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MARCH 27-31, 1989

The show premiered on Monday, March 27th, airing on NBC from 12:30 to 1:00

Rebecca Whitmore and her former maid, Vivian Potter, were with longtime friend Hugh Gardner when he passed away after suffering a heart attack. Before he died, Hugh tried to reach out to his estranged daughter, Jessica Gardner, whom he saw on TV on the soap opera "Tomorrow's Another Day." After Rebecca's daughter, Sam (Samantha), slept with her biology professor, Rob Donnelly, she hoped that he would give her the grade she needs to graduate from college. Henry Marshall reminisced about how he started his successful chain of ice cream stores with help from Rebecca. Henry nixed his wife Ruth's suggestion that they buy Rebecca's family estate, which is up for sale. Henry encouraged his son Adam to finish college. Rebecca's granddaughter, Monique, was mugged on the way to a job interview.

APRIL 3-7, 1989

Monique was surprised when a young man, Jason, returned her purse after he fought off two muggers to retrieve it for her. Henry is upset that Adam doesn't want to go to graduate school even though he has been accepted. Leonard, the producer of "Tomorrow's Another Day," decided to axe Jessica from the show. Sam (Stephanie) insisted to Rob that she and Adam aren't lovers, they are life-long friends. Henry consoled his daughter, Chantal, who said her work is interfering with her personal life. Ruth remembered how she hated being referred to as the "maid's daughter" when she was growing up in the Whitmore mansion while her mother, Vivian, was the Whitmore housekeeper.

APRIL 10-14, 1989

Henry talked business with Joel Resnick after Rebecca said that Joel was on the up-and-up. Joel, however, reported to his boss, Martin, that Henry nixed their offer to expand his business. When Sam stole the exam that Rob had left on a table for her to see, she proved to Rob that she only slept with him to get a good grade in his biology class. A black man and a white man used Adam for a punching bag after he slept with a hooker named Candace. Jessica realized Rebecca’s daughter, Laura and Trevor are having marital problems.

APRIL 17-21, 1989

Rob saw Sam cheating on the biology exam he gave to his class. Jessica, who is having financial trouble, hung around for the reading of her father's will in hopes that he left her some money. Rebecca was surprised to see her musician son, J.D., who said he wants to produce his own records, but he needs money from Mom to do it. Joel's boss, Martin, made a personal plea to Henry to reconsider the offer to expand Henry's business. Sam asked Adam to move in with her and Monique so they wouldn't have to move back home.

APRIL 24-28, 1989

Henry had Rebecca go over Martin Jackson's proposal to expand Henry's ice cream business. Trevor agreed to let Monique and Sam continue to share an apartment after Adam moved in with them to protect them. Jessica inherited some jewelry from her father, but he got the last laugh when he left the bulk of his estate to Jessica's son. Rob, who knows Sam only slept with him to get a good grade in his class, told Sam he'll see to it that she never graduates from college. Adam was forced to agree to work for Henry this summer.

MAY 1-5, 1989

Sam was stunned when Rob told her that he knows she cheated on her biology exam, and he plans to make sure she doesn't graduate with Adam and Monique. Rob fumed when he caught Sam trying to record a conversation about their affair. Sam figured a little blackmail would convince Rob to give her a passing grade. Wally was intimidated when two of his former gang members showed up at Henry's ice cream parlor, where he works. Jason got up the nerve to make a date with Monique. Martin doesn't like it that Rebecca is going over Martin's idea for expanding Henry's business.

MAY 8-12, 1989

Martin was angry when Henry refused to go along with his plan to expand Henry's business. Martin's wife, Doreen, doesn't like it that he is spending time with Ruth because she might be able to change Henry's mind. Rebecca is worried she won't get a senior partnership in the law firm she works for because the deal with Martin and Henry fell through. Sam complained to the University dean about her failing grade in Rob's class. Ruth urged Chantal to make up with her boyfriend, Elliot. Jason went on a date with Monique. Jason has recurring nightmares in which he is falling into a body of water.

MAY 15-19, 1989

Trevor was stunned when his younger son, Cory, arrived home from military school riding a new motorcycle and announced that he wasn't going to return to the school. Ruth, who just learned Adam lives with Sam and Monique, became concerned when Chantal suggested Adam may have feelings for Sam. Rob was stunned when he was forced to defend himself to the university dean after Sam accused him of sexual harassment and petitioned for a higher grade in his biology class. Jason stood by Monique, who nixed testifying for Sam.

MAY 22-26, 1989

The university dean believed Rob's story about why he failed Sam, so Sam wasn't able to graduate. Sam dressed in a cap and gown and attended the graduation ceremony anyway so that Rebecca would think she graduated. Jessica is trying to locate her long-lost son, Joe. Jason had another nightmare in which he was underwater and struggling to get to the surface. Ruth was upset that Henry won't force Adam to move out of Sam and Monique's apartment. Cory told his mom, Laura, he is just going to hang out during the summer.

MAY 29-JUNE 2, 1989

Ruth was puzzled when Doreen asked her to help resurrect the failed business deal between Henry and Martin. Adam realized that Sam had Harvey call in the bomb scare during the graduation ceremony so that no one would realize Sam wasn't really graduating. Sam later confessed to Rebecca that she didn't graduate. Monique noticed that Jason is acting a bit strange. Ruth told Henry that her dislike for Laura doesn't stem from the fact that Laura is white. Adam agreed to work for Henry during the summer.

JUNE 5-9, 1989

Rob was fired from his job at the university after the dean heard the audio tape in which Rob offered Sam a better grade in his class if she would make love with him. While playing pool, Martin agreed to help refurbish Henry's Southside ice cream plant if Henry won the game and agreed to move the plant to the suburbs if Martin wins. Sam was turned down for a job because she has no diploma. Sam is angry that Monique didn't testify at Sam's hearing with the dean. Monique is disappointed with her magazine job.

JUNE 12-16, 1989

Martin was upset that Henry won their pool game, forcing Martin to go through with his offer to make improvements on Henry’s Southside ice cream plant. After Rebecca’s associate, Chris, introduced her to British lawyer, Lloyd Bradfield, he had Rebecca show Lloyd around their law offices and the town. Jason had another flashback to when he was underwater and trying to surface. Trevor suspected that Jessica was off on a drunk when he couldn’t find her anywhere. J.D. noted that Jessica has been depressed lately.

