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  1. Java Cafe It's a brand new day in Salem; the sun is shining and the birds are chirping. Inside the Java Cafe, Eugenia sits at a table with her son, Josh. Lexie enters and walks over to her table. Eugenia Lexie, thanks for coming. You're probably the closest person I have to a friend in this town. Lexie, smiling Sure. If you need anything, just tell me; I'm so sorry about Lucas. Eugenia I know you've got to go in to work, so I'll make this quick; Lucas and I broke up. He knows that he can't get out of this, so we're going our seperate ways for now. Lexie Oh, honey, I'm so sorry. Eugenia It's so hard, Lexie; I've known Lucas for years, and I've helped do some bad things to him in the past. But when I came back to Salem...I just fell in love with him. When I thought my baby was gone, he was there. It all went by so fast, but I still loved him. I wanted to be his wife. Lexie, thinking of her messy divorce with Abe It can be really hard when you lose someone you love. Everything changes. Eugenia And everything's changing for me right now. Yet again. The reason that I wanted to meet with you wasn't because I needed to pour my heart out; I wanted to tell you that Josh and I are leaving Salem. Lexie What? Why? Eugenia I barely have any friends in this town; you're kind of a friend because I used to work for you, but that's about it. I guess there's Will and Destiny, but they have their own problems to worry about. Without Lucas, there just isn't a point to staying here. Lexie, nodding I understand completely. Just take the time that you need and go anywhere with your son. You still have a huge life ahead of you. Eugenia Thanks, Lexie; we'll make it, somehow, but it just can't be here. Not without Lucas. I've got the next bus out of Salem at ten. Lexie I wish you all the best. Eugenia Thanks....especially for talking to me after what I did all of those years ago; with Sami and the paternity test... Lexie It's ancient history. Eugenia and Lexie stand up and hug, and Lexie smiles at her as she leaves. Eugenia then takes Josh, and heads for the door. Eugenia Come on, Josh, let's get out of Salem. Episode#455: Duking of the Divas Written by: Tara Smith and ML Cooks Salem University Hospital Carrie, Belle, Sami, Eric, Rex, and Cassie are all in the waiting room of the hospital. Belle I can't believe this; our dad's awake! The doctors said that he's been talking almost all night, and is regaining more and more control of his body. It's a miracle! Sami I can't believe this. Carrie This is what we were praying for; God has answered our prayers. This is such great news. Sami I know that I've had a really hard time accepting John as my father, and I never really treated him great, but we needed this. Our family needed this; Mom is dead. I just found out that the father of my only child is going to jail. This really helps things. Carrie I'm so sorry about Lucas; I know that he and I have a troubled past, but in the end, he was a friend. He was a good man. Sami Thanks, but this isn't about Lucas. It's about our dad. Eric Before we go in there, we need to talk about something. Everyone's told us that he keeps asking for Mom. He's got no idea what happened to her. Rex We can't just drop a bomb on him like that. He just woke up after being like this for over three years. We have to take it slow. Eric You're right, but we have to tell him sometime. Carrie Soon. We'll tell him soon, don't worry. Like Rex said, it has to be slow. Eric looks at Cassie, who hasn't said a word. She just stands there, not really paying attention. Eric Cassie, you ok? Cassie Oh, yeah, I'm fine. Just thinking about Jeremy; his mom's trial is starting any minute. I wish I could be there for him. Sami You're such a selfish bitch. Your own father is finally able to speak and all you can think about is your boyfriend?! Cassie I'm no better than you, Sami. I've been a lot better to him than you were. And at least I've got a boyfriend to worry about. Sami's eyes go wide at this low blow, and starts to lunge at her sister; Cassie is ready to fight back, but Eric grabs Sami, and Rex grabs Cassie. Belle steps in the middle of them. Belle Both of you stop! This is ridiculous. Today is about us being a family for Dad, and I'm not going to let either of you fill it with drama. Carrie She's right; cool it, both of you. Sami Fine. I'm so glad that we only have to see each other at times like this, Cassie. Cassie Same here. Eric and Rex let go of their twins, and Belle turns around and leads her siblings inside John's hospital room. Carrie looks at them. Carrie We need to take this slow. One of us go up to him at a time. All of them enter the room, and Belle is first; she looks at her father, who looks up at her as he sits in a chair. She gets teary just seeing him blink. She immediately wraps her arms around him. Belle Daddy.... John, slowly hugging her Izzy.... Belle just