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  1. Novak and Angie cutting a rug.
  2. Macron dabbing in the locker room with the French team! 😂
  3. Race to London: 1. Nadal 2. Federer 3. Zverev 4. Del Potro 5. Djokovic 6. Thiem 7. Cilic 8. Anderson Race to Singapore: 1. Halep 2. Kerber 3. Wozniacki 4. Kvitova 5. Svitolina 6. Stephens 7. Kasatkina 8. Pliskova Serena is #17.
  4. Faulkner

    Doctor Who

    First teaser with 13 and the new companions:
  5. I know you hated the semifinalists, but doesn’t Anderson’s rise give you hope for a player you do like, like Berdych? Same age as Anderson. Had far better results throughout his career than Anderson. Better record against the Big 4. Like Anderson, has been known to crumble mentally at big moments. Last year, Berdych made the semis here and played well against Federer. Held match points against him in Miami last year. He was looking resurgent. With the right guidance, he could turn his career around too.
  6. France is running away with it now.
  7. But also think of what Nadal did. Made the Wimbledon SF after a grueling clay season (four titles and Davis Cup) with his very physical style of play and at his age, yet we make excuses for players like Zverev and the others for being out of gas.
  8. Novak Djokovic is back! 4th Wimbledon, 13th Grand Slam title! Breaks tie for 4th most ever GS titles with Roy Emerson and stands one behind Pete Sampras. As a consolation prize, Kevin Anderson has a SICK body.
  9. Didn’t someone here suggest it was Phyllis getting back at Victor for Marco? Using the knowledge she had of the murder? Screwing with her ex-nemesis Sharon? Exploiting Nick’s hate of his father? Throwing a wrench into her relationship with Summer? EDIT: Hiring a JT lookalike, which would have a nice symmetry with Victor’s Marco scheme? That could have been brilliant actually. Written correctly, of course, with many of the details changed and the reveal delayed for maximum tension and impact. And it could have been a way to separate Nick from his father and the Newmans that was organic. It still would have been a surprise given how far Phyllis had *supposedly* come from her most psycho, Machiavellian years, and GT would have rocked it, giving her a purpose other than Billy’s plaything and messy town gossip. I don’t know. Just Sunday morning spitballing.
  10. Yeah, I watched during the Ward/Quartermaine era and remember Tom/Simone. And then the Gia/Nikolas story. But Labine seemed to be the only GH writer who seemed committed to integrating the show. I didn’t watch in the ‘80s, but GH struck me as a white show (but so did Rauch’s OLTL, of course).
  11. Speaking only for myself, I never watched soaps for this kind of outlandishness. Heightened reality, sure. Salaciousness and debauchery? I’ll admit to it. Weirdness bordering on sci-fi? Nope. I have Doctor Who for that. And even if Bill Bell dabbled in it, his show felt so grounded in humanity and an internal reality so meticulously constructed that I could roll with it. This? Just desperate.
  12. GH has never really been that great of a show for black folks, has it? Even by daytime’s tragic standards. Certainly, the Nixon shows had a far better track record.
  13. I wonder if this is true:
  14. Yep. And her answer was perfect.
  15. Look at the dumb questions the press asks. Serena just TOLD the guy that the late start time didn’t affect her, and he wouldn’t let it go. Serena kept her composure, but she was visibly and justifiably annoyed.
  16. Gotta say, Kerber was seen as a one-year wonder after struggling in 2017, and now she’s won her 3rd Slam. Don’t count anyone out. Serena is tearing up...aww. Always gracious in defeat with the other players. Maybe not always with the press, but they deserve her scorn with how they treated her the first 10-15 years of her career.
  17. Kerber just exposing how far Serena has to go to get back to her absolutely dominant level. Serena at 50-60 percent is good enough to beat most players, but she’d struggle against an in-form Muguruza or Halep at this level. Only Mladenovic and Giorgi really pushed her, and they aren’t who I’d call threats to win Slams. Kerber wins and is 3/4 of her way to a career GS.
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