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  1. ome people were dropped as a baby... but i think you were thrown at a wall.

  2. They always seem to need himbos and bimbos on soaps nowadays. Think about people from the 70's/80's on soaps who would never get a chance today because they aren't chiseled guys or barbie girls. And yet...they were so much more interesting than the current crop of "actors."
  3. I don't remember the original Terrence, but the original An Li was Irene Ng, who later became a Disney Channel star.
  4. Just noticed Paige Turco in that clip also. She was someone who bored me senseless on AMC, yet I've loved her in everything I've seen her do since.
  5. I'm probably in the minority, but I preferred Gregory Gordon's original incarnation of Brian as the typical boy-next-door teenager to Matt Borlenghi's "hunkified" duh-jock version. I was actually upset when I saw they had recast that role.
  6. They were pissed with Morgan at the time, who left without any warning. Whether or not they recast out of spite toward Morgan, or because they had long-term story for Angie already planned (or a combination of both), I have no idea.
  7. I haven't looked, but after I got over the fact she looked nothing like Debbi Morgan, damn if she wasn't a really good actress. Looking back, her dramatic scenes put Debbi Morgan's recent ones (like when she saw Jesse was alive) to shame. Morgan seems like a big ole can of ham compared to Quarterman. Of course, Morgan IS Angie, and there was no replacing her. And yes, AMC has mostly had horrible recasts (I would include Kendall, lol), from Brooke to Nina to Liza to Greg to Skye to you name them....however, AMC HAS had success with recasting actors who were not working, as when they brought on a new Dixie, new Will, and others.
  8. Yeah, it was called Caged Hearts. Ken Kenitzer? WTF was that about, lol? He may be the single worst performer I've ever seen on a soap....or anywhere. He couldn't make eye contact with anyone, mumbled his lines, and couldn't figure out where he was supposed to stand. And this was all AIRED ON TV. Oy.
  9. On OLTL, I loved RC's run as Skye only in the last six months...when she discovered she was Rae's child, was framed by Todd, broke it off with Max, and told Blair/Todd where to go....on GH, I loved her during the Brenda's return story (when she was nominated for and robbed of an Emmy), and even in early Luke/Skye stuff. Other than that....she was woefully underused on GH once Brenda left and Guza focused on his own faves. But I would take her back in a heartbeat on AMC, a move that if executed properly, might make that show worth saving. But, alas....that's not going to happen. Not when AMC must focus on the bad acting of bug-eyed Ryan, vacant Kendall, and hammy Greenlee. (And ABC wonders why its soaps are in the crapper ).
  10. Ugh. Lol. Hated Carrie Genzel. Such a step down from the sophisticated enigmatic Robin Christopher. Thankfully, she got canned after about 9 months. I think Genzel is remembered more for her softcore women's prison movie than for her lackluster turn as Skye on AMC. Ah, well...to each his own
  11. Yeah, that was a case of a total reinvention of the character. Unlike the Joy recast, who showed up days after Vigard's last appearance, the Connie recast showed up nearly a year later. From spoiled princess to street-wise upstart. But somehow, it worked.
  12. Julie Ann Johnson's Joy was as if Kristen Vigard's Joy had been hit in the head with a 2 by 4. And then a baseball bat. And then a sledge hammer. COMPLETELY different character, and ruined. Also, kind of on topic.....ironically, while I've liked Liz Keifer in other roles, HER O'Neill recast on OLTL (she played the original Connie O'Neill) was much better.
  13. Well, if they had recast her with that awful Cynthia Sullivan (the so-called Jenny look-a-like, who looked more like Jenny with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome), then I'd say no, lol. But seriously....Jenny is a legend now, for those who remember her. Had they recast successfully, Jenny would probably have been forgotten by now, long ago written off happily ever after with Greg. Had they not recast successfully, Kim Delaney might've come back to reclaim the role during her lean years (early 1990's), and Jenny would be remembered as just another soap heroine who aged before our eyes, and became less and less important to the show. No, much as I despised that Jenny was killed off, I'm glad now that she wasn't allowed to be corrupted or destroyed like say Luke and Laura, or any number of other characters on the soaps who've been compromised. And frankly, post-1990's AMC doesn't deserve Jenny, anyway.
  14. I don't remember her being upset about any story, but I was pretty young at the time....I just remember of the three "biggies" who left AMC that summer, Taylor was the first to put in her notice. It hit the mags in March that she was leaving in June, before Zach even showed up. Then mid-summer word broke that Kim Delaney was leaving as Jenny. They were going to recast her, too, but then Marcy Walker announced she was defecting to Santa Barbara, and TPTB decided that was one recast too many. So Jenny was killed off.
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