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  1. I totally agree with you. I forgot about. It's almost as if they tried to make it incredibly ugly to make Kristin look bad. Someone had dropped some acid or rolled some mollies then dipped into the the set treasure chest of tacky leftovers. That set alone may have precipitated KA's decision to leave the show!
  2. Notes on the last several episodes: Charlie and Zander have more sexual chemistry than vapid Claire (and non actress portrayer). Zander being the gay/bi daddy to Charlie would be an interesting storyline. I'd like to think the Jan plot was thrown together when Aly Sweeney delayed her return. But knowing Ron, this was his pre planned primary sweeps story. Those wedding scenes live along side all the other lows during his tenure as head writer. In between the Jan crap, the other stuff has been great, including Kate/Jake, Jack's story angle, NuJenn, Doug/Julie
  3. The entire younger set needs to go; none of them can act. He was actually the least offensive of the bunch.
  4. Where's Ali Sweeney? There were major press announcements that she was coming back for a year for a big emotional storyline when the show resumed filming on Sept 1.
  5. They are so lucky to get Cady. She's so amazing. Doesn't she look so much like. Jamie Lynn Bauer's daughter?! They should bring Laura back. The one night stand twist is so tired but the episodes are well done. Now will Ron ruin Gwen and turn her into another Kristin, Hattie, Bonnie, Ava, Gina?
  6. Amanda Beall wrote the breakdown on Monday's US episode with Brent Boyd as script writer. It's been years since she's (been credited for) written an outline. Susan Danby should start being listed soon as story consultant; she started on 1 Sept.
  7. His acting chops were exceedingly thin but he had more male/male chemistry with Kyle than any of the women on the show. The writers could have kept him a bad bi boy and wrote a story about Kyle going gay with him in the past but choosing to be with a woman now. That triangle would have been more interesting. The other problem was the gal playing Summer; she's been botoxed/fillered to death and it's painful to watch her. Finally, Josh Griffith's stories have been horribly bad or horribly boring.
  8. Sheldon was a disaster. Casting of Beth and Chris were huge misses. Totally wasted opportunity with Shelly and Alicia who should have been related and connected to a big Sky/Raven story. The final episode was an insult to the show's long history with that mad hatter B.S. Finally, whomever decided and green lighted the revised opening and closing credits and music changes should have been fired immediately.
  9. amazing woman, great scoops from her tenures on the different shows.
  10. Has the show decided they're not social distancing during filming. I watched today's episode and everyone was in each other's space. Or were these filmed two years ago...:)
  11. David Lawrence SFT John Valente ATWT Lynn Latham YR Joanna Lee SFT Ellen Barret SFT
  12. Dina could have been the new Kay for fans and the stories. The initial story was botched; Graham (who should have been played by a real actor) should have been poisoning her with Ashley saving her and they reconcile. Then place Dina in the middle of the family struggles and Jabot. The show didn't want to put an old lady on contract and it was such a mistake. The show desperately needs matriarch and Dina's character was fascinating. Dummies.
  13. Henry and Erwin never played Monticello like a nameless midwest city; while the opening credits for years was a Cincinnati skyline, the show was so New York feeling. That darker noir, street wise, set of characters with stark humor and NYC accents. Loved it. Great atmosphere for so many years that the basic sets never mattered. Until Lee Sheldon train wreck came in and they changed the opening and closing credits (and hired a series of bad actors for precious few contract roles i.e. Sany Faison and Jennifer Taylor).
  14. Well, if he can act (questionable) Ron will turn him into a felonious criminal, kill him off and have Rolf bring him back.
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