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  1. Oh I know. I'd rank it up there with The Sun, but I don't think Trump is beloved there despite his fanboy Nigel Farage.
  2. So for @marceline and @khan who both said the US was already a laughing stock, here is how Sky News is advertising Trump's visit to the UK.
  3. Amidst all of the horrific news on the national stage, here in Illinois things are moving forward with a democratic governor and a supermajority in our legislature with our own record number of women elected in the house and senate here. I was not a supporter of Pritzker, but he has kept his campaign promises to date and we are on the long path to fiscal solvency. The general assembly passed the following items with the spring session ending this weekend. - A fair tax referendum which will put a question on the ballot in 2020 to change our constitution to remove our state flat income tax for a progressive income tax(tiered like 30 plus other states) - Recreational marijuana legalization - The Reproductive Heath Act which is the most progressive abortion rights bill in the nation(this was pushed aside until all of the draconian bills started getting passed across the country. That action caused lawmakers to bring it forward again) - A BUDGET. Illinois went 2 years without a budget with our last governor further damaging the credit rating for the state with his unwillingness to compromise. It's good to see movement on this. - The Medicaid omnibus bill which will streamline the process for Medicaid coverage, to ensure no lapses in coverage, and to make sure Medicaid patients are granted equal access to services - The Keeping families together act which prevents local law enforcement from becoming deputized agents of ICE. - The minimum wage increase was already passed and signed earlier in the year. The General Assembly has voted to remain in session until June 2nd to finalize the budget and to address additional legislation on gun reform, including fixing the firearm owner id process to ensure that those whose gun licenses are revoked, have local law enforcement ensure they turn over weapons they own(this is the law but to date no proactive action is taken and gun owners are relied upon to turn in their weapons upon revocation). The shooter in Aurora Illinois that shot and killed several people some months back still had guns after having his license in Illinois revoked. Also sports gambling, the approval of 6 more casinos, and a gas tax increase to address bridge and further road repairs across the state, are on the table
  4. I watched a clip of Elizabeth Warren on The View yesterday and she could not have made it more clear as to why she wasn't going on. And this idea that "you won't go on because you hate us" applied to anyone is nonsense. Warren has done more townhalls ALL OVER THE COUNTRY(she just did one in West Virginia) than any other candidate. Maybe it is due to polling for those trying to jumpstart their campaigns again. Warren rejuvenated hers by branding herself as the "I have a plan for that" candidate. Castro is disappointing. He could be the immigration candidate. He's the only one right now that has a comprehensive immigration plan that by the way, is fair and reasonable.
  5. I'm not advocating one way or the other. I trust Pelosi and I do think the media has been goading the Democrats to move forward and Pelosi is holding. Also while hearings give the democrats in theory more leverage, I'm not confident the White House will follow any subpoena's coming out from that either. And yeah Nixon might never have been forced from office if Fox News was around. And no way am I conceding 2020 yet. Sorry @khan. If we can't get women energized enough to vote with all the attacks on reproductive rights than maybe we deserve to get that moron another 4 years.
  6. People were not on the side of the Nixon impeachment when inquiries started. Public hearings covered on television have power. Enough at this point who knows. At this point I agree with Sewer. And American Exceptionalism is a joke. We are a nation of C students who want the cliff notes version or someone to spoon feed us the answers.
  7. @DramatistDreamer That story about the Israeli elections is really something. I'm in shock to be honest. I've been trying to sort out what happened in Europe yesterday. It seems the left populist movement gained ground in both France and Germany. 3 Brexit party MP's elected in the UK(and UKIP failing thank goodness). Greece throwing out their populist leader, Macron cozying up to the left wing socialists in Spain. It's topsy turvy. Italy is really no surprise to me. They always go the crazy route.
  8. I was wondering if someone is going to post this. I don't really understand why it's taken so many to catch onto Maggie Haberman. While the paper still does great local coverage, their political beat is garbage and has been for years. It's hard to match the garbage the Times put out during the Iraq war and how they lead the propaganda arm of the White House, but this is worse IMO. To use your stature in the country to spread this BS is a disgrace.
  9. I think the term snap by the "youngin's" on the internet, as I was told by one of my millennial colleagues, means something a lot different than what most of us believe. I was looking up the urban definition for the term, and it defines it as being slick or astute. Can he come over the US next? I am still waiting for anyone in the media to start treating a lot of these people like the mobsters they are.
  10. I'm following black women. I know Maxine Waters is for impeachment but she's been that was for 2 years and I don't hear her screaming like some of the others. I trust Pelosi. Part of it is the media egging democrats on. THEY want this and they are pushing democrats in that direction. Pelosi is going to hold her coalition.
  11. Ugh to that Bernie photo. I feel some optimism today. As a Chicagoan seeing so many women in Chicago get elected to alderperson, City Clerk, City Treasurer, and MAYOR in Lori Lightfoot. All women of color by the way, 2 African Americans and one Latina, elected to the 3 most powerful positions in the city. We have a ton of problems here like everywhere, and I am not happy with Lightfoots decision to back a TIF project she promised to oppose(granted she did get some concessions and it was going to pass under Rahm before he left office anyway) so maybe I am over-reacting, so I will give her a shot. I am watching her inaugural speech at work today with so many others and it is inspirational. her tears made me tear up.
  12. This is the same thing this dumbbell did last time with tariffs where all the gains from 2018 were wiped out by the end of the year. As for the EPA, I wish this was not bipartisan corruption, but it is. Sterigenics, the facility near me in Willowbrook Illinois, has been emitting ethylene oxide for years. The EPA and ILEPA allowed them to do their own environmental testing for over 20 years, per documents the local news station found when investigating.
  13. I don't want to turn this into a Seth Meyers commentary thread but IMO he's evolved since SNL where I could do with or without him. Maybe that's why I enjoy him is because it's been unexpected. McCain would be nothing if it weren't for her father. If not for him and the millions she's inheriting from her wealthy mom, she'd likely be a Walmart greeter. Actually she's too abrasive to be that. She'd probably be great at doing phone collections work.
  14. I saw the same thing. I had to laugh with the Carson comments. I am old enough to remember he didn't give a crap who he offended. I guess his alleged gentle manner fooled a lot of people. I recall a rare appearance he made on Letterman's show years ago when Letterman had the late night slot and him basically ripping into GE mgmt. and the NBC primetime lineup. Subtle yes. And his on air interviews with politicians were a thing of beauty. I guess subtle daggers are lost on the current climate. And Seth Meyers surprisingly is the first Late Night host I have enjoyed since Letterman years ago.
  15. I am going to repeat what an African American friend shared with me months back. That in a twisted sort of way, she was enjoying the ass kicking the so called "white moderates and liberals" were getting under this president, things her community has experience since the onset of this "free and equal" United States. Don't get me wrong she was not wishing for it, just that maybe more people can get a sense of what others have been experiencing since the founding of this country. If you watched the series on reconstruction based on the book by Henry Louis Gates, it's amazing how much of this is unknown to most of the general public. It's not taught in US history class and hasn't been for a reason. Progress made and then stripped away after the "white moderates" got tired of enforcing it and moved onto other things.
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