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  1. Are we supposed to cry because David Koch is dead. This is more than apropos IMO, considering the horrible policies they have pushed , many which have contributed to climate change including this disaster.
  2. A bunch of double talk and condescension. This man needs to be fired and the paper needs a good housecleaning. With all the layoffs, there have to be a lot of people out there who could easily do a better job than he and his team.
  3. Despite that, the LA Times has been far more responsible than the other 2 papers. Our local papers here in Chicago both have their right and left leaning agendas but generally are reasonable and accurate. Well except that the Tribune endorsed Gary Johnson.
  4. Beto has had some good moments. His passion he spoke with about the football players kneeling was also heartfelt. I'm frankly glad is got angry at the press and used that language. it's deserved. And they come after him right after he participated in that vigil in El Paso. They have been enablers and moronic.
  5. Another one bites the dust. Will we ever hear how republicans are in disarray. This is the 5th or 6th that has announced on the GOP side.
  6. Where are people like Josh Barro to tell everyone how popular Susan Collins is and that she will never be defeated. She actually has a genuinely good opponent if Gideon wins the primary and Collins runs. Gideon has a solid record and is well liked in Maine, a solid recruit by the democrats. The joke here is how Collins was continually labeled as a moderate in the mold of Margaret Chase Smith and Olympia Snowe. I agree that Smith and Snowe were good senators. Collins showed her true colors when she was courted by the Obama admin on the ACA and chose to vote against it anyway. She was never close to either of those ladies
  7. This is depressing. I think I have finally come to the conclusion how badly the media is failing this country. The horserace coverage of our politics is going to kill this country. On a good note, my sister in law who is a Trumper - a diehard - but also a Reagan lover - felt sorry for Mueller today and said she never realized what the Russians did. We'll see how many people might be troubled by this who weren't before.
  8. Blowback but it doesn't mean it will stop By the way, Peter Alexander is hosting Meet the Press today.(Yes I tuned in today since I am home today and off for the summer). Far better than Chuck Todd, He was interviewing Trumps campaign comm director and didn't let him slither away nor allowed any both sider nonsense. As for Trump's rally, I am sure we all know the chants were intentionally driven up. Lara Trump led the prep for the rally Lara Trump did a warm up act to cue the crowd for this chant. It was planned. “Lara Trump, addressed the crowd before Trump spoke, saying: “If you don’t love our country — the president said it...” “Leave!” the crowd replied.
  9. There is no illusion with Fox. In some ways they are more honest. CNN is worse. AS for your mom I am sorry. I am guessing she is older. So deprogramming is unlikely unless you cut the cable to the TV.
  10. This is why I have tuned out of all of cable news. Well at least the top 3 minus when I am interested in an interview they are conducting. It's all the same stuff. And I think someone posted that article her on CNN losing audience share(to MSNBC) yet somehow their anchors and hosts are untouchable. Nice for all the people behind the scenes and Zucker who is a cretin.
  11. Well thank the media and press for a lot of it with their fixation on Hillary's emails over any other story. He was not vetted by the press period.
  12. Rebecca Traister controversial yet one of my favorites nails the male punditry class. An over the hill wasteland of Chuck Todds and Joe Scarboroughs. These people have been wasteland for years. https://www.thecut.com/2019/07/politics-is-changing-why-arent-the-pundits-who-cover-it.html
  13. I have to say the feeling of helplessness at this point is depressing. I know there is no savior out there for us but we elect a democratic majority in the House and what are they doing? What can they do I guess. There are protests tomorrow if anyone is interested. I am off work this week. I'm going to one at noon https://act.moveon.org/event/close-camps-now_attend/search/
  14. I don't believe anyone thinks Biden is like Trump. 2 old men is where it ends.One has gaffes, the other one lies endlessly. My lack of enthusiasm for Biden goes back many years, but lord it's not like I wouldn't vote for him in a GE. Americans have a short memory. What happens if Biden wins and 4 years after, people are again frustrated as heck with Washington and the GOP puts up Trump on steroids(IMO that is a Cheney like figure) - someone who is evil and smart and has smart people working for him. Perhaps I am not factoring in the racial resentment that was THE factor due to Obama being president that elected Trump. But for all Biden's return to norms idea(I am not entirely opposed) there are still foundational issues that are far more serious than some of the resentments the purists scream. Buttigieg is right about one thing. The most critical issue is to fix our democracy and that won't happen if the GOP stays on the crazy train and Biden thinks we can just turn the clock back to 2016. We need institutional reform - we have needed it for years long before Trump - would Biden help lead an effort like that? If not what would come after him? I actually think him coming out in support of HR1 or some of the policies surrounding it would potentially calm down some of the AOC's of the world a bit. And on a side note, if the consensus is we need a white guy, follow Steve Bullock. Obviously he's not been visible due to his lateness in entering the race, but he's someone I have followed for a long time. He's a pragmatist but he does have some progressive stances. He's affable and smart. He's kind of a less clumsy version of Michael Bennett.
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