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Some interviews here with Larry Hagman, Howard Keel, Donna Mills, Gordon Thomson and Joan Collins  ( @DaytimeFan ) about villains. Linda Gray has a longer interview about directing. Some good stuff.



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I don’t remember King’s Crossing being a totally serialized show. It was more like the first season or two of the other Lorimar soaps, where the episodes were self-contained, with some continuing story threads from episode to episode. And this one was more family oriented, since it aired at 8:00 pm. Overall, it was just kinda dull.

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Has anyone talked about a short lived night time soap from 1978 called W.E.B about a female network executive working behind the scenes in a cut throat world? 


It starred Pamela Bellwood of Dynasty fame

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JUNE 18, 2001-SEPTEMBER  20, 2001   MTV
Peter Alexander       Peter Alexander 
Gretel Barnes    Jane Wiedlin 
Dr. Leslie Bogan   Barbara Crampton
Bernice Brown    Amy Moon
Boris Carlisle   Ray Laska
Dimitri Carlisle    Joseph R. Cacia
Ivan Carlisle   Byron Field
Julie Whitmore Carlisle    Monica Serene Garnisch
Natalia Carlisle   Shawn Batten 
       (young)    T. Cole Anderson
Sacha Carlisle   Robert Hutchinson
Rocio Conejo    Alisa Reyes
Monica Dewitt    Tess Seidman
Attorney   Cecil Donahue    Rob Helms
Todd Fleming    Travis Wester
Dr. Horton    Nolan North
Lyle Jones    Bryce Mouer
Taylor Joines    Cristina Chambers
Alicia Lem    Elaine Tse
Sergeant Murphy      Chad Haywood
                       David Bonilla
Jeff Northcutt    Zay Harding
Cherish Pardee    Chrystee Pharris
                  Megalyn Echikunwoke
Lieutenant  Henry Pardee    Mailon Rivera
Alex Peters        Bryan White
Naomi __ Peters    Iona Morris
Attorney ___ Phillips    Tracey E. Bregman
Principal Quincy Premo    Jonathan Palmer
Ben Raymond    James Gale
Manager  Jimmy Rose     Robert Torti
Gail Sanders     Elisa Donovan
Temple Simms  Craig Robert Young
Francisco Torres    Enrique Murciano 
Grandma ___ Torres  Lillian Hurst
Luis Torres    Luis Munoz
Sevier Torres    Sevier Crespo
Linda Valens     Sharon Houston
Daphne Wallace    Nectar Rose
Valerie __ Whitmore    Jennifer Edwards    
William Whitmore      Mark Schneider   
Dean Wilson     Walter Jones
Merna Young      Mink Stole
Akiko           Gina Hiraizumi
Ashley   Julie's friend   Adrienne Smith
Nurse  Beatrice    Donna Parrish
Bernadette the psychic     Patty Weaver
Voice of Buddy      Ron Adelman
Bunny the Nanny    Kate Flanery
Cassidy  Dean's employee    ??????
Danny that was Ivan's boy    Taso Papadakis
Deejay Scratch          Andrew Mane Rich
Debbie, Dimitri's boss   Madeline Long
Garrett the Spyder Games intern    Jason Ginsburg
Gina the call girl operator     Maria O'Brien
Hector the smuggler   Hector Hank
Nurse Jackie     ????
Jaime, Alex's friend    Josh Blake
Joyce the Landlady  ????
Kelly that dated Francisco    Jill Murray North
Lewis, Alex's friend   Michael Hodges Wiley
Lisa              Meredith Lieber
Linda the hooker   Rena Riffel
Olga the maid      Olga Vilner
Soraya          Mari Ijima
Nurse Wendy      Wendy Hines
Bartender     David DeSantis
Coroner    Vance Walker
Driver       Marvin Bang
Gorgeous Blonde     Meredith Louise Thomas
Gravedigger   Tom Seidman
Hospital Nurse      Sonya Eddy
Man at Laundromat     Kevin Bernstein
Model       Melanie Jayne
                    Nicole Pulliam
Motel Clerk     Sam Pancake
Nurse (Ben)   Melanie Dupuy
Pawn Shop Clerk   Steve Sobel\
Receptionist    Sachie Alessio
Reporter    Jillian Barberie    
Smuggler     Danny Arroyo
Sound Engineer    Michael A. Mendez
Store Clerk    Christian McLaughlin
Waiter      Yves Bright
Drew Bell
Torie Lynch
Marisa Tayui
 Marisa Tayui
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 Drew Bell
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FYI has posted the first episode of the short-lived U.S. Remake of the hit U.K. series Cold Feet that aired on NBC starring Alicia Coppola (Lorna -AW



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@slick jones I believe Drew Bell appeared as Ivan Carlisle in the unaired pilot of "Spyder Games." Both he and Julie were recast before the show went on air. 


MTV had another show in development that they passed on. It was called "Hell House." I believe Millee Taggart was the writer and Francesca James was the producer.


I remember being excited for "Titans" when they were marketing it the summer before it premiered. It was really disappointing. It was crazy seeing all the new elements they'd throw in every week. Also, it was really sad to see no one intervene on behalf of Yasmine Bleeth who's addiction to cocaine was pretty apparent to most of the viewing audience. 

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I recently started Paper Dolls and I'm loving it! For the first few episodes I was wondering why they never established Racine's last name, but then there was a scene with her and Roscoe Born where she literally told him her last name doesn't matter

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Also, Brenda Vaccaro is cracking me up every time she comes on screen.

