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  1. She was the worst possible actor to play this role when the show was suffering. Reminded me of Felicia on GH or Bobbie on GH in later years. Completely annoying with that nasal, mousey voice. The other GL actress that completely ruined every scene was the one who played Olivia's daughter in the last year or two. OMG. And of course every cute male Conboy hired was god awful!
  2. Carolyn Culliton confirmed on her twitter feed last night that she and her husband are returning to the writing team when production resumes.
  3. I just came across this very moving article by the wife of Denny Albee on the suicide of their son Hunter. So tragic. https://autismspectrumnews.org/a-parents-plea-for-reform-of-school-safety-and-mental-health-programming/ Denny and wife Laura in 2013
  4. She quit? Nah...The show is slashing the budget. More will go in front and behind the scenes. Her salary along with Meng should help the bottom line. I think Ron is staying, unfortunately. He wouldn't be promoting the show and posting fun tweets if he had been canned in this latest budget purge. I would expect the writing team to be smaller as well. Hope's character should have left when Peter came back to wrap up his plot. Griffith ruined their love story by killing Bo off and destroyed Hope by having her kill Stefano.
  5. I always wondered what the story was behind Marland losing 'created by" credit after he departed when his contract was up. Aggie must have insisted in their initial contract with him that his name be removed upon departure. it doesn't seem like a successful collaboration. Marland never collaborated well with anyone really. He was always sole head writer and wrote breakdowns. On GL he wrote all the breakdowns and had 2 or 3 script writers for most of his 3.5 years. In the early ATWT years he kept 2 or 3 break down writers and boasted in articles about how he wrote outlines and was the script editor. Control freak but I understand it. The best shows were the ones written by a creative force who maintained control. Henry Slesar is a great example (on Edge at least).
  6. What a bloated writing staff. They had no confidence in Horgan and kept rotating consultants and co-heads. Luckily, they got Marland from Loving. Her co heads during her 1 year were: Klein/Wasserman, Benjamin, Sowards/Stamfl, Laibson/Bogard. Lemay/Consultant, Gross/Consultant. Not to mention all the various breakdown and script writers who cycled through.
  7. That was a Gary Tomlin story. Long/Walsh stories started airing soon after through end of show.
  8. Jeanne Glynn was a creative writer who loved soaps. She was with SFT for nearly two years and most of that time was head writer either alone, with CF or briefly with Madelyn David. Her head writing tenure turned out to be the longest of anyone who came after her most of whom lasted under a year. The problem was some of the casting and Ellen Barrett who seemed to want to turn SFT into Ryan's Hope. Too many red heads running around, some bad casting (started by Joanna Lee who cast Kevin Conroy as a straight leading man and he was obviously neither) and supplanting Jo with Kate McCleary. Not sure why Barrett couldn't get a little more creative and NOT center the show around an Irish family.
  9. The last year on the show was just awful and that final episode with the gorilla. I heard that was the work of the Cullitons. Embarrassing.
  10. All the writers in this interview revealed and/or implied that the more outlandish plot points and controversial story decisions were mandates from network execs and producers. Jim Brown revealed what's already known that he was told to tell the clone story (Wendy Fischman concocted it). He was told to bring Jesse back from the dead on AMC. Millee said she never resurrected a dead character. I remember her second short GL stint. The show was getting good but Rauch left and Conboy fired her for Weston. I loved her stories about bringing Ed back. She tried. Network and P&G and EP interference killed the show. Dave was too young and inexperienced to head write a troubled show. Dave seemed to value and appreciate the history of the show but he took over after Weston, Labine, McTavish. The three worst periods for the show. He was also forced to work with Swajeski who had petered out after four years on AW and again was not a writer; she had been a network hack. But P&G was hiring to pay minimum salaries for those positions. Why do you think they replaced expensive Conboy with actress Wheeler. Do you think she was earning his salary? Nope. What was clear from comments: Paul Rauch was a hot mess with a lot of power.
  11. Millee Taggart confirmed in a recent interview that her writing career started on Search when she ghost wrote scenes for her character, Janet. She said it started during Ann Marcus's writing tenure in 1974. She implied that she later continued to write the show during Ellis/Hunt stint using a male name, possibly Jackson Chase. In the same interview, Courtney Simon (who played Kathy) revealed that Ellis/Hunt hired her as script writer on the doctors and she used the pen name Kate Brooks (named after her kids). Millee also wrote scripts at the same time as Heather Matthews, I believe. Courtney recounted that when Ellis/Hunt were replaced by Lawrence and Ronnie Konnor, Lawrence called Courtney's house and when Peter Simon answered, Lawrence asked to speak with Kate which confused Peter who didn't know Courtney was using an alias. Peter thought Lawerence was calling about 3 year hold Kate Simon Hall (who's now a script writer on GH). While Millee didn't reveal the following I believe she initially wrote ATWT under a pen name (KC Collier?)
  12. Sam Ratcliffe was gay and died of Aids. Millee was involved with Tom King for some years.
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