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  1. Who the hell wants to tune in to Rinna's (sadly) cosmetically botched lips. When will the execs realize that the nearly non existed soap audience is nearly non existent because they rely on tired, over botox'd altered (frozen) faces from the past.
  2. I don't think this article was from Dec 1982? Pam Long took over in March 1983 and her scripts began airing in May 83. Alex first appeared in Feb 84. This article had to be Dec 83?
  3. ABC had a thing about hiring consultants to possibly take over a show then not hiring them. Kay Alden comes to mind. Nancy was probably hired by ABC to look at AMC and GH around that 1995/96 time frame. We might not have gotten Guza or McTavish!
  4. Alan mentioned it at the top of the interview then restated to Nancy when she was onscreen.
  5. Curlee revealed some great tidbits. First, it was mentioned that she wrote for AMC and GH although her name was never in the credits, and that she was 'negotiating' with ABC to head write GH when she got pregnant. She was definitely being generous about JFP; everyone knows that Phelps took over every show's writing room at one time or another. Remember: Curlee was only co-head for 1 year after Long left (with her husband and Reilly) then she took a year maternity leave and Broderick stepped in to fill her shoes. When Curlee returned, Reilly left for DOOL; Broderick stayed for six months then moved over to AW to become a break down writer. That's when Curlee/Demorest were given full reign of GL but it didn't last long. It was said at the time that Curlee needed to retire to parent full time, but I never bought it. Phelps then took over and had five writers work together under her as de.facto head writer after which she brought in an English professor, Doug Anderson, a disaster period for the show. The other interesting thing is that Curlee revealed that when she and Stephen first took over GL they were under the tutelage of Harding LeMay. I know P&G had vet writers behind the scenes not getting on air credit. LeMay would only be listed as GL consultant during the Doug Anderson year. Then Phelps took LeMay to AW where he got creative consultant credit with King/Carlson. I recall reading an article about Henry Slesar of Edge of Night where he revealed that in the late 80s (1988 I think) he was consulting on AW. He never was credited on air either. Most viewers have no idea where all the plots originated because in many circumstances over the years the producers purchased long stories and brought in uncredited consultants. The interview also validated for me that Stephen was not a natural head writer; Nancy was the visionary. He went on to other shows mostly as a solid break down writer, and interim co head on ATWT but never made it as a HW. I agree that Locher missed the boat on so many topics but, all in all, it was a great interview. GL was lucky to have Nancy and that three year period in the show's history was its last best.
  6. But Ron's still employed at Days. What a travesty. They don't get it that trotting out Ally Sweeney every few years doesn't counter the endless repeat back from the dead/lookalike/masks/killer/hostage stories Ron keeps retelling.
  7. Thank Goddess, find a different career, honey. Acting isn't for you.
  8. Ouch..Ron didn't get nominated for Days..OOOOOhhh. Days had its worst year of the Ron years. And this year is shaping up to be even worse with the Kristin masks story, Jan/Charlie murder.. Laughable that anyone other than Genie was nominated. NLG chews scenery and the younger set of "actors" don't act; they pose and recite badly. Even Max Gail (and I know this is unpopular) was not a high caliber performer as Daddy Corinthos. Woods/Steffy? Seriously? Is there an award for botox/filler horror show?
  9. B&B Sunset Beach Port Charles The City Ryan's Hope Texas
  10. Kelly was another fail recasting on soaps but who lasted for years. Great actress, wrong role. Melanie was so Susan like. They had a gold mine with that actress and could have found a similar replacement. I never liked the character after Melanie left.
  11. Tom King/Craig Carlson with Harding LeMay consulting. But John/Felicia feels like a JFP pairing.
  12. Toups just posted May 3rd week ratings comparing total households to the same week a year ago. Days was the only show that didn't go into reruns; it had no soap competition for weeks. That was an unprecedented situation and yet in the last year they've lost 417,000 viewers. See below: Total Viewers 1. Y&R 3,270,000 (+50,000/+929,000) 2. B&B 2,766,000 (+133,000/+932,000) 3. GH 2,216,000 (+113,000/+78,000) 4. DAYS 1,576,000 (-41,000/-417,000)
  13. Why? It takes a rare kind of incompetence to lose nearly half million viewers during a global pandemic year when everyone was in front of their TV and screens. But Ron, Albert and Ken did it.
  14. Audrey Peters was a lovely actress but was so wrong for the role of Sarah Shayne. Never worked. And there was zero chemistry between her and Kim Zimmer. The writing was a problem too, but Audrey couldn't pull off the Oklahoma accent.
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