stands there for a moment, in her father's arms. She can't even remember the last time he was able to hold her like this; John closes his eyes and a few tears roll down his cheek. Belle pulls back, her eyes also stained from crying. Belle I've missed you so much. I'm really glad to see that you remember me; Claire told me to tell you hi and that she loves you. Do you remember her? John My granddaughter. Belle laughs, and nods. Belle That's right. I'll talk to you more in a minute, okay? John slowly nods, and Eric walks up to him next. Eric crouches down. Eric Hey, Dad, remember me? It's been awhile. John, examining him for a moment Eric...didn't think you were in Salem. Eric Yeah, I left again for a little while, but I came back. It's really great to see you. You're getting better fast, but that doesn't surprise me. It's just who you are. Eric steps aside, and Cassie walks up to him next. She hugs him and smiles. Cassie Hi...don't know if you'll remember me or not. I wasn't around you as much as everyone else was....we didn't really get time to bond, but you always stuck by me anyway. John You're name is....it's.... Cassie frowns, hoping that he would in fact remember her. She glances at Carrie, who just puts a comforting hand on her shoulder. John Cassie. Cassie and Rex DiMera. Cassie, chuckling Um, close. It's actually Brady, but I understand. Rex is here, too. Rex, walking forward Yeah, I'm here too. I'm really glad to see you; I know we haven't been around as long as any of your other kids, but you're still our dad, and we're so happy that we have this chance to get to know you. John manages to smile, and all of his children smile back. John I....I care about you. And that's.... John stops for a moment, still having some trouble speaking after being unconscious for all of this time. However, he musters up the strength to finish. John And that's a fact. Rex and Cassie sit down in some spare chairs, and Sami approaches John next. Before she can even hug him, he speaks. John Samantha Gene. Sami Wow, you remembered that one right off the bat, huh? John H-how could I forget? Everyone laughs, and Sami hugs him. Sami It really is good to see you; I know that from me, it probably sounds like a load of bull, but it's true. Just seeing you talking, smiling, moving your arms...it makes me so happy. Beyond happy. We may have a tense past, but that's over. Now we're in the present. Sami again smiles at him, before sitting down herself. Finally, Carrie walks over to her father. Carrie, getting teary Hey, Dad...we've been praying for you. I've been visiting you all the time, and you've always been on my mind; I don't even have words to describe how this feels. It's so fantastic. Carrie and John hug, and John tightly embraces his daughter, using all of the strength that he can at this time. She pulls back and kisses him on the cheek, before sitting beside Belle on the bed. John looks at all of his children, taking all of their faces in, ad he continues to come back into reality and the world around him. John Brady....where's Brady? Belle He and Chloe couldn't get here from Vienna; there's a really bad storm over there, but he's going to come and see you soon, I promise. He really wanted you to know how much he loves you and how happy he is, too. John And Marlena. I....I have wanted to see my wife so badly. Where is she? Carrie Soon. You'll find out soon, I promise. John, trying to get his bearings What.... He pauses, before continuing. John What happened to me? Why am I here? All of the kids look at each other, and both Eric and Carrie give a nod in Sami's direction. Sami Uh, okay, well...remember everything with Stefano and Helena and EJ? Here in Salem, in Italy, on the island? John nods. Sami You and Stefano faced off again, and both of you shot each other...Stefano ended up in a coma, and you were in a catatonic state until yesterday. John is silent for a moment, attempting to think back; slowly, everything comes back into his mind. He flashes back to fighting Stefano on that island, determined to finish him once and for all. John I remember. What happened to Stefano? Sami flashes back to chasing Stefano throughout Salem, and his car going off of a cliff. Sami Another long story for another time. John My wife. I need to see my love. Belle, taking his hand and squeezing it Soon....like we said, you'll find out everything soon. For now, just focus on getting better. At the other side of the hospital, Lexie walks into Vivian’s office. Lexie “You wanted to speak with me Ms. Alamain?” Vivian “Please call me Vivian. We’ve known each other for a long time, no need for all the professionalisms.” Lexie “Please Vivian; I am having a stressful day. Don’t play games with me. That’s something you like to do. I have a hospital to run thanks to you.” Vivian “Indeed. Thanks to me. Remember, I own this hospital, I don’t think I appreciate your tone with me.” Lexie “And I don’t like to be caught