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  1. What was Tom Petitjean's soap pyseudonym ?
  2. Interesting: just saw a credit crawl for the show in 81 when Lawrence Konner and his wife were head writers. They had five script writers who never wrote for daytime again. One (Mark Rosenthal) went on to great writer success in hollywood alongside Konner..
  3. They've already spoken about 500,000 viewers into tuning out since the last party. Good job Valentini.
  4. CBS insisted on bringing in a co-head writer. Long didn't want to work with James Reilly.
  5. Will anyone be surprised if GH gets axed soon. They needed to replace Valentini when they replaced Carlivati.
  6. Hogan has some good months and moments on ATWT but he collaborated with some of the most seasoned writers who fleshed out the show unlike Marland who did not collaborate; his staff were sub-writers under him. Hogan needed Culliton and Passanante to translate his big story ideas into soap telling. It worked for a while. He fed ideas and crafted individual stories and fed them to MAB on Y&R. His stint on Days was Higley-esque. It was a disaster. Horrible. RIP. If you want to read a rather dramatic and soapy (and self-aggrandizing) eulogy, head over to Tom Casiello's twitter or FB page. Poor Hogan was a hot mess but of course, the eulogy is all about Tom.
  7. Tom Hardy was the product of rape in 1969. MEK was born in 1959. I think they could cast another in the role, a bit younger.
  8. Agree but I think Rauch had several mostly successful runs. After LeMay left the show was kind of interesting under King/Soderberg for a year. It wasn't until they went with Corrine Jacker then L.Virginia Brown that it got really bad. On GL, he presided over a fairly stable period but CBS interfered in the writing and forced plots written by others, most notably, Wendy Fishman is responsible for Reva clone, not Esensten/Brown. On YR he was a good counterbalance to insane Maria Bell and the show looked great as he built on its elegant look without ruining it with Santa Barbara sets as Phelps did.
  9. I think there were individuals who were good at one point as an EP then super horrible and for various reasons: John Conboy and I mean "boy" cause he loved his boys even if they couldn't act: great on YR/horrible on GL because he squandered the show's last opportunity by hiring his arm piece Ellen Weston, who was worse that three McTavishes. Frank Valentini: somewhat good on OLTL, great on GH for about a year and horrible ever since. Multiple reasons. Phelps was good on each show as long has she had great writers (GL/Curlee and AW King/Carlson) but the combo of her power grab and the network interference i.e. NBC wanted DePriest on AW,) meant the ruination of these shows. The execs at P&G and the networks deserve a lot of blame for allowing Phelps to hire Doug Anderson (college professor), Valente to hire Stern/Black on ATWT, ABC execs kept rehiring McTavish for AMC, OLTL and GH. In fact, worst exec in modern times should go to Brian Frons. Currently the worst exec is Steve Kent who has ruined YR
  10. We all know there is no "third rail" for Carlivati. He'll probably be a presumed dead fetus or still born from a prior plot line.
  11. It's the actor who plays Shiloh, but I wouldn't be surprised if Wes is cut as well.
  12. James H. Brown is 70 year old. I had heard rumors that Altman was out as of October scripts but I was surprised to see this article that mentions O'Connor as co-head with Chris. Has his name replaced Altman in the credits? https://michaelfairmantv.com/gh-head-writers-chris-van-etten-and-dan-oconnor-reveal-more-details-on-michael-e-knights-new-soap-role/2019/09/18/
  13. What diff does it make since viewers have been tuning out in droves and Days (which is also pretty bad) is starting beat them in ratings.
  14. After yesterday's YR episode where everyone was tripping on Mollies, Josh Griffith needs to go stat. This particular episode was a new low for any Y&R writing regime.
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