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  1. I can't take this whining over a goddamn YouTube channel promo seriously nor the fact that people are even deciding not to get "angry" about it for that matter. It was just a fun, comedic little spot done for people who do watch and enjoy the TOLN shows - who also have YouTube accounts - to add this channel to their YT subscriptions list. That's all. Things are being taken way out of context just to have something to dislike or bitch about and I don't get that.
  2. Oh, joy! On my way to the DMV to renew my license. Hopefully my pic will come out better this year.

    1. ChitHappens


      I can't wait to take a new picture for my DL.

  3. Lord, Jesus! This has been one of the most ridiculous arguments I've seen on here in a while!
  4. If so, I hope they do some location shooting! Because as of yesterday, it's been STUNNING here in Connecticut! As of today, it'll be gray until next week.
  5. Is this not the most surreal thing? Someone I don't even know went on a 8 minute long rant on YouTube about a me all because of a misinterpreted tweet that I've since taken down.

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    2. Khan


      I don't recognize not one bitch he goes on about. As Penny Hughes would say, "Who ARE these people?"

    3. Cheap21


      I turned that sh-t off after 2 minutes. I cant believe he went on for 6 more minutes beyond that.

    4. R Sinclair

      R Sinclair

      I can't believe he made a video about it AT ALL! I can't believe people willingly subscribe to that person... AT ALL!

  6. Isn't it frightening?! I was trying to give them a chance but they kept getting waylaid by Chihuahuas and eyebrows. By the time the chick said something about a Probiotic commercial and the queen started waiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiling... I clicked it off! Cassadine was right. They're insane.
  7. In your opinion? Good. Thank God you're laughably powerless. I need my Castillo with the big nipples to be around as often as possible.
  8. Biggie Smalls will post something and they'll comment on that. ETA: Double GODDAMN POST!
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