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  1. Something uplifting Andrew Lloyd Weber is making available some of his most famous musicals to view online at no charge. First up, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat this weekend on YouTube with Donny Osmond. https://nypost.com/2020/04/03/andrew-lloyd-webber-to-stream-free-broadway-hits/amp/?fbclid=IwAR0W41VIoJeZkAJH0SgLQgtxZ3y-GUkd88iu8J-SA2kgSuCGsmWHczrR19M Coming next weekend Jesus Christ Superstar Here is Joseph
  2. Dewine and IMO Inslee are both getting overshadowed but it's natural for the focus to be on New York because that is where the epicenter is right now.
  3. How is she doing? Was that her only symptom?
  4. So I have passed my self isolation timeline and am fine but of course still at home. I was curious how many people have gotten ill closer to the 14 day mark than the 1 day mark of being exposed. It seems all cases I am reading about tend to be within 2 or 3 days of known exposure. I know a typical virus - the symptoms if you have caught it - typically materializes no more than 7 days after exposure. After that you are normally out of danger of getting ill. Is the 14 days just a safeguard? It's really why after I passed 7 days from exposure I wasn't really that worried.
  5. You have to tell us if it's successful. It's clear the society in Sweden is much more responsible and something interesting I did not know about the number of single person households.
  6. Thanks for posting. She is a national treasure.
  7. I thought that about Steve Scalise and he's as deranged as ever.
  8. Oh my. I am so sorry. I selfishly must have passed right past your comment. I wish you and your family the best. I think the hardest thing is that when someone is critically ill, thatl their loves ones are prevented from being with them due to their own potential health issues in addition to the fact the virus(if that's what it turns out to be) is so contagious. Holding the hand of someone who is ill sounds like a small thing, but makes a huge difference for the person who is ill but also for those close to them.
  9. Maximum time in which symptoms can appear. But that doesn't address if you are asymptomatic. If so are you still contagious after 14 days?
  10. Yet not people exposed. Unless we have symptoms. If neither Klum nor her husband were exposed, they would not have gotten a test unless they were severe and hospitalized.
  11. Did you read the tweet. They have test kits that are not being distributed. This is an attempt to keep the numbers of deaths down in states. Ask the Governor why they are not distributing test kits before you make these kind of accusations. All the states are having labs they are contacting making test kits because = let me say this again - the federal gvmt is not handling or managing any of it.
  12. I agree with most of this but the part of me that is still under an isolation mandate for being exposed to someone who has corona virus and I can't tell you how much less anxiety I would have if I could just get tested. Then I worry about my mom who's elderly and my older brother who lives with her and has a heart condition. Will they get ill, need a ventilator and be considered expendable. I don't ever want this country to be in a position of medical people having to decide to remove ventilators from people over 65, drugging them and letting them die in peace so the 30 year old can be saved. Living a long life doesn't make someone dispensable. They all matter to someone. I can't even fathom that. Now Italy's death toll is starting to drop slightly after putting a stay at home order in place. What happens when they flatten that curve. Do people stay at home or do they go back to being reckless like we in this country still are.
  13. This fool really thinks he can just "open up" the economy. Thank goodness I don't live in a red state that is not taking this seriously. They need to be banned.
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