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  1. The most important figures are year over year total audience. And the numbers don't lie: Y&R lost nearly 700K, Days nearly 500K and BB nearly 400K. All three shows need an executive and writer housecleaning. We know it won't happen with B&B. NBC must be considering how poorly Ron is doing as the mull whether to cancel Days. There's no explanation for Y&R keeping Morina/Griffith other than programming execs want justification for killing the show in a few years.
  2. Pam Long benefitted from the fact that P&G and CBS had big budgets at that time and were trying to compete with GH. Gail Kobe was an excellent EP as well. The Dobsons were a good fit during the time they wrote the show. It was character based and drawn out but a little more realistic and nuanced than a typical Irna Phillips show. Not as stodgy as ATWT at the time. Long also knew how to create big new influential characters like Alexandra, HB, Billy, Harley. Her stories were best when she had clear back story and gave the characters real definition. Her duds were Annabell, Chelsea, Rus
  3. Two big Pam Long era casting mistakes: Dylan and Rusty. Neither actor could hold up against Zimmer, Newman, Gates and others. It was a shame because both male characters should have balanced the Reva show. Imagine if they had cast a young actors with chops like a Zazlow or Larkin Malloy.
  4. Griffith uses terminal illnesses the way Ron Carlivati uses doppelgängers on Days. How are these people still employed (Griffith, Morina)?
  5. The actors face a living nightmare every time they read one of Griffith's scripts. This show is unwatchable.
  6. Richard Burgi was awful as a heart attack victim; it was laughable. Did they kill him off by the end of the episode? I couldn't sit through it.
  7. Anything with Ben/Ciara, Chloe, or Kristin makes for completely unwatchable Fa Dayzzz!
  8. Does anyone have a complete list of all the writing staff roles Gillian Spenser had on AMC and the dates?
  9. Put the show out of its misery. Ken has let Ron beat to death any semblance of true soap opera. Ron has even driven away viewers who stuck through Higley and Griffith with his insane back from the dead, assumed identities, identical not-twins, identical twins, turning everyone into a felon. The few bright spots he ruins i.e. the Charlie character and the story they could have told with brother Tripp. And let's not even get started on Ben and Seeearuh Alice in Wonderland/Romeo and Juliet poopoo.
  10. Amazing cast. But with many Marland episodes I felt like I needed a tranquilizer after watching. This show was on speed. Too many characters and chaos in many of these scenes.
  11. == https://imgur.com/a/0ikvWfU I'm rereading the GL 1969 story projection. I believe this is the projection that got Soderberg/Sommer their four year head writing stint on GL. They kick off the story in May and go through year end. Wikipedia says they were head writers starting in Nov 1969 but this projection is written to begin in May so either they didn't start their stories in May or Wikipedia is incorrect. https://imgur.com/a/0ikvWfU
  12. Finally dug out my old GL scripts and outlines! The attached are just the first page of each document. GL 1990 Breakdown written by Nancy Watt, assigned to Rich/Lawrence (includes head writer hand written notes by either Long or Curlee GL 1988 Script written during writer's strike (Grant's shooting copy) GL 1990 Script GL April 1969 Soderberg/Sommer Story Projection!!!!! GL Breakdown.pdf GL 90 Script.pdf 1738573643_GL88Script.pdf GL April 69 Outline.pdf
  13. Hot but his "acting"skills were atrocious and the dreaming death plot was one of Long's worst...a rip off of Marland's lassa fever (sort of) on GH in 1979. Jim needed to be a half naked life guard then his presence on the screen would have been compelling..That otter fur...woof.
  14. I wonder how many episodes were written by Jacker during the strike; I think the strike lasted 12 weeks. But some had episodes written way ahead.
  15. Interesting that you think Jacker was the strike HW. We know that Swajeski got her job as HW after writing the show during the 88 strike. It makes sense that the producers found non union playwrights to work on the show during the strike.
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