JUNE 19-23, 1989

Jessica spent the night with Rob after they met at an AA meeting. Rob admitted to Jessica that he lost his teaching job because of a problem with a student (Sam). Rebecca enjoyed Lloyd's company, but was disappointed in his racist attitude toward Sam and Adam when he saw them having dinner together. Cory agreed to J.D.'s suggestion that he start a write-in campaign to get Jessica back on the soap opera "Tomorrow's Another Day." Sam tricked a model into believing Jason fired her, then Sam told Jason she is his new model.

JUNE 26-30, 1989

Adam and Doreen embarked on an affair after meeting in a local men's department store. Rebecca was stunned when Phillip turned her down for a partnership in his law firm. Later, Phillip offered Rebecca the partnership after Martin had a talk with him, but Rebecca turned down the offer. At Ruth's request, Martin agreed to take Adam under his wing and teach him about business. Martin and Henry signed a partnership agreement. Against his better judgment, Jason gave "Flame" (Sam) another modeling job.

JULY 3-7, 1989

Trevor warned Jessica that J.D. is only interested in her because he wants her to finance his record album. Jessica confronted J.D., who insisted he doesn't want her for her money. Monique admitted to Rebecca that she has fallen in love with Jason. Sam was puzzled by Jason's weird behaviour. Doreen doesn't know that Adam Is Henry's son, and Adam doesn't know that Doreen is Martin's wife. Doreen panicked when Joel nearly saw her with Adam. Jason had a nightmare about being trapped in a submerged car.

JULY 10-14, 1989

Jessica introduced Rob to Sam, who was shocked to learn that Sam is the student who ruined Rob's college teaching career. Rob lied to his book publisher that he is still a university professor. Doreen and Adam made love in the back of a limousine and she agreed to spend a weekend with him. Lloyd and Rebecca shared a picnic lunch and a passionate kiss. Sam is convinced that Rob is still out to get her. Jessica assured Sam she will keep mum about Sam's relationship with Rob. Ruth turned down a seat on the Mayor's Arts Council.

JULY 17-21, 1989

Doreen sneaked off for a weekend alone with Adam. Johnny warned Doreen she is headed for trouble if she continues her affair with Adam. Martin became suspicious when he learned Doreen wasn't at the spa she said she was going to. Jason remembered the anniversary of the death of his step-father, Timothy Craig. Jessica also remembered Timothy, and the fact that she blamed her son for Tim's death. Jason was grateful to Sam, who spent the night at his pad when she realized he was upset. Ruth decided to join the arts council.

JULY 24-28, 1989

After checking old newspaper reports on the death of Congressman Timothy Craig, Sam realized that Jason is Jessica's long-lost son. Sam tricked Jason into admitting that he never wants to see his mother again. Doreen ended her affair with Adam after she learned that he is Henry and Ruth's son. Martin realized that Doreen has been having an affair, but doesn't know that Adam is the other man. Rob stole a photo that Jason had taken of Sam. Monique agreed to spend the night with Jason. Chantal realized that Adam is seeing someone.

JULY 31-AUGUST 4, 1989

After Martin learned Adam is the man who has been sleeping with Doreen, Adam was stopped for speeding. The cops arrested Adam when they found drugs in Adam's car. Sam arranged for Monique to ask Jason to enlarge a photo of Monique, Laura and Jason's mother, Jessica. Jason was stunned when he looked at the photo. Henry nixed Adam's suggestion they move their ice cream plant into one of Martin's more modern buildings. Ruth found Doreen and got her to a hospital after Doreen passed out after combining pills and booze.

AUGUST 7-11, 1989

Rob and Sam made love after he accused her of citing Jason as her next romantic conquest. Sam is unaware that Rob secretly videotaped their love making. Jason had more nightmares about his past. After Doreen threatened to jump overboard on the cruise ship Martin had put her on, the ship's captain agreed to have her flown home. Martin hopes the police throw the book at Adam now that he has been booked on drug charges. Joel paid Candace for setting up Adam.

AUGUST 14-18, 1989

Martin was pleased at how upset Henry and Ruth were to learn Adam was arrested on drug charges. Sam persuaded Jason not to do the photography work for Rob’s book because Sam insisted that Rob is mentally unstable. Rob planned to use the bedroom video of him and Sam to ruin Sam’s life. Doreen told Martin to get Adam out of trouble or she will reveal information about Martin’s past illegal deeds. Joel forced Candace to testify at Adam’s drug trial.

AUGUST 21-25, 1989

Jessica fumed when Leonard instructed the writers of "Tomorrow's Another Day" to "kill off" her character "Lacey." TV network executive Sylvia Furth was also furious with Leonard because she had told him to rehire Jessica. After Martin told the cop who arrested Adam to change his story, the judge dropped the drug charges against Adam. Doreen warned Martin that she still has a copy of the information about his past dirty deeds. Jason kissed Sam after he had a spat with Monique.


When Adam attended Martin and Doreen's wedding anniversary party, he learned that his former lover, "Eve," is really Doreen. Jessica was stunned to learn that her long-lost son, Jason Craig, owns a photo studio in town. Monique refused to give Jason a chance to patch up their broken romance. Jason slept with Sam, but later told her that he only wants to be friends. Martin is scheming to take over Frank's ice cream company. Sam paid off Roy, the man who faked her attempted rape so that Jason would "save" her.

SEPTEMBER 4-8, 1989

Encouraged by Rob, Jessica went to Jason's apartment, only to come face-to-face with Sam. Jessica left when Sam said that Jason hates her. Jessica later learned from lawyer Phillip that she and her sister-in-law, Mary, will split the money in Hugh Gardner's estate if Jason (Hugh Gardner II) isn't located. If Jason does turn up, he inherits all of Hugh's estate. Adam found Candace, who admitted that Martin set Adam up on drug charges. Rob fumed when he learned Sam and Jason are in California together.

SEPTEMBER 11-15, 1989

Doreen was stunned when her doctor told her that she is pregnant. Doreen went to tell Adam about her pregnancy, but kept mum when he got angry with her because she had deceived him. Johnny advised Doreen to let everyone think the baby was fathered by Martin. While in California with Sam, Jason saved a little girl who was in a car accident. The incident prompted Jason to tell Sam that he once killed someone. Jessica and Mary split the inheritance money that really belongs to Jason. Rob latched onto Jessica.

