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  1. DAYS: January 2018 Discussion Thread

    Maybe stop watching if you're looking for Citizen Kane!
  2. DAYS: January 2018 Discussion Thread

    Change the channel.
  3. DAYS: January 2018 Discussion Thread

    The last two weeks have been excellent soap. I have my quibbles about some things here and there; but they have really pulled it together. Acting, directing, most of the sets have been improved, costumes. Ron will surely go off the deep end once in a while to try to garner higher ratings; but Stephen's intro and the scenes with each of his family members have been great. The Abby scenes this week were awesome. Loved the sensual element and Friday's script by Richard Culliton was phenomenal. I never thought the show would be this consistently watchable again. Good job all! And kudos to Louis Sorel; she looks great and is a joy to watch.
  4. Days Spoilers

    Nobody dies. Ron's going to reveal Stefano's death. Good.
  5. Y&R January 2018 Discussion Thread

    But they wasted Dina's character by making her have this advanced phase of the disease. She brought the Abbot story together and is such a class actress. They could have told a different story and kept her around as a vital part of the business and family. So then what happens when she dies or they cart her off to Florida. There's no generational stories with the Abbots except with the sorased newbies. We needed a long term tent pole character to replace Katherine Chancellor as the grand dame of GC.
  6. Edge of Night (EON) (No spoilers please)

    All of this happened on one day/evening during Slesar's tenure and after the writer's strike. The info I have on Slesar firing comes other sources at a later date:) I lived in Manhattan for ten years and worked in the east village. For college money I worked at a xerox copy shop and met Melissa Salmons (who had been hired as a new script writer on Search just as it was cancelled) and often talked with Joe LeSeur, now deceased Another World script writer. Joe had the scoop on P&G; poor Joe was a raging drinker and often came into the shop to copy his AW scripts while sauced. In those days Robert Soderbergh and/or Tom King assigned script writers one day a week, usually the same day and I think Joe wrote Tuesday or Wednesday episodes. I also took a writing class by Barbara Seiger who was on AW script writing staff during that time. What a piece of work she was.
  7. Edge of Night (EON) (No spoilers please)

    I had the wonderful privilege of meeting Ernie Townsend one day on a NYC street and he invited me to his show with Marianne Aalda (Didi) that evening. He revealed a lot about the behind the scenes. He confirmed that in 1981 Slesar had left a story outline during the writer's strike and that Lois Kibbie and Laure Durbrow wrote the show for those months. That's why Kibbee replaced Steve Lehrman as Slesar's sole script writer. Townsend said Henry was incredibly bright and that P&G and the network interfered a lot less with him and his stories than they did on the other shows. (By the way: Henry was let go by P&G and it was partly a budget decision as Less Sheldon was 33 years old and was paid a lot less; second reason for firing P&G wanted more control over stories and pacing and thought Henry was outdated). My brothers and I attended the show that evening and met practically the entire cast. Ernie, Marianne, Dennis Parker, Meg Myles, Larkin Malloy, and a few others were at the show. Meg Myles was tipsy and crying and revealed that she had just been fired. The writer was done with her character, she said. It was fantastic to meet them all and hear about Slesar whom I idolized as a writer. I watched Search when he took over as well as Capitol. The best of EON at the end were his creations: Sky, Raven, Gunther, Mitiz, Didi, Cliff, Derek, Miles, Preacher, Geraldine, Mike, Nancy, Laurie Anne. Lee Sheldon almost destroyed the show's credibility but he couldn't mess with those classy actors and memorable characters.
  8. Wasn't Jordan on contract for a while in 2017?
  9. Y&R January 2018 Discussion Thread

    Is Graham poisoning Dina so that her dementia is artificially induced or exaggerated? That's how I would undo this mess. They are wasting Dina by making her have this illness. All the gimmicky directing and cutesy opening scenes doesn't make up for lack of compelling new stories. Latham threw in some crisp episodes but the show was hollow and fell apart. I'm still feeling that this is happening under Mal too.
  10. DAYS: January 2018 Discussion Thread

    OMG, watching another stellar episode but I think I just witnessed the raunchiest scene in daytime. I don't even want to think about where Brady's hand went in that nearly x rated scene with Eve where his hand explores her body in his second seduction, then he when he pulled his hand away and licked his fingers. Wow Kate's hair dye is all wrong as is Eve's. Stay away from the dime store henna rinse products, girls. Chloe and Stefan. I've never liked the actress or the character, but she was more interesting in those Stefan scenes. Abby pulling a hair off Stefan's head to obtain DNA sample, nice twist on the standard. But the best scenes were between Will and Sonny. Love, love, love Will's brutal honesty, so refreshing to play these reveals right after they happen. And those eyes welling up with tears. Darlin. I can't see NBC cancelling this show after this year. I think he renew.
  11. DAYS: January 2018 Discussion Thread

    Tuesday's episode, with the exception of the women's dresses (other than Hope's which was styling) was extremely well paced, written and acted. Culliton's dialogue was fierce. Louis Sorel looks great. I'm worried that Ron's going to go over the top in 2018 more than he did with the double doppleganger last year (based on his recent interview with Michael Fairman). Chandler has massively improved. I hope Ron keeps writing more nuance to his character. Boy, Sonny is lame. There's definitely WillPaul chemistry.
  12. Y&R: Fire Mal Young!!

    Dear God in Heaven, Phillip. Mal just announced he's boarding a plane to head back to "Wisconsin." He's still there!!
  13. He was booted to make room for Bloom. I think Schock is going to Days:) And don't be surprised if Whitesell returns to Young and Restless.
  14. DAYS: December 2017 Discussion Thread

    I agree the story had no balls; seemed like it was melodramatic filler to get Theo off the canvas and stall until the story with Tyler Christopher could start. The Abe (shot Brady) angle should have been at play from the start with Abe trying to defend the difference and accuse JJ of racism. If this had been ABC and Michael Malone/OLTL it would have been more grounded in reality. But we all know that Corday and the network believe that Days core audience are Red State Trump conservatives who don't want to see a story about white racism. Maybe that's true. When 65million people put a maniac racist sex abuser in the White House, how does a creative head writer craft a ratings winner? We also don't know if what we saw on the air was Ron's original pitch to Corday and NBC. I'm gonna guess Ron would have liked to make it more realistic.