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  1. I think this fall, once NBC tells Corday that Sept 2020 is Days' end date, Sony will move Ron Carlivati over to replace Griffith. After all, Ron has surely written the bible for first half of 2020; the show is already filming end of March 2020 (see below). They'll be filming Sept 2020 episodes in March 2020. Ron will have finished the outlines by end of Dec, no doubt. Quan can oversee the final months. Ron can take over YR just as Griffith's one year contract ends in Dec (as does Ron's). You know Ron's already been watching YR. Brad Bell would never hire him. It's the only show left for him to turn into a drag show. Days: Week of 8/12/19-8/16/19 # 13806-13813 (airing 3/12/20-3/23/20) Young and the Restless Written by Ron Carlivati LOL
  2. My god the woman's nearly 90. I want to know the name of her cosmetic dermatologist!
  3. You are free to think that a 20 something age difference between them is morally repugnant but that doesn't absolve Ricky. He's also an adult and is responsible for his actions. Pray Tell's problem is that he's not thinking clearly and seeing Ricky for what he is: a ho', a playa, an irresponsible young adult who's risking others' lives so he can seduce and get is rocks off. Poor Pray Tell. '
  4. Marland did not improve TD. DePriest was the last head writer who made the show interesting. Marland's hiring started its down fall. DePriest was progressive and character driven. Some stories didn't work but it was far more watchable than Doug's year. Wow, Rona was so right about AW! My grandmother watched and I remember watching with her and thinking how shitty the scripts were and I was young! Repetitive dialog for sure. Dumb scenes. LeMay was sooo overrated, particularly once the show went to an hour. And yet viewers tuned in.
  5. Ernie Pyshner aka Ernie Townsend who played Cliff Nelson on EON became a teacher/principal! https://www.linkedin.com/in/ernest-pysher-64485a20/
  6. Ricky's the playa', ho'bag, cheat, liar, who exposed Damon to HIV and is praying on vulnerable Pray Tell!
  7. Stick with it. Season 2 found it's footing with Episode 8, a nearly flawless show from the actors and especially Steve Canals, one of the EPs who wrote and directed. It was soap, poignant, unexpected and fiercely acted. Loveeed it. Other episodes have their issues this season but not this one.
  8. Griffith/Morina aren't the problem. Why don't they ever fire Steve Kent and McDaniel. They're the two responsible for hiring these hacks and has been friends. Sally McDonald should be in charge as EP. LOL. They should have dumped Lola, kept Mia and revealed that Kyle is bi and had a fling with his recently returned buddy.
  9. When Sweeney left, didn't they try to shift the focus to that actress from OLTL and it failed and I think there was another ABC actress they brought on for a while too. They are cursed. They have better luck when they break out a new star like Marci. The story was poo poo from the start to have Eric, Rex and Brady AND murderous Zander involved with Sarah. Eric M. should be the star of the show of the male leads. He's such a trooper and makes all the material they've given him over the years work.
  10. The only thing remotely tolerable about Eric/Sarah was his rump up in the air under that blanket at the end of the episode. Great work on the glutes, Greg Vaughn! The actress (and Sarah character) have to be the worst Carlivati re-creation since he joined and largely because they gave her the A story after Chabby departure. Ugh. Fire her ass but keep Greg's front and center!
  11. Here's a link to a summary of the Xmas Eve 1982 SFT episode archived at Paley. Interesting list of cast and crew. https://www.paleycenter.org/collection/item/?q=jay&p=87&item=T:45227 And Ralph Ellis left a bunch of scripts from his HW tenure in 1970s; here's the link. He and wife, Eugenie Hunt wrote for the show for at least three years up through 1974 and return for time in early 80s. https://library.syr.edu/digital/guides/e/ellis_search_for_tom.htm And here's a link to WGA list of writers by season: https://directories.wga.org/project/196412/search-for-tomorrow/
  12. Wondering if Paul Rader was a pen name for someone behind the scenes who wanted to be anonymous?
  13. There's one reason 1999 to 2010 sucked (basically) and his name is Chris Goutman, Executive Producer, who P&G loved and refused to hold accountable for the slide in ratings and quality. From Spring 2000 to Spring 2005, Hogan Sheffer controlled the writer's room until his nervous breakdown. Hogan had some bright spots but didn't know what he was doing either. Before and after Hogan, Goutman recycled the same P&G writers that had failed on other (Passanante/Laiman/Culliton). At least with Hogan, they went outside the box and tried to cultivate new talent. Goutman should have left Broderick in place in 1999 and worked on long term stories and good casting. Instead, he installed Laiman and Passanante whose final stories on AW were pretty horrid.
  14. Here's several scenes with opening credits. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DIyN0ANUDsQ
  15. Here's another summary at this link: http://www.anotherworldhomepage.com/spinoffs.html March 30, 1970 - December 31, 1976 Creators: Irna Phillips and Robert Cenedella Executive Producer: Lyle B Hill. Producer: Sid Sirulnik Headwriters: Robert Cenedella, March 1970 - December 1970. Henry Slesar, January 1971 - March 1972. Henry Slesar and Jane Lyon, April 1972 - May 1973. Roy Winsor and Robert J. Shaw, May 1973 - April 1974. Robert J. Shaw and Winifred Wolfe, April 1974 - March 1975. Don Appell, Doris Frankel, and Frank Salisbury, March 1975 - December 1975. A.J. Russell and Frank Salisbury, January 1976 - May 1976. Russell Kubeck, June 1976 - December 1976. Associate Writers: Elspeth Eric and Robert Newman (1970-1972).
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