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Neslon Branco vs. Hope Brady

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I also don't understand how Crystal encouraging his comments (asking people to send him "love") somehow becomes her "not defending" KA. She could have kept quiet. She didn't.

As for this:

That's really not true, and I think it's flabbergasting to state as fact that all bullies of gay teens must be closeted gays. All this type of thing does is go along with the idea that homosexuality is some sort of traumatizing mental disorder. There have been and always will be many straight allies for gay teens, but there are also many straight bullies.

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Okay, let me see if I'm understanding this whole catfight properly. I don't follow very many people on twitter as it is -- much less people I detest -- so I'm not exactly sure what happened.

Chappell was fired.

Branco blamed Alfonso for having Chappell fired.

Alfonso's fans flipped out.

Branco got in trouble and tweeted it was because Alfonso has 5 fans.

Chappell retweeted that.

Branco's twitter account was removed.

Some chick named Amber made up the word "advocator."

Branco started writing a book...

...and Tom Casiello's twirling all up and through this screaming "I'M NOT IN THE INDUSTRY ANYMORE!" because... why? Nothing better to do?

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Somewhere in there (if I followed this correctly) Nelson called KA some very unflattering words then suggested if DAYS got canceled it would be because of her. KA fans got upset. CC said people needed to show Nelson some love and promoted freedom of speech. Then someone called the Bope fanbase vile (I can't remember who). Then Nelson went away to write a book.

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