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  1. This is another opportunity. For states that have had no expansion, put it on the ballot and let people vote on it in places like Texas and Florida.
  2. I think we all myself included need to stop chastising the bill. There is a ton of good stuff in it that is going to help millions of people. The anti poverty element in this is huge. And while I am still pissed about the min wage, maybe Sewell's bill is a better approach. It actually might have a chance of passing in the senate. Well maybe lol. Lets see if any of those working class heroes like Little Marco and Josh Hawley vote for a standalone min wage bill since they represent the party of working people. I already know the answer. In the meantime states that don't have a incre
  3. We all need to be realistic about bills. Most good legislation involves compromise. The compromise in this bill was pointless but people did get that concession on taxable UI income which is a bigger deal than the extra $100/wk. The limitations on the $1400 was pointless. Neither of these compromises really saved any money. It was just posturing which makes me angry. Just so Manchin can look like a tough guy. There are lots of good things in this bill people are not even aware of. If you lose your job Cobra payments will be covered. This is a big deal. The smartest part of this bi
  4. Manchin is all about performance and doing his own self defined means testing. He's now agree to the extra $300 through Sept and only non taxable if the person's income is less than $150k. What the hell kind of BS is this? He's a showboat. He and Sinema are the Rand Paul versions of the democratic party - showboating. I can't decide at this point if Sinema is worse because of bringing that fricking chocolate cake into the senate daring people to call her Marie Antionette. As for why she didn't vote for $15/hr, Kelly did who is more popular than she is so who knows. Find another popular modera
  5. After forcing the clerks in the Senate to stay up reading the relief bill, no republicans showed up this morning. so this happened. I love it.
  6. I'm with you on this in fact they need to have a messaging campaign on this and NOT let the fascists drive the narrative. FDR used to have signage and messaging all over the CCC and WPA projects that were being worked on all over the country. They should brand the American Recover Act and advertise. Sounds tacky but it is needed.
  7. This I am happy to see. Klobuchar is a workhorse in the senate and this means something that she's come out for abolishing the filibuster.
  8. The limit is going from $80,000 to $75,000. I thought it was 75 to begin with, so what is the POINT of dropping it. All it does is give the GOP a talking point. And it's not worth it. The idea of dropping the $400 unemployment supplement to $300 is also stupid. Again so little money sounds pointless. If they got a commitment from Manchin on the filibuster in return for this so that they can pass HR1 then I'd get it. EDIT: So sorry I got this mixed up. It zeros out at 80k. This is a even dumber move.
  9. I have to admit I don't really care that Tanden is gone. I just hate how it went. Manchin is such a phony and you just know it was because he was pissed about her tweet about his daughter and her price gauging and nothing else. Not that I ever cared much for Manchin but this seals my opinion of him, I read that Reverend Barber recruited a ton of what we all refer to as essential workers from West Virginia to approach Manchin on the min wage increase and even Barber said he was frustrated because no matter how many stories folks from West Virginia told, not one thing touched Manch
  10. This won't go anywhere but introducing an $15/hr amendment is a good way to keep pressure on and the issue in the forefront. NEWS: Sanders Announces $15 Minimum Wage Amendment to Reconciliation Bill, Calls for Senate Democrats to Ignore Parliamentarian » Senator Bernie Sanders
  11. This is why not dumping the filibuster is so assinine. HR1 is the most important piece of legislation at this point.
  12. And where is the new VRA while all this voter suppression is going on? Ugh Anyway in greedy defense contractor news. The U.S. Air Force Just Admitted The F-35 Stealth Fighter Has Failed (forbes.com)
  13. I get that but there are comments from Tester and Neal also because they are concerned with messaging? How about out message the GOP for once. I guess I am just deflated a bit about the min wage. I honestly didn't think the ruling would go in favor of it, but I expected some sort of backup plan.
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