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  1. We have ballot tracking here in Illinois so you can track everything online. Illinois is also hiring hundreds of ballot expediters because you cannot start counting ballots until the day of the election, but they can prep them. There was some funding in the Cares Act for elections. Once the ballot is received, your ballot status is updated. My mom, brother, and neighbors are all doing mail-in this year. Of course Illinois is hardly a swing state, but there are congressional races , an additional seat the democrats are hoping to flip this year to add to the 2 that flipped last year and of course state legislative seats to maintain the super majority.
  2. Take care of yourself. Sending good vibes your way.
  3. I have heard a lot of people say this and frankly even with my mom, a senior in a retirement community, is considered high risk, I am not sure I would suggest she get a vaccine initially unless its coming from a non US pharmaceutical company - and no not China. You just know they know the black and brown communities have been hit hardest and would want to use those communities as the guinea pigs. I'd pass also unless you know it's reputable, meaning developed outside the US and China.
  4. I think the plan is great. I am not as enthused about his healthcare recovery plan, but I think improvements can be made and our current crisis is showing glaring gaps in healthcare, education and so many other things that need to be addressed. There are so many things that need fixing, that we really need a landslide election in a sense to make sure his agenda will get the required attention and push needed and to repair so much of the damage, some that was there long before Trump. As someone who worked in the public and private sector, I am not in the classroom currently and I will not be, and I fear for so many of my former colleagues and the students with the brazen and carelessness so many are moving forward with. Part of the issue with schools is our decaying buildings that have been repaired with patchwork and still have massive lead, mold, and in some cases asbestos problems and let's not forget the aging HVAC systems that make this ridiculous comparison to Home Depot monstrous. Not even contending with families who have no ability to help their kids at home, have to be at work - not negotiable - because we have people who could not care less about them. The Chicago Teachers Union this morning issued a statement that insisted on 100% online learning. The school district itself has yet to issue anything so the union has taken the first step. I know a lot of former colleagues who will not be going back. And the school administration is saying it's too early to decide. Are they kidding? I see a strike which may spread across the country in various school districts. Try teaching with no teachers. Anyone forcing people back into a classroom and into any workplace with no plan for testing and tracing and control needs to take a seat. And comparing this to Europe where many places have the pandemic under some form of control is ridiculous and even with that, they are doing limited in class teaching in Germany, Denmark, France, and Italy. Biden truly needs a Czar to address the pandemic and have sub-czars to handle education, workplaces, and public spaces. On top of a team to get businesses up and running to produce PPE. A vaccine even if solidified by the end of the year, is still at least a year away from mass production and distribution.
  5. Oy - oh my Isn't this the same guy who told black people Slavery was a lifestyle choice?
  6. I also notice the "Kamala Harris is not really black" line and is too uppity. Almost like they don't want smart accomplished women. Although they did like Cory Booker and were upset that Biden narrowed his choices to women. Reminds me of Professor Dyson saying that yes black men are as misogynistic as white men if not moreso.
  7. Tim Alberta referred to McConnell as a pragmatist and shamelessly defended empty suit, coward, and enabler Paul Ryan. That said, the comments here by well to do black voters here echo some of what you hear here in Chicago from members of the same community. The local mayoral election in Chicago where there were 2 African American women running head to head didn't produce the turnout expected, the lowest being in that community. It really hasn't been since Harold Washington, where the black community turned out in high numbers for a local election. You can't argue with the logic when nothing changes. I have respect for our current mayor but she certainly hasn't met the moment here in terms of the calls for police reform. Her reputation of being cozy with the police union seems to have clouded her judgement in terms of meeting the moment. Kim Foxx the Cook County states attorney is really the only one here who has seemed to take her promises and commitments to that community seriously(despite the Jussie Smollett debacle-not entire her fault - the police union had a target on her back since the prosecution of Laquan McDonald's killer), while the Chicago mayor and our own African American state AG's responses have been lackluster. When even NYC can enact something and you still have done nothing in a city as problematic if not moreso in terms of police misconduct, that should say something about the leadership. I do find the comments about Michelle Obama interesting as being the one real winning ticket possibility after the criticism of how little they felt President Obama did for the community.
  8. Biden has been doing these grassroots fundraisers online the past month with a variety of people. The last 2 with Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren did incredibly well. The one tomorrow is with - Barack Obama https://secure.actblue.com/donate/biden2020_obama_grassrootsfr?refcode=social-tw-20200616p44social&utm_medium=social&utm_source=tw&utm_campaign=20200616p44social Oddly not one with Bernie Sanders. Hmm.
  9. I don't really see how it mattered. They bought up a lot of tickets but they were not culpable for suppressing the MAGA turnout. Blame the campaign who apparently thought nothing of skyrocketing tickets - they sound self deluded also. Bragging about 1 million in orders without any kind of vetting of who placed those orders. And I am frankly tired of worrying about the media. They are going to do what they always do and they push themselves more into irrelevance. It was obvious from the beginning as they were playing up this rally with glee that they wanted a comeback story. Glad this time it fell flat on their faces. Even a pandemic can stop these ghouls and their both-siderism
  10. In this case I don't buy it. All this proves is Katy Tur is in the Beltway bubble like the rest of them. They think the rest of the country thinks like they do. They also think the rest of the country doesn't support DACA or LGBTQ rights. I never thought Roberts would be q swing vote but maybe he does give a smidge about the integrity of the court. Of course nothing can replace his horrid decisions on Citizens United and Voting Rights.
  11. Dreher is having a meltdown on twitter accusing Gorsuch of all sorts of things. Next I am sure he'll "accuse" him of being a democrat. It could be he and Roberts are seeing the tea leaves turn against them, but Gorsuch unlike Kavanaugh at least tries sometimes to be more of a real jurist than a political hack.
  12. Civil suit his *ss into oblivion
  13. Cuomo is himself a hypocrite and a little sleazy, but at least he's competent and can get things done and doesn't get flustered(probably his best asset). de Blasio is a complete and utter failure. Being an activist - maybe he was effective at that - but it doesn't mean you can run the city of NY. My niece works for the Public Health Dept there and de Blasio was so angry the health dept called him on his unwillingness to close the schools sooner, the back and forth on those masks that were to goto healthcare workers that was demanded for the NYPD, he took away the contact tracing efforts from their department and handed to the public hospital system in the city. He has shown his incompetence through this entire crisis. https://www.cityandstateny.com/articles/politics/news-politics/duel-over-nycs-contact-tracing-program.html
  14. It should indicate something to folks that as they lessened law enforcement that a lot of the rioting stopped. Granted as the protests have continued a lot of the initial anger died down, it wasn't lost on me that that was when law enforcement presence was at its height and no one will convince me it was not on purpose. I can 't honestly believe NYC. At least most other cities have acknowledged issues but Cuomo and DeBlasio are too busy fighting each other to care about what's right under their nose.
  15. The Defund police movement is closer to what's being done in LA which is to allocate necessary funds from the police dept to handle issues that should be outside of law enforcement - mental health issues, domestic abuse. That might be the easy part and then you really need reform. All the way from qualifications, training, hiring. I had a friend years back who applied for a job with the Miami PD at the time and was told he scored too high - meaning his intelligence was too high, They want people who basically are just "following orders" in a lot of cases. Look at the officer that killed George Floyd. He had how many complaints and he was in process of mentoring/training two recruits.
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