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  1. I live in SE Michigan. Not a hospital, but I know some people that do. I've been hearing stories like that. I do fear it'll get worse before it gets better.
  2. https://wwjnewsradio.radio.com/articles/after-trump-attacks-whitmer-she-says-fed-supplies-delayed Truly evil. I have no doubt this is true.
  3. Eastenders isn't very good at the moment. I loved the Anniversary/boat crash week and thought the show did do a good job setting up new stories, but the aftermath has been mostly lackluster. Most of the stories are either dull or bad. The only story I'm enjoying is Ben's being deaf and even that, I feel that Ben didn't actually need another big story, I would have rather they gave Callum the big story instead. Hopefully with production on hiatus due to the Coronavirus, they use the opportunity to see what's working and what's not. I would just dump nearly every story and start fresh.
  4. I haven't watch either show in quite a while, but I didn't think I'd ever see the day that B&B passes Y&R. This has got to prompt some major rethinking and a regime change at Y&R right?
  5. As testing is becoming wider available, the total number of cases here Michigan has risen from 80 cases yesterday to 336 today. Most in the Metro Detroit area.
  6. My state, Michigan. Their official website has some interesting numbers. We are now up to 80 cases. 1 death. 43% of cases required hospitalization. They also break it down by age. 41% of cases are people over 60, while 59% of cases are people UNDER 60. Now 80 cases isn't much to go off, but those numbers are alarming. So I went to the State of Washington's website, since they are getting hit hard, they have 1012 confirmed cases. 52 Deaths. They don't say how many required hospitalization, but they do also break it down by age. Only 39% are people over 60.
  7. I think we are just starting to find out how dangerous or not this virus is. Most information about it was based off data from China, which I'm not sure can be 100% trusted. A lot of our medical experts have been saying only 2% of people who get this will die, because that's what happened in China. South Korea's is way lower than that, but Iran's death rate is 4.8% and Italy's death rate is at 6.8%. They have been saying it mostly affects older people because that's what the data from China showed, but both Italy and France have announced people under 60 are also in the ICU. Today France said 50% of their people in the ICU due to this virus is UNDER 60. I think the more data we get from other countries the more we'll know if this is overblown or not.
  8. So I loved Friday's episode and the entire week. I thought they did a good job of merging all the stories together, wrapping up a lot of existing stories and starting a bunch of new ones. I'm admittedly a newer viewer (I did watch EE for a time several years ago, then quit), so I'm not as familiar with every legacy character, I do understand why people are upset with Dennis dying, especially since it sounds like EE has killed off young legacy characters several years in a row. I don't think legacy character should always be exempt from being killed off, but you do have to be strategic about it. You can't be killing them all off either. Make sure you have a long term plan if you're going to do it. Hopefully EE does. I personally would have killed off Phil, since I find him to be the Sonny Corinthos of EE, but I knew that's not ever going to happen.
  9. It's not perfect, but I've been enjoying this week so far as well. I keep changing my mind on who is going to die. I hope it's not Bex or Dennis either.
  10. His only real successful pairing was with Roman. I wish someone on the show would remember that Deniz is bisexual and give him a MALE love interest.
  11. It seems strange to me we never got a Phil and Keanu scene or a Sharon and Keanu scene post reveal. You have this big reveal that Sharon is carrying Keanu's child and most of the key players are sidelined in the immediate aftermath. Instead it's been mostly about Ben, Martin and Linda. An odd choice. I suppose it's possible the show is waiting the 35th Anniversary in February and Keanu will come back to blow things up.
  12. For one, I found it boring. I don't read spoilers and I still saw most of the twists a mile away (Except Linda firing the gun, that was a good twist) and we didn't even get that many twists either. I didn't feel it was worth a gimmicky "flashback" episode, especially since I don't think Keanu is all that interesting of a character, nor that great of an actor. I'm glad you liked it though. Just shows that not everyone likes the same things.
  13. Today's flashback episode was pure garbage IMO.
  14. I've been getting into Eastenders and have been watching daily since end of August. Last time I watched EE, was several years ago. Overall I've been really enjoying the show, but it's not perfect. The Christmas episode I thought was meh. Some moments I liked, but for most part it seemed it was all about shock value than actual plot. Especially since they announced the New Years Day episode will be a flashback episode of Christmas Day and will show what really happened. I don't believe Keanu is dead. Martin was freaking out over a hit and run accident just the day before. Being turned into a murder in just one episode would be quite a leap. Victoria Foxton, I'm with you on your concerns over Ballum and Ben. Even if Keanu is alive, Ben still ordered the murder. Are we really supposed to want Callum back with a guy that ordered a murder? I wonder if Ben with Martin, helped fake Keanu's death?
  15. Last night was Big Bang Theory's series finale. I know the show wasn't everyone's cup of tea, but it was my rock every week for 12 years. On one hand, it was time for it to end, but on the other, I will miss it greatly and will feel weird not having any more new episodes. 

    1. AlexElizabeth


      I've seen every episode as well. Except the last one. I'm holding off for a bit. I'm not quite ready for it to be over yet.

    2. I Am A Swede

      I Am A Swede

      Totally agree. It's been a while since the show was at it's peak, but it was still better than most other shows.

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