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  1. Speaking of Ralph Ellis and Eugenie Hunt. They were prolific (and well respected) soap writers and not only served as headwriters of TD but at SFT twice and other shows. Both were also hired as breakdown writers, script writers and story consultants on various shows. Eugenie died a few years ago. https://www.theridgefieldpress.com/past_obituaries/article/Obituary-Gene-H-Ellis-82-actress-and-writer-14003844.php
  2. Casiello denied he's back as a script writer but I don't believe it was a production error. His websoap ended and he probably wrote a few terrible spec scripts and didn't get hired at Y&R.
  3. Interesting. I think she and Cherrill will be gone from credits soon. I know Levin started writing scripts for SFT in spring 1980 when the Corringtons were replaced by Linda Grover/John Porterfield as head writers.
  4. Phelps had some high moments until Nancy Curlee quit due to difficult pregnancy. Nancy's writing talent was unrivaled and Jill didn't dare interfere too much; but once Nancy was gone, Jill decided she was a better head writer and destroyed the show with committee of writers then hired a college professor (Doug Anderson) who knew nothing about writing soaps. Rauch made the show look amazing and hired some great actors. Remember CBS interfered with Brown/Estensen's stories and forced their own stories written by Wendy Fishman (including clone Reva which was not a story by Estensen and Brown.). Rauch also didn't want them fired but P&G overruled him. Rauch didn't want Labine and she was a disaster for the show. CBS and Proctor & Gamble biz execs destroyed these shows as much as Phelps et. al.
  5. Are the writers still Levin/Cherrill?
  6. YR script writer Sara Ensley added to associate head writer list on YR today.
  7. Dave Rupel is back on the GH writing team as a script writer according to his recent FB post; his scripts begin airing in late April.
  8. Griffith won't be fired until the writer's guild signs a new contract. They strike on May 1 if negotiations fall through. And since Griffith, Conforti and Harmon Brown are financial core writers they can cross the picket lines. I think Griffith will be out after contract settled.
  9. LOL. Horrible. I'd rather watch Sami's execution written by Sally Sussman.
  10. Casey needed to go; his acting the last year has been horrible. Stiff, mumbling, expressionless or overly dramatic. Maybe he hated the material as much as we did. He showed some promise during the Theo shooting. I never understood why they didn't keep writing him as a pot smoking, guitar strumming burn out. There was lots of material there especially after he found out Jack was a rapist. They turned him into a boring cop turned EMT. Maybe casey can rest, go to acting class and come back more polished if the show survives another year. I'll miss his hairy chest and pecs.
  11. When she remembered her lines, her version of alex was fine but she needed cue cards a lot. RIP
  12. I wonder if Susan Dansby will return to Y&R as a writer. Ambitions was a cheap and uninspiring imitation of every campy soap. Jamey ripped off Dynasty, Dallas and a host of daytime shows. There was nothing new or interesting. Cancellation was predictable.
  13. Days flash forward has been a huge failure.
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