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  1. While I am indifferent generally to Biden, I adore Pelosi. This slamdown is warranted. And the question from that disgraced piece of garbage Rosen who left Fox due to sexual harassment allegations. I don't know who this toad works for now but this response from Pelosi is a thing of beauty(I guess according to Boykin Sinclair). Dems need to challenge the press and MSM more on their idiot questions and trying to horserace everything.
  2. So by the way this is the best I have seen Biden in months. This is an effective counter to the Trump nonsense about Biden's son. These conspiracy nuts need to be put in their place.
  3. I don't mind ads like the one that make trump angry or feel even more insecure than he is. And I am all for going after trump for his record and I guess this ad hits both. Someone does need to craft something that targets the evangelical base I agree. Maybe showing clips of his favorable comments about Iran, who they hate. That's one of the few things I have seen these cretins do. As for Biden, outside of his foreign policy experience, I can't say I am interested. Maybe that's enough to return respectability but it doesn't really smash chances of electing someone worse than Trump who knows the system. Reagan and GWB were bad enough. And Biden has already been challenged on his bus tour about using his influence regarding his son. I will never say it's the same as anything Trump has done or Trump's kids, but it still stinks IMO and could actually be blown up as the next "but her emails". The press and media will do what they did with Hillary. Magnify that issue to make it seem like Trump and Biden are the same.
  4. And Biden was one of those who criticized Hillary for doing this. Another reason I don't like or want him.
  5. He's know they had these records since the hearings. You'd think he's have a story crafted at this point. Did he think this information would not be included?
  6. I can't tell you how depressed I am over this. Now I have to pick from a field I basically don't think can win. Maybe I was hoping for the impossible, a turnaround. I like Warren and Klobuchar more than anyone left(I don't include Booker or castro who I am guessing will be dropping out too).
  7. I agree and disagree. I think the problem with the primary season is the length, number of candidates. I don't think the debates themselves are an issue but the number of candidates still allowed to participate and in the race make it problematic. The main problem is the media. I think there are good candidates in the field . Harris, Warren, and yes Klobuchar. I think Castro is also a good candidate. I actually think Bullock COULD have been a good candidate had be gotten more backing and into the race sooner. Problem is the media had decided to swing with Biden and now Buttigieg long ago. Warren I believe was pushed originally by design to split the Bernie vote but notice how they treated her once she started pulling votes from the so called 'centrists". I actually don't hate Buttigieg. But there is a sense of entitlement there and his dismissiveness of black voters is a turnoff and a deal breaker.
  8. I didn't trust the polling when it said people favored impeachment and trust it even less now. There is no rational by a for that significant a flip unless the numbers to start with were not that hard and fast. I refuse to give up on this country and won't be a doomsday democrat. Democrats just won Va, elected a dem governor in KY and held LA. That was just a week ago and suddenly we are back to doomsday. I said before I thought the house should vote on impeachment and not refer it to the senate. Let the indictment sit.
  9. Funny you say that. Tom Nichols, a conservative who I got hooked on after reading his book, The Death of Expertise, has said the same. He said these people need to be voted out up and down the ballot and the party needs to die. He dislikes most every democratic policy but he is a firm believer in our Constitution and the rule of law. He has said the only candidate he would not vote for on the democratic ballot for president is Gabbard. He said he would even vote Sanders if he was the nominee, because despite Sanders issues, he doesn't think he's anywhere near as bad.
  10. Chris Wallace and Bret Baier, as much as I don't really like either of them, are generally fair. And while I find Wallace arrogant, he's frankly the best interviewer on all of the Sunday shows and I'd include Tim Russert who people have seemed to have made a saint, but who helped Cheney weekly peddle the Iraq garbage. I did read that absent from Fox has been Judge Napolitano, who apparently went too far criticizing trump on the air.
  11. I'm with you on this. And do people not remember. Reagan cut federal funding to state public universities by something like 75%. So anyone who went to college before I think 1995(I think that was when the final federal funding cap was in place) was able to goto a state PUBLIC university at affordable rates. I get the idea that people think these students should be looking at other options. But students should also be able to goto the public school of their choice. Also Many places including Chicago for example provide tuition free assistance to students that are within certain income brackets and maintain reasonable(not super exceptional) GPA. Our governor here has talked about subsidizing community colleges funding for students that fall within similar categories, but then we also have a huge budget deficit the state is trying to work toward resolving.
  12. They have been one of the worst in terms of Kamala Harris - reporting on every problem in her campaign - any passing over the problems Buttigieg md others have had.
  13. Oh no my apologies for misunderstanding. I think the media focus on the leftists is driven by the push to say the party is split and to push centrist candidates friendly to those who run the media. I can't take anyone seriously anymore frankly in the media who pushes centrists and centrist ideology. They all come across so disingenuous and in it for themselves, its not even believable. That doesn't mean I don't believe a good number of Americans are moderate, but these media people push wealth taxes and higher tax rates on the rich like these are leftist ideas, when they are supported by most Americans. Why? Because it hits them. I also believe a good majority of Americans believe in breaking up the tech industry and most see none of these people are operating in good faith. M4All is different and I have come around to actually supporting the idea but I actually like Sherrod Brown's approach, which is lowering the age on Medicare and instituting a public option. Those things in particular might drive private insurance prices down, and if they don't then look at expansion. And frankly I don't think they will. I've had my own experience with the private insurance market as it relates to insurance for people like me who have PEC's. I am a breast cancer survivor and while my insurance costs are still on the high side(I am self employed), it's far better with the mandates in place than it was before.
  14. This is why it bothers me when people come here parroting right wing talking points. Don't we see them enough watching the MSM and reading most of the mainstream press. This was mot Mississippi where the candidate had ZERO connection to the AA community. Bel Edwards got elected to begin with, with the support of that community . There is no way they would have had those Obama robocalls set if they weren't trying to leverage that base. No one trashing Obama is going to win. He's the only one in years that has put together a multi gender multiracial multi age coalition. It's amazing that it seems only the candidates of color and Biden seem to get this. While not a Biden supporter, I am relishing the fact he knows how the black vote is going to keep him in play while Warren, Sanders, and Buttigieg keeps dismissing them and Harris is quietly picking up even more endorsements.
  15. I hope people here know this is one of the ultimate southern insults and is not Bel Edwards sucking up to Trump. He also won by 3 points. Not a squeaker.
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