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  1. Greatest Soap of All Time?

    All the network soaps had something special. But it was Guiding Light that transitioned from radio to TV and set the bar for other network soaps to follow.
  2. 2018: The Directors and Writers Thread

    So did Lisa and Beth leave because of abuse by an executive and that executive is being investigated? Said executive has been conspicuously absent from twitter.
  3. Can We Talk?: Year One of Ron Carlivati's DAYS

    There's no writer on the planet who could successfully navigate Days' budget issues and tape schedule. Throw in Corday's proclivities, non-creative network execs tinkering with story/casting and you have a recipe for failure. To Ron's credit, he's given all the vets meaty material (even if you hate it), he uses traditional soap format (dragging one day into weeks and months ala Bill Bell and unlike Mal Young on YR who kills the drama by changing the day each episode). Ron's JJ shooting story was solid but, I'm sure, white washed by the white network execs. He uses a regular rotation of fan favorites in recurring roles (Julie, Doug, Belle, Shaun, Lucas (until he was fired), Sami). The day to day writing has massively improved, particularly the outlines. The dialog writers have always been good and the newer writers added in the last year have done a great job (Kreizman and Cohen scripts stand out). But I think Ron has three categories of misfiring with the deck he was dealt coming into days. How he handled Will's return and first year. It was a patchwork of high drama and the mundane, with lots of absences by the character in between. Chandler does best with consistent, solid dramatic material. There was so much potential for Will to be changed like Jason Morgan on GH after he lost his memory. They could have made him more like Sami so all of these love story machinations would make sense. Dumping Sonny for Paul and going back to Sonny. Sonny's character had come to life when he was looking for Will but it was all dropped when they quickly put Paul and Will together. (And having Sami stage Ben's attempted strangulation was a jump the shark moment unto itself in daytime history, a true low point for Days) Second on my list would be hiring Tyler Christopher and the intro story. Love Tyler but he's not a DiMera. They also made him completely unsympathetic and crazy in how he handled Abby alter. I don't see any chemistry with Marci or Camila. He does, however, have chemistry with Aly Sweeney. Overall, the alters plot failed to give Abby and Chad top notch, Story A material. No wonder Billy's leaving. He's been chewing the scenery with his stuttering because there's no meat on the story bone. Ron's biggest failing and this is true of most other daytime head writers in the last 15 years: back from the dead/characters who commit crimes and those who cover up the crimes/assist to the newly rehabilitated and retcon stories. Take Ben: rehabilitating Ben is not the same as when Pat Falken Smith turned rapist Luke into a hero and romantic lead. They should have, at a minimum, given him a massive brain tumor (see Franco's story on GH). Yes, Ben and Ciara have chemistry but it's gross that they couldn't be more inventive with the story. In this vein, they resurrect dead characters and/or turn every character into criminals or accessories to major crimes. Will/Paul covering up Leo's death was the worst twist in this regard, cheap, dumb, not compelling. Chad nearly killing Stefan, and walks. Stefan's crimes. Kate's crimes and attempted assassinations. Kristin's antics and return from the dead and running around town square. The dumbest plot yet that really weakened the show as the year closes out is the Hatti/Marlena switch. Dee deserves better than this. As do Mary Beth and the others who have to make it work. Think about it. Dr. Evans is in the basement of the hospital on life support, put there by her family who sprung her lookalike. Please leave Jim Reilly, along with his storytelling style, in the past. I would have rather seen Marlena possessed when she wakes up, having made a deal with the devil while in coma. Now that would have been whacky but awesome. They could have shown her near Eterna (Lol) and had her before a counsel of the devil's apostles like Tony, Kristen etc. And we shouldn't let the three executive producers off the hook with casting and the production values/sets. They have major influence. I ask: why do we have to watch paint dry (any scene with Lani). The character and actress don't work. Now Tboz /Sheila (even with the uneven acting by TBoz) has spark. And surely they can fix the stupid move years ago to have a cheap town square and limbo bush sets. I say burn down that awful set and styrofoam memorial to Tom and Alice and start over. And the Horton living room was tweaked years ago and is just awful. Who is responsible for filling that living room set with tacky Target knick knacks, the oversized fire place portrait covered by that ancient clock, the tiny Secretary in the far left corner of the room. It looks like Henrietta Hippo's living room in New Zoo Review from the 70s. Alice is rolling over in her donut powder. In other words, the look of the show, while massively improved, still has some awful elements. And don't get me started on the actor outfits. Bloore has improved is costuming but some of the clothing choices are worthy of a pink slip from Ken (i.e. Gabby's candy striper dress worn in the episodes that aired this week). None of these antics are going to save the show. The wedding aftermath was low rated even by Days' standards. I think one week recently they added 58K viewers. Yet I watch most episodes but many aren't. Something's not right.
  4. 2018: The Directors and Writers Thread

