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  1. The Politics Thread

    I actually agree with you on this. None of them thought leave would win the referendum therefore had no real plan on how to move forward. I can't stand the Tories or May, but they are all cowards, including that buffoon Boris Johnson. I am no Corbyn fan and lets face it, Labour does not really have a Brexit plan either, and I know another election is no option right now, but right now I'd give anything to see the Tories out period. I have also read a theory about Kennedy being pseudo forced out due to his sons relationship with Trump via Deutch Bank. Who knows. The suspicious part of all this is that Kennedy did hire law clerks for the next SCOTUS term so something is definitely up.
  2. The Politics Thread

    This is someone I follow on twitter and always appreciate her candor. Read this thread for the latest on Brexit and what's happened.
  3. The Politics Thread

    The times has also become The Onion when it comes to this ridiculous defense of their vote of the orange clown. They never seem to ask why poorer black evangelisticals turned away from him. They don’t want to write that article. Seriously this is just asinine.
  4. The Politics Thread

    The Kennedy aspect is disturbing but not surprising after watching Thomas rule on cases related to Monsanto when he had direct ties with them. I think whatever legacy Kennedy allegedly was going to have is tarnished but was already tarnished. He did believe in personal liberty which is what he used to hold up Roe, but he also riled on some of the most disastrous decisions in conservatives favor. We can thank him for Citizens United which is one of the main factors that is eating away at our politics today. As for ICE, I don't think the idea is that unpopular. Frankly I've been won over by the idea of taking bold but maybe not popular stands. I don't mean extreme left radical, but reasonable practical solutions. I think a re-examination of what ICE's original intent was and whether it's still needed. I just wish we could do the same for the dept of defense which sucks up now a trillion dollar budget.
  5. The Politics Thread

    I saw other polling in the Tennessee race which seems to be assured for Bredesen with the third party candidate running(the Trump nut), Democrats are ahead in polling in Ohio, Nevada, and in Montana. As of now Tammy Baldwin in Wi is ahead but its tight as is McCaskill. In terms of voter suppression, yes it's wrong. Why it hasn't been turned into a centerpiece I can't say. But here is my frustration. If Millennials would just show up to vote at even 40%, the democrats would never lose another election. And we could fix all the problems with voter suppression, gerrymandering, voter roll scrubbing, and such. These people complain about the GE candidates but cannot get out and vote in primaries when they could actually vote for a candidate they might be more passionate about. And people can f-off about protesting(not you Carl) - I'm talking about all the white men wagging their fingers at the rest of us telling us to be civil. Enough. I am not interested in one more stupid story about Trump voters despite the Times still stupidly pushing them on people. Jeremy Peters has to be the most insufferable smug piece of work at the times and that says a lot with people like Thrush, Haberman, and Peter Baker on staff
  6. The Politics Thread

    ICE arose from 9/11 so unless someone can explain what purpose it serves currently other than rounding up people to send to the gulags. I'm not suggesting we don't need some sort of law enforcement arm but ICE is and was never effective and is frankly out of control. I don't care if the bill goes nowhere now. AS LEAST someone is speaking out. And surely this is politics, a way to galvanize the democratic base. No one in Washington especially Donald Trump has any interest in solving problems. And it would not shock me at all that he manufactured this crisis on purpose because they know the tax cut has been such a monumental flop even with their base of voters.
  7. The Politics Thread

    Oh yes the GOP cares for the military so much they are covering up a report showing they are being poisoned. https://newrepublic.com/article/149280/military-drinking-water-crisis-white-house-tried-hide
  8. The Politics Thread

    Vee they are still doing it. They spent weeks on a narrative about how democrats were losing control of key races in the California primary citing alleged polling and such. And when the results started coming it and initially showed some positives for the GOP(which flipped as the night went on), they were crowing over it. MSNBC especially., Frankly they had eggs on their faces the next day when the GOP got locked out of 10 races in the state legislature and the democrats not one. I'm, sure a case could be made for a couple of races being close, but it's about winning elections as my Senator Durbin says. And I have not seen one publication or network apologize for their coverage. It still galls me that Scarborough can sit around and blame Trump being a democrat on the horribleness of the GOP. The only time I have ever seen a visible reaction to Scarborough's idiotic comments was when Whoopi Goldberg rolled her eyes at him and didn't say one word when he and his "fiancé" appeared on The View several months ago.
  9. The Politics Thread

