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  1. LATEST RATINGS: June 4-8, 2018

    Lisa de Cazotte is on standby to be EP. I think that's why she was brought in anyway...
  2. LATEST RATINGS: June 4-8, 2018

    When will CBS leak or announce Mal's departure?
  3. When I was little, watching Love of Life with my grandmother, there was a scene with Veleka Gray in bed. She had to get up to answer the door and her boob kind of fell out to the side and was clearly visible. My grandmother nearly had a heart attack. I don't think the show was live, or maybe it was, but it was not edited out. Not many older soap fans realize that Edge of Night exec producer, Nick Nicholson, was sort of a Frank Valentini of daytime. He hired many gay and lesbian actors (Lois Kibbee, Joel Crothers, Dennis Parker, Irving Allen Lee, the guy who played Damien, the first Kelly).
  4. GH Actor out!

    Ron can cast him as a Kiriakas or DiMera.
  5. LATEST RATINGS: May 28 - June 1, 2018

    GH and YR will announce either or both HW and EP changes before end of 2018. Carlivati stays at Days and it'll be renewed another year in 2019 but I wouldn't be surprised if Sony moves him from Salem to Genoa City when Mal gets the boot. And if Valentini gets the boot at GH, can you see a repairing at YR? I can.
  6. LATEST RATINGS: May 21-25, 2018

    Mal's version is not working, period. Audience erosion seems more rapid under him than many previous regimes in recent years. He seems dedicated but his writing approach and stories are not working. Promote Sally McDonald to EP and name Natalie Slater/Janice Esser as HW.
  7. 2018: The Directors and Writers Thread

    Yes, she posted last night on twitter that her second episode airs today but she didn't confirm if she's on contract. I would suspect not. Seems like Days has been farming out some scripts to newbies (Alex, Sarah and now Annamarie). Young just aired an episode by a young writer as well (Lia Langworthy). Did you find out if Richard Culliton retired? He's 69, would make sense. Carolyn is 69 as well, wonder if she's going to retire soon.
  8. GH: May 18 Discussion Thread

    OMG I tried to get through six episodes starting with May 14 and nurses ball. Wow, the show is a mess right now. When Spinelli is breaking into computers with Jason/Sam, you know the writers are scraping the bottom of the Bob Guza barrel. I think Shelly and Chris are either burnt out or there are other cooks in the kitchen. Nothing's working. The ball numbers were horrible. Most of the acting has taken a turn for the worse. And the Anna/Finn/Alexis plot is written at the fourth grade level. Embarrassing for the actors. But I fear Barbara Bloom's long story bible is on the horizon for GH's final swan song year.
  9. 2018: The Directors and Writers Thread

    Annamarie Davidson wrote May 25 episode of Days. Here's her bio: https://www.writerannamarie.com She's on twitter as well and praises Eileen Davidson. Are they related?
  10. Days: May 2018 Discussion Thread

    Turn the dial. I hear GH is a hotbed of quality storytelling, huge budgets, location scenes, daily cliffhangers and half naked men.
  11. Actress returns to Y&R

    dear god, phillip. Those lips, that whine.
  12. She's not following Carlivati. She's following Days, Greg and Frank Valentini. Doesn't mean she's going to Days
  13. GH: May 18 Discussion Thread

    Agree. One of the budget techniques I think BB and YR have used is to really keep the casts small, that is those who appear more than once a month. Days and GH still fill the screen with lots of day players to make budget and while it can be more interesting to have an episode with 14 or more characters, it never lasts and the recurring characters disappear and beats are never played. Just cut down big time on the recurring list and add to the contracts players per show minimums and tell a few good stories at a time. Someone intervened in the GH writers' plans in Jan/Feb when they got rid of Genie and switched gears. It felt like an intervention.
  14. GH: May 18 Discussion Thread

    It's kind of sad that this show is failing. I do think Nathan Varni and Frank drive a lot of the story decisions. I've gotten the feeling that Altman and Van Etten love the show and some of what they've tried to do i.e. humanize some of the characters, emphasis a few of the good people (Anna, Griff, Finn) were worthy efforts. Ironically, I think Ron needed at least one co-head to keep him in line. Chris would have been a good choice. But there's no way the show is going to improve at this point. I think they are moving to a Days type shooting schedule and are required now to write way in advance (by committee with Darth Varni hanging over every pitch). Sad. Ron sure loved the ratings report this week where Days topped (pun intended) GH in overall ratings.
  15. Days: May 2018 Discussion Thread

    Make my days and someone confirm that Claire has been written out?!