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He will go back to increasingly diminished grifting and no longer be a daily part of our lives. That's enough for me.



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How do you solve a problem like Kagame?

During his presidency, Rwanda has made incredible strides in healthcare, education and technology. Its handling of the coronavirus has put richer countries to shame, but even citizens have complained of draconian measures being taken and Kagame has been in office for 20 years! The twists and turns of this saga with Rusesbagina (who unfortunately gave Kagame a motive by being aligned with a group that has an armed  wing) seems like an autocrat who is determined to stamp out any hint of dissent by completely quashing it, so that he can maintain power. I will never forget when President Obama spoke at a university in Addis Ababa and he questioned why anybody would want to stay in office for 20,30 years? He made the very good and memorable point that if you have been in leadership of a country and believe that only you can be in charge or that country's government/system will collapse, you haven't been effective as a leader. A good leader paves the way for new, fresh ideas and nurtures new leaders who can help the country's people advance even further. There was a lot of hearty applause but I sensed a lot nervous shifting in seats.


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stupid autocorrect
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6 hours ago, Khan said:

Sadly, I don't think we'll ever see or hear the last of Donald J. Trump.  He'll be ubiquitous even in death.

What a ghastly thought.

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5 hours ago, DRW50 said:





But the responses were awesome. Including reporting the tweet and placing phone numbers to contact for election interference.

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2 hours ago, Khan said:

Trump might want to rethink his demands for a drug test before the first debate with Biden.  JS.


Bet it's just an excuse so, if one is not done, Dump can refuse to debate at all. Biden would annihilate him, even with his own issues.

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