up in you war with everyone here in Salem. Buying this hospital, and firing chief of Staff Mike Horton. The Horton's have been a corner stone of this hospital for decades. And here comes hurricane Vivian taking it all away. I mean for what? What was the point firing Mike?” Vivian “Because I can do things like that my dear. When you have as much power as I do, you can make things happen. I don’t and will not explain myself to the daughter of a terror card reader. I don’t think Celeste is even reading those terror cards. She’s probably just playing solitaire by herself.” Lexie “You may own Salem but you don’t own me. You make one more remark like that again about my mother and I will knock you out Vivian.” Vivian “You can try my dear. But you better think of your son. You lay a hand on me you will have nothing I’ll see to it. See my dear I guess I do own you.” Lexie turning around to leave her office “I don’t have time for this.” Vivian “Just one moment missy! We are not done here. We are done when I say we are done. I haven’t dismissed you yet. Where’s the respect.” Lexie “Vivian, you keep this up and you won’t live long enough to enjoy your new found power. What the hell do you want? I’m getting tired of playing games with you.” Vivian “Well since it seems I can’t trust you to run this hospital with your nasty attitude, I have decided to hire a new right man for you. I need a backup in case you call off sick or something. I already have this new person in the works to arrive.” Lexie “So you want me to train some lackey to take over my job? That’s what it sounds like.” Vivian “Not so much. I think you need to be more worried about on who this lackey is. Trust me dear it’s no lackey.” Vivian says chuckling leaving back in her executive chair. Lexie “Then who is it?” Vivian “Dr. Jonah Carver. You know you’re ex husband’s brother, the one you nearly had an affair with about 15 years ago.” Lexie “Jonah, is coming here to Salem? I’ll be working with him?” Vivian “Ahh, what’s the matter my dear, memories of hot times rushing back to your brain. Hoping to rekindle things with your ex husband’s brother?” Lexie “Go to hell Vivian Alamain!” Vivian “I get my manicures done there. Now get out my office your boring me.” Lexie “Bitch! You won’t get away with this.” Lexie storms out slamming the door behind her. She has flash backs of nearly making love with Jonah. Lexie “No he can’t be coming back here.” Meanwhile Vivian with a devilish grin on her face is talking with Ivan “That should keep Lexie busy for a while. I won’t have to worry about her coming after me right now.” Ivan “I urge you madam, you are making very many enemies. I urge you to cool it down. I am worried for you.” Vivian “What the hell is someone going to do Ivan? Shoot me?” Salem Courthouse Down at the large courthouse, Robin and Jeremy are in the courtroom that Laura's trial is being held in. The ADA, Paul McDaneld, is setting up for the trial, and the mother and son sit, waiting. Jeremy is very nervous and on edge. Jeremy I can't believe this is happening. Robin, running a hand through his hair I know. I know this has to be hard for you, but it's what needs to be done; for your sake, for my sake. For Laura's. Jeremy, standing up Even after all this time, it's still hard to process. My grandma tried to kill my mom; like I told you before, I'm not doubting you, but something just doesn't click. It doesn't sound right. Robin looks away for a moment, almost wondering if she can go through with this. Robin And it shouldn't, but it's the truth. I'm sorry. Jeremy I think I need some water. Jeremy leaves, and Robin just rubs her temples. Robin, whispering to herself I have to do it. I can't come all of this way and get cold feet now. Laura needs to go away; she's going to ruin Jeremy's life if she sends him back to Alexis. She won't let me be a mother; I have to make sure that she goes to that crazy house for life. And...it's not just about me any more. Vivian Alamain want Laura gone, too. Robin hears the door open, and looks up to see her ex, Mike. He slowly approaches her. Mike Good morning, Robin. Robin Good morning, Mike. Mike It's good to see you out of that wheelchair. Robin Don't act like you actually give a damn, Mike. Mike Robin, please, don't do this today. You're already doing enou- Robin, scowling Are you really trying to pin all of this on me? You started this mess. You caused all of this when you slept with your son's girlfriend! Mike, raising an eyebrow I wouldn't think that had anything to do with you and my mother...unless you're admitting that you lied. Robin You know what I mean; Laura would have never decided to stay in Salem. Hell, I wouldn't have come back to Salem. Mike Come on, Robin, please. For a while, I was trying to remain neutral, because I was the doctor that saved your life. Twice. But I can't anymore; I don't believe that my mother is guilty. When I talk to her, when I look into her