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February 11-15, 2008


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I hope GH continues to fall. This show needs new writers badly. This TMK story is beyond stupid. They killed off characters the viewers loved for no good reason. The baby Jake story is worse then the baby Michael story ever could have been. Jason found out he was going to be a father a year ago and he still isn't a year later? The truth about Jake should have come out on the stand back in August and the fall out play out for month before the ball. Instead we have a boring story that is being dragged out months and months. The drama has been completely removed from this story. Lucky finding out was lackluster because it lasted way to long and then it ended up meaning nothing with them all going back to the same old same old lie. Carly finding out gave us a few good scene between Liz and Carly but has been dropped. Carly would never let Liz get away with keeping Jake from Jason and Carly wouldn't care what Jason wanted. She would make a disaster out of this mess and made it so much more entertaining. Instead we have Carly as this meek mouse who isn't doing anything. She would rip Liz's hair out strand by strand before she let Liz get away with keeping Jason from his son. No one looks good in this story and it has last so long it's beyond boring.

Sam- It was believable Sam would do what she did but she would get her revenge and move on. She wouldn't be wallowing in self-pity. Sam doesn't owe Liz or Jason anything. No one is beholden to lie for them.

Lucky-was the biggest loser. People were guessing Jake was Jason but he couldn't buy a clue and he's a cop? LOL! Now he is lying about Jake to get back at Jason. He gets to keep Jason from his son. This from the man who knows what it feels like to be betrayed and lie to? Is now lying about Jake? Setting Jake up to be devastated by the lies he now helps tell. That is the most insane thing. With the amount of people who know the truth how can anyone believe it can stay secret from the few left who don’t know?

Liz- She used to her innocent baby to keep a grown man sober? Remarried a man she didn't love and created a family based on lies and a marriage based not only on lies but she couldn't have been over Lucky's cheating with Maxie not to mention if danger was a concern to her as it is now. How could she remarry a barely out of rehab addict and put him with two kids? As for danger Lucky isn't safer. The show may want to gloss over the fact. Helena hates everything Spencer and making Jake a fake Spencer puts him in danger from Helena’s wrath. Now to mention cops have enemies. Truth is what would stop the Zaccara from telling Lucky they will harm his family if he doesn’t back off an investigation of them or Johnny? Lucky isn’t safer for Jake he never was. Liz feels guilty about maybe running down Sam but not by keeping Jason from his son or lying to her son every day of his life. How can Liz not think of the emotional damage she will do to Jake when he learns the truth and he will because to many people know the truth. I remember Liz once said she wish she would have been shot or stab then raped because at least the physical wounds would heal. So Liz thinks setting the child she claim to love up with emotional scars he may never get over are better then telling the truth? Liz isn’t doing what is best for Jake but what is best for her because when it comes to her kids Liz doesn’t like to share. She did it to Zander she doing it to Jason. Liz already has one child who will never know his father how could she ever think it right to do that to her second child? She knew who Jason was. She has no excuses to be playing you are to dangerous card.

Jason- Jason has always been a champion of the mothers but there comes a time when you need to man up and it’s time for Jason to man up and do what is best for Jake and that is to tell the truth. You give up the job before you ever give up your child. You don’t set your child up to be devastated that is whole life is a lie because he has been lied to sense birth.

It was a horrible story told from the beginning and has only gotten worse the longer they drag it out. If Jason and Liz don't want anyone else to tell the truth about Jake, I suggest they both grow up and tell it themselves. The truth is if safety of children were the barometer used to allow you to be a parent to your child. No one in PC would have children. I believe Jason loves Liz look what he has done for her. It’s Liz I have no faith in. How can she claim to love Jason but hurt him by keeping his son from him? GH that isn’t romance it’s just crap. Jason has put it all on line for Liz needs to do the same and stop hiding in the shadows and lying.

GH needs new writers who can tell a story and not drag a bad story out. A story with a beginning a middle and an end and in the end you get why you took the journey and we need real romance and love not Guza sick version of love.

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.....all I can say is at least no soaps dropped. It feels so great to be a Y&R fan. Josh & Maria have done a great job cleaning up her stories and moving on as if she never existed. Y&R is has been really good.

ABC's low ratings prove there needs to be regime changes up top at an executive level and up top at a creative level.

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Sylph's two ratings charts are interesting. I'm glad he put the whole period of LML's run, because it really does show what did--and did not--happen.

When LML joined the show, it was averaging a 4.3 rating.

It now seems to be averaging a 4.2 rating.

