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  1. OLTL is the one I'd like the most to come back. I miss it the most of all the soaps. I also agree about all the Edge of Night comments. It's way before my time, but considering how popular crime dramas have always been going back to Law & Order, plus the current true crime popularity, I'm surprised it hasn't been rebooted in some way 10-15 years ago.
  2. When we lost GL, ATWT, AMC and OLTL in quick succession I didn't think any of them would still be on in 2021 except for maybe B&B. I can see them all moving to solely streaming. I've felt for a while now that if given the proper chance, soaps as a genre could thrive on streaming. Steaming's main business model is to gain and keep subscribers, to do that you need a steady stream of content. Few types of shows do that better than soaps.
  3. For me, the main one is the Young and the Restless. Chuck Pratt's reign of terror forced me to stop watching. Even LML and end of MAB weren't as bad as Pratt. When Sally Sussman and Kay Alden came back, I was very excited and felt I was getting exactly I wanted, two people that trained under Bell and could restore that essence of the show, but update it to modern day. When they left or got fired, that's when I realized that the Y&R I want never going to happen. So I asked myself, can I enjoy the show for what it is today? That answer I eventually came to was no. Since then, I haven't wa
  4. That is so true. I barely watch as is. Most of the time I either skip the entire episode or am fast forwarding though 90% of the episodes I do watch. I am close to giving up all together. I personally haven't seen a soap this bad since Chuck Pratt's tenure at Young & Restless that forced to me stop watching.
  5. Round 2 indeed Toups! I also need it to go higher to break even.
  6. I recently re-watched the Kyle and Fish story. Luke & Noah may get credit for being the first major gay male couple and Will & Sonny may be the longest lasting, but for me, even though their time was brief, Kyle and Fish was the best. The show was building something special. Such a shame they chickened out and ended them prematurely. I will always be mad about that, but I am grateful they did get a happy ending (though rushed).
  7. Guiding Light and All My Children I never tried watching, so General Hospital would fit the bill for me. I've tried multiple times to get into it and the only time I was interested was when Ron C first took over and brought on some OLTL characters. I was a big OLTL fan. Once they lost the rights to the OLTL characters, I lost interest. For Non-American soaps, Hollyoaks. Every time I hear high praise for it, I check it out, but I never last. I just don't get it. I find just about every character on that show unlikable.
  8. I could maybe understand why Jon Sen is still there, if there was a "Chuck Pratt" like effect going where despite the show being awful the ratings are really good, but the ratings are just as bad as the writing is. I just don't get it. Why would you let him continue to destroy the show when your spending millions on a new set?
  9. The show is dreadful. I've largely stopped watching. Every story is nearly unwatchable. Jon Sen has got to go. I don't know if the BBC doesn't want to fire him in the middle of a pandemic or what's the deal, but they need to make a change soon.
  10. I'm also glad I didn't invest any serious money into GME. I do think that RobinHood and other apps limiting the shares killed the momentum. I have a few AMC and BlackBerry shares that I'm going to hold on to long term. I think they'll both rebound. I'm happy I dipped my toe into Crypto and invested a bit into Bitcoin when it dipped to the low 30K though. I wish I had bought some last year when it was around $7K or even 2018 when it was at $3K. Oh well.
  11. Yeah, Robinhood's days are numbered. Even if they remain solvent, most people are planning dumping them once this GME thing is over.
  12. Jon Stewart, former host of The Daily Show joined twitter to weigh in.
  13. CEO of Robinhood digging his own grave on CNBC right now. He's not helping his case at all.
  14. https://www.cnbc.com/2021/01/28/robinhood-will-allow-limited-buying-of-restricted-securities-friday-gamestop-jumps-after-hours.html Looks like Robinhood has caved a little bit.
  15. I like Sherrod Brown, he's a good guy. Hopefully as a result of this we can get some regulation of the hedge funds and other Wall Street types that's been screwing working class for ages.
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