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1 hour ago, DramatistDreamer said:

Both candidates are 'basic' to use today's parlance but Bernie has had 4 fu*king years to develop a strategy and has done diddley squat to amend it.



That's why that Clyburn comment by Bernie was so offensive. I am not African American so maybe it's not up to me to say, but Bernie's comment about why he didn't talk to Clyburn was so offensive. That told me he hasn't done squat in the past 4 years to even try to build up any goodwill, the bare minimum. I have no idea what kind of lala-land his campaign staff life.

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Both Bernie and Joe are supposed to be in Cleveland tonight. Bernie has canceled his event. I think it would be responsible of Biden to do the same. Especially since we just learned yesterday that there are people in Cuyahoga County who tested positive. I think it's time to just put an end to these rallies for now.



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For the past several days I've been wondering how the coronavirus might affect turnout at the polls, especially in places like Washington state.

1 hour ago, Vee said:







I saw this one earlier. All these trust fund babies and grifters (I'm looking at you, Shaun King) who have hopped on the BernieOrBust bandwagon need to check the skeletons in their dusty closets before they go after someone for doing her job.


Aaron's is the worst! One of my siblings bought a RTO television from them and fortunately, he was able to pay it off sooner rather than later (by making more than the minimum payment) but the television ended up as not worth its price as it really didn't last that long.


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and Missouri.

4 hours ago, StepBack said:

As a non-American, what is it about Bernie politics / ideas that people don't like vs. Biden?

Does it all come down to health care for all?

Bernie talks a great game, but as like last time, when you get to specifics, he's out on left field. 2,000 bills with his name on them and only 25 have past since he has been in congress. and the stuff that he spews....and his people are as worst as trump's cult.

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Smart words from AOC, who is learning:


She has congratulated and pledged support to Biden.



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I have never seen Moore like this. I almost felt bad; he was near tears, but also not his usual jolly “the Dems/Obama/Hillary will fail!” nihilist self, so fùck him. He also got called out on his claims to not be a Sanders surrogate; he is.

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That white woman number against Clinton/For Biden is infuriating.


AOC seems to be realizing moderation is needed. She needs to talk to the 3 other members of the squad or maybe 2. Ayanna Pressley was Team Warren.


Michael Moore has been an opportunistic grifting *sshole for years. Whenever I hear him chastise the situation in Flint(and it is frankly monstrous) I keep thinking what has he done. He could do a film and raise money and awareness nationwide. Yet NADA.

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It is 3:25 AM on Al Gore's Internet and already I am plum tuckered out by all the (mostly) otherwise well-meaning dudes online going, 'huh... I guess a lot of Bernie's 2016 base really was just people hating Hillary due to generations of institutionalized misogyny and conspiracy theory.' No [!@#$%^&*], Steve!! I knew Bernie's base was far weaker than it looked, and I was far from the first or only. Only thing that surprises me a little is just how crippled it truly, clearly is without decades of misogyny and family-taught hatred for a progressive woman to cloak his flaws. I always knew he benefitted greatly, but I didn’t know it was practically a ghost train.


He was never my first or even second choice but I think Joe Biden’s a very decent if very flawed man who’s done a lot of good and has a lot of goodwill with the public, more than the online sector likes to recall or frankly was prepared for. I’ve been quietly trying to mention that issue in more ideologically diverse corners of the Internet for months, and the last several weeks have proven this out. I gave Bernie a chance to surprise me and I was willing to embrace a good result if he could bring the heat he promised despite my severe personal misgivings, but he has exposed his weakness far graver than even I anticipated. He can’t be allowed to touch the general. Nor was I that surprised on the big turnaround - I knew if Biden’s segment of the black vote held, he might come back hard and fast. He did. We're done here.


Suspension rumors are now flying re: Bernie. I’ll believe it when I see it. He has a choice: He can be the distinguished progressive torchbearer handing off the baton to someone new - which he should’ve done last year for Warren, IMO - or he can become Kucinich. I prefer not to believe he’ll opt for the latter this time.



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