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  1. I'm actually enjoying the Devil plot. Kudos to all on the initial rollout. Can anyone confirm but I think Ken Corday is the voice of the devil in the recorder. Monday's episode was the best they've done so far.
  2. It looks as though Chris Dunn is out as breakdown writer at Y*R. Marin Gazzaniga has written the fifth outline each week for the last three weeks instead of him. Unless he's on a long vacation and she's freelancing. He's been on soap writing staffs since 1983.
  3. So much for the Devil raising DOOL's ratings. SAD
  4. Y&R had a new script writer today (Marin Gazzaniga). I believe she wrote for reboot OLTL
  5. I have to admit Ron handled the opening of this plot really well. But I'm expecting him to take the story off the rails and no one has mentioned how they ended Wednesday's episode with Ben and Ciara at the "Inn" with the wind blowing. Somehow I think Ben will be possessed and murder again. Or CIN (ugh) will be a big part of this story.
  6. James Reilly ruined Days forever with this plot. I hope Ron's revisit is just the Halloween episode.
  7. The credits have been weird. First three episodes they had "Developed by" then listed Quan as Associate, Myers as Editor, then the "story" and "teleplay writers, followed by the remaining 'staff' writers. Episode 4 changed. They listed Ron at the opening as "written by" but listed all the writers in the final credits in the usual format except listed "Story by" for the outline writer title card and Teleplay by for the script writers. So we don't know who wrote the outline/story/breakdown for Episode 4.
  8. The central story needs Kristin Alfonso. Sad that Corday burned bridges with KA. Episode 2 was a complete train wreck other than Zack Tinker who stole the show with his anger, tears and tenderness. What a doll.
  9. But seriously, WTF with Rinna's face? It makes me so sad to see the extremes some of these actors go through. I can't watch her. Interesting that Jeanne Ford wrote the story for this mini series. It makes no sense to have Days and Beyond running concurrently. They should have launched this show during the Olympics. I'd give the show a C+. Zach Tinker was the highlight after years of dreadful Freddie performances. Chad's butt was awesome too. Leanne is so good. She should be on Young and Restless taking over the Chancellor Mansion as Kay's long lost sister. Jackee was phoning in her scenes in this episode. Painful...and I love her but...
  10. I believe Ralph only wrote 2 freelance scripts for Dark Shadows but wasn't hired on staff.
  11. Have you reviewed Ralph Ellis script archives at the below link. You might find useful date ranges for SFT as he donated years worth of story projections and breakdowns arranged by date. And here's a lovely obit for wife, Eugenie Hunt, that mentions their writing careers: https://www.theridgefieldpress.com/past_obituaries/article/Obituary-Gene-H-Ellis-82-actress-and-writer-14003844.phphttps://library.syr.edu/digital/guides/e/ellis_search_for_tom.htm
  12. Susan Dansby lasted a year; she's out as YR consultant
  13. So to meet budget they're firing vets and giving scripts to entry level assistants. https://www.linkedin.com/in/ashley-d-cook/
  14. Jean Holloway not Jane I believe. Marcus was with Days before LOL so I think she only wrote LOL for six months or so
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