SEPTEMBER 18-22, 1989

After Jessica received the inheritance money that is rightfully Jason's, she and Rob went to Las Vegas. Rob and Jessica were married in a tacky Vegas ceremony. Jason, who was with Sam, saw Jessica in the Vegas hotel. Jason agreed to talk to Jessica, but left in a huff when he saw that Jessica was drunk. Jessica had taken her first drink in months because she couldn't face up to Jason. Martin sabotaged the job offer that Adam received. Laura warned Trevor not to interfere in Jessica's life. Monique wants Jason back.

SEPTEMBER 25-29, 1989

After Laura and Trevor learned Jessica married Rob, Trevor suspected Rob is after Jessica's money. Jessica feels guilty that she let Mary convince her to take half of Jason's money. Rob arranged things with Mary, who later agreed that Jason should receive a portion of her and Jessica's inheritance. Mary told Jason he has to sign some papers to receive his inheritance. When Jason signs the papers, he will waive any further rights to his father's estate. Sam is suspicious of why Rob married Jessica.

OCTOBER 2-6, 1989

After another failed attempt to talk to Adam, Doreen told Martin that she is pregnant and let him think that he is the baby's father. Jessica went into a tailspin when Sam said she learned Jessica and Mary cheated Jason out of his inheritance money. Sam took money from Rob to keep her mouth shut, but later in a quarrel over Monique, Sam told Jason what Jessica and Mary had done. Martin hired housekeeper/nurse Hilda and ordered her to keep tabs on Doreen's every move. Jason learned Rob and Mary are in cahoots.

OCTOBER 9-13, 1989

Doreen finally admitted to Ruth that she is pregnant, but didn't tell Ruth that the baby is Adam's. Henry didn't believe Adam, who said that Martin was up to no good when he sent Henry out of town on a promotional tour. Rob and Ruth are both trying to buy the old Whitmore estate. Sam lied to Jessica that she wouldn't tell Jason how Jessica and Mary stole his inheritance. Jason hired lady lawyer Gail Brinkley to help him get his rightful inheritance from Jessica and Mary. Monique agreed to marry Jason.

OCTOBER 16-20, 1989

Sam stole the bedroom video tape Rob made of their lovemaking session weeks ago. Rob panicked when Sam threatened to send the tape to Jessica, but sent a cartoon tape instead. Jessica was stunned at the price Rob had agreed to pay for the old Whitmore estate. Rob objected to Jessica's suggestion that Jason and Monique live with them after they are married. Monique forgave Sam for not telling that Monique had been posing for Jason. Jessica confessed to Jason that she and Mary stole his inheritance money.

OCTOBER 23-27, 1989

Doreen admitted to Adam that she is expecting a baby, but lied that Martin is the father. Sam and Monique were stunned to learn that Rob and Jessica bought the Whitmore estate. Jason's lawyer served court papers on a surprised Jessica and Mary. Rob vowed that he won't let Jason take away the inheritance money from Jessica. Jason rejected Mary and Jessica's offer to give him several thousand dollars from the inheritance money. Sam kept the bedroom video, suspecting that someday she can use it against Rob.


Sam took an immediate interest in Jason's friend, Paul Jarre, who flew in from Brussels. Jason gave a financially strapped Paul a check to help him out. Paul owes money to a mystery person. Jason blackmailed Rob with the bedroom tape which Sam had given him. Rob then asked Jessica to sign Jason's settlement agreement. Mary agreed to sign the agreement. Doreen learned that Adam has never been tested for sickle cell anemia, which could affect her unborn baby. Hotel owner Jordan offered Adam a job. Rob has a gun.

NOVEMBER 6-10, 1989

A drunken Rob sneaked into Jason's loft apartment. Later, Adam found Jason, who had been shot to death. Kyle promised Monique that he would find the person who killed Jason on the day they were to have been married. Jessica told a stunned Rob that she and Mary settled with Jason about the dispute over his inheritance. Jessica noticed a gun was missing from her home, but had later been returned. Doreen was urged to make sure that the baby's father has a test for sickle cell anemia.

NOVEMBER 13-17, 1989

Doreen admitted to Chantal that she had an affair with Adam. Doreen convinced Chantal to talk to Adam, who finally consented to have a test for sickle cell anemia. When Martin accidentally saw the results of Adam's negative sickle cell test, he began to suspect that Doreen may be carrying Adam's baby. Monique was livid when Jessica got a lot of press during Jason's funeral. Detective Kyle Masters heard Monique refer to the inheritance money that Jessica and Mary had stolen from Jason.

NOVEMBER 20-24, 1989

Martin had Joel sneak into the clinic and change the results of Adam's sickle cell anemia test from negative to positive. After Chantal told Adam that Doreen insisted he have the test for sickle cell, Adam confronted Doreen and forced her to admit she is carrying his baby. Rob smashed up his car when he suddenly remembered the night he got drunk, he shot Jason. Jessica was stunned when Kyle told her that she owns the gun that was used to kill Jason. Henry was upset when Ruth said she bought the Whitmore estate.


Sam learned Jason was killed with Jessica's antique gun. After recovering from his car accident, Rob confessed to Kyle that he had killed Jason. After hearing Kyle make a mysterious phone call, a suspicious Sam hid in the back of Kyle's car while spying on him. Adam confronted Martin after learning that Martin had changed the results of Adam's sickle cell anemia test from negative to positive. After breaking up a fight between Adam and Martin, Doreen said she is sick of them both. Monique visited Jason's grave.

DECEMBER 4-8, 1989

A stunned Sam watched as Kyle met with Jason, who is alive. Jason told Sam he is hiding because he found Paul's body after Paul was murdered in Jason's apartment. Sam took Monique to Jason and the two had a romantic reunion. Jessica insisted to Rob that remembering that he killed Jason is all in Rob's head because he was drunk that night. Henry was stunned to learn Ruth sold her Marshall's Ice Cream stock to Martin. A bigoted woman, Helen Mullin, was upset to learn the Marshalls are moving into the Whitmore mansion.

DECEMBER 11-15, 1989

Henry threw a fit when he learned Ruth sold her shares of Marshall's Ice Cream to Martin, who is now running the business without consulting Henry. Martin was upset when Ruth said she wants to buy back her stock. Martin got even more upset when he learned the IRS wants to audit the company. Kyle warned Sam and Monique that they've jeopardized Jason's safety by being with him at the cabin. Doreen was upset that Adam didn't ask her to move in with him. Doreen was hurt when Adam went out with newcomer Maya.