    You know I am no longer naïve about the democrats and their chances. You guys do know the democrats have been flipping elections all over the country. I feel like this idea that the Beltway media seems to have their pulse on the elections. I'm sorry but has anyone here looked to see how candidates are actually campaigning and talking to voters in THEIR districts, THEIR states outside of the Beltway focus? I'll be happy to share local articles here. In Il14 which is not considered a flappable district, a young African American nurse won the primary Lauren Underwood. The district is rural urban combination. She knows she needs to flip some moderates and needs independent support to win. Her opponent Randy Hultgren is unpopular wildly in his district. People all over the district care about public education they don't have charter schools, loads of private schools to choose from and Illinois is in financial crisis - our schools are. And rural areas. Farmers BELIEVE IN CLIMATE CHANGE. They see the impact daily. They are fearful of tariffs, our environmental policies, and their crop insurance is skyrocketing. And the main issue across the district is healthcare. One of our members asked her about Trump. She doesn't talk to them at all about that unless they want to discuss and they do when it relates to things he committed to helping them with and now realize he s not. And healthcare is not just about individual coverage, its about employers. The second largest employer in the district are hospitals. More ACA cuts leads to closing in particular rural hospitals. Now the fact I don't live in this district, am a political novice, and can articulate the issues people in districts likely across the country are concerned with I hope sends the message that it's not all anti trump and that the people in the Beltway who still can't acknowledge that the GOP a lesser degree has done this to themselves and this country are more the ones who are trump trump trump than the rest of the country. Frankly I find the arrogant Never Trumpers the worst. I follow Tom Nichols, Steve Schmidt but this inability to look internally is still not there so they point at the democrats and Trump, thinking he is some kind of anomaly versus a result of policies their and to a lesser degree democrats have pushed for years. And Joe Scarborough trying to call Trump a democrat doesn't absolve them either.
  10. The Politics Thread

    He's delusional enough to react that way. I first thought he would not care. I now think he cares immensely. I hope he is kicked out like I hope Paul Ryan is kicked out of the catholic church.
  11. The Politics Thread

    The thing that is particularly joyful about this is that Rubio himself actually helped with this campaign. He was rebuffed directly That's probably true. Until I read The Intercept article, I didn't real she was one of 2 Bush appointees who were directly responsible for the Hurricane Katrina debacle. The "best" people keep rising.
  12. The Politics Thread

    Bingo. We need to stop believing these people care or can be shamed.
  13. The Politics Thread

    i give credit to Pramilla Jayapal first and then Jeff Merkley who were the first 2 that visited detention centers. I don’t watch much cable any,ore, so much of its rinse and repeat, but I think the reporting that was broken I think on Chris Hayes show which was the first view into a child detention center, was very well done. I don’t know who the reporter is, but he’s very compelling. Being a new face or one I haven’t seen before probably helps. and by the way what’s going on at Fox? I got interrupted by a phone call just before Don Lemon on CNN was running into a segment about some of Fox networks producers being outraged by the Fox News coverage of the immigration crisis and threatening to boycott/walk.
  14. The Politics Thread

    You can't help but see the irony here. The FBI is GOP central. Of course they had it in for Hillary no matter what Szorak texted. In fact it was him delaying the laptop that likely cost Hillary the election. I've never put Comey up on some pedestal in fact I am glad he's gone. Wray seems like a decent guy - well as decent as one can be as head of the FBI.
  15. The Politics Thread

    This is monstrous. Our local Action Committee has gotten together to discuss. I live now in a very diverse community - Berwyn - and we have 19 diff immigrant groups in out community people are afraid. So we've got resources lined up if we need them - legal - political along with an a chain of action for people to take if we have an ICE raid or rules for people to follow if ICE comes to their homes. But we really want to do more in the cases of the children here. We had a rep from Rep Gutierrez's office come and meet with us and we have discussed partnering with Bethany on their Refugee and Immigrant Foster Care program. We don't even know how many of these kids are eligible, but I think we are hoping since Bethany is involved, we would have a way to actually track the name of the parent(s), where they are from It's feeling so helpless honestly that is the worst. Not being able to do anything to help. This is horrific what is happening to these people. Asylum seekers are not breaking any law and the undocumented folks are committing legally what amounts to a misdemeanor. What happens when there is no more room? Do people mysteriously start disappearing?