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  1. I heard this on a local radio station yesterday. Not progressive or conservative and people were calling in laughing about millennials being blamed like WTF.
  2. 😀😀😀 times 1000!!!!
  3. I have always believe it was moderates who were more concerned about impeachment, although if you're talking about the extreme far left kooks - some of who support Bernie and Tulsi Gabbard I agree. I don't know there are any far leftists here. I was trusting Pelosi because she's an experienced politician and I think knows Trump and knew something else would come up. But at this point everyone should know the playbook and should know what to expect.
  4. Maggie Haberman yuck. Talk about out of touch. Why is this tweet even newsworthy. This fraud was never going to show any courage. Who outside of these out of touch reporters don't know Rubio is an empty suit like Paul Ryan another so called star. I hope you realize Carl that this shows how completely out of touch all the Beltway press is and Haberman has become nothing more than a gossip columnist for Trump, IVanka, and Jared. Frankly she should be recusing herself from covering any of them based on her mothers PR firm having represented them.
  5. That one surprised me since the Times tried to hard to give the right their talking point but most of the MSM did not take the bait or allow the right to go there before being shut down. I guess the only thing I will say is that everyone cries about how the Beltway is out of touch with Americans, yet we continue to rely on those same people to inform us how we are feeling. This is not a center right country it's center. Maybe even slightly center left. I refuse to go by why anyone in the DC press tells me. I finally heard that idiot Michael Moore admit that the working class is not Joe Sixpack at the local diner but women, PoC, and immigrants. Coming for someone, Moore, who loves to chide democrats for not chasing people unreachable, that was a big change.
  6. I admit I am not super active on twitter but this is the first I as hearing of the AOC townhall stuff.
  7. I don't know how well Trump is liked in Australia but don't. Everyone who Trump touches gets stained. It appears the Ukrainians knew that and tried to delfect and buy time, certainly our European allies know at this point, and China, Russia etc know how to play him. Maybe Morrison is too new or was promised a trade deal in return. I wouldn't bank on it. Trump has been known to cheat people repeatedly,
  8. They should work with The NY Times who seems set on outing this person
  9. This is shocking. I was expecting a watered down memo but this is damning. Did the White House think this was going to be good for them? I haven't really been interested in a Biden nomination, but sadly I think he's going to be dragged down along with Trump. Despite the nepotism, I don't think he deserves that.
  10. So the photos from the "Iran attack" are not even proving what the administration claims it does. I am frankly disgusted hearing so many senators from the democratic side stand up and say without doubt it's Iran. I already called mine and said no to Iraq part 2. Someone is itching to start up a war with Iran. The Saudi's? Israel? Or someone in our current administration. I;m not buying this recent attack. https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2019/09/16/world/middleeast/trump-saudi-arabia-oil-attack.html?action=click&module=Top Stories&pgtype=Homepage
  11. Yeah the woman cannot remember. I highly doubt that, but the fact is 10 people along with this gentleman(who has credibility across the aisle by the way) all contacted the FBI and never were able to provide information because they were not called back. We know the investigation was limited in scope as directed by Don McGahn.
  12. I have been tuned out of the news channels for several weeks/months. Has it been this bad as the media is pushing Biden 1000%. I will vote Biden, and I should say I am not surprised the MSM is pushing the status quo.
  13. Boris Johnson is not Trump, who is stupid. Johnson knows exactly what he's doing and has been doing for years. He deserves everything coming his way.
  14. I don't even know why anyone pays attention to them. Most of these polls also qualify them by saying 75% of the electorate has not yet decided. I know it's a different election and I am not comparing anyone to Obama, but this time in 2007 Obama was 30 points behind Clinton in the polls.
  15. Are we supposed to cry because David Koch is dead. This is more than apropos IMO, considering the horrible policies they have pushed , many which have contributed to climate change including this disaster.
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