DECEMBER 18-22, 1989

Kyle had Jason blow up a photo that was taken with Paul's camera and the photo showed that a woman, not Rob, had actually shot Paul. Kyle later stole a gun from Mary because it matched the gun in the photo. Kyle told his superior, Lt. Corelli, that he thinks Mary's gun was used to kill Paul. Mary has gloves like the one in the photo. Doreen subtly accused Helen and her husband Charles of being racist. Helen had some thugs spray paint racial slurs on the walls of the Whitmore mansion to scare Ruth and her family away.

DECEMBER 25-29, 1989

Mary nearly died of a heart attack when she came face-to-face with Jason, who she thought was dead. Jason told Mary that Paul was the person who was murdered. Jason told Mary that a photo was taken of Paul’s murder. Mary mixed ground pills in the trifle she made for Jason and Monique. Jason and Monique collapsed after eating the trifle. Sam was stunned when Kyle told her that Mary killed Paul. Rob tried to remember what he did the day of Paul’s murder. Ruth wants to sell the Whitmore mansion before someone gets hurt.

JANUARY 1-5, 1990

Mary was arrested. Jason and Monique were hospitalized after Mary tried to poison them. Monique was in a coma until Jason talked to her and she murmured his name. Kyle told Laura, Trevor, Jessica and Rob that Mary murdered Paul when she mistook him for Jason. Doreen covered when Ruth saw Adam with his hand on her stomach to feel the baby to kick. Kyle was upset when Sam dated Jordan. Maya agreed to have dinner with Adam. Martin was stunned when the IRS said he owes them $3 million dollars.

JANUARY 8-12, 1990

After his release from the hospital, Jason and a still hospitalized Monique were married in a ceremony conducted at her bedside. Maya was stunned when Adam kept his promise and got her a job at Jordan's hotel. After being threatened by a mysterious man, Maya phoned Adam and said that she couldn't accept the job. Because of his financial trouble with the IRS, Martin signed his assets over to Doreen, but didn't tell her that the deal included the Marshall Ice Cream stock he bought from Ruth. Kyle's attracted to Sam.

JANUARY 15-19, 1990

Adam was relieved when Vivian and Ruth reconciled their differences and Vivian agreed to move into the old Whitmore mansion with Ruth and Henry. Martin sold Ruth worthless stocks when she paid him for the return of the stock she sold him to get the money to buy the Whitmore mansion. The real Marshall Ice Cream stocks are in an unwitting Doreen's name. Maya agreed to teach dance/ aerobics at Jordan's hotel health club. Maya lied when Adam questioned her about her social security number. Sam spent time with Jordan.

JANUARY 22-26, 1990

Rob defended Dr. Daniel Reubens to Kyle, who believes Reubens is guilty of blowing up a company that made a cold medicine that killed Daniel's wife. Daniel is also accused of killing a man who died in the explosion. Daniel feels guilty that Maya, who is his daughter, has had to live a secret life. Maya was upset when Daniel said they have to move again. Daniel nixed letting Rob write a book about him. Sam and Kyle shared a passionate kiss. Helen was beaten up by her abusive and bigoted husband, Charles.


Through Ted's license plate number, Rob found the coffeehouse/bookstore where Maya and Daniel are living. Rob was stunned to find a pal from college, Kate, working in the bookstore. Kate has been hiding Daniel and watching over Maya. Doreen guessed that Martin arranged to have their apartment robbed. Martin instructed Joel not to fence a wedding ring that belonged to Doreen's mother. Jason and Jessica were shocked to learn that before Mary was committed, she hid the money she stole from Hugh's estate.

FEBRUARY 5-9, 1990

Ruth and her family moved into the Whitmore mansion despite the objection from some of their new neighbours. After one of the movers cased the Marshall mansion, a snake later slithered toward an unsuspecting Ruth. Charles informed Helen that she is not to socialize with the Marshalls. Kyle doesn't want Sam to continue working for Jordan. Rob and Jessica spoke with Mary, who admitted she hid the money she stole from Hugh's estate. Daniel insisted to Rob he wasn't responsible for the explosion at Newton Laboratory.

FEBRUARY 12-16, 1990

Jason and Monique learned Mary bought diamonds with the money she stole from Hugh's estate. Mary remembered stashing the diamonds in a stuffed moose head. Jessica and a desk clerk, Sid, plotted to ruin Sam, but their efforts kept backfiring. Adam encouraged Maya to tell Daniel that Adam knows about his past. Daniel slugged Adam, who he believes is a drug dealer. Kyle is suspicious of Jordan. Ruth and her family are determined not to be driven out of their home even though they are being harassed by bigots.

FEBRUARY 19-23, 1990

When Charles choked on a peanut, Helen called the Marshalls for help. Henry saved Charles by using the Heimlich maneuver to dislodge the peanut. It wasn't easy for a bigoted Charles to thank Henry for saving him, but he did. Daniel agreed to let Rob go to Lt. Corelli with Daniel's story of what happened at the time the pharmaceutical lab was blown up. Corelli let Rob look through his records on the case. Kyle was miffed that Sam couldn't go away with him because she was going to Washington, D.C., on a publicity trip.


Lewis, the mover who released the snake in the Marshall home, planted a bomb in a floral arrangement before Ruth's housewarming party got under way. When Henry confronted Lewis about the snake, he told the party-goers about the bomb. Charles grabbed the bomb from the floral arrangement. Adam worried that Maya will be harmed because of Daniel's past. Joel took an interest in Laura, who learned that Trevor has a mistress. Daniel revived Doreen when she fainted in a restaurant. Jordan and Kyle sparred over Sam.

MARCH 5-9, 1990

Everyone praised Charles, who saved the lives of Ruth's party guests by throwing Lewis' bomb out a window just before it exploded. Doreen was suspicious that Charles knew exactly what to do with the bomb, but he explained he was a demolitions expert during the war. Charles insisted to Helen he wasn't involved with the bombing incident. Daniel admitted to Rob that Lester Barton, who was killed in the Norton laboratories bombing, had been working for him and tried to steal records from the company. Doreen is intrigued by Daniel, who told her his wife died and he has no children.

MARCH 12-16, 1990

Doreen was stunned when she realized Martin plans to use her newspaper interview on the racist acts against the Marshall family to promote Marshall's Ice Cream sales. Ruth laced into Doreen for revealing to the public the racist attacks against her family. At Johnny's Hideaway, a pregnant Doreen was accidentally shot when an irate husband and his wife's lover struggled over a gun. Mary worried that the stuffed moose head containing her stash of diamonds may have been damaged when the bomb went off at the Marshall mansion. Kyle told Sam he was forced to send his brother to a prison farm.

