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  1. Did you really just say that? How ignorant. There are no words.
  2. Ron Carlivati continues to make Days must see tv! I wish they could afford Dua Lipa's Levitating. Great stuff seeing Marlena levitate. No wonder Days got a 2 year renewal. Everyone is talking about and promoting this storyline. Loved seeing Dee and the ever sexy RSW on Kelly Clarkson. Kelly was fawning over RSW, as she should. Nice seeing Days get great word of mouth and cross promotion.
  3. Finished watching the WONDERFFUL DaytimeStarsandStrikes Event that Alan Locher so lovingly put on. He did a GREAT job and I told him so in private messages. He appreciated it. SO many of our beloved GL stars appeared. Too many to mention. It is a must see on Youtube. Any GL fan has to watch. Huge huge respect to Alan Locher. He has done so much for daytime, especially during this pandemic. Definitely!!
  4. Completely agree! Ron has been writing soaps for 25 years. Days is featured this week in TV Guide as The Show To Watch!
  5. My wonderful friend Alan Locher is the BEST! He really brought it today. Bravo bravo bravo Alan Locher!!!!
  6. Vee, how would you know such a thing? Are you in show business? You are so knowledgeable.
  7. Days is on fire! Thanks Ron Carlivati for your brilliance! You have the viewers hooked! They claim that they don't watch but yet they complain about every scene (that they don't watch). Thank you again Ron Carlivati for keeping Days on the air and for keeping us watching!!!!
  8. Love me some #Salad! Can't wait to see that storyline!
  9. I'm not watching but I comment on everything that happens on Days, a show that I'm not watching!
  10. There are a few other boards. Not just Datalounge. You're precious. I love Days and Ron Carlivati. He is truly the best headwriter ever.
  11. It's probaby been discussed. Didn't Ashton have cancer? Is that ever mentioned?
  12. Ron Carlivati continues to do a masterful job of weaving stories. He can only do so much with the budget and guarantees. Thank you Ron Carlivati. I will post here. Don't bully me. @toups
  13. No wonder this board is mocked on Datalounge. That being said, Days is on FIRE right now. I love the Devil storyline and everything that Bill and Susan Hayes have been given. Huge huge kudos to Ron Carlivati! The man knows how to write a soap. Deidre is having a ball playing this stuff. I look forward to every episode. Great great soap opera.
  14. V loves to dictate who should and shouldn't post. This is a tough board, Joseph. Hang in there. I appreciate you.
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