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  1. Last night was Big Bang Theory's series finale. I know the show wasn't everyone's cup of tea, but it was my rock every week for 12 years. On one hand, it was time for it to end, but on the other, I will miss it greatly and will feel weird not having any more new episodes. 

    1. AlexElizabeth


      I've seen every episode as well. Except the last one. I'm holding off for a bit. I'm not quite ready for it to be over yet.

    2. I Am A Swede

      I Am A Swede

      Totally agree. It's been a while since the show was at it's peak, but it was still better than most other shows.

  2. Agreed. If you're watching Lester Holt or David Muir, you're likely not going to stop watching and switch to CBS. Finding new viewers to watch that don't already watch the evening news programs is even more difficult. It's quite ironic that CBS News does excellent with 60 Minutes and CBS Sunday Morning. Both not only great in ratings, but excellent reputations, yet they can't seem to translate that magic to their weekday morning program or their evening news program.
  3. The ratings during the Rather era wasn't that great either. His Evening News was third place as well. Walter Cronkite was the last time CBS Evening News was number one. Where CBS messed up was not keeping Bob Schieffer after Rather left. He was interim anchor for about a year and half. By the time Katie replaced him, the CBS Evening News had risen to #2 passing ABC World News. Once he left it quickly tumbled to #3 again and has been there ever since. I like Norah, I hope she does well, but if I was her, I'd maybe think twice before accepting. It's a cursed job. I didn't realize CBS The Morning was having problems though. Gayle, Norah and Charlie Rose was a combination that worked really well. I like John Dickerson, but it wasn't the same with him. He'll probably do well at 60 Minutes, but honestly he should probably move back to Face the Nation. His Face the Nation was usually beating Meet the Press. I don't think it's been doing as well since he left.
  4. Wow. So the article says SONY owns 100% of Y&R. I thought they only owned 50%, the Bells 48% and Corday 2%. Did the article get that wrong or did the Bells sell their stake?
  5. Someone does upload english subs for the gay storylines on Unter Uns and Sturm Der Liebe, but I don't think anyone does full episodes.
  6. 16. Dennis Grabosch as Roman Wild [2006-2011 | 1299 eps] * † I miss Roman so much. Deniz and Roman are my favorite tv couple, and not just "favorite gay couple", but favorite couple period. There was something about them that was special. 13. Ulrike Röseberg as Annette Bergmann Zadek [2006-2012 | 1452 eps] † Another favorite I miss a lot.
  7. So Huntress, I know you don't normally cover Sturm der Liebe since I think it's sort of a telenovela, but someone'e been subbing the Boris and Tobias storyline. I've really been enjoyed it a lot. Then I found out that Tom Chroust is on the writing staff. Given he created Oliver and Christian on VL and Deniz and Roman on AWZ, I have to imagine Boris and Tobias is his idea or has a hand in writing it.
  8. Saw Love, Simon last night and loved it. So well done. 

  9. Wow I am so shocked right now. 8 months? I have a feeling, if they did retire on their own accord, it was because of too much interference and got fed up. Which has been Y&R's problem for a while. CBS has opinions, Sony does, etc. The show is basically ran by committee it feels like. That's no way to run a show.
  10. Wow, they moving fast with Easy's storyline.
  11. I hope they don't end Ringo/Valentin, someone's been subtitling it and I've been really enjoying it so far, but going from no gay stories to two, does seem a bit much. Maybe they are going to converge and Ringo/Easy are endgame? I wonder why UU is skittish with the gay story lines? Verbotene Liebe and AWZ never were, though AWZ seems to have completely forgotten that Deniz is bisexual.
  12. Yes! Just what the show needs. I don't care how they explain it. I hope Will comes back and interrupts a Sonny/Paul wedding. That's classic soap. Chanlder didn't really ever come across as uncomfortable to me and when he did, I assumed it was life immitating art.
  13. Yay! Thanks Huntress! I really hope someone on the internet uploads subtitles online.
  14. Thanks Huntress! Let me how or if it develops into anything!
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