MARCH 19-23, 1990

After Doreen was wounded, Daniel delivered her baby daughter in the ambulance on the way to the hospital. Daniel split after Doreen was admitted to the hospital. Adam was stunned to learn Daniel delivered Adam and Doreen's baby. At the hospital, Martin claimed he is the father of Adam and Doreen's baby. Mary, who was released from the mental hospital on a 12-hour pass, was furious when Vivian said that Mary's stuffed moose head was missing. Kyle tried to catch up to Mary because he is convinced she will try to retrieve the diamonds she bought with money stolen from Jason's inheritance.

MARCH 26-30, 1990

Jordan tipped a mystery person that Eddie the hit man was staying in his hotel under police guard. Eddie later killed a hit man sent to kill him and took Sam hostage. Jason and Kyle suspected that Mary forgot where she hid the diamonds, but she insisted that she knows where they are hidden but she just doesn't know where they are now. Helen arranged for Maya to give her a private exercise class at home. Trevor told Laura that he is having an affair, but doesn't want to end his marriage. Henry went on TV and talked about the racist attacks on his family.

APRIL 2-6, 1990

Jessica screamed, distracting Eddie, which allowed Sam to escape from him. Eddie was about to drop his gun when Jordan suddenly shot him in the back and killed him. Kyle fumed that Jordan killed Eddie, who was to be a witness against organized crime figures. Jessica told Jordan she will keep quiet that she saw him meet with the hit man who tried to kill Eddie. Doreen kept mum when Martin asked why she named her baby Danielle. Daniel went to see Doreen and the baby, but when Martin came home, Daniel pretended to be an insurance salesman. Jordan is sending Sam to London on "business."

APRIL 9-13, 1990

Helen gave Maya a doll she had admired in Helen's collection. When Daniel saw the doll, he realized that Helen was the woman that he had once been friends with when Maya was a little girl. An unwitting Sam delivered a stolen painting to Jordan, thinking that she was delivering blueprints. Jordan gave the painting to a Mr. Harrington. Adam got friendly with Rita and learned that she bets heavily on the horses. Martin fumed when Adam stood in for Henry at Danielle's christening. Kyle is still convinced Jordan purposely killed Eddie. Jordan and Jessica are getting chummy.

APRIL 16-20, 1990

Charles warned Helen that she can't substitute Maya for their daughter, Karen, who died after Helen gave her Rioxin, the same medication that killed Maya's mother. Adam agreed to continue seeing Rita since she may give him a lead that could clear Daniel of murder charges. Meanwhile, Rita was in bed with Helen's husband, Charles. Kyle agreed to investigate when Chantal reported that a mystery person has been threatening her. Sam agreed to move in with Kyle. Laura bit the bullet and told her friends that she and Trevor have separated. Joel ignored Doreen's order to stay away from Laura.

APRIL 23-27, 1990

Kyle investigated the threats against Chantal. Maya was pleased when Daniel brought Helen home with him, and said that she can spend time with her again. Charles got drunk when Helen refused to make up with him after the recent beating he gave her. Martin spoke with a drunken Charles, and was interested to learn that Charles and Helen had a daughter who died. Jordan made plans to send Sam to Paris to unwittingly smuggle another stolen painting into the United States. Sam moved in with Kyle. Rita taunted Charles about how his friends would react if they knew he had a black mistress.

APRIL 30-MAY 4, 1990

Kyle tailed Rob to the coffeehouse/clinic where Daniel has been hiding out. Kyle went after Daniel, who escaped by jumping from one building roof to another. Daniel was injured in the jump. Daniel's cohort, Nicky, took him to Doreen's place. Kyle's boss, Corelli, questioned Rob and Kate, but they didn't give any information on Daniel. Corelli thinks Daniel is guilty of the murder of Rita's husband, but Kyle is beginning to wonder if Daniel is innocent. At Charles' insistence, Rita told Adam she can't see him anymore. A spying Adam learned Rita's married lover is a white man (Charles).

MAY 7-11, 1990

Monique was stunned when Trevor's mistress, Cheryl, asked her to encourage Laura to file for a divorce from Trevor. Charles realized Maya is Daniel's daughter. Maya decided to look for the cufflinks that will prove Charles is Rita's mystery lover. Adam kept seeing Rita in an attempt to get her to break down and admit what she knows about the Newton Laboratory explosion. Remembering the night of the explosion, Rita warned Charles it is going to cost him if she has to leave town. Doreen was shocked to find out Daniel knows Charles. Charles told Rita about Adam's identity.

MAY 14-18, 1990

After realizing that Daniel was on to Rita, Charles demanded that she leave town. Daniel can't figure out why Charles set him up. Charles and Rita argued over an audio tape that incriminates him in the laboratory explosion, and the money that Rita demanded he pay her to leave town. Charles later killed Rita and then took Maya hostage. Adam found Maya's locket in Rita's apartment after Rob and Doreen discovered Rita's body. Helen thanked Ruth for putting her up after she finally had the courage to leave Charles. A man named Jimmy was caught trying to set fire to Chantal’s office files.

MAY 21-25, 1990

Doreen revealed that Charles was involved with Rita and that Rita was a black woman. Ruth and Doreen comforted Helen, who botched a suicide attempt. Adam swam to Charles' yacht, where Charles left a bound Maya after setting a bomb to go off. Adam and Maya were rescued after the yacht blew up. Charles held a gun on Daniel while reminiscing about his deceased daughter, Karen. Charles and Daniel began to fight. Sam fretted over Kyle, who was wounded by Charles. Kyle lost a lot of blood. Joel blabbed to Martin that Doreen saw Adam while Martin was out of town on business with Henry.

MAY 28-JUNE 1, 1990

Charles fell from a ship to his death during a struggle with Daniel. Daniel retrieved the audio tape that Rita had been using to blackmail Charles. The tape proved Charles planted the bomb at the pharmaceutical lab, so Corelli told Daniel that he is a free man. Daniel is worried about Helen. Doreen insisted to Daniel that things are fine with her and Martin now that she told Martin about her involvement with Daniel. Jordan manipulated a recuperating Kyle into convincing Sam to go on her Paris business trip by agreeing to let Kyle go too. Adam and Maya spent time sightseeing in Chicago.