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8 hours ago, All My Shadows said:

For the first few episodes I was wondering why they never established Racine's last name, but then there was a scene with her and Roscoe Born where she literally told him her last name doesn't matter

I always assumed, although I have no evidence to back this up, that the character's name was influenced by the singularly monikered Regine, who ran a set of very exclusive discotheques back in the day.



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On 2/14/2021 at 7:20 PM, All My Shadows said:

I recently started Paper Dolls and I'm loving it! For the first few episodes I was wondering why they never established Racine's last name, but then there was a scene with her and Roscoe Born where she literally told him her last name doesn't matter

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Also, Brenda Vaccaro is cracking me up every time she comes on screen.

I re-watched the entirety of Paper Dolls recently and I still think the biggest issue is that it comes off as three shows in one - you have Racine and the agency, the teen scene/Laurie's home life and then of course the Harpers. They probably could've dropped at least one of those elements and had a more coherent show.

Incidentally, I found an episode of Glitter (1x05) - it was apparently more like Love Boat and Hotel than Dynasty, but some might be interested in it. Starred Katherine Wentworth:



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Glitter was basically Hotel Mk2.

ABC that season had Dynasty, Hotel, Paper Dolls, Love Boat, Finder of Lost Loves and Glitter. Way too much Aaron Spelling.

All those shows were on the decline or outright flops.

I imagine half of the regular cast were hardly seen.

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Looking at the opening credits for "Glitter," Lois Nettleton always held the same expression on her face that said, "I'm so DELIGHTED to SEE you!".

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3 hours ago, Paul Raven said:

Glitter was basically Hotel Mk2.

Yeah, you can tell with even having the same opening credits where they credit the guest stars of the episode like Hotel had.


1x02 is also available on YouToob either way:


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    • Would these rather creepy drawings entice you to devote 1 hr each morning to 2 new soaps?
    • RHOD   Now that was much, much better.   So clearly for me, it had to be who was spotlighted. For the last few episodes, the focus has been on Brandi, Kary, and Stephanie with LeeAndra, Tiffany, and Kameron getting moments here and there, but most in the background. This episode was the end of the Oaklahoma trip and heading back to Dallas. Once there, the show shifted to individual scenes so it was only natural that it shifted since the stronger people with individual scenes (and are still somewhat likeable) are LeeAndra, Tiffany, and Kameron. And I liked all of them. And ooooo at the next leg of the LeeAndra family drama. I keep saying...she's so what soap opera heroines are made of. And as usual...the next nugget she gave in the saga of her vs her brother produced new questions. Hopefully, the answers will start to be revealed as LeeAndra goes to meet with her mother-in-law next week.    Meanwhile, the trip started boring AF. But it ended in a good place I felt. The highlight for me was Tiffany, Kameron, and Brandi (yes, I said Brandi) performing the Bend and Snap from LEGALLY BLONDE as their warmup routine for the series of games Stephanie had set up for everybody. And not shocked that Kary does not know how to give a sincere apology so her trying to apologize to Charles the guy from last week fell flat for me.    And surely I am not the only person who saw that Brandi was clearly preggers on the trip.    Things to make you go hmmmm...   LEEANDRA. Well, well, well. Where do I start? Just like Ashley Abbott finding out that John Abbott was not her dad shattered her, there appears to be more to the story of the events surrounding LeeAndra's Dad's death. And as she was talking to Jeremy, for the first time I wondered if she had considered therapy or hmmm hypnotism? It sounded like either she was editing herself for television or that she might have blocked some of that day out. I thought she had been the one to find the body if I remember correctly...or am I wrong? She definitely saw it. And the reveal of her finding out that her mother-in-law put the one will on the bed day of death...and then Mama Dee's actions with the other will....and I'm wondering how BOTH of the moms factored into the breakdown in the relationship between LeeAndra and her brother. I get LeeAndra's reasoning for not telling him of the death immediately, but it sounded like the mother in law went all out to keep them separated. And then...Mama Dee made a deal with the Dad insuring that LeeAndra would get the inheritance in the first place. But then Mother in Law pushed for a court fight. I mean...WOW!!! This was just the stuff of good soaps. I'll say this much...LeeAndra's relationship with her family has always been her throughline throughout her time on the show and it continued to bear so much fruit for her. And that fruit continues to be juicy. And yes, I love the followup from the letter a few episodes back.    KAMERON. God, Court is hot. lol. That said...I enjoyed her misadventures with moving this week. The packing. The ribbing from Court. The psychic from an earlier episode. Court accepting it all even with an eyeroll. Who didn't like Kameron's dog? It has been natural that she is still mourning Louie and worrying about him as she moves into her dream house. Meanwhile, Kameron was fun on the trip...except for when she got angry over the bed prank that went wrong. Yeaaah...mess with my sleep, I'm a bitca, too. Please register in order to view this content   TIFFANY. Wow at her and Kameron getting along. If only it would last. Meanwhile awwww at her and her mother coming to some understanding. That was a talk that needed to happen.  Tiffany always brings the real and I will be sadden if she does decide to leave at the end of this season. And I hollered at her and the twins' science project. That was my project in elementary school so it was a cute little walk down memory lane.   BRANDI. *side-eye*   STEPHANIE. Who?   KARY. Lint.   So next week we are going to be on the mansion from DALLAS? Good. That means also we are at the end of the season.              
    • They said the show is so bad they no longer have the energy to keep up with it. 
    • Yes, the 'I'm blind and will be a burden so I'll be noble and lie' was something out of a 1930's radio soap and didn't work in 1976. Bill should have been more inventive in finding away to create a wedge b/w Brad and Leslie.
    • Who used to do the Y&R episode counts? I noticed they haven't been posted lately. I hope the person is okay. When stuff starts to go missing, I always worry. 
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