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February 11-15, 2008


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I know what you mean. I still say part of the OLTL double standard is Higley-induced PTSD (Post Trashy Story Disorder).

My original point was that all of the ABC soaps are suffering from Frons. It's all fruit of the poisonous tree. Frons has mismanaged and interfered with all three soaps. And ABC needs a top down slash and burn from management to creative. But I can be reasonable. At least I was willing to concede that Ron might do well with a co-writer instead of recommending that they fire him outright.

Frons, however, they must tie to a missile and shoot into the sun.

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Year-to-Year Loses Per Network


1. ABC -2,951,000 (3 million lost)

2. CBS -1,095,000 (1.1 million lost)

3. NBC -0 (gained 219,000 viewers with Passions factored out)


1. ABC -2.1 HH's

2. CBS -1.5 HH's

3. NBC -0 HH's (gained 200,000 households with Passions factored out)

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THIS is why GH needs Guza for sweeps stunts. hate to say it, as i dispise that man and want him gone and want GH rebuild to the greatness it once was and could be again, but it is true.

during the strike i think GH had it the worst. They were in limbo. usualy the month before sweeps is good leading into a steller sweeps storyline, but all of dec-jan was so... blah.

is GW still at GH?

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I dont even know what to say...

WOW at GL & Days! I hope both rise up. AMC needs to rop much more, it deserves to be the lowest. Why is ATWT so high? it is horrid! OLTL deserved to be a bit higher. yay for BB & YR, as always. I Hope Y&R can recover all around from what LML has done.

I dont understand how the ratings work, and i hate that they matter so much and are so not how i want them, but i guess you have to live with it.

and as for ABCD... wow. I am shocked no one high up there has been all WTF?! sadly, i see them sticking with everyone behind the scenes. I can see them blaming Guza not being there during the strike for the GH fall (and before anyone calls me out, yes i see what i posted above. i am so torn on guza & gh i flip flop. sorry), saying RC doesnt fit at OLTL, and who knows what horrid way they will spin amc. I wish i could see hope of change in the future for ABCD, but i dont.

I wish we as soap fans got to vote on pres of daytime networks!

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Well at least Frons can't blame scabs for the state AMC is in, not when B&E went Fi-Core and not since it's been said that Brown was still there all along while Esensten went on strike.

Looks like Feb. sweeps a was a big bust for ALL the ABC Soaps, AMC couldn't even get an overall ratings bump even from J&A

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    • OMG. Indeed. It's so juicy, I love it. 

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    • Not only did Dallas screw it up, we got Patrick Duffy and Larry Hagman to thank. Patrick insisted Bobby be killed off on camera. They asked him are you sure " Yes, I have no intention of ever coming back".....then Larry pissed and moaned that he didn't have his playmate he could cut up with and wanted things back to the boys club behind the scenes that he was accustomed to.  I wish they had told Patrick " Sorry, we have moved on and you should to. Good luck finding work".....I think Larry threatened to quit the show and that's why they catered to his demands. Victoria/Pam/the show became a laughing stock after that and she eventually walked away because of the decline of the writing and the show.   
    • I've seen several people on my social media that are members of the DGA that plan to vote against the deal, but I have no clue how representative that antidotal evidence is of DGA members as a whole.  Very nice to read how strong the strike vote was for SAG-AFTRA. They seem very motivated.   
    • This has probably already been discussed but SAG-AFTRA has authorized a strike in case contract talks reach an impasse.
    • I think it was more LW having something to sink her teeth into beyond posturing with Nina for 6 months. And she killed it.
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