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  1. This guy should be picked up and questioned. He sounds like a QANON nut.
  2. I am on twitter- I only follow limited site/people but the only one I saw who mentioned it was Rubio who I rolled my eyes at(Someone retweeted it with an eyeroll). Which is why I made my comment. I was off today and and was finishing up some painting - listening to NPR and CNN and I didn;t hear a thing about this outside of discussions more about the items directly related to COVID. Nothing about that outside of the bullet points of the plan.
  3. Easier to change it to $2000 then spend time on explaining it especially on your first piece of major legislation. Then thank little Marco for brining it to their attention and that they are changing it and are thankful for his support.
  4. That's simply not true regardless of Shapiro. It's appalling that Politico ran that column as a "both sides" attempt. People living and working in the DC area are terrified. My cousin lives in Maryland just outside of DC and they are hunkered down for the next week or so. She said everyone in the area is on edge and scared to death. I can't imagine any of the Politico staff that actually works in the area were happy they ran that.
  5. Can I ask where the attack is being minimized? I have seen none of this and no I don't count Fox or a few cultists in congress.
  6. That's actually pretty damn fantastic. I read by the way that the child tax credit has been something that Sherrod Brown has been pushing for years. I have been feeling since the second day all these agencies have been doing CYA. See this. And Chris Wray is going to need to resign. I don't care about why this didn't happen - even if his hands were tied. He won't have a lot of credibility with the public going forward.
  7. Double digits is a good thing. It's a shame so many are cowards. They could have voted present versus yes or no. That's actually worse forget it.
  8. There allegedly is at least one more confirmed.
  9. That's a fair point. Does HR1 include anything related to districting? Part of the reason we are here today is for this reason. People continually having to cater to nuts. But Michigan, PA I believe both passed fair maps referendums approved by the voters. That's not everything but its something.
  10. They made gains due to Trump's presence on the ballot. That's not going to be the case in 2022. Frankly the democrats should start tying the GOP to people like that nut from Georgia and Colorado. And Kevin McCarthy is weak, stupid, and cowardly. I detest McConnell but there is no comparison. I'd be more concerned if someone like Liz Cheney were house minority leader. I said before we are going to learn over time who the collaborators were. There are people speaking today who were involved in this. As for impeachment being under Schumer good. And I am frankly tired of p
  11. I didn't say not to. But already acting like the GOP won the house and senate in 2022 is so defeatist. People ought to wait until the investigations are done because I guarantee there are going to be GOP members implicated.
  12. Why are people worrying about midterms already? I swear we democrats need to stop our bed wetting and living in fear.
  13. Agreed. When Carl mentioned he didn't think the GOP would have the votes in the senate I didn't really believe that at this point especially after Ben Sasse's comments days back. It doesn't make Sasse a profile in courage by the way. I just meant how McConnell blames Trump for losing the senate. He needs to look in the mirror
  14. I had assumed this was coming but McConnells own self awareness in terms of culpability is astounding. We are going to find out what happened goes high into the gvmt and he's culpable for not removing this cancer when he could have. He can blame himself for losing the senate and NO ONE ELSE.
  15. I thought that press conference was amateur hour. Where was Chris Wray? I have to say I am glad it's Biden walking into the White House. I don't think there is anyone else on that debate stage I'd have confidence in in a number of areas, including politely pushing that sycophant Graham into irrelevance.
  16. Let this be the start of accountability of some of these white crooks who hold or held office.
  17. Or he can't find a lawyer. Isn't Guliani going to be disbarred? Who's left? Lin Wood?
  18. Yeah I am not seeing much influence these days. He's not the darling of the moment he once was. And is now in full conspiracy mode since he's been fired from The Intercept. He's now in full Michael Tracey mode and it's all about where he can grift. The extreme right is a much more gullible audience
  19. I'm beginning to thing Biden picking a loyalist in Lloyd Austin is a good thing regardless of the fact he'll need a waiver. I was wary for that reason.
  20. Wasn't he the one in the Buzzfeed article that asked to have his name held for fear of retaliation?
  21. I get your concerns but I think people are giving Manchin too much influence here. The GOP lost the senate some are assuming because of the lack of action on the $2000 check. I am not going to fret over this. I think Biden is going to get what he wants whatever that happens to be. I actually read over some of his initial economic plan and I am actually pretty pleased. And those concerns Manchin claims to have can shake out if everyone gets a payment and it's reconciled at tax time, because lots of people never got any help because it was based on 2019 income. And yeah excluding people on SS i
  22. Who's trying to get Murkowski to change parties? Twitter? She's never going to become a democrat. But I have honestly been surprised for a long time she's not an independent. She didn't get the backing of the GOP who ran someone else and why she ran that write-in campaign she won. That's about the only thing I can see her doing and she would probably have more leverage with that now then she would if she stayed a republican.
  23. There is a whole lot more going on here and I really wonder how clueless some of these GOP congressional members are who voted to certify are that people they sit next to were in on a plot to potentially have them killed. There are a whole lot of members in the House and possibly Johnson, Cruz, and Hawley who knew and collaborated with what happened, from hostage taking to potential executions including Pelosi, McConnell , Schumer, and of course Pence. Along with this that letter published in USA Today signed by all those former Sec of Defense was apparently organized by Powell -
  24. Does anyone find it strange we have not heard from Christopher Wray? I'm speculating on why and it's potentially scary.
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