JUNE 4-8, 1990

In Paris, Kyle consulted with a French police officer, Claude, who is trying to find the person who has been stealing valuable paintings. Kyle was taken to the hospital after he collapsed. Jordan was relieved when Sam and Kyle managed to get the painting of Sam through customs without a hassle. Jordan took the fake Monet, which was hidden by the portrait of Sam. Jordan sold the fake to Mr. Harrington. Mary fumed when the diamonds weren't in the moose head. Vivian admitted she lost the original moose head. Chantal didn't believe Eric, who said he wasn't drunk when he ran over a homeless woman.

JUNE 11-15, 1990

The coach, Alex, told Eric that he is looking for a new quarterback to replace Eric because of Eric’s coming trial. Chantal is still convinced she will convict Eric. Doreen realized that Maya wants to marry Adam. Sam, Jessica, Jason and Kyle were hot on Mary’s trail, but she got a hold of the moose head and the diamonds after breaking into Kyle’s apartment. The gang lost Mary, who hopped aboard a chartered plane. Daniel read the manuscript for the book Rob has written about him. Daniel told Maya he wants to continue running his clinic instead of working at a hospital.

JUNE 18-22, 1990

Maya didn't believe Doreen, who said Adam and Martin don’t like each other because they had business problems. Later, Martin stunned Maya with the news Adam and Doreen had an affair. Daniel agreed to help Chantal find a man who was a friend of the homeless woman Eric ran over and killed. After parachuting her moose head to the ground, Mary parachuted out of the plane. When Mary woke up, she had amnesia and believes she is a real nun. A farmer and his son took Mary and the moose head to their home. Jordan was stunned when Kyle accepted a job as security chief at Jordan's hotel.

JUNE 25-29, 1990

Adam was stunned to find Maya in his bed, but he nixed making love to her because he wanted their first time to be "special." Feeling rejected, Maya came on to Eric, who eventually took her home after she got drunk. Chantal laid into Eric for letting Maya get drunk. Adam later confessed to Maya he is the father of Doreen's baby. Jason and Monique bought Windy City Magazine. Monique hired Rob without checking with Jason. Jessica slept with Reginald, but said it won't happen again after she nearly got caught by Rob. Corelli agreed to let Kyle go undercover to investigate Jordan.

JULY 2-6, 1990

Sam and Kyle consoled policeman widow Christy over the death of her husband Brad, who was shot and killed in the line of duty. Christy vowed to find the person who killed Brad. Doreen was stunned when Maya admitted she knows all about Doreen and Adam's affair. Adam fumed when Ruth said she doesn't think Maya is the girl for him. Maya was hurt when Adam couldn't comply with her request that he stay away from Doreen and Danielle. Chantal suspects Eric tried to spruce up his image by bringing former Miss America Suzette Charles to the fundraiser for Daniel's clinic. Reginald seduced Jessica again.

JULY 9-13, 1990

Ruth confronted Doreen after she saw Daniel and Doreen kissing. Doreen played down her involvement with Daniel, but was later stunned when he came right out and said that he cares about her. Maya sped off in her car, leaving Lamar at a drive-in after fending off his physical advances. Jordan was watching on a monitor when Sam found his secret security system. Sam was upset Kyle is staying on the police force so he and Christy can work together to find Brad's killer. Reginald made love to Jessica in some bushes and in a supply closet. Chantal looked for Red in hopes he will testify at Eric's trial.

JULY 16-20, 1990

A jealous Sam is convinced that there is something going on between Kyle and Christy. Kyle admitted he and Christy had a brief romance before she married Brad. As Eric's hit-and-run trial got under way, Chantal vowed to prove to the jury that Eric was drunk at the time he ran down Margaret, the homeless woman. Eric's lawyer insisted his client used cough medication that affected his breathalyzer test. Corelli, Kyle and Christy got a lead on Brad's killer. Doreen was relieved to learn Maya hasn't told Daniel that Adam fathered Doreen's baby. Rob noticed Reginald, who stared at Jessica.

JULY 23-27, 1990

Eric was upset when a woman who supposedly witnessed Margaret's hit-and-run death, testified she saw him that night and he was drunk. Maya is determined to keep Doreen away from Daniel. After an ancient Oriental vase broke during the opening of the hotel art gallery, Jordan fired Sam, who had her hand on the vase when it started to fall. When everyone left the gallery, Reginald replaced a remote control pedestal, which he used to cause the vase to fall, with the real pad. Kyle fumed when Sam's interruption caused him to lose Brad's killer.

JULY 30-AUGUST 3, 1990

Reginald and Jordan schemed to replace the Oriental art exhibit with fakes after Mr. Chu agreed to let the art objects be part of the official gallery opening. Reginald told Jordan he switched the real vase for a fake just before Sam broke what everyone thought was the priceless vase. Adam urged Kyle to make up with Sam, but Kyle fumed when he found Sam and Jordan together. Christy secretly hopes Kyle and Sam won’t patch things up. Ruth is worried about Henry’s health. Eric’s mother, Benita, told the court she gave him cough medicine the night he was accused of running down Margaret.

AUGUST 6-10, 1990

Mary insisted to Pa she wanted to go to the farmer's market with Junior. Jessica objected when Jason wanted to drop the reward he is offering for information on Mary's whereabouts. On the witness stand, Chantal forced Eric to admit he phoned his agent before he phoned the police after he suspected he struck someone with his car. Eric continued to insist he wasn't drunk when he ran down Margaret. Christy was secretly pleased when Kyle said he is finished with Sam. Monica objected when Jason gave Sam a job at the art gallery. Kyle and Christy received another lead on the man who killed Brad.

AUGUST 13-17, 1990

Sam realized that Jessica and Reginald have been sneaking around. Rob was angry when he caught Jessica and Reginald flirting. Pa and Junior convinced Mary she should accept Pa's marriage proposal, and they were later married. Pa had shown Junior the flyer offering a reward for information on Mary. Jessica was stunned when Mary showed up at the art gallery opening. Mary regained her memory just before Kyle led her, Pa and Junior away. Christy lied that she shot Brad's killer when he went for his gun and then came at her. Martin told Jordan he is interested in purchasing some art works.

AUGUST 20-24, 1990

Kyle, Monique and Jason went to the farm with Pa (Vern), Junior and Mary. Kyle, Monique and Jason were stunned when Pa (Vern) said the diamonds had probably been plowed into the corn field after he and Junior rescued Mary. Pa let Mary know he had hidden the diamonds. Sam, who nearly suffocated in the Oriental chest, managed to free herself, then was stunned to see all the art objects Jessica and Reginald had stolen and replaced with fakes. Adam and Maya made love. The jury found Eric guilty of negligent homicide in Margaret's death. Rob learned of Jessica's affair with Reginald.

