss those years so much. This show used to be so good and special and now it's just a generic soap that stretches credibility to the limit. I mean, there is no way that two characters like Chas and Charity would ever be able to run a pub. With their criminal records they would never get a licence to serve alcohol! But we must have Dingles everywhere so to hell with logic!   Please register in order to view this content   I sometimes wonder why I even bother with this show anymore, but I have a history with it that goes back to the late 70s, and it's hard to break that kind of bond.  
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