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  1. Tomlin is too old and hasn't directed since late 2018. I think he's gone.
  2. Days has been mostly unwatchable since the kick off of Marlena's wedding in mid August 2018 (the beginning of Ron's second year). He's imitating the worst of JER and Higley without the benefit of bigger budgets and shorter shooting time to fix messes. All the back from the dead stories are so weak. The Kristin/Nicole angle is only adding to the decline. Losing Marci was probably the nail. But ultimately it's Corday's fault for letting the writers turn in this crap. After all the horrible twists by Higley and Griffith that ruined legacy characters like Hope (killing Stefano) and destroying legacy offspring like Joey and Theo (who became felons) not to mention having Ciara raped by Chase. Now we have Claire going Fatal Attraction and being written out. It's time for cancellation. Put the show out of its misery before someone else comes back from the dead.
  3. If the show is a success it'll be due to the experience of Michele Val Jean and Susan Dansby who are part of the writing team. Jamey.LOL
  4. Retire.LOL Contract up and not renewed. Varni and Valentini need new patsies to push around and edit and control while pretending not to be head writers.
  5. Amanda Beall first listed as associate head writer on YR on June 3.
  6. They keep regurgitating the same writers, producers and directors. Meng/Allar need to go. But Corday is the issue ultimately along with no budget. Wendy Riche can go toe to toe with Corday's interference and whip Carlivati into shape. Tell him to be more like Labine and less like Reilly. I think he could do it. Promote Broderick as co-head to keep him in balance. Valentini is long passed his peak. Get Jenn Pepperman as EP and Korte as HW. Dump all the mobsters. Morina was a safe choice but Griffith is already showing that boredom is his strength. Promote Ferri Esser as HW.
  7. Hair model and Mal Young hire gone from YR head writing credits. Annie Bergtrom Comptom gone.
  8. Where is the pic posted? She may have taken it down already.
  9. Carlivati's Days is toast. How embarrassing. Ken gave him enough rope to hang himself during his second year. Now they're stuck trying to get renewed on his material. Sad
  10. I actually sat through this week's shows. Observations: NuAdam is a big fail. Nothing against the actor; but he's too young for the role and a lightweight. Can't hold up against the vets. Plus the story intro is so lifeless (hallmark Griffith). Jason Thompson should get an award for making any scene work. He's such a skilled (underrated actor). If they think a Kyle/Lola/Summer is the hot thing. NO. I know B&B has success giving botox starlets the lead stories but the actress playing Summer is painful to watch. Those lips, chin the whole cosmetically engineered package doesn't work. Actress playing Lola is bland/weak. Kyle can run around naked and I'd watch but otherwise, not so sure. Not sure why Griffith decided to give Traci a story, and I'd like to be excited but this one is downright laughable. Even Beth can't pull off the dream sequences. Overall, the show is returning to Griffith's boring, slow pacing but it does have hints of the repetitive, slow Bill Bell style. Some of the new background music is good. The scripts are highly uneven. Lynn Martin's are the worst. She's no Susan Dansby. I guess it's cool that CBS has deigned to hire one black writer to replace Susan. I mean it is the 21st century. But Lynn wasn't the best choice. Josh Morrow needs a long sabbatical. His scenes this week were cringeworthy. NuNate is a superstar. Reminds me of when Paul Rauch hired Taye Diggs on GL. But Abby? No. And why are the megawealthy children of the scion families running tacky supper clubs. Underground and Social. Lily ran the club etc. Lazy writing. CBS just never got it that Griffith isn't Doug Marland. How does this guy get hired and rehired multiple times? Steve Kent?
  11. As long as they rid of Sarah and Rex and Ted and Haley and Sonny and Lani, then the show might be watchable for its last year on air.
  12. While I don't begrudge any of the soap Emmy winners, it's as if the Academy voters set out to systematically give the award in each category to the weakest contender. Every single award went to the wrong nominee.
  13. So Claire Labine was fired in the early 1990s because GH ratings went down after back to back depressing stories (Stone's death/BJ's heart). But the current head writers/producer who have brought ratings to a record low with crazy Kevin/dying Oscar stories are still employed.
  14. Producers/writers learned nothing from ruining the offspring of legacy characters by making them criminals Joey, Nick, Tripp and now Claire...and others. I'm happy to see this actress off the canvas, always found her mediocre and annoying but to turn her into a psycho. TIRED. 1 800- Dena.
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