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  1. Days: Returns Confirmed

    CS's nipples are overrated. Bring back Zander, keep him half nekkid. Keep Ben and JJ without shirt and we'll all be fine. Kudos to Drake for being shirtless in a recent bed scene with possessed Marlena. And believe me. Ron is going there at some point.
  2. B&B: Actress returns

    Darn, I'm busy that day. I'll be watching paint dry.
  3. Did the focus on appealing to housewives kill US Soaps?

    It was the focus on stockholders and returns on investments when, for instance ABC soap ownership fell into hands of Disney and the other networks were taken over by big corps. Notice that the two shows highest the ratings had Bell control for a long time. The other soaps have had to morph to the Nathan Varnis and Brian Frons occupying whatever board room. When producers could hire performers who could act (not just lift weights, get botox/boob jobs and smile with bleached teeth) and writers who could create and flesh out their vision (mostly), the soaps were watchable to a certain audience.
  4. LATEST RATINGS: June 18-22, 2018

    Mal, poor Mal. Ron's safe. Of course he's already written half of 2019 already.
  5. Best Soap Opera Opening

    BEST: All of the openings for Edge except the last one before cancellation. Horrible Second Best: All the Guiding Light openings in early 1990s Best update: AW under Goutman Worst update: GH current opening is absolutely horrible. Fake outer space skyline. Dumb orchestral accompaniment. Inexplicable really...I've generally been a fan of Valentini's visuals on GH but not the opening.
  6. Search For Tomorrow Discussion Thread

    Wow, Ralph Ellis gave a bunch of his SFT stories and scripts to SU. https://library.syr.edu/digital/guides/e/ellis_search_for_tom.htm
  7. DOOL: Sonny Will & Leo

    Sonny, and the actor, are (for the first time) watchable opposite Greg/Leo and of course they'll kill off Leo. Imagine a morally ambiguous gay power couple (one, an insatiable wannabe rich) and Sonny, becoming more ruthless. But we'll end up with Wilson..boring.
  8. 2018: The Directors and Writers Thread

    She wasn't listed Tuesday so probably spec/freelance script like Jenkins, Haddad and Davidson.
  9. LATEST RATINGS: June 4-8, 2018

    Lisa de Cazotte is on standby to be EP. I think that's why she was brought in anyway...
  10. LATEST RATINGS: June 4-8, 2018

    When will CBS leak or announce Mal's departure?
  11. When I was little, watching Love of Life with my grandmother, there was a scene with Veleka Gray in bed. She had to get up to answer the door and her boob kind of fell out to the side and was clearly visible. My grandmother nearly had a heart attack. I don't think the show was live, or maybe it was, but it was not edited out. Not many older soap fans realize that Edge of Night exec producer, Nick Nicholson, was sort of a Frank Valentini of daytime. He hired many gay and lesbian actors (Lois Kibbee, Joel Crothers, Dennis Parker, Irving Allen Lee, the guy who played Damien, the first Kelly).
  12. GH Actor out!

    Ron can cast him as a Kiriakas or DiMera.
  13. LATEST RATINGS: May 28 - June 1, 2018

    GH and YR will announce either or both HW and EP changes before end of 2018. Carlivati stays at Days and it'll be renewed another year in 2019 but I wouldn't be surprised if Sony moves him from Salem to Genoa City when Mal gets the boot. And if Valentini gets the boot at GH, can you see a repairing at YR? I can.
  14. LATEST RATINGS: May 21-25, 2018

    Mal's version is not working, period. Audience erosion seems more rapid under him than many previous regimes in recent years. He seems dedicated but his writing approach and stories are not working. Promote Sally McDonald to EP and name Natalie Slater/Janice Esser as HW.
  15. 2018: The Directors and Writers Thread

    Yes, she posted last night on twitter that her second episode airs today but she didn't confirm if she's on contract. I would suspect not. Seems like Days has been farming out some scripts to newbies (Alex, Sarah and now Annamarie). Young just aired an episode by a young writer as well (Lia Langworthy). Did you find out if Richard Culliton retired? He's 69, would make sense. Carolyn is 69 as well, wonder if she's going to retire soon.