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  1. Things have already moved forward. Manchin has moved. And this is not 2009. Listen I do think that some of the dems in DC are insulated no question, but this doomsday nonsense has to stop. I'm tired of people expecting happiness every god damned day when the majority of AMERICANS are optimistic and don't pay attention to the minutia some of these people spend their time on. Some of these people would not have a job if they didn't spend their time dumping on democrats and I am talking about people who are "allegedly" on the side of democrats. .
  2. In the case of Mukowski she's been down this road before. If she gets beat in a primary, she can run as a write in again. The candidate who beat her in that primary was an RNC endorsed candidate.
  3. People may have ID's but not the "right kind" in some states. Like most people have a social security card if they work and/or file taxes and/or apply for assistance and the list goes on, but that is not considered a valid ID. My neighbor across the street is 78 and she has never had a credit card or ever applied for credit even though she owns a house. As for signature matching it's not me saying this it's our former County Clerk David Orr who is known as a nationwide election and voting expert. People from all over the country have consulted with him over the years. he is th
  4. The challenge in the US is that each state sets their election laws so it's not the same across the country. Each state has their own rules for voting including ID. I live in Illinois and we do not have to present an ID at the time we vote. We do signature matching at the time of voting, which is harder to fake than an ID. And there is no universal voting ID so many of the rules in place in states for example that want to discourage certain demographics from voting put stringent voter ID requirements in place and limit the types of ID's that are acceptable. In Texas for example you can use
  5. Sorry that is the Biden I like. I never minded him doing that in prior years. It is funny how he snapped at Doocy but everyone is highlighting his flippant tone with Collins.
  6. @drw50 I think that last story is a huge mistake but the GOP does this crap all the time - makes things huge issues and then crickets. In this case again a HUUGGEE mistake. But then I am not sure what the content would be and would likely end up being nothing. I honestly don't buy anything secretive was said in these meetings. Putin just used it to his advantage and trump is too transparent to not have blabbed anything. As for the rest I think you're wrong about the reasons behind the media. It may have started out that way with Tiger Beat Politico but I think the major news ou
  7. So many years of years of GOP strong arming, their do nothing attitude in terms of doing anything(yes thats intentional) I think has made a lot of people impatient. Legislation takes time. Do people not remember that the ACA took over a year? And then democrats didn't show up in 2010. My own frustration really is about the media coverage. They have learned nothing and have kept up the stupid narratives they used from the Obama and Clinton terms. I will never understand why to this day McConnell who has done more to undermine democracy than anyone continues to get coddled - well ou
  8. Republicans are not going to vote for the first package. That's what's been so ridiculous about this. How many times does McConnell have to say it.
  9. Not one reporter has asked Manchin why he supported THE EXACT BILL in 2019 - HR 1 - he was a senate co-sponsor and it then had NO GOP co-sponsors. Not one.
  10. I'm not naive enough to think Trump is going to prison. Nixon didn't. Yes he was pardoned but he never would have anyway. But there are a lot of other people including Barr and others who should be investigated along with a lot of other people in or were in our own gvmt. I know the DOJ is not the answer but they can't do anything? Not a peep The case with the DOJ taking up/continuing Trump's defense is less problematic IMO than other things like refuting the lawsuits by the protesters in Lafayette Square. What kind of nonsense is that.
  11. I'm starting to lose faith that anything will happen to these people. We're celebrating the retrieval of pipeline ransom money(well that is good work) but the failures of the FBI, DHS, Dept of Defense and others still whitewashed while a private company is helped.. And that senate committee report issued had to be scrubbed to get bipartisan support and have the word "insurrection" removed. I mistakenly thought Garland was a good choice. I thought the democrats might finally tell the GOP to get *ucked. I get the importance of Biden's trip to the G7 and Harris's mission in Central
  12. The majority of the population don't follow the garbage media(local news I would say more). I would guarantee 99% of Americans have no idea who Politico is and don't spend time watching cable news TV( how many people our of 330,000,000 watch). What people know is how they feel which is optimism with COVID19 retreating. This has had the biggest impact on our lives and spending is up.
  13. I watched the interview on Lawrence this evening with the guy from AP. It sounded a little more hopeful although I still think Manchin is an attention whore but unlike Sinema he's not stupid. His comments about the senate being the most deliberative body in the world sounded out of touch. It hasn't been for many years. But it doesn't seem like Biden has taken Manchin or Dopey Sinema to task yet and I believe that's because of others like his buddy Chris Coons in the senate.
  14. True although I would take Feinstein out of that. I hate saying this but I really don't believe she understands what she's saying anymore.
  15. Until Vee or someone mentioned it I had no idea she was Code Pink. So basically she's a pretend activist and has been for years. Just an attention getter. I know Manchin has done some odious garbage and we have to know he ditched Neera Tanden because of her criticism of his daughter(rightfully so), but I feel at least I think he's gettable. I think they could float some huge infrastructure project by him in WV and put his name on it and he'd be in. I also think he has cover by the Governor there who is not quite as odious as most of the GOP Governors are across the country.
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