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On 6/10/2020 at 3:56 PM, All My Shadows said:

2000 Malibu Road was WILD, and I'm so sad it just ended like that. Does anyone know anything about the Lisa Hartman Black narration to wrap up the series? I'd love to know how they tried to tie it all up.


Idc idc, Tuesday Knight stole the entire show from start to finish. Hunnybunny never stopped hustling, and the comedic chemistry with Scott Bryce was so strong.

Brian Bloom - as gorgeous as EVER, but Drew Barrymore's character was a total bore!

Jennifer Beals was depressing, but it was so easy to root for the character and want her to end up all right.

Lisa Hartman's story was honestly the dullest, maybe because there were so many things we just didn't know and never would find out. Loved Constance Towers, though.


You know, I had never seen this show? I watched very little T.V. during most of the 90s. I finally watched a few episodes and this show is a hoot! I'm enjoying it. 

I do have this unsettling feeling, though that someone at ATWT (*coughs* Goutman) may have looked at Scott Bryce's Malibu Road character and decided that this was how they wanted Craig to be about seven, eight years later.

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On 7/2/2010 at 4:35 AM, SFK said:

Madchen, another one. I always thought Darren Starr had a thing for the name Carrie until duh I realized he didn't write the SATC books, but the off-beat looking leads with their cigarettes and quirkiness...


Raquel rocks some VERY Alexis-like threads, the hats in particular. My mom thought she looked like a witch, especially in this one outfit where she's looking like Grace Jones in Boomerang. I can't believe it was only 8 eps, and Raquel isn't even introduced until like 2 or 3 in. They could have squeezed 8 more out. Oh well... And Gerald Major Dad McCraney and Noelle Beck, it seems so bizarre and random the more I think of it. :lol:

According to Madchen Amick she was up for the role of Carrie on SATC but didn't do it because she wanted to be there for her young children at the time. 


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I've been really impressed with how much ratings info that TVTango contains - as an example they have most of the ratings for Second Chances / Hotel Malibu:




It really does seem like it had some momentum and its comeback as Hotel Malibu actually scored the highest rated episode of both series. Of course, it seemed to die off towards the six episode run, but I'm always dubious about when people claim these things.


Models, Inc also seemed to garner some momentum towards the end of its run when it was placed with Melrose Place, but I guess at that point it still lost too much of the mothership's audience; the finale didn't do too badly considering it was placed with a weaker lead-in (Road to Fame... special) and had just been at a low of 5.2  a few weeks earlier: http://www.tvtango.com/series/models_inc/episodes



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NBC premiered Yellow Rose in  a special Sun @ 10 timeslot following a 2 hr Knight Rider premiere.

Knight Rider was #14 20.3/31

Yellow Rose was # 32 16.1/27 beaten by Trapper John #24 17.7/30

So not a bad sampling.

However the following Saturday NBC was airing baseball, so any momentum was lost as viewers had to wait 2 weeks for the next episode. Crazy!

When the show finally aired Sat @10 the rating was 11.2/21 #54. Fantasy Island was #35 16.2/30

The following week 8.4/15 #66 so pretty much doomed.

Not helped by a lousy lead-in (Rounders)


The show would have stood a better chance Tues @10 where the lineup would be A Team/Remington Steele/Yellow Rose.

But NBC held that slot for the ill fated Bay City Blues. Either Blues or St Elswhere could have played Sat @10 where their low ratings could be offset by critical acclaim and a loyal core audience (at least in the case of Elsewhere)

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48 minutes ago, te. said:

Can I say that I really hate it when characters "talk" in their opening credit shots? I always end up being distracted and trying to read their lips...


They did this in some of my favorite Knots Landing openings, so I can't complain too much, but it does seem very blatant here. Such a generic sequence, period. 


Imagine a world where this was a huge hit and Linda Hamilton was on it for years. 


Beatrice Straight was such a great actress - I kind of wish it had been a hit just to see more of her on a primetime soap.

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I've loved that Jerrold Immel theme since the first time I heard it, but the sequence definitely doesn't match up to what I'd imagined in my head all this time. I always assumed it would be like the other Lorimar soaps, starting with some great scenic shots that set the scene, leading into a big, dramatic appearance of the title card that matches the music (which would have been perfect at the 20-second mark), followed by the good ol' "starring in alphabetical order."

And no cool visual effects, either. Truly a let-down. It's basically a rip-off of Apple's Way.


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