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  1. DAYS: October 2017 Discussion Thread

    Great week of episodes. Kudos to Rebecca Taylor McCarty for two brilliant scripts Wed/Thurs. She made palatable the discussions among Roman/Marlena/Kate/John about all the times Rolf did crazy crap like create aliens! Brady finally doing to Nicole what should have been done a long time ago. She's a slutty train wreck and deserves neither Eric or Brady. Love the actress, hate the new "Walk Like An Egyptian" hairdo but Nicole's character needs a multi year absence from Salem. Carlivati has handled it expertly so far. Deidre's water works get me every time. Crying over gay Will and Kate touching her cheek. Love it. Judy Evans bringing it home and John Anniston is such a master class actor. His Bonnie scenes should be submitted for Emmy. I hope he's around a long time. What a gem. But why is Sal Stowers still on the show? And most of Friday, Hope was in sleeveless dress then in one scene with JJ she's put the sweater on. LOL. Bad outfit choice Commish. And what's with letting hot JJ go for his violent policy brutality? Tsk Tsk Hope.
  2. DAYS: October 2017 Discussion Thread

    Robert Scott Wilson's acting skills have skyrocketed over the years. He's been so good as demented Ben. But every time I watch the show, I'm reminded how damaging Josh Griffith was to the show. Of course, it's given Ron a chance to make silk out of sow's ear. And he has. So many of the actors have improved. The biggest change is Freddie Smith. He's no Peter Bergman but his performance over the early summer was awful and now he's really trying. The other most improved goes to Deidre Hall. Her material since her return under Macpherson has been awful. Carlivati has returned her to stardom in Salem. Her Hattie confession to Hope was the bomb but as Doc Marlena and Mom Marlena she has been bringing it home. I think Carlivati hasn't struck gold yet with Steve and Kayla. I know he was saddled with wrap up of the Tripp revenge story, but I hope he gives Steve great material once Tyler Christopher is on. I'm hoping Tyler turns out to be a Vitale. I think they need to expand the Italians!
  3. Y&R: October 2017 Discussion Thread

    Today's episode (in US on Wednesday) is Sally at her worst with Dynasty-inspired dialogue by Michael Montgomery. The actors must have been fit to be tied to have to power through the drivel.
  4. DAYS: October 2017 Discussion Thread

    That scene was so Dark Shadows and Edge of Night. Loved it!
  5. DAYS: October 2017 Discussion Thread

    When JJ is standing at the interrogation table screaming at Ben.
  6. DAYS: October 2017 Discussion Thread

    My word, just re-watched Monday's episode and I don't think Casey was wearing undies under that purple suit. LAWD I do believe the dude has attributes.
  7. Soap Stars who did porn/posed nude

    dennis parker did mostly straight porn
  8. DAYS: October 2017 Discussion Thread

    Beautifully executed episode. Abigail's Act One was a great twist, showing her internal debate and the slap. Classic. Topped only by her vows being the trigger for Sonny's gut-wrenching memories as well as his decision to abort the wedding....in search of his first love. McKinsey's directing was reminiscent of the best of Edge of Night's John Sedwick. Ben cowering behind that tall interrogation table, then resting his head while alone and so pathetic... I do have a couple of quibbles i.e. the keystone cops led by Hope exiting the room when Ben appeared (note to writers: you have too many cops/detectives/..need to reduce)! But overall, a classic and iconic episode! Emmy Reel for Directing Team (esp. McKinsey/Blangiardo's episodes), the entire writing team, Marci/Best Actress; Lauren Koslow/Supp. Actress; Chis Sean/Younger Actor; Robert Wilson/Guest; Editing and Music for sure!
  9. The two reasons I could never subject myself to watching this show: 1. Thorsten Kaye (Ridge Forrester) 1282. Jacqueline MacInnes Wood (Steffy Spencer) 122
  10. DAYS: September 2017 Episode Rankings & Stats

