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  1. Gray Davis was a totally different situation including the fact he had an approval rating in the mid 20's. Did anyone bother to see Newsom's. It was over 50%. That in itself made this whole hyperventilation useless by the mostly WHITE MALE national media.
  2. It wasn't high risk. If you talked to people in California this was never going to be successful no matter who ran. The California machine does the same thing the Illinois machine does for the democrats - they downplay even when their internal polls show their candidates way ahead. I can't tell you how many times it's happened here in Illinois. The local media is smart enough to see through it. The national media continues to clown themselves. Nate Silver has embarrassed and discredited himself many times over in the past few years. His attempts to be a twitter epidemiologist has turned that moron into a complete clown and joke.
  3. I am not a Federer fan. I never cared for Borg who was pretty much treated the same way by the press because he was a "gentleman" Borg had his moments too. Big difference is opponents like McEnroe never pretended to be sweetness and light like Djokovic does or wants to be.
  4. This has nothing to do with Federer who IMO is too perfect. Novak had a meltdown after he lost the bronze metal match and threw his racket. He should stop giving advice to others on pressure.
  5. Ok so he wasn't nasty about that but the dude is still a crybaby shown many times including at the recent Olympics.
  6. Why are so many infatuated with Novak? He's basically a jerk and crybaby. I won't forget the comments he made about Simone Biles choking and then he went on to lose.
  7. Neither are the Sunday shows which have been out of touch for years. Beltway gossip and nothing about what impacts the daily lives of people - COVID, Voting rights, Gun reform, Climate Change, childcare, eldercare, and the list goes on.
  8. Yeah I am going to wait on those so called ":Rich" suburban districts where people are finally getting fed up with the anti maskers and Governors ripping money away from their schools because they are requiring kids to wear masks. 70% of people want masks and that's an awful lot of suburban districts. Despite the hyperventilating over Afghanistan, COVID is still the major issue. Our Governor put a mask mandate in place for schools here in Illinois and I am still worried about it. We have the same nuts in these suburban school districts here who are raising a stink over it insisting their kids won't mask up and making fools of themselves at School Board Meetings.
  9. They're wrong on so much. If anyone actually reported on the Afghanistan Papers that WAPO published they would see what a cluster*uck this has been since the beginning. The media ignored that - gee can't imagine why. They have too many "unnamed sources" they never apparently fact check at the Pentagon. We all remember the debacle of WMD's in Iraq. Nicole Wallace was the only one I know of in the MSM that acknowledged that Biden's speech yesterday would land well with most Americans. It did. This just makes me throw even more money at independent news publications. We have a great one locally in Chicago that has done some phenomenal reporting. Establishment journalists are sellouts and fans of chasing the latest shiny object.
  10. Carl Fox is already saying don't bring those refugees here. You honestly think people are going to say hey lets bring those poor people here. I am confident this is never going to be a 50 50 issue. The polling Politico shows support dropped but thats now and the number on the opposite side didn't increase. oy
  11. There is not going to be a 50/50 on Afghanistan. That's nonsense. Despite some of the problems with the withdrawal, no one who supported it is going to go back and say no because of some of the problems that surfaced with the how. And with the news cycles who knows where we will be in 2 weeks much less a year.
  12. That's exactly how it's playing out. Other than the Beltway hyperventilating who else is over covering this. I don't know that it's that people don't care but about foreign wars nah they don't. Johnson got hit on Vietnam a good amount because of the TV coverage - Dan Rather made his name reporting from there. Today's reporters are too busy being spoon fed propaganda from the Defense and State departments to ever ask a legit reason why. Someone needs to explain to me how the Beltway press got it so wrong. but then they were wrong about Iraq too and I think there is a come to Jesus that is going to happen with Iraq at some point and our presence there still. The only one I heard remotely telling the truth was the BBC coverage, Al Jazeera, and Fareed Zakaria oddly enough. Most people have no clue what's been happening in Afghanistan for the last 20 years. Anyone following it knew we gave up there when the new shiny object Iraq came into play. There were thousands of troops redeployed from Afghanistan for yet another phony war in Iraq. At that point our presence there was pointless.
  13. I agree with all of that. I honestly am flabbergasted at the hyperventilating. First it was about getting people out who helped Americans. Legit concern. When people didn't care about that (not enough) the narrative shifted. I think it's awful what's going to happen to a lot of innocents in that country but this just indicates there was no formal government there. And I blame the media and press just like I did for the WMD fiasco. They never fact check they just parrot what they are told. I think there should be a lot of people at the Pentagon and in intelligence that should have to answer for Afghanistan. But like with Iraq and the fake WMD's nothing will happen.
  14. Thanks I added it. 5 seasons worth it seems. One of my favorites
  15. Yeah I know everything you're saying is true. What it means is that the US OCCUPATION(that's what it was), really didn't change anything. I do feel for the women in particular there who had some level of autonomy yes with the occupation that will probably go back to earlier times. Who knows maybe not. And I am with you on PRC. They won't touch it,
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