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  1. You know I respect the work that hes doing in Brazil but it's hard to care about this happening to him when he dismisses actions elsewhere that hurt so many millions of people in places like Russia, Syria, and China. A lot of us can agree the US has a terrible history of intervention and the motives are never about democracy, but with Greenwald the choice is always binary, the US doing bad things doesn't make Russia, China, or Syria victims.
  2. They are already experiencing their own recession and the stupid tariffs certainly haven't helped. Nafta part 2 was a big waste of time, although it did require wage hikes and improvements on labor conditions in Mexico so I guess good for them.
  3. Nah it's going to happen just like it did for Bush ultimately. If Trump gets re-elected give it 2 years. Student debt and the auto loans will be the catalyst. The auto load business, while a smaller % than the housing market, has been doing the same thing. Loaning people money for expensive vehicles they have no business loaning it to. And this time there will be nothing to do to stimulate the economy.
  4. I don't believe he'll win Iowa. We can debate on whether winning or losing Iowa is a big deal. I still think it has merit - maybe not like it did. I think it's going to be Buttigieg and Klobuchar, with so many local endorsements, is going to make a strong showing. I didn't really fully understand how a caucus worked until I was helping in Iowa and it was explained to me. The problem with Sanders candidacy in a Caucus setting is he has the lowest 2nd choice numbers, meaning if you're debating looking for a compromise candidate, Sanders would get close to zero support. Warrens numbers for example are as high as a second choice(compromise) candidate as Biden's are or Harris's numbers were. I haven't seen Klobuchar's but hers would not shock me if they were decent.
  5. Only from the perspective of how their political desk covered Hillary like they were overcompensating for their endorsement. Although now I say that I doubt it. The Times hated the Clintons long before Hillary ran. I see what you are saying but honestly I don't think a large part of the country cares who the NYT endorses.
  6. They also endorsed Hillary. Frankly what a cowardly tactic. I was listening to our local progressive station today talking about how f'd up the NY Times is and has been ever since the Iraq war mongering and actually before.
  7. I was okay with her holding them indefinitely. But you do know the press and even democrats were starting to whine about "when is she sending them". I have not been following the news networks, but I was reading that those morons on Morning Joe were deriding Pelosi about holding onto them and most recently the end of last week saying "why is she sending them. I stopped watching and following all these clowns because all cable is is a bunch of elitists, mostly republican, who allowed their party to lose to Dumbo Donnie giving advice to democrats on what to do to win. They allowed Trump to take over their party and if anyone listening to those fool, the democrats would have lost the house again. I think her holding them and now releasing them has allowed this information we have now seen come out and we all know more will. I guess I am not as pessimistic. I don't expect anyone in the senate to find courage but it's setting up people like Gardner, Collins, McSally and yes Joni Ernst to lose Plus Ernst is already embroiled in her own state campaign funding dark money scandal in Iowa that's been dragging her down for months. Gardner is going to be running against Hickenlooper who is still wildly popular in Colorado. Iowa is a sleeper no one is paying attention to but as someone in Illinois who has been closely following Wisconsin and Iowa, it's entirely possible for Ernst to lose believe it or not.
  8. None of this is the problem of the candidates. It's been the news coverage from day 1. Yes there have been issues with some of the campaigns and I stand by what I said about Warren. She's IMO brilliant and would be great but her political instincts are not good. But the media has been critical and played up issues to create conflict/horserace nonsense. They say they should focus more on issues they do. Then they say it's boring. And I don't for a second believe there is going to be any long term problem between Warren and Sanders. I just don't You overestimate the influence cable has and I think more and more are onto it. I have been doing canvassing since November for Marie Newman in Il and we've been talking about her yes but we've also been asked to talk to people about the presidential race. For those willing to talk about it, most women were on the Warren or Harris teams and men Biden, Sanders, Buttigieg - in that order. But the biggest message from almost everyone is that the madness needs to stop and they will vote for whoever. Yes people have issues with healthcare. I talked to one woman who had 3 little kids she was feeding and didn't have time to talk until I told her my biggest concern with issues was healthcare because I am a breast cancer survivor, She then broke down and told me she is at this moment dealing with her own diagnosis. The turnout is going to surround the AA community IMO and the biggest issue is and has been how they have been ignored except to crow about Biden still having high polling numbers. The only reason the media ever mentions AA voters is to prop up Biden. I still feel Biden is the wrong choice but if he's the candidate I'll support him. I have come to understand the world doesn't live on social media or also on cable networks. Most people are just living their lives and are not political junkies. As for impeachment, what on earth to people think Pelosi should have done. Ignore it. We democrats are our own worse enemy. Lord the Clinton impeachment polled far lower in support than trumps and I don't recall republicans backing down for one minute and his impeachment was IMO far less serious. And despite what the punditry says, it did not hurt the GOP at all. Lord Bush got elected as president right after.