AUGUST 27-31, 1990

Jordan convinced Sam that Mr. Chu had used fakes of the Oriental art during the gallery opening and then replaced them with the originals later. Maya told Adam she and Daniel are both glad she had her first sexual encounter with him. Chantal said in a TV interview she will see that Eric receives the maximum sentence for his negligent homicide conviction. Chantal later had an encounter with Eric at Johnny's Hideaway. When Chantal left the bar she was cornered by three men who had harassed her for prosecuting Eric. Jordan told Reginald to leave town for a while and take Jessica with him.

SEPTEMBER 3-7, 1990

After Eric rescued Chantal from the three men who accosted her, he escorted her home. Chantal insisted to Ruth that despite the fact Eric helped her, she is still pushing for him to receive the maximum sentence for his negligent homicide conviction. Monique agreed to give Rob a leave of absence from the magazine so he can go to Hollywood to write a screenplay. Rob fumed when Jessica tried to convince him to take her to Hollywood even though he had insisted their marriage is over. Reginald vowed to make sure Sam doesn't cause him any more trouble. Christy is upset Sam and Kyle reconciled.

SEPTEMBER 10-14, 1990

Jason and Monique were suspicious when Reginald convinced art expert, Aurora, she was wrong about the Buddha being a fake. Reginald assured a mystery caller he will soon have the money to pay off his debt. Reginald covered himself when Jessica nearly caught him in a tryst with a hotel maid. Martin arranged to sell his shares of Marshall's Ice Cream to P&K Industries. Maya was puzzled when Martin lied to Todd Kelsey that Henry was out of town and wouldn't attend their meeting on the sale of Martin's stock. A mystery person photographed Doreen and Daniel, who parked by a lake and started to make love.

SEPTEMBER 17-21, 1990

Maya and Adam were stunned that Martin arranged to sell Todd Kelsey 75 percent of Henry's ice cream company. Henry, Adam and Maya learned Martin gave Ruth a phoney stock certificate when she repaid the loan he gave her. Martin gave Daniel the photos taken of Daniel and Doreen making love by the lake. After Daniel showed Doreen the photos, she took Danielle and walked out on Martin, leaving him a note. Sam told Kyle their relationship is over. Kyle told Christy they shouldn't have slept together, but she begged him not to dump her. Rob left for Hollywood after saying good bye to Sam and Jessica.

SEPTEMBER 24-28, 1990

Doreen warned Ruth and Henry that Martin was planning to sell his company stock to Todd Kelsey and then leave the country. Doreen, Henry, Ruth, Adam and Maya all worked against Martin, who fumed when he learned his deal with Todd Kelsey was null and void because Doreen rescinded the power of attorney she had given Martin. Doreen panicked when she learned Martin kidnapped Danielle and told Doreen she has to leave with him if she wants to see her daughter again. Sam was stunned when Jordan arranged for her to take her final biology exam so she can graduate from college. A jail guard harassed Eric.

OCTOBER 1-5, 1990

In an Istanbul cafe, Peter Whitmore kissed his lover, Melina, goodbye and headed home despite his 20-year absence. He was followed. Vivian was stunned when Peter knocked on the door of the Whitmore (Marshall) mansion. Sam told Adam she will never forgive her father, Peter, for deserting the family. Adam convinced Joel to turn against Martin, and Adam later returned Danielle to Doreen while Martin took off in his jet. After losing Danielle, Martin made sure Ruth and Henry learned Adam is Danielle's father. Christy stalked Sam.

OCTOBER 8-12, 1990

Vivian slammed the door in Peter's face after warning him to stay away from her and the family. Jordan took an interest in Peter when he paid cash for his room at the hotel and said he had been out of town for several years. Peter couldn't take his eyes off Ruth when he saw her. Rudy, a government agent, warned Peter he put himself in danger by returning to Chicago. Christy trapped Sam in a college biology lab storage room rigged with a timer that released a lethal gas into the room. Despite his fear of being labeled a snitch, Eric told Kyle that Harris is behind the jail drug trade.

OCTOBER 15-19, 1990

Christy went to the hotel bar to celebrate when she thought Sam had died from the poison gas she released into the lab storage room. After knocking down the storage room door, Jordan had Sam rushed to the hospital. Christy tried to smother Sam, who remembered seeing Christy's face in the window of the storage room door. Jordan arrived in time to save Sam and the police arrested Christy. Peter proudly watched when Sam accepted her college diploma. Adam broke up with Maya after she started a cat fight with Doreen. Peter told Ruth he left town years ago after testifying against a gangster.

OCTOBER 22-26, 1990

Chantal convinced Eric to let Daniel do some medical tests on him to determine if he has an illness that makes him appear to be drunk. After noticing the back of Sam's portrait was different from when he and Sam brought it to the U.S., Kyle realized he could hove smuggled a stolen Monet into this country for Jordan without knowing it. Maya apologized for starting the fight with Doreen. Ruth told Peter that Sam hates him because he deserted her when she was a child. Ruth sang along with Peter, who has a job playing piano at the Winston Hotel Bar. Peter told Sam his name is “Pete Williams.”


Sam got to know Pete (Peter) better, but when she asked about his family he became silent, not wanting to clue her in that he is her father. Daniel gave Eric a physical and learned he suffers from hypoglycemia, which would have caused him to appear drunk at the time he ran down Margaret. Armed with the new evidence, Chantal vowed to get Eric's conviction overturned. Kyle is determined to prove Jordan is an art thief. Adam questioned his decision to break up with Maya after learning she apologized for the fight with Doreen. Mary and Vern are enjoying a new lifestyle thanks to the diamonds.

NOVEMBER 5-9, 1990

At the prison farm, Eric was surprised to learn fellow prisoner, Sean, is Kyle's brother, Sean said Kyle was responsible for sending him to jail after he unwittingly got mixed up in an armed robbery. Kyle realized Jordan managed a switch after an art expert said the Oriental art objects were authentic. Sam refused to believe Kyle, who told her Jordan used her to smuggle a stolen Monet into the country. Doreen was uneasy when Daniel said he wants to plan their future now that she has filed for a divorce from Martin. Sam was stunned to see her childhood photo in Pete's (Peter) hotel room.

