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  1. So much Amber hate in that article...I love it & agree 100%. I also loved the Becky storyline and would've preferred if she stayed. I had forgotten how everyone knew Becky was dying except for Becky that is.
  2. I just saw the pilot, it was amazing! So soapy!
  3. Thank you!!! JR bringing the snark just the way I like him.
  4. I've been wanting to see the scenes of Phoebe's funeral (complete with Phoebe flashbacks) forever but I couldn't find them anywhere and now someone uploaded it to Youtube! Part 1. Part 2. Part 3. (doesn't have any sound, does anyone remember the original song that played?) I wanted to see the part where Phoebe in her letter calls Babe out on being a trollop but it's not in the clips
  5. I've been watching the Brooke/Adam and Dixie drama on Youtube and it's so good. I didn't watch it when it aired but of course I knew about as the affair has had ramifications to this day. I didn't know that Dixie was so in love with Adam, when you read recaps this little fact is usually left out and Dixie was later portrayed as the victim onscreen. All three actors were amazing and the writing....Man, the writing was top notch!
  6. Good for him indeed. I loved The Miz' and Coral's friendship on the gauntlet (or whichever show it was) I'm still cracking up thinking of when that mormon girl Julie wanted to wrestle Coral and her response was: "I don't wrestle, I f*ckin' beat bitches up" WWE has the best promos, makes the soap promos look like the crap they are. I'm such an Orton fangurl. he could kill 10 homeless guys ( and I wouldn't put it past him) and I would be chanting "Orton is God" It was hilarious and so stupid and that's all he was really famous for wasn't it?
  7. Kurt Angle with that tiny cowboy hat http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MJHpOH4kEXU I still think Vince is one good looking man
  8. Wow, when did that happened? I thankfully missed those storylines. I watched the Vince McMahon dvd and Stephanie and Shane talked about how when Stephanie was pregnant in real life, Vince wanted a storyline where either Vince or Shane was the daddy. Shane and Stephanie wisely vetoed the storyline. Stephanie and Chris Jericho were comedy gold. Eddie Guerrero was such a great showman with so much charisma, it cracks me up when Clear Drama in the AMC daily threads refers to Griffin as "Latino no-heat"
  9. I love how WWE incorporates the backstage drama into their storylines. Still to this day I don't know whether Matt storming the arena was kayfabe or real (I'm thinking kayfabe since he must've gotten into the arena somehow). Man, Lita was so hated after that. Stephanie McMahon is awesome. She belongs in the great women of soaps thread The montreal screwjob is another moment that is just fantastic AND real!!! The Trish/Vince/Linda stuff was great as well, wasn't Linda paralyzed in a wheelchair?
  10. She's beautful and talented but I was a bit let down by the new album. This is my fave song on the album, I tend to prefer the non "soul" stuff.
  11. As much as I loathe Wheeler I never doubted her sincere passion for GL, that being said I don't want her ever working in daytime ever again.
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