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  1. You are correct. Finn is the only character we know, historical or otherwise, of that Hayden's father swindled That's not correct. When Scott became Ava's bodyguard for a few days and she asked why he needed the money, he said Raymond Berlin swindled him out of his fortune.
  2. rcade

    GH: Master Cast and Character List

    Found him: Stephen Mendel, and his full character name is Milton Sheinberg. https://www.instagram.com/p/BA2aeWXkybl/
  3. I like to think soaps have outgrown the "before I knew we were siblings I tried to make sexy time with you" plot twist.
  4. If she's Emily, her efforts to bang Jason are hella awkward.
  5. I'm looking for some more GH actors who have under 5 lines and don't appear in the credits. This time the focus is on cops.I'm issuing a BOLO for these actors who hand each other folders, deliver messages and occasionally collar perps at the PCPD.Patrolman Rogaine, who spoke to Jordan in interrogation on Oct. 16:Detective Freeze Turkey, who made history as the first cop to ever arrest Spinelli for hacking on Oct. 23:Officer Belle Grande (Ariana's sister), who investigated Emma's abduction attempt on Nov. 16:Gruff but lovable desk sergeant Jack Schitt, who Curtis spoke to on Dec. 29 and has been seen several times before:Officer Terrance "Gimme" Cash, who Curtis bribed on Dec. 29 after being let into the PCPD evidence room:(Terrance is his real first name. His surname and the motive for his greed are unknown. My theory is that he is saving for goatee implants out of envy for the follicular magnificence festooned upon Curtis's chin.)
  6. The writers credit has changed recently for Elizabeth Korte. For a while, Korte has been listed in the third batch of GH writers along with the day's script writer. I've been told this meant that she was in charge of continuity.With the Dec. 29, 2015, episode, she joined the other five writers in the second batch: Anna Theresa Cascio, Janet Iacobuzio, Katherine Schock, Chris Van Etten and Christopher Whitesell. These are the breakdown writers.It's always tough to figure out when an individual writer is doing good work on a soap, but on days when Korte is the script writer I have felt like the dialogue is pretty strong. Korte was the script writer on the Dec. 28 episode when Spinelli ran into Jason in the park, Sabrina pleaded with Michael to forgive her and Tracy kicked Paul out. That was the best episode for dialogue I have seen in a while, particularly in the Spinelli/Jason and Michael/Sabrina scenes.
  7. Thanks. James the Metro Court worker (Nelson) has been around for a while -- since 2010.
  8. I'm looking for the names of some actors who appeared on GH recently and had under 5 lines:Kenny Sharpjacket, the young hotel worker bribed by Tracy to be let into Paul's hotel room (Dec. 22):Joey Ratpack, the other hotel worker who told Jordan about the fight (Dec. 22):Special Agent Salton Pepper, the graying Interpol agent who arrested Jerry Jacks (Dec. 22):Jackie Blackmail, the photographer who helped Johnny catch Valerie being handed money (Dec. 23):Bart Bandaid, the paramedic who treated Nikolas (Dec. 23):Officer Hollister, the cop who arrested Jason after Nikolas took the Nestea plunge but missed the pool (Dec. 23):Your help would be appreciated. All the names are fake except for Officer Hollister. Jordan and Elizabeth both called him that.
  9. You think it took 3 months to improve the dialogue?
  10. Does anyone know the name of the actor playing Enrico the Opera-Loving Cassadine goon?
  11. East meets West? I'm getting a contact high from your posts, Jonnysbro. I don't know what you're smoking, but if you could hook a brother up I'd appreciate it.
  12. Twice in the past two months we've seen a young bartender at the Haunted Star. I've nicknamed him Gin Rumsfeld.He once refused to serve angry drunken Kiki:Then on Nov. 30, he served Laura a drink to toast the death of Helena Cassadine:Your help identifying the actor would be appreciated. This poor guy toils day after day, eating nothing but E coli-infested peanuts, at a bar where nobody knows your name. I like him as a potential June-August romance for Laura. She's gone so long without that Scott is starting to look good.
  13. What kind of insulting nickname is Woodpile? You're saying that Nathan is where people go to get wood.
  14. I don't remember that. The seven-month run of Whitesell/Iacabuzio was at the same time that Port Charles started and GH lost Lucy, Kevin and Scott to the new soap.
  15. The Friday Nov. 20 episode of GH had a new breakdown writer in the credits: Christopher Whitesell.He's a former head writer of As the World Turns from 2005-07 (with current GH co-head writer Jean Passanante) and has been a co-head writer of DOOL, OLTL, Sunset Beach and GH for seven months in 1997. During that time his co-headwriter was Janet Iacobuzio.