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February 11-15, 2008


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I can't even agree, they haven't even stopped the bleeding, it's still all over the rest of the show, which is a major clusterfuck of suckiness.

I don't even agree the writing for them is phenomenal, I think the writing overall for them hasn't been that great, I think it's just that D&D can spin crap into gold is why it seems the writing for them is so good.

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Angie and Jessie don't fix all of AMC's problems but they are my definition of a foundation for repair. They are the closest thing to my definition of 'must see tv' that exists on all of ABCD. I'm glad to see them doing something to salvage the show. Now if the rest of the network would follow.

For the record be it the writing or the actors or whatever combination I'll take the combination AMC now has going in the Angie and Jessie story.

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I was home from work some this week so I tuned in to see this 'new and improved' OLTL, and while it was cool they were showing lots of 'vets', I still found it a little boring. Maybe it's because there was a lot of Kathy Brier--she's always been grating to me. I did see an awesome Nora/Lindsey scene though that made me wish Julia Barr was still on AMC--I miss the Erica/Brooke smackdowns. I do however, LOVE, Trevor St. John as Todd.

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Bo/Lindsay (again)

Who's Rex's daddy? (Let's just call him Hugh!)

Allison's secret (again)

Jared fools the Bukes (a redux of Max)

Nora/Lindsay feud (again)

Todd/Blair (the ultimate redux)

Ramsey as NuSpencer

I wonder if Ron even bothered to pen new scripts or did he just grab old ones and cross out the names? Why not just cancel the show and send everyone to YouTube? At this point I'm grateful if they put modern music in the background. I'm surprised Hootie and the Blowfish wasn't the musical guest at Starr's birthday party.

The sad thing is that Ron will probably get a pass because of the strike. People will just assume that's the reason for the warmed over crap on their screens.

What's so great about RC except that you enjoy watching his stuff?

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A closer look at the ratings information...

Daytime Ratings: Week of February 11 Edition
With the Daytime Soap Opera almost extinct due to falling ratings week-after-week, it's anyone's guess as to how ABC Daytime, once considered the premiere network for soaps, has lost three million viewers in one year for their dramas with no changes expected in sight.

[Read More]
Discuss article below...
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I do because I see a fascinating (or potential for a fascinating) umbrella story unrolling. You have the Hubbard family reunion which involved Tad. You have Derek, Zach and Greenlee tied in through the dead Remmey which brings in Kendall and Aiden all which ties back to the mystery of who took Jessie in the first place and what it is that he is supposed to know.

Who knows if it will work long term but they had to start somewhere and best of all the story is about Angie, Jessie, Tad, Frankie and so on.

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One more note of interest,

The View is daytime's 5th most watched program, behind only Y&R, The Price is Right 1 & 2 and B&B. The closest to its 3.8 million total viewer average? ATWT with 3.2 million viewers. In full daytime, GH is ranked 8th, while AMC and OLTL ranked 10th and 11th out of 11 programs.

Why people still have jobs? I'm not sure. But things will change soon enough, otherwise ABC Daytime will become NBC Daytime as a we approach another decade.

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2. B&B 4,006,000 (+268,000/-352,000)

3. ATWT 3,206,000 (+178,000/-161,000)

4. DAYS 2.962,000 (-18,000/-290,000)

5. GH 2,882,000 (-150,000/-1,368,000)

6. GL 2,757,000 (+222,000/-262,000)

7. AMC 2,696,000 (-62,000/-860,000)

8. OLTL 2,618,000 (-10,000/-723,000)


1. Y&R 4.2/14 (+.2/-.4)

2. B&B 2.9/9 (+.1/-.4)

3. ATWT 2.3/7 (same/-.3)

3. GH 2.3/7 (same/-.9)

5. DAYS 2.2/7 (same/-.3)

6. AMC 2.1/7 (same/-.7)

6. OLTL 2.1/7 (+.1/-.5)

8. GL 2.0/6 (+.1/-.4)

Believe me, I have the same questions. GL is often at the bottom of the ratings on HH, while in the middle of the pack for numbers of viewers. Only the advertisers care about HH.

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Okay, first of all, GO DAYS! Topping GH in total viewers is GREAT! :D

ABC is falling apart. I love OLTL and RC, but even changes need to be made there. Not necessarily like new HW, but maybe a Co-HW, and a new EP(Gary Tomlin for either positions)

GH and AMC...they are obvious.

And most of all: GET FRONS OFF OF ABC!

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Why does this - 4. DAYS 2,962,000 (-18,000/-290,000) = 2.2


this - 5. GH 2,882,000 (-150,000/-1,368,000) = 2.3

and DAYS has a higher number by 80,000 people???

If these are rated on the same system to come up with a 2.2 and a 2.3, shouldn't DAYS be a 2.3 or a 2.4 instead of a 2.2???

Am I making sense? Or am I missing something?


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