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AMC Alum Joins General Hospital

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Good lord the cast is gigantic and they don't even use some people well. I don't dislike him but is he really needed? Is he for Elizabeth?


Now I'm waiting the "Rebecca Budig back to GH", but they for some reason don't seem to want her.


Is Frons secretly running things?

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I didn't mind Ryan in his early yrs with Gillian. But later on he was shoved down the viewers throats. GH doesn't need another underdeveloped shoehorned character. I doubt his character will be a doctor. I can't picture him as mobster. GH doesn't care for their legacy characters. So i don't expect him to be the new Steven Lars. Which i actually wouldn't mind.

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I loved Ryan and Gillian. I'm still upset over her death 20 years later. LOL. But I agree he was shoved down our throats along with Budig, Minshew and Kaye. It was an endless cycle of swapping partners, babies, explosions, trauma ... it was tiresome. I don't dislike any of them but it wears you out on them and their character. 


Frons had some hard-on with Ryan and Greenlee being some supercouple in his eyes. I imagine he dictated who was frontburner. 

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