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You ever have one of those times when something a character says just flashes in your mind? I just had one of those moments.

Elizabeth Hubbard is so great in all her hysterics in this sequence where Lucinda is with her lawyer Ambrose discussing what she is going to do to avoid being blackmailed. When she says "... they're going to split the 3 million dollars and go on their merry wayyy!" It sent me! 

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 Just the inflection of that sentence, I wondered how La Hubbard came by that choice to express that snippet of dialogue in that fashion.


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On 12/18/2021 at 9:27 PM, DramatistDreamer said:

I mentioned class and race because for some reason, class is not often discussed or highlighted in Black families, at least not on television.

The memorable thing about Jessica being from the BX, yet being solidly upper middle class, while her family was working class caused a rift in the family.

I would love to hear your ideas on how gender figured on the Griffin family dynamic as I wasn't keyed in to how gender figured into how the Griffin family related to one another.

apologies for my delayed response. i mentioned gender because it very much applied to my own situation. when i told my parents that i wanted to major in english, my father responded, ‘you’re a girl. college is a waste. you can be a  secretary until you get married.’ my response: i refused to learn how to type.

while jessica’s family may not have addressed gender explicitly, i do think it was an issue to some degree, particularly with her brother, lamar. 

re irna and her obsession with keeping actors tethered to their roles: not so much p&g’s interference (though there was plenty of that), but something the late soap journalist, robert laguardia observed: “it was quite as if for irna, oakdale was a real place — far more real than new york or chicago — and far better.”

here’s a link to an article that considers irna’s emotional connection to ‘world turns:



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1 minute ago, victoria foxton said:

The questions are easy. The contestants sure a funky bunch. Van still looks hot.

I know one of the contestants. Matthew Preston and I are friends on FB. I've known him for years. He use to post on here and would do the Emmy pre shows for SON.

Van looks hot with the chest hair.

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6 hours ago, victoria foxton said:

Mitzi???   Really??? I liked the character. But couldn't Alan get someone more worthwhile.

Apparently not.

With a competent host, this wouldn't be half bad but Alan- 



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1 hour ago, victoria foxton said:


P&G should have never retired that theme.  If anything, I would have brought it back at some point, accompanied by new visuals (perhaps, the spinning globe, then a montage of clips of various people "in action" to emphasize the drama, the passion, the adventure, etc., then back to the globe, as we zoom out to show the title).

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