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  1. RavenWhitney

    LATEST RATINGS: January 21-25, 2019

    The drop off on 1/25 must have been related to federal gov't shutdown?
  2. RavenWhitney

    Y&R: Potential Neil Recasts?

    They won't recast this role.
  3. RavenWhitney

    2019: The Directors and Writers Thread

    Eric Braeden said in an interview after KSJ death that Griffith's material airs in 3-4 weeks from now.
  4. RavenWhitney

    2019: The Directors and Writers Thread

    Jack had a rough 2018. His future son in law committed suicide and Jack's daughter found him. Jack posted all of this on his public FB page. In one FB post he thanks Brad for firing him and makes a passive aggressive comment that Brad did it a few weeks after the suicide. So Jack was fired by Brad Bell.
  5. RavenWhitney

    Days axes five ⌛

    Ron will be introducting Sami's SORASED kids; he needed to make room.
  6. RavenWhitney

    2019: The Directors and Writers Thread

    Good sign: Noel Maxam back to YR as a director. Tuesday episode.
  7. RavenWhitney

    Days axes five ⌛

    If these departures are true, it is mostly non-newsy. Any of them can be rehired if Days has a future except Tyler. He's done on Days (Ron got his way once with this GH casting), and maybe done with soaps, I think. Nadia has been on air average once a week or less since she returned. Her husband is now on contract. They are friends and business associates of Corday on Ladies of the Lake. Lucasss Adams is a decent actor. Granted, his material sucked from day 1; but hunks like him are a dime a dozen on soaps. When Ron leaves (if Days is renewed another year) to join Valentini on Y&R when Griffith/Morina are fired at the end of 2019 (LOL, I still say Ron will end up as HW on YR and Frank will end up as EP) and Dena returns (horror) (or Sheri/Ryan write the final Days on air year), he can be brought back with Patch for family reunion. Stephen/Tyler: bye. Poor story material; past his prime actor. Personal issues. Wish him well. We don't need another DiMera. Give them an effin rest. For that matter, I'd like to see Kate's character go on a two year hiatus. Olivia: the one casting hold over during that horrid period when they hired the monumentally awful actors who played the first adult Ciara/Joey/Theo (Remember the one the decent actor from that period who played Chase, who they turned into a rapist and sent off to prison..nice work Griffith who also ruined Ben's character and sent off RSW who had grown so much in the role). Greg/Leo: ruined the character with the fake murder; too over the top in the new story. Ron got more mileage from Ken on this gay character than any other Days writer has gotten from Ken, or will. Ron must have pitched the story the day after the show won all the major Emmy's.
  8. RavenWhitney

    2019: The Directors and Writers Thread

    Sally's name may never appear in the credits but that doesn't mean that she or another writer isn't being paid to contribute to story. Henry Slesar was a story consultant for AW and Loving but never got credit (late 80s). It's also been widely confirmed (especially by Geary) that Luke/Laura/Lucky return story was penned by Geary and Irene Suver...and Labine took it over but worked with the story ABC had purchased from Geary/Suver. When GL was going off the air, I contacted Nancy Curlee on social media and she wrote me a wonderful email about her love of GL and mentioned that she was working as as story consultant on ABC and was to join the staff of GH when she got pregnant with another child.
  9. RavenWhitney

    2019: The Directors and Writers Thread

    Sally started following Josh Griffith on Twitter recently...HMMMMM Danielle Page started following him too but that might be because they're both published authors
  10. RavenWhitney

    2019: The Directors and Writers Thread

    Wonder if Daran Little is out as story consultant at YR. He was tweeting about the show from early Sept. to Dec 21. Nothing since. I don't expect him to stay around with Josh Griffith as HW.
  11. RavenWhitney

    Y&R: January Spoilers

    Would someone please change this thread to "January's Spoiled" As long as Mal was in the writer's room. And what's with all the actors kissing Griffith's behind. I guess they want to be re-employed or stay employed (I'm looking at you Kristoff and Doug)
  12. RavenWhitney

    2019: The Directors and Writers Thread

    Sheri Anderson no longer listed as creative consultant; her name has been added to the script writer group. Ron is solidifying his power.
  13. RavenWhitney

    Michael Fairman: Best & Worst of 2018

    Fairman is working for Days and developed the app. Of course, he was going to fawn all over the show. He did call out one of Days lowest moments, the Mexico plot. He was spot on with some and not so with other call outs. The YR Ash story was a major bust, starting with Sally giving Dina alzheimer's. Then Mal doing the Jack isn't an Abbot thing. Dumb. GH had the worst year though, creatively. It was all over the map which tells me that head writing by large committee (Valentini, Varni, Altman, Van Etten and Drummer) doesn't make for good soap. At lease with Ron, you get a single vision with history woven in.
  14. RavenWhitney

    DAYS: December 2018 Episode Rankings & Stats

    The hidden gem in these statistics is that, I think for the first time, a female Days director had the most episodes this year (Sonia B. Goins). Days isn't known for cultivating female directors. Sonia's episodes are always great. I think she directed over 50. Glad Days producers have joined the 21st century finally. More women directors!
  15. RavenWhitney

    Young & Restless - December 2018 Episode Counts

    Hey Josh Griffith: you can do the right thing by firing everyone listed below except the actresses playing Mia and Kerry. The rest are horrible. Thanks 7/03 – Brooks Darnell (Nate Hastings) 7/31 – Jason Canela (Arturo Rosales) 8/18 – Jordi Vilasuso (Rey Rosales) 9/14 – Sasha Calle (Lola Rosales) 10/31 – Alice Hunter (Kerry Johnson) 11/12 – Noemi Gonzalez (Mia Rosales) 11/28 – Loren Lott (Ana Hamilton)