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NOTICE: What Happened, How It Was Resolved and Moving Forward


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  1. Yeah I doubt you'll hear anyone else call for impeachment. I'm kind of sad Warren hasn't gained more traction , but maybe it's a lesson she should have run when the iron was hot in 2016 for her. As for what the democrats are saying, I'm taking a lesson from what people are actually talking about at townhalls and when out talking to voters which is NOT impeachment, Trump, or Russia. I heard all the same things about what democrats were doing wrong in 2018 and won state races and record numbers in the house. And there is lots of time. We haven't even had the first debate yet.
  2. It's so depressing. I am generally a glass half full person, but I agree with Carl. So the president of the united states basically can get away with anything and remain untouched. I have zero faith left in the media. They will continue to push Trump not caring about the continual damage to this country. And I am so tired of hearing about "it's politics" and how the dems hands are tied. When does standing up for the rule of law and constitution come into play. I heard someone involved in Watergate say Nixon had it not been for the tapes would have gotten away with all of it. I'd frankly rather have Nixon than this evil SOB. Maybe Nixon would have been worse since he understood the machinations of the gvmt more, but why does it matter really since Trump has no interest or desire to follow anything and can get away with it.
  3. He promised to release those returns in 2016 and nada. Elizabeth Warren is infinitely better. 1. She has detailed policies that are popular with the majority of Americans and IMPLEMENTATION PLANS 2. She has a proven track record. Even with her shorter time in the senate, she's done more in 6 years than Bernie did in 30 years in congress The CFPB was her baby.
  4. A man not running plus 2 African American women going head to head meant no coverage. We know why. The local media was all about this race for the past 6 weeks and was covering it thoroughly for the past several months. Preckwinkle backed that unpopular soda tax but I think what killed her election was that many saw her as establishment. Its hard not to. She's currently Cook County Board President. She supported Ed Burke the corrupt alderman, she also was a big supporter of our prior county assessor who got beat last spring for over and under assessing targeted areas. Over assessments occurred in mostly PoC communities along with others who generally tend to be more uninformed about the appeal process. That showed Preckwinkle didn't give a darn about homeowners from her own community, The corruption is so rampant. Lightfoot by the way won every ward in the city. It was a huge loss for Preckwinkle who was considered the frontrunner months ago. That in itself should have made it a HUGE story. I'm cautiously optimistic about Lightfoot. She has a huge battle but she now also has some allies in the council who want change. Harold Washington 30 years ago ran the same way and had to spend 4 years fighting members of the city council so time will tell. The corruption is so engrained its going to take a monumental effort.
  5. @DramatistDreamerLightfoot was one of the few out of the 20 people who ran for mayor in Feb who actually declared her candidacy before Rahm Emmanuel announced he was not running. That meant something to people here versus the opportunists like her opponent along with Bill Daley who waited until Rahm decided not to run again. The other part is several city council races were handed to new faces. That will be another factor in change because the city council generally has been a toadie of the mayor.
  6. Totally agree with that. He annoys me to the nth degree because all these never trumpers love to sit back and lecture democrats when they still can't answer how THEIR so called successful party nominated a complete psychopath for president. Their denials are frankly infuriating as if the GOP is still something salvageable as long as Trump is gone. But remember these same never trumpers love McConnell who IMO is the worst of the worst and someone who can be labeled a real traitor. And yes these are PEOPLE not numbers, something our former congressman here Gutierrez was saying for over a year while he was still serving in congress to an audience of no one. Maybe he ought to worry about why when Floridians in EVERY COUNTY including red voted in favor of re-establishing voting rights to former felons and the GOP led legislature is trying to institute a poll tax to further prevent them from voting.
  7. I am not a fan of his but he's right - at least partially right. One of my colleagues is from Puerto Rico and basically said the dems were blowing in in Florida post Hurricane Maria. The GOP there had programs and facilities setup to help the people coming from their. The democrats nothing. She compared it to what democrats in New York and even here in Chicago were doing in terms of helping Puerto Ricans and said the party in Florida is a total disaster. Gillum might have won Florida had the democrats not taken the Puerto Ricans for granted there. Yes and no. It's exciting but I don't expect turnout to reflect that sadly. We had a very crowded field in the initial election in February and turnout was 28%. Ed Burke under FBI investigation, who had to renounce his chairmanship of the city finance committee, won the Feb election easily. Lots of people say they want change but don't bother voting. The one positive is no Daley in the race and Lightfoot was way underestimated.