NOVEMBER 12-16, 1990

Sam didn't want to believe Peter when he admitted he is her father. Sam refused to listen when Peter tried to explain he loves her despite the fact he was forced to desert her when she was a child. Ruth agreed to help Peter when he said he decided to stay in town and try to get through to Sam. Jordan encouraged Sam's hatred toward Peter. Kyle phoned Rob, who said he gave Sam a piece of the Ming vase he had retrieved after Sam was accused of breaking it. Henry comforted Chantal, who resigned her job as assistant state's attorney to continue helping Eric. Henry finally met Peter.

NOVEMBER 19-23, 1990

Ruth was secretly happy to learn from Peter that he is going to stay and try to work things out with Sam. Ruth admitted she misses seeing her granddaughter, Danielle, and is worried Doreen won't let her see the child because of their rift. Doreen told Henry that Martin refuses to give her a divorce. Sam gave Kyle her piece of the broken Ming vase, and after the piece was examined, Kyle learned the vase had been a fake, Kyle went after Sam who flew to Jamaica with Jordan, Jordan arranged a wedding, but Sam couldn’t say “I do.” Eric thanked Chantal when his sentence was overturned.

NOVEMBER 26-30, 1990

Sam nixed marrying Jordan on his jet, but they did tie the knot once they landed in Jamaica. Kyle arrived on the scene just as Sam and Jordan exchanged vows. Kyle begged Sam to leave Jordan after telling her the Ming vase she broke was a fake, which proves Jordan is on art thief. Eric kissed Chantal, who nixed helping him celebrate his release from prison. Eric told Sean to look him up when he is released from prison. Daniel was upset when Doreen said she is not ready to commit to him or any other man. Doreen and Ruth reconciled after Ruth saved Danielle from choking to death.

DECEMBER 3-7, 1990

Peter phoned Melina in Istanbul and she warned him that someone connected to the Taylor crime family was there asking questions about him. Jordan was not pleased to see his brother, Mitchell Taylor, who wants Jordan to buy a hotel in Spain so the “family” will have a place to launder their dirty money. After learning that Jordan married Sam, Mitchell reminded him that Peter Whitmore testified against their father Nicholas. Adam agreed to let Maya move in with him on a trial basis, but she took over the place. Jordan warned Sam that she would be signing Peter’s death warrant if she had their marriage annulled.

DECEMBER 10-14, 1990

Henry admitted to a curious Chantal that he and Ruth made love before they were married, which explains her "premature" birth. Henry let Peter search the mansion attic, where Peter found a bank book he said is his "insurance" against the Taylor crime family. Peter told Sam he once testified against the Taylor crime family and they are still out to make him pay for it. Sam realized Jordan has a connection to the Taylor “family.” Henry agreed Peter could hide at the Marshall mansion. Doreen was stunned when her nephew, Tyrell, announced he would be staying with her while he attends college.

DECEMBER 17-21, 1990

At Ruth's urging, Peter accepted Henry’s offer to let him hide out in the Marshall mansion. Peter told Ruth he'll leave if he feels he's causing her family any trouble. Via Jordan, Peter got word to Mitchell he would hand over the Swiss bank book in exchange for his freedom. Mitchell wants Peter dead. Chantal feels she doesn't fit in with Eric's friends. Eric's former girl, Wendy, warned Chantal to stay away from Eric. Kyle forced Reginald into helping him nail Jordan on art-theft charges. Doreen's wheels started turning when she noticed Tyrell's interest in Maya.

DECEMBER 24-28, 1990

Sam was kidnapped after seeing Madame Rosa, the fortune teller. Mitchell, who kidnapped Sam, warned Jordan she wouldn't be released until he killed Peter. Monique and Jason rescued Sam. Jordan faked shooting Peter for Mitchell's benefit. Kyle arrested Jordan, who said he would help get the goods on his half-brother Mitchell. Mitchell shot and killed Jordan with Kyle's gun after learning of Jordan's planned double-cross. Before he died, Jordan lied to Sam that Kyle shot him. Ruth and Peter talked about the night they spent together years before.

DECEMBER 31, 1990-JANUARY 4, 1991

When Rebecca's associate, Graham, told her Jordan had been shot and killed, Rebecca decided to go to Chicago to see Sam. Peter took Sam and Ruth to the Marshall mansion so the police wouldn't know they had been at the site of Jordan's killing. Mitchell was arrested after Kyle smoked him out of hiding by taking the rap for Jordan's death and by letting Mitchell think Peter was dead. Rebecca was stunned to see Peter when she arrived home. Vivian kept mum when Henry asked her about the man (Peter) from the Music Box club, whom she and Ruth claimed was Chantal's father. Adam feels Maya is smothering him.

JANUARY 7-11, 1991

Rebecca didn't believe Peter's reasons for abandoning her and the children years ago. Sam fumed when Rebecca made plans to sell the Winston Hotel once Jordan's will is settled. Sam told Rebecca she is not selling the hotel but she will run it by herself. Peter, who had been reminiscing about the night he and Ruth slept together, told Ruth he bought back the Music Box nightclub. Ruth was happy for Peter, but became upset when she learned Doreen will be working at the club. Peter asked Ruth to sing at the club on opening night. Maya threw her birth control pills down the drain.

JANUARY 14-18, 1991

After visiting Sean in prison, Kyle agreed Chantal can handle Sean's probation hearing. Jessica is jealous that Jordan left his entire estate to Sam. Doreen convinced Peter to let her be a partner in his nightclub, but was furious when she learned Peter asked Ruth to be headliner for opening night. Doreen conned Vivian into telling her about Ruth and Peter's romantic past. Peter insisted to Rebecca that he and Ruth are just friends. After seeing Eric with Brandy, Adam warned Eric he had better not hurt Chantal. Sam admitted to Rebecca she and Jordan never consummated their marriage.

JANUARY 18-25, 1991

Chantal returned Eric's engagement ring after Brandy announced she and Eric are married. Eric swore to Chantal he thought Brandy had divorced him years ago. Later, Eric and Chantal reconciled. Henry was miffed when Ruth sang at the opening of Peter's nightclub, but they later patched things up. Rebecca realized that years ago Peter and Ruth had an affair. Dylan Hale claimed to be Jordan's son, but Sam suspects he is a con man. Sam fired Rebecca after realizing that she is in cahoots with Dylan. Jessica was stunned to see Aunt Mary and Vern at Peter's club.

The show last aired on Friday, January 25th.

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