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  1. I wonder if Susan Dansby will return to Y&R as a writer. Ambitions was a cheap and uninspiring imitation of every campy soap. Jamey ripped off Dynasty, Dallas and a host of daytime shows. There was nothing new or interesting. Cancellation was predictable.
  2. Days flash forward has been a huge failure.
  3. Noel updated his Linkedin profile to show that he was only interim supervisory producer for three months from November to Jan
  4. Seidman has been around soaps forever. CJ Hoke has been GH script coordinator since 2015, guess budget requires hiring the entry level folks. Here's CJ's bio https://www.cjhoke.com She also has a linked in profile where she lists "freelance breakdown writer" since Oct 2019 and lists four episode numbers she's written to date all airing in 2020. I guess yesterday's script was No. 14465 and her fourth script is No. 14510 which should air on March 16th. https://www.linkedin.com/search/results/all/?keywords=ABC Daytime&lipi=urn%3Ali%3Apage%3Ad_flagship3_profile_view_base%3B4bI%2Bpw8jTzWhJjRDsfHOwA%3D%3D&licu=urn%3Ali%3Acontrol%3Ad_flagship3_profile_view_base-background_details_company
  5. Wow, great sets, great cast, amazing production team; but ABC kept meddling. I never understood why Doug Marland didn't continue to get credit for co creating the show with Aggie. There's a story there..... Who's the hunk who played the role of Trucker?
  6. Bettie Wysor has written a few scripts for The Doctors in the 1979 episodes currently airing. She as an employee at Benton & Bowles in NYC which is how she got the job writing for The Doctors. Here's her obit. She was out as a lesbian and wrote The Lesbian Myth. https://www.easthamptonstar.com/archive/bettie-b-wysor
  7. Such a shame that the head writer is so awful but when you look at JER (and other head writer) story history, Ron is just following in that tradition. And it all traces back to Corday who must love this crap. Sad really because Days has the best looking, most talented daytime cast and some great script writers. So much potential wasted. Brock as Evan....HOT. Freddie is actually cute and tolerable in those scenes this week. I think Ron's challenging David/Patrick from Schitt's Creek which is a better soap than anything on the air anywhere.
  8. OJ Simpson started the decline of soaps. Who would have guessed that criminal Trump would be the final nail in the coffin of the four remaining soaps. The impeachment stuff is going to drive the stake right through Days and GH survival for sure.
  9. Days would be written by Frances Newman and Jean Ford who are fi core and probably a bunch of interns and sales associates from the nearby Ross Dress For Less (who would probably do a better job than the current crew). They could always dust off Mark and Dena Higley. Days can't stop production so scripts would be churned out. B&B is run by Brad Bell. If anyone believes he doesn't write the show during the writer's strike Ha! Y&R: If Josh Griffith hasn't been fired then he'd be the writer along with Michael Conforti James Harmon Brown is also Fi core. And it makes sense they'd bring him on recently given the possibility of a strike and if Griffith's fired this week at the end of his cycle.
  10. Y&R has dumped another "storyline writer" inexperienced, recent college grad and paralegal by trade, Mellinda Hensley.
  11. Dang. He can have a long term role in my personal soap opera.
  12. It's interesting to watch the shows after they fired the actors playing Paige and Brian. I think P&G forced Slesar to dump the characters because of the implied incest angle. It's unfortunate. The show needed that age group. And they fired Margaret Colin! Dummies.
  13. This post prompted me to go onto youtube and rewatch December 1979. Wow. So good. So fleshed out. Great dialog for the most part. Everyone was interconnected. It's easy to forget with the hacks that have been writing soaps since the early 2000s how many creative writers were employed on the soaps. Henry was tops. He had some down moments too but they never lasted long. I remember hating the main story once Draper was an amnesiac and we had all those long scenes with Emily. But in rewatching the lead up in December I'm blown away by how detailed and pointed every plot turn or line of dialog was. Not even the exchange of Xmas presents was gratuitous. Henry had a story bible and worked through it. I loved the pace of the episodes around Deborah's kidnapping, the police station scenes. Nancy's First Amendment storyline. P&G were idiots for firing Henry. The show needed new sets, maybe some fresh directing and a new script writer or two; but they didn't need hack Lee Sheldon. Thanks for posting. I'm up to 12/26/79 episode. The acting was so stellar.
  14. In Billy news: https://ew.com/tv/2019/12/06/aladdin-spinoff-billy-magnussen-disney-plus/?utm_medium=social&utm_term=07DFC48E-188A-11EA-B353-70914744363C&utm_content=link&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=entertainmentweekly_ew
  15. No. If he's part of the writer's guild, he'd be on the list. If he went ficore during the 2008 writer's strike he is not in the guild and isn't eligible for a writer's guild award.
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