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  1. Kevin Conroy (Chase) on Twitter today, wishing everyone Happy Holidays. He's 63.
  2. Several writers who broke into the soaps didn't use their real names at first. Some have speculated that Millee Taggart used "KC Collier" when she first joined ATWT. Another fake writer name that showed up was on OLTL just before the writers' strike in 2007: Veronica Stanbridge. There's no such person. Some speculated at the time that it was a scab writer who ended up working on the show during the strike.
  3. Brandon is HOTTT. He should have been in the role all along!
  4. Days needs to release its head writer, Meng and Alaar and mix up a new recipe. The show sucks.
  5. John Conboy on GL. So many of his style/set changes were great. But casting the porn pool boys from Palm Springs and hiring Ellen Weston. FAIL Whichever producer hired Stephen Black and Henry Stern as HW of ATWT. Wow....bad! Charlotte Savitz on AW / Stephen Schenkel on AMC and AW
  6. Not a good look for Ron at Days and Altman/Van Etten on GH
  7. Felicity and Lori Loughlin can star in a new reality soap: Prisoners of Cellblock H(ollywood).
  8. I guess after all the Emmy wins, largely attributed to Carlivati, Corday and Meng gave him enough campy rope to hang himself. His first year was mostly watchable and sometimes entertaining and a huge improvement over Higley. Certainly the pacing improved drastically and the dialog (which was good) got even better. But since the kick off of Marlena's wedding story, it's been BAD and WORSE.
  9. Richard Culliton back to Days as script writer. What a surprise. April 2 episode. Sheri Anderson's name is gone; her last episode was 3/15
  10. We've been in Dena Higley mode since August 2018 and Marlena's wedding plot.
  11. If NBC/Corday was smart they'd recast Sami with Gina. Gina is awesome and has a big following and already took over one iconic character. Gina would rock as Sami. Gina's 45 and Ali Sweeney is 42 so totally would work.
  12. 1. Linsey Godfrey (Sarah Horton) 30 *. Thia Megia (Haley Chen) 30 Two top reasons I've tuned out all of March. Is Brandon staying on after six months as Stephan or is he fired too with the other 6 or 7 to make room for SORASED Sami's kids in the fall (rumor)?
  13. A potentially good move if he can act. The last one was bad.
  14. During Jill Phelp period in 95/96 how long were Katherine Sutcliffe and Harding LeMay listed as Consultants? I just read Sutcliffe's Wikipedia page and it says the following: n 1995 and 1996, Sutcliffe worked as the Consultant Head Writer for the soap operas As the World Turns and Another World. Sutcliffe was offered the job after Bill Graham, who searched for writers for Procter & Gamble, mentioned to his wife that they wanted to refocus the soap opera stories on romance. His wife, who loved Sutcliffe's book, insisted that he contact her. During her time as a soap opera writer, she concentrated on developing the six-month story lines, which the breakdown writers would then develop into dialogue and individual scenes for the show. During this time frame, Sutcliffe also made a guest appearance on Another World, playing herself. She resigned from her position after the networks began to insist that she move to New York City to be more accessible.
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