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  1. Verbotene Liebe coming back? That's unexpected and great news. I do hope they bring Ollie back.
  2. I only picked that one because it's longer, so you get to hear a couple of extra verses of the opening theme song (which I really like). Most of the other openings are shorter, so you don't hear as much of the theme song.
  3. 30 mins. It this age with all the entertainment options to choose from, it's much easier for someone to keep up with a 30 min soap. If you decide to binge a week's worth at once, and fast forward through the commercials, it adds up to the average length of a movie, which isn't bad. It's also better from a production standpoint in my opinion as well. I feel like 30 min soaps are more focused, the stories keep moving forward and you don't have characters having the same conversations day in and day out, just to fill time. I feel like Brad Bell does a really poor job taking advantage of B&B being 30 mins. I've watched several European soaps on and off, they are all mostly 30 mins and do a great job overall.
  4. So this is from the Dutch Soap Goede tijden, slechte tijden (Good Times, Bad Times), someone used to subtitle some of the storylines in english and upload them, but not anymore. I thought the opening theme was catchy. This is from the German Soap Verbotene Liebe (which sadly was cancelled a few years ago). I always thought it was interesting that the lyrics in the opening was sung in English and not German. Also Bold and Beautiful in Italy used to have their own unique theme song, though I think they started using our theme song a few years ago. I honestly like the Italian theme more than ours. LOL
  5. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-health-coronavirus-southkorea/south-korea-reports-recovered-coronavirus-patients-testing-positive-again-idUSKCN21S15X?fbclid=IwAR3pbZUoVocw2_pPs-YQDV3tZsz3EtYrSZVC-rrQ5LPKqjspcdflj3dIGgU Interesting article. 91 patients in Korea that had cleared have now tested positive for the virus again. There still isn't much data, but the article covers 3 theories they are working off of. 1) The virus has the ability to lay dormant in healthy cells before reactivating and making people sick again. It could mean the virus may act like hepatitis or HIV in that once your infected, you always carry the virus. 2) Testing failure. Meaning the patients were actually still positive but the test came back with a false negative. 3)Survivors do not acquire prolonged immunity. This would mean, that herd immunity would be impossible to ever achieve as too many people would be prone to reinfection.
  6. Last night's episode was infuriating. As much as I hated the plot driven mess that was the "fake Keanu Death" story which lead to the boat crash, it still happened. I feel like there is ZERO repercussions or long term impact from any of it. We just go from bad plot to bad plot. Ben running around the square trying to save his dad. Why? He emotionally blackmailed you into ordering the hit on Keanu, then not even a month ago, Phil lied to you about sending the money to save Callum to which you then put a gun to Phil's head on the boat. At this point, Ben and Phil's relationship should be dead. Wasn't the original reason they brought Ben back was to take down Phil? I'd much rather have Ben hate Phil then constantly trying to gain his acceptance. Then the Sharon and Phil stuff, so I've never been of them as a couple, but I do know many viewers love them as a couple and no doubt, I knew they'd find themselves back together, but to me, it shouldn't be this fast. As a reaction to your cheating Phil tried to KILL your lover, Keanu and because the job wasn't done, we got the boat crash. Sharon shouldn't forgive Phil this fast. And just because Phil feels guilty for two episodes and spends one night in the slammer doesn't mean, me as a viewer I instantly forgive him for everything he's done. Cause I don't. Sure, unless they are writing off Phil, he wasn't ever going to do time, but there are alternatives on soaps. At Christmas while the Mitchells planned this whole thing, Phil bragged about having all the Mitchells together, well now as a consequence he should be alone. He shouldn't have Sharon back, or Ben, or anyone else. He should have nobody and then slowly over the course of the year, maybe start winning some of them back.
  7. I'm not super worried at the moment. While yes, it being EE and soap opera, the show will throw lots of drama their way and won't get lots of "down time". However, they are one of the show's popular couples and EE's first gay couple since Christian and Syed to take off. They are very popular on social media and with the British Soap Press, I think the show is smart enough to recognize that. I think the biggest concern might be if Tony or Max decide to leave, but as of now, neither has has any plans of going anywhere.
  8. Agreed. This week's two episodes were really good. Leitiita Dean did do an amazing job this week. I really felt for her, a parent shouldn't have to bury a child. The Ben and Callum stuff was really good too, Ben finally saying I Love You, for the first time since Paul. I pretty big milestone. Plus it was nice to just see them doing relationship stuff. I hope we continue to see more of that and less gangster stuff.
  9. I live in SE Michigan. Not a hospital, but I know some people that do. I've been hearing stories like that. I do fear it'll get worse before it gets better.
  10. https://wwjnewsradio.radio.com/articles/after-trump-attacks-whitmer-she-says-fed-supplies-delayed Truly evil. I have no doubt this is true.
  11. Eastenders isn't very good at the moment. I loved the Anniversary/boat crash week and thought the show did do a good job setting up new stories, but the aftermath has been mostly lackluster. Most of the stories are either dull or bad. The only story I'm enjoying is Ben's being deaf and even that, I feel that Ben didn't actually need another big story, I would have rather they gave Callum the big story instead. Hopefully with production on hiatus due to the Coronavirus, they use the opportunity to see what's working and what's not. I would just dump nearly every story and start fresh.
  12. I haven't watch either show in quite a while, but I didn't think I'd ever see the day that B&B passes Y&R. This has got to prompt some major rethinking and a regime change at Y&R right?
  13. As testing is becoming wider available, the total number of cases here Michigan has risen from 80 cases yesterday to 336 today. Most in the Metro Detroit area.
  14. My state, Michigan. Their official website has some interesting numbers. We are now up to 80 cases. 1 death. 43% of cases required hospitalization. They also break it down by age. 41% of cases are people over 60, while 59% of cases are people UNDER 60. Now 80 cases isn't much to go off, but those numbers are alarming. So I went to the State of Washington's website, since they are getting hit hard, they have 1012 confirmed cases. 52 Deaths. They don't say how many required hospitalization, but they do also break it down by age. Only 39% are people over 60.
  15. I think we are just starting to find out how dangerous or not this virus is. Most information about it was based off data from China, which I'm not sure can be 100% trusted. A lot of our medical experts have been saying only 2% of people who get this will die, because that's what happened in China. South Korea's is way lower than that, but Iran's death rate is 4.8% and Italy's death rate is at 6.8%. They have been saying it mostly affects older people because that's what the data from China showed, but both Italy and France have announced people under 60 are also in the ICU. Today France said 50% of their people in the ICU due to this virus is UNDER 60. I think the more data we get from other countries the more we'll know if this is overblown or not.
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