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  1. The stock market jump is likely because they are relieved Yellen in going to be Treasury Secretary. That may be short lived. She's briliiant but is pro regulation but may also be able to help get a stimulus package passed.
  2. Frankly we don't know how any demographic voted. These numbers are based on exit polls when a good % of people voted by mail. Rachel Bitecofer is going to wait until she examines actually votes and who voted absentee, early, and on election days before she releases any numbers on this. And frankly I don't understand why anyone at this point would look at any polling seriously at this point.
  3. White journalists have been all over media talking about how black voter turnout was not up and wasn't the deciding factor in many elections all over the country.
  4. Thanks for the feedback. I am glad some of it was not me. Florida has been a dumping ground for years and yes even when Obama won it twice. I believe the issue in Florida is entirely the democratic party in the state and it's been years and still they have not seemed to be truly invested or have an interest in addressing the issues. And couple that with the Latino community. I have a friend who is from Puerto Rico. She's also evangelical and has broken from part of her family. One thing she has always said is stop treating the Latino community link a monolith. In Florida in part
  5. I'd appreciate anyone's thoughts here. I normally don't read or post much from Politico but this was shared by someone I actually respect. An interview with David Shor, Democratic Strategist and Pollster “Florida is a very instructive push back against this idea of demographics as destiny.” https://www.politico.com/news/magazine/2020/11/12/2020-election-analysis-democrats-future-david-shor-interview-436334
  6. Meh this is all to keep people fretting so they forget about Georgia. Keep your eye on the ball and help with those elections. Write Postcards, Phonebank, Textbank, Donate - anything to help. McConnell wants those senate seats more than anything. Good to see the internal fighting with the GOP with those 2 dunces running for the GOP mad that the GOP Sec and State and Gov there did not rig their elections.
  7. The Florida Democratic Party has had years to get their a** in gear. I agree with you on Florida. Until the democrats take Florida seriously and invest forget it. I have a friend who is of Puerto Rican descent. Her family is evangelical Christian and she talked about how hard it's been to get her family to see how toxic the GOP is. She's broken from one family member over politics. BUT she has regularly said the democrats needs to stop treating Latinos/as as a monolith. In Florida in particular when people were celebrating the fact that PR's who moved to Florida would sway the ele
  8. AOC is following the lead of her idol Bernie Sanders. A lot of hot air and nothing. She's smart no question but if she was really smart she's be listening to Ted Kennedy who's office she worked for versus a guy who has zero legislative action and success. Sanders still hasn't credited M4All to John Conyers who had been pushing this legislation for 25 years.
  9. Ugh the awfulness of this year doesn't quite end with Biden/Harris. I know this is not a surprise based on his comments a few months ago, but still sad. Such a loss.
  10. It's been a long week and long 4 years. Thanks to everyone here all of you. You have been a lifeline of sorts. And @Vee so much respect for keeping us all informed and sane the past few days. I had to drop out of watching any of the MSM coverage. Even as Trump loses he sucks up all the oxygen in the room. @Juliajmsso sorry to hear you lost your family pet at this time. 2020 has been the worst year for so many. I have so much contempt for the media this week after this long drawn out garbage. And if I have to hear Maggie Haberman and her Trump whispering garbage one m
  11. Will Donnie Danvers burn Maralago down?
  12. lol CBC in Canada called it. WOOHOO!!!!
  13. None of these so called experts impress me. I rarely watch MSNBC or CNN these days, but Kornacki irritates me. I guess he's got the nerd factor which plays as some sort of geeky numbers guy. I did hear what he was saying and having been an election judge before, he has no idea what he's talking about in terms of provisional ballots. But I guess it fools the masses. I had to laugh as Nicole Wallace sat there and listened and said "Oh ok that makes perfect sense". I went back to listening to John Fugelsang while I worked on my current bread recipe.
  14. She would be terrific as head of the DNC but I assumed she turned down the idea of running for senate because she wanted to run for state leadership again. Kemp is a moron.
  15. But the Governors race is not until 2022.
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