So, in those terms, the effect of LML seems to be trivial or irrelevant or--maybe--causing slight attrition (0.1).

Now, it's tempting to look at that run of 3.9-4.0 that was happening shortly before her firing. In the graph, that looks like she was hemmorhaging viewers...but at its' lowest, that was a drop of only 0.4 points from when she joined the show...other shows have almost that much week to week fluctuation!

I think the FASCINATING trend...the one that is meaningful...is that within the same LML reign she went from highs of 4.6 to lows of 3.9. That 0.7 point spread is probably NOT trivial.

Now, what brought the ratings up to that high?

If memory serves me correctly, there were two main spikes: John Abbott's death (August 2006) and Pheila (early 2007).

Stories that most people here HATED.

So, in fact, one interpretation is that LML proved "shock and awe" works.

Another interpretation is that...since ratings fell after the Pheila spike...LML slowly lost her grip on what made the show good. Not balanced by the legacy team, she spun more and more inconsistent crap...and the ratings reflected it. That's the sort of interpretation I take from Chris B...and it's the one I tend to agree with.

But, in the main, the conclusion we have to draw is that LML had no real impact--positive OR negative--on the show's viewership. The show was left as strong when she left it as when she joined it (ratings wise). You know, that's not a bad thing. Most other "bad regimes" (Days, OLTL) have KILLED their shows...leaving a weaker product at the end than in the beginning.

LML's regime was not like that. I'm not a defender...I had the same problems most of you did at the end. But, she mostly retained vets. She mostly kept vets front burner. Her newbies were more of a mixed bag, but most of them were tied to show core families (Daniel, Kevin, Colleen, Lily). Because these were all wise choices, and because some of her biggest stories WERE rooted in Y&R's history (e.g., John's history of cardiovascular illness; Victor's history of head-butting; Brad's dark past and his one mysterious meeting with his mother during his early time on the show; Victor and Nikki's marital pendulum), the show was still recognizable at the end.

We resorted to a lot of histrionics in LML's final days. And I daresay, if she had been allowed to continue, maybe she would have damaged the show more. But, the viewpoint I think we can support at this time is that LML didn't do a great deal of harm...and even brought the show some shining dramatic and ratings moments.

Like most of life...it's not all good/all bad. There was a mix...and maybe the saddest thing for me is lost potential. If LML could have brought the show up to 4.6 or 5.0 and STAYED there...she would have been heralded as the next Gloria Monty...a re-energizer of the daypart. Of course, this is not what happened.

I hope CBS/Sony/Bell has learned their lesson, and will keep custodians of history--mixed with fresh blood, but not in power positions--in charge of this show from now on. Can the suits stop interfering from this point forward? Actually, I doubt it....

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This is a soap message board. People are going to bitch, just like people are going to praise. If you want a pro-GH board, there are plenty of them out there, where you can't say anything negative about the show.

SON has usually been pro-GH, though over the past couple of years, that has changed as more and more people are sick of the show. They have the right to express it each and every week...the same way people have the right to praise it. If you don't like what people are saying....scroll.

GH is not the only show bashed for it's storylines and writing. Do you read the AMC thread? Have you seen some of the comments in the OLTL thread? DAYS? Y&R? It happens.

People who are trying to fly under the radar really shouldn't draw attention to themselves unless they want their posting ability revoked yet again...

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Shouldn't Frons be gone by now just based on time alone? This summer he will have been Prez for six years! It seems like ABC plans to keep him in place until the bitter end because they just don't care enough about daytime to bother finding someone else.

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GH blew it after the Metro Court. Instead of fall out coming from that. It was boring. Jason and Liz lying about Jake when Lucky and Sam learning the truth and having to deal with it would have been better and what they would do with that knowledge. How would they react to seeing it draw Jason and Liz closer would it have driven them closer in a better way or would they have both tried to hold on to their partners? GH shot their ratings up in the MC hostage story then it went back to were it was. It was in September GH really started falling badly and OMG Oct was the most boring month ever. Nothing was happening on the show. November could have been so much better and december was boring again and another holiday were Funerals not family was the focus. THere aren't any stories on GH right now that are being told right or at all good. if the show wants to claim the mob is so dangerous for kids. Then its time for Jason and Sonny to get out. They shouldn't be choosing what is best for their children over a worthless Job. Either tell the mob like the Sopranos were the family isn't involved or its time for fathers Jason and Sonny to put their kids first and leave.

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      And btw, I like ya, Xander, but the best Kiriakis man always has been and always will be, Sonny
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