  9. I thought this was a better debate than the others and I think it's because the stage is not as crowded. I would prefer Harris was there over almost anyone on that stage. Biden actually had a good night. The thing about Klobuchar is she does work in the senate. It's more than I can say for St. Bernard. And I like Buttigieg, in maybe 8 years. The mistake I made was to listen to the pundits on CNN. I have stayed off of cable for close to 4 months for the most part and they are clueless, condescending, and insufferable. Van Jones, Cuomo, and Axelrod equally insufferable. None of them have any clue what they are talking about. That much is clear and that people listen to them, it's no wonder our politics are terribly broken. Lord Axelrod in particular who lives in Chicago and went all out for 18% approval rating Rahm Emmanuel who didn't run because of his disastrous second term, led by his cover-up of the Laquan McDonald tape. Add in his partnership with Karl Rove, I find him almost as despicable at this point.
  10. The evangelicals already have a problem with women and young people. But hey if this helps peel off a couple of percent of them, that's significant and I'll take it. But WACO could be coming. There are lots of people who will go down with him. I wish I was a good enough person to care that much.
  11. @DramatistDreamer I don't know if you have seen this article. Thought you'd be interested. The SNP wants another referendum - said it was promised to them - Boris right now says no - says he will work to win Scotland over. Good luck. They detest him there and is one of the reasons from what I have been reading SNP picked up all those seats. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/politics/2019/12/13/boris-johnson-launch-scotland-charm-offensive-telling-nicola/
  12. These statements from Cenk were not new. It's not believable to me that Sanders campaign didn't know before the endorsement
  13. I have said from day 1, get a democrat in office who will pack the courts I don't care. Biden promising a return to normalcy, forgetting what these people have been doing for 30 plus years ain't it. I've been encouraged by a couple of things coming from him, finally denouncing our support for the Saudi's, a much bolder healthcare plan to build on the ACA than I expected, but none of this will matter with the current senate. And we know the GOP is going to hang Hunter Biden around his neck and the media will play along without a peep about Ivanka, Jared etc just like they did with Hillary's emails. But get someone in who will stack the courts. I don't care. Time to play the same games these clowns are. @DramatistDreamer I am curious what you think about DUP losing in Northern Ireland. Does it really matter? The Tories don't need them anymore for the majority but why do you think they lost seats to Sinn Fein and what does this all mean for Northern Ireland?
  14. Interesting I was reading a couple of weeks ago about the deal Johnson got Parliament to approve and it was basically the same deal they voted down 3 times with May. You can say Johnson is a bigger BSer or just better at being a fake populist than Trump is who knows, either one. But with that, does that make it any better for Scotland? I would really like to understand how long citizens believe trade deals take to negotiate. It's unrealistic to believe he can have a deal with the EU done in a few months isn't it unless it's May's deal which I believe set the stage for something softer. But then they have trade deals to negotiate all over the world. And it doesn't look like the media and press in the UK will be changing. It is interesting to see how places like Scotland and maybe Northern Ireland escaped or kept out that overwhelmingly Tory friendly influential media and press.
  15. You think there will be another independence vote? I saw this headline and wondered about that thought until I read the article where in Scotland exit polls showed most people in Scotland voted for the SNP. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-britain-election-gove/no-case-for-new-scottish-independence-vote-if-uk-exit-poll-right-gove-idUSKBN1YG2R7 I can't say I am that familiar with the independence movement there, what are your thoughts especially with what will obviously be a full blown Brexit moving forward. I still wonder how many of the Tories elected are leave or remain, even with them having a greater majority. Was anyone other than Labor pushing for a new vote on Brexit? And even Labor's stance on it was very lukewarm.
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