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DAYS: November Discussion Thread

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This show is so tired and repetitive. After what I thought was a decent intro for Nick, they are wasting him in a story with Will and Sonny. I don't think the idea of him being a homophobe is bad but how about it be driven from his bad experiences in prison and giving he a story related to that vs religious fervor. We can all see where it's headed with Gabi. Kristin is really being wasted on Sami and EJ? This idea of Stefano wanting her back to bring the family together is frankly ridiculous. She's not Lexie and it appears they are wanting her to fill that role to an extent. Sami and Rafe, Sami and EJ, Sami and business, whatever, I just don't care. Her being some power cosmetics queen and the apple of every mans eye is utterly boring and ridiculous. Even as bad as Y&R has been, they can still do business stories 1000 percent better. And Nicole's baby drama. What a waste. Jennifer is utterly unlikable and shrewish and yeah unattractive now.I've enjoyed Bo's exit story even if I think it was kind of blah and drama free, he's been the focal point in Caroline's Alzheimer's story and it has worked.

Frankly if they are waiting for January, they are blowing it. Y&R just had a writing change and while the show is far from perfect, it didn't take long to get me interested again and to set some of the characters up in diff directions.. This show is just so much SSDD, it's not funny. it's disappointing.

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