    CBS sticking with Mal is as depressing as accused rapist Kavanaugh elevation to Supreme Court. What is wrong with people?
  5. 2018: The Directors and Writers Thread

    Lisa De Cazotte no longer listed as supervising producer at YR
  6. LATEST RATINGS: September 17-21, 2018

    Gee: I hope Carlivati is satisfied that he was able to attract 58K viewers after jumping the shark 15 times in the last six weeks of episodes. Has anyone seen Mal Young lately? Maybe he's Jack's father.
  7. The Doctors

    It's ashame they couldn't stick with DePriest. I wonder if Ann Howard Bailey was consulting with Jeff Young while writing scripts since they both worked together on How to Survive A Marriage; he was only 30 years old and had been put in charge of that soap before it was cancelled. Wonder why they didn't give Ann the head writing job. Margaret wrote 150 episodes; contracts were usually 13 week so she outlasted 26 weeks but it seems like the last month of scripts might have been edited by Marland (bringing in Lew, ending the clunker Scott Conrad plot so quickly). We know Marland worked with Nancy Franklin on many soaps and she showed up as a scriptwriter a month before Marland episodes starting airing. Why they couldn't hold on to a good head writer is weird after the Pollacks lasted over four. The execs killed a good show with the endless HW changes.
  8. The Doctors

    Totally blown away by Aug 10, 11 and 12 1976 episodes. Wow. The writing was amazing at times. Maggie DePriest wrote the Aug 11 and there's a doozy of a progressive scene where Paul describes women's roles through history and present, to cray cray Stacy. Then the final 8 minute scene in Aug 12 episode with Mamma Dancy addressing each of her three children. A scene so b-movie campy, genuine and soapy, with stellar acting by the great Elizabeth Lawrence. Before Karen's witness stand, Reva's fountain there was this scene. Lanie Bertram's script is up there with Pat Mulcahey's Maureen death episodes. Not to mention the scene between Paul and Ann. Geraldine Court, what a revelation. And Paul the actor and the character.... And I haven't even watched Friday, Aug 13th with Luke's introduction.
  9. The Doctors

    I've just started watching the July 1976 episodes. Wow - Maggie DePriest was ahead of her time. The show was so well written. The script writers were outstanding: Lanie Bertram, Anne Howard Bailey and Lee Zlottoff (who went on to nighttime fame). - The acting is so fierce with the exception of Billy, Greta, Wendy and Iverson. Paul, Anne, Mona, Maggie, Steve wow. Love those actors. - Gene Lasko was a great director. Norman Hall was senior director but his episodes are sometimes sloppy. - When does Marland take over? I can't believe Depreist didn't last; probably network execs fiddling. - Score productions music is awful. Some of the sets were nicely done; but the nurses station is so cheap. - Is Toni Carorlee's daughter? Weren't the actresses near the same age? How did they write Carolee off? When does Jada start airing? - Did Cenedella or Depreist create the Dancy family?
  10. This fall on Days

    They're doing what they can in their last season before cancellation. Be nice. What do you expect from three executive producers, three head writers, five outline writers and six script writers, seven directors! LOL. Is Rex the space alien?
  11. Days: September 2018 Discussion Thread

    Tuesday's episode is Exhibit A evidence why Ken/Greg/Albert and the twenty other executive producers (LOL) should have nixed Ron's Hatti/switch story. As Susan Banks would say, DUMB, DUMB, DUMB. The actors couldn't even pull it off. This is Dena/McTavish quality twist.
  12. Days! Temp Stand In!!!!!

    Brandon would be a great permanent replacement. Never bought Tyler as Stefano's son. Plus no chemistry with Marci and I don't know if he did with Kate.
  13. Days: September 2018 Discussion Thread

    Griffith ruined Hope's character when he had her kill Stefano. Ron will be putting the last nail in her coffin if she's the one who planted evidence. I think it's time to retire Hope and Rafe characters; cop Hope never worked anyway. Put Brandon Beemer and Martha Madison under contract; she's not my favorite but she's good and he's a doll. This show is too vet heavy. And for the love of GOD, let Josh Taylor retire. No offense.
  14. Days: September 2018 Discussion Thread

    Drake mostly pulled off the crisis episodes but he was failing on Friday and reverting to his old twitches. it was bad. Friday's directing was awful. I always know when Grant directs. Static, boring shots. Too bad they didn't have McKinsey or Shaughnessy direct.
  15. Days: September 2018 Discussion Thread

    Is this Marlena medical crisis and near death experience a way to restart Reilly's devil/possessed plot? I just know Ron wants to go there somehow.