eyes...I only see innocence. You're framing her, and I know it; I know that you and her disagreed on everything with Alexis, Jeremy, and I, but please, just let it go. Robin You're just in denial; the evidence is there. She tried to kill me three times; you just don't want to believe that she's gone insane again. And your girlfriend is her lawyer; if you admitted that her case was a lost cause, you wouldn't get to sleep with her, would you? Mike, sighing Robin, please...ever since you came back to Salem, you've been so different. You've been cold. You've been a bitch. You had a right to be mad at me and Alexis for what we did to Jeremy, but you've taken this way too far. You weren't like this when we were together, when we fell in love. We had our problems and you were never this person. Robin That was a long time ago, Mike. Things change. I changed. You changed. Mike How did I change, Robin? Please, honestly, I want to know. I need to know; how did I change? Robin, stunned Mike, do you know all that I went through? All that....you know what, no. I'm not going to bother explaining it to you. Today is about justice. Robin stands up and walks away from Mike, who sighs and shakes his head at her. Jeremy walks back in. Jeremy Hey, what were you doing with her?! Mike, turning to Jeremy Jeremy, we can't fight here. Not today....I needed to have a word with your mother. You know as well as I do that she's lying; I'm sorry that I have to say this, but it's true. You know that she's lying about your grandmother. Mike walks past Jeremy, who stares at his mother for a moment. Jeremy She wouldn't lie. She just wouldn't. She was the one that stayed there for me when he didn't. Outside the courtroom, Maggie and the newly returned Bill Horton walk up to the doors that will lead inside. Maggie So, Bill, you've never told me what exactly brought you back to Salem. Bill My family is in chaos, Maggie. I find out that the mother of my grandson is saying that my ex-wife tried to kill her three times, and that my son slept with my grandson's girlfriend? And my other son is going down for murder. No good man would sit back and stay away in a time like this. Maggie I'm glad to hear that. The Horton family has been through so much during these past several years; Mickey and Alice passing away. Hope and Julie were in prison for awhile, and then all of this chaos with Mike and Jeremy. Now Lucas is going to jail for murdering Greta Von Amberg, and Will has a daughter. Bill I'm a great-grandfather. It's all so hard to take, and I feel so responsible. Lucas and I've seen each other sometimes over the years, but we've never had a real relationship. Mike thought Mickey was his father for years. Jennifer rebelled against me more than once. What kind of father am I? I've barely even come to Salem except for funerals. Maggie Don't blame yourself; we're all responsible for our own actions, and all of that is in the past. We just have to make it better for the future, and besides, you were in Africa for so long. Maybe that is what you felt like was home? Bill, hesitating Africa is nothing like Salem, Maggie. Absolutely nothing like it. But that doesn't matter; I'm back now, and I'm not leaving any time soon. I've hurt Laura so much, but today, I am standing by her, Mike, and Jeremy. Maggie That's wonderful. We're all a giant family, and we're going to get through this. Maggie and Bill walk inside, and Alexis walks in shortly after they do. Alexis Seems like we're gonna have a full house of Hortons today. Today's the day that Robin will fall. Robin, walking up to her with Jeremy I doubt that. Today will be the end of this mess; the end of Laura's antics, and the end of yours. Everyone is going to see that I'm telling the truth. Jeremy Why are you here, Alexis? This really is a family thing. Alexis I'm a witness, you dumbass. I've been in this whole fiasco since day one; I was there when Robin fell. You know, Jeremy, I'm really getting sick of your attitude. Robin Then stop pursuing him and leave us alone! Jeremy She's not worth it, Mom. Come on, let's go see if the prosecutor has anything to tell us. Jeremy tosses his cell phone on to a seat so no one will take it, and after he and his mother leave, it starts to ring. Out of curiosity, Alexis looks at it to see Cassie calling. She smirks and picks up the phone. Alexis Hello? Cassie Alexis? What the hell are you doing on Jeremy's phone? Alexis Well, I am a secretary, you know. I'm used to taking phone calls. Cassie Where's my boyfriend? I want to talk to him now! It makes me sick that you're there today and that I'm not. Alexis Actually, you'd better enjoy this while you can. Because Robin's going down today, and you're next, bitch! Cassie I beg to differ. Alexis Oh, I better go, now. Jeremy needs me! Alexis hangs up the phone and tosses it back onto the seat. Julie and Hope enter the courtroom and walk over to Maggie, Bill, and Mike. Maggie Oh, Julie, Hope