    True, Jason. I forgot about Angela. Her episodes are very well done. However, Days has been super slow to change the balance of directing to more women. Sonia and Angela have only directed a small percentage compared to the men. I wonder if Scott will go full time on Y&R leaving more room for the ladies to direct. I'd hate to loose Scott on Days; he's need in Salem much more than he's needed in Genoa City! I have to say that the scripts this week were just outstanding and in particular episodes by Carolyn, Rebecca and Levinson. After all those years on AMC, Rebecca has found her second home. She was not a good script writing fit on Y&R. She needs more camp and drama. Levinson has been hitting it out of the park, especially his Friday Sept 15 episode. I just hope Ron doesn't go too cray cray with camp around Will's return.
  11. DAYS: September 2017 Episode Rankings & Stats

    Great to see their only female director get six episodes. Sonia Blangiardo rocks. Their directing team has dramatically improved with Sonia and Scott McKinsey. The other veteran directors have improved as well. This week's shows were the best string of five episodes Ive seen on Days in decades with rich characters, using history, mixing up the players. Everyone was on top. Well done all!
  12. Y&R: September 2017 Discussion Thread

    Marla Adams is holding the show together and one can imagine some of the veteran writers (Slater and Esser) pushing Alden/Sussman to give her Katherine Chancellor type status on the show. They'd be fools not to. She's absolutely the best addition to this show in a decade. But wow, how obvious that Sally made things up week to week. What was the whole Tessa/Nikki story supposed to be about? And the endless chatter about the various corporations on the show. What was the point of Crystal? Who can keep track of all these dead end story points for which Sally had no plan? Victor pulling out a new line for Vickie..so dumb. But the Tessa/Mariah scenes were lovely even if they are being played to be palatable to the Trump voters who watch the show. Kevin is annoying. Is he a law abiding hero, or a hack for Victor. His character has been assassinated over and over (as Sharon has too). Better he stay off the canvas for a good long time. All fans should tweet Mal Young to implore him to burn down the Chancellor house and rebuild and destroy Ravi's shoebox office (this set competes with the worst sets on Days) so that our stars Gina and Eileen won't be forced to play scenes in that rat trap. And has Richard Bloore, the horrid costume designer at Days, taken over YR? Nikki's grandma blazer last week then Vickie's similarly floral patterned blazer this week. Awful. Bill Bell, so sorry the grandeur of Genoa City, the mansion, the Colonnade Room, destroyed by decorators from Marshall's Department Store in Burbank.
  13. Jean Passanante looks back at her career

    She was P&G not NBC
  14. Jean Passanante looks back at her career

    Culliton wasn't fired; NBC had secretly hired Passanante to be his co head writer and didn't tell him. When he found out, he quit and stayed on as a breakdown and script writer. Was Frons running NBC? Whoever was in the exec role at NBC was a hack.
  15. Jean Passanante looks back at her career

    She does spill some good dirt, particularly about NBC/AW and how Culliton quit in a tizzy. There have been stories over the years about Richard Culliton being difficult and/or standing his ground against network interference when he was head writer on various shows. I guess that's why he never lasted as a head writer. But whoever was running NBC during the last few years AW was airing should never be allowed to occupy a managerial position in programming for television. Despite Phelps bad wrap overall through the years, her early AW was the peak before NBC brought in DePriest to replace Tom King/Craig Carlson and Harding Lemay (consultant). Phelps had assembled a great writing team and the show as a cross between Knots Landing and ER. I liked it. Malone, Culliton, then Passanante/Laiman were all awful, particularly Malone who was the wrong choice at the time. Isn't it amazing that Jean was never intending to be a television writer but was hired to train writers?? It's amazing where the networks found talent i.e. Doug Anderson on GL (a fan of the show and a professor), or Pam Long (actress/Alabama beauty queen). And let's see: the shows that had the most stability in writers promoted from within for many years. I.e. Alden/Smith on YR, Broderick/McTavish on AMC.