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  1. The Politics Thread

    So I just read in California they are working on legislation that will allow homeowners to donate their state and local taxes to a state centered charity, giving folks the chance to continue to deduct them as charitable contributions if they exceed the cap on state and property tax deduction of 10,000, which is likely if you are a homeowner in California. If legal, a clever way around the issue.
  2. The Politics Thread

    So the Jared rumor was started by Russian bots. This was a misinformation effort to try and further discredit Mueller and drum up hope for those who want to see the investigation incorporate more. Remember whenever an indictment or plea has happened, it has been a shock with no warning ahead of time so be skeptical. There have been no leaks from Muellers team.
  3. The Politics Thread

    what was the speculation on Chaffetz?. I figured there was something shady surrounding his resignation but never really read anything concrete about it
  4. The Politics Thread

    I am thoroughly perplexed at the GOP push to pass a very unpopular tax bill. It's approval is in the mid 20's and is less popular than the last tax increase. I mean seriously outside of pleasing their donors, who is this for. It doesn't seem the American people are buying it, not even GOP voters. Congressional reps up for re-election in 2018 in New York, New Jersey, California will get killed and there are enough GOP reps just in those states to swing control back to the democrats. It's mind boggling.
  5. The Politics Thread

    I've seen a few of those comments but not as a whole. The DNC's primary effort was to target African Americans and Millennials and apparently worked hard with the Jones campaign, the NAACP there, and also black faith leaders. I guess they did find a gap in outreach but the DNC actually helped pull it together in collaboration with the Black Faith Community and the NAACP. The DNC spent all their money in those areas and the grassroots efforts organized knocked on more than 400k doors. I do think this was a pushback on not just Moore but Trump. Whatever the motivation, I hope it dispels the rumor black voters only turn out in mass when Obama is on the ballot. Which is ridiculous. They consistently vote in higher numbers and also turned out in Virginia, without the credit they have gotten in Alabama.
  6. The Politics Thread

    Oh sorry. I think the Evangelical Church if you read a couple of the articles I posted is going to be faced with their own reckoning. They have lost members over the past couple of years. I think one of the postings showed Trumps Evangelical support eroding and that was prior to the Roy Moore election and endorsement. Like the many institutions failing our society, the White Evangelical Church is right up there. I think you may see a lot of the same that happened with the Catholic church in this country after their own scandals, a come to Jesus moment. Yes lots of people stayed with the church but many like me left. And I think you have seen a shift in the church from non acceptance to tolerance and acceptance for those now who are not 100% on board with everything the church stands with. Keep in mind it was a choice the church did not have. They had to move in that direction or risk losing more members and not being able to attract more or at least encourage former members to return. And I think Pope Francis's appointment was a deliberate choice aligned with those things in mind. Like politics I think you need younger leaders in the church that recognize this and push for change. By the way a good article in WaPo on White vs Black Evangelicals and what White non evangelicals in Alabama voted Jones by 29% https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/acts-of-faith/wp/2017/12/13/there-was-an-enormous-gap-between-black-evangelical-voters-and-white-evangelical-voters-in-alabama/?utm_term=.c5a66087e816
  7. The Politics Thread

    Also millennials. I don't know what the turnout was for millennials but they voted 65% for Jones. It's primarily a voting issue for white folks. There are lots of black women who are pro life but understand that many don't have the latitude to be one issue voters. And also Jones is not for partial birth abortion because it's illegal.
  8. The Politics Thread

    Well maybe the NYTimes can start writing articles about the forgotten black female voter. Turnout by AA women was close to 80%
  9. The Politics Thread

    Thank you and this was a huge failure on the part of the GOP both at the state and national levels. The GOP Governor calling an election this year when she could have left it to 2018 and left Strange in there until then Appointing Strange who lost in the primary by a Governor who was impeached just after Strange was appointed Had the GOP in Alabama appointed someone relatively clean, it would have been an easy appointment and race. Strange had the taint of Bentley which is why he lost to Moore I don't want to hear how Mitch McConnell, Bannon, or Trump are some tactical geniuses
  10. The Politics Thread

    Doug Jones has just been declared the winner in the Senate Race in Alabama, it's first democratic senator in 25 years And this brilliant take I just rolled my eyes at
  11. The Politics Thread

    Additional stats on White Evangelical erosion from the Trump base https://shareblue.com/after-cheerleading-for-a-pedophile-trumps-white-evangelical-support-drops-double-digits/
  12. The Politics Thread

    I want to remind people of something, Obama the president of half the country left office with a 61% approval rating. last time I looked 61% is significantly higher than 50%. Lets continue. GWB left office with a 28% approval ratings, Bill Clinton yes Bill Clinton is the only president in recent years to leave with an approval rating higher than his wifes(ie who got the blame for his sexual exploits) but he did leave office with a surplus and booming economy and his rating was 63%, GHWB left office with a 53% approval. So it appears to me which party represents half the country and in GWB's case much less than half. Obama also pushed a healthcare program that was pushed by republican Romney in Massachusetts in an attempt to win over some GOP support. He talked to them, Susan Collins was actually on one of the main committees, adopted over 100 GOP amendments and he was rewarded with NO GOP votes,
  13. The Politics Thread

    Why I can no longer call myself an Evangelical Republican https://www.nytimes.com/2017/12/09/opinion/sunday/wehner-evangelical-republicans.html?rref=collection%2Ftimestopic%2FEvangelism&action=click&contentCollection=timestopics&region=stream&module=stream_unit&version=latest&contentPlacement=1&pgtype=collection&_r=0 When discussion surfaces in terms of the destruction of institutions, that includes the White Evangelical Church. there is also a huge difference between the Black Evangelicals and White Evangelicals.
  14. The Politics Thread

    Illinois has a Democratic legislatute(not a super majority) and all democratic nominees for Governor here have vowed to sign it. This resurfaced here at the beginning of this year and there has been an active push by a number of groups to revisit it, led by the League of Women Voters. Our current idiot Governor who needs suburban white women in Chicago has never said he won’t but never has said he will either.