  8. The Hill is trash I know but this is indicative of how a reputable news agency at one time has really gone into the you know what. I hope people don't follow the AP as their main news source these days. https://thehill.com/homenews/media/436715-ap-mocked-for-report-saying-beto-orourke-spoke-at-rally-in-his-native-spanish
  9. There is no question as Pete's popularity has risen @DRW50, people started digging. That's likely why this surfaced. And it's going to happen. That's what campaigns do. I think Pete for the most part has stayed away from this stuff and in his case more self awareness I think. He's also discussed stories about himself and his own privilege, so he's aware of it, perhaps I am being unfair to him. And let's be honest it's the digging and then the media globbing onto this that fed this story. I don't believe it's as important as twitter is making it out to be. I have to remember something I heard Jason Kander say is that the world does not live on twitter. Which is true.
  10. I feel less cynical about Buttigieg I guess than you do @DRW50. I actually think there is an authenticity that you don't see a lot today. I actually supported him for head of the DNC along with Jehmu.Greene. I like him and I do think it's important to have a millennial on that debate stage. Andrew Yang is another one, although not a millennial, he is a gen-exer but seems to have detailed plans on solutions he is proposing. I want to see these people on the debate stage. Saying that, I agree with you entirely on Warren. I honestly feel she's close to the top of the list in terms of qualifications and ideas. And she's always IMO very authentic. Sanders gets all the oxygen in the room when it comes to progressive policies but Warren actually has them with implementation details and initiatives she actually recommended and were implemented like the Consumer Financial Protection Board. And she's far more astute IMO then he will ever be. Is she damaged? Yes. But I am hoping whoever the democrat is that may become our next president selects her as a member of their administration. Sec of State is the flashy role but she's be must more effective IMO as Sec of Treasury. Yes a lot of 2016 became about Trump but I am tired of people, mostly the media, but also candidates like Biden and now Buttigieg dragging us back there by commenting on and relitigating this. Maybe they are not really doing it but the media seems to fixate on these comments and want to make it a wedge yet again. As a Clinton supporter who wants to move on, it's not me or many of us who don't want to move on. I get the Clinton team being annoyed. Sure there were mistakes made by the campaign, but can we stop with the it's all Clinton's fault. It wasn't her team that refused to discuss policy, that deciding covering empty podiums at Trump rallies, salivating at the next terrible comment Trump would make about any marginalized group spending days discussing it, while poking fun at Clinton's speech in Reno on the rise of White Nationalism. She was right by the way as they all said it was overblown. So the media can f-off. And the white men running flapping their gums over it certainly need to stop this. I don't hear any of the women or men of color making stupid remarks like this, which is just another indication of lack of awareness on the part of these white male candidates because none of it ever touches them personally.
  11. It's definitely taken me longer to get there but done. I bent over backwards to give her a chance because I knew it would be an uphill battle, but she needs to stay off twitter and learn. If she's going to spout things off at least get the facts correct. AIPAC supported the Oslo Accords.
  12. I hear all this but then I remember Barr was AG under GHWB and orchestrated all those pardons for the Iran Contra crooks after Bush lost re-election and was leaving office. He also orchestrated plea deals for a bunch including Elliott Abrams who was responsible for the El Mozote Massacre in El Salvador. The man should be in prison for life but was allowed to plea to lying to congress and is now guess what, leading the whatever is going on in Venezuela effort(I call it a coup). I also remember Robert Mueller was FBI director under Bush2. I believe these guys have too large an idea of executive power but I guess we will see. No indictment for Obstruction of Justice is asinine IMO. We all heard on live TV Trump say he fired Comey to stop the Russia investigation. Just because it did not accomplish the action, doesn't make it less of a crime. Of course I am no legal scholar so what do I know I guess.
  13. I agree but I’m more concerned with a coverup. I don’t trust William Barr at all.
  14. There have been awful conspiracy theories posted about McCain and how his father helped him and got him special treatment at the Hanoi Hilton. It's awful BS but it doesn't stop people from blaming him. I have zero support for anything McCain did as a legislator and will always question how he could be such a war hawk after his time as a POW, but I would never question his service. Lord he's also one of the few who called out Vietnam for what it was - a rich mans war.
  15. I'm not a Biden fan but this makes me inch more towards steady leadership. And the only reason he's doing it is because of Netanyahu's election. I wonder about Israel when he's likely do be re-elected after being indicted in the bribery scandal.
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