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  1. North Carolina and South Carolina Senate races are getting the most media attention. Iowa is starting to as well with the Democrat pulling ahead in the polling. Three others that are flying under the radar and the media are ignoring, but I would keep an eye on are Alaska, Montana, and Kansas senate races. They've all had a couple of polls come out in recent weeks after months of no polling. The Democrat (or independent in the case of the Alaska challenger) are all either polling ahead or slightly behind. I think there is a decent possibility that at least 1 surprises the media and goes Democrat.
  2. Cunningham is super lucky his news broke the same weekend the plague is running through the White House. It won't get nearly as much airtime in the press. It could certainly cost him the senate election, but there's enough seats in play Dems can still take the Senate. He did the smart thing and owned up to it and in terms of scandals go, as long there's not anything else, that's pretty mild. Voters can be forgiving if you own up and admit your mistakes. Since Biden and Gov. Cooper are polling ahead in North Carolina , they might help Cunningham squeeze out a win.
  3. While Biden wasn't perfect tonight, he won by simply not being a lunatic. That was one of the most horrifying displays by Trump. All Trump had to do was say "I denounce white supremacists" and he couldn't do it.
  4. I don't think Lacey going on maternity leave disproves the other story. The actor that plays Max, is a high paid actor, leaving the show and from the articles, sounds like it was a show decision. Adam who plays Ian, is the highest paid actor on the show, is going on a ten week "story dictated break". Actress who plays Sonia has yet to appear in a single new episode and the show has been back for 3 weeks. Judging from her social media, doesn't look like she's been filming much. While it might not be a crisis as dire as that article makes it sound like, I think there is very much some degrees of truth to it.
  5. Well it looks EE is pulling a DAYS: Lacey hasn't returned yet and already announced she's leaving: Plus this rumor that could easily pass for our almost yearly "DAYS in Crisis" articles:
  6. She's a senator from Maine, not Alabama. The main reason she's polling about 8 point behind is because Maine voters hated that she voted for Kavanaugh and didn't vote to impeach Trump. She can't afford to cast another vote like that before election day. While I do think getting 4 GOP senators is more possible than people think it is, the best plan is to ensure Biden wins and Dems take back the Senate. They can up the SCOTUS to 11 seats if need be and deal with the fallout later.
  7. I think we a total of 4 GOP senators. Romney is a good bet and according to twitter, he already joined Lisa Lisa Murkowski, though I can't 100% confirm. Susan Collins is actually probably a good bet, not because she all of a sudden has a spine, but because she's about loose her job. Making the same promise is probably only hail marry that might save her. With those 3, if my math is correct, it makes it 50-50 and Pence can cast the tie breaking vote. We'll need one more.
  8. The show said they won't be killing him off and will leave the door open to a return.
  9. I'm not surprised either. I never really liked Max much, so I'm personally not that upset, but it does suck to loose another familiar face though.
  10. I selfishly hope the oldest child, Alexander is a love interest for Ollie. They'd be hot together. LOL
  11. They were off the air for about the same length that EastEnders was. Here's the link to the latest ratings thread: Y&R is still way down. B&B looks to have recovered somewhat, but both are still 1 million lower versus last year.
  12. So it returned last night. Grading on a curve and giving them some leeway to adjust to the new filming techniques, it was a fairly decent episode. Not sure if "fairly decent" is enough though. The overnights it got 3.35 million viewers, which is about a million viewers less than what it was getting in the Spring. So similar drop off that B&B and Y&R experienced.
  13. At least here in Michigan where I live, you don't have to mail in your ballot, you can drop it off in the secure envelope at the clerk's office anytime up to and including Election Day. That's what I did for the August 4th primary here. Also, at least in Michigan you can track your ballot on the Secretary of State's Website. You log in with your voter information and it tells you what day the ballot was mailed to you and if the Clerk's office received your ballot back.
  14. I also feel like for Y&R Kyle Abbott (Lachlan Buchanan) and Noah Newman would have been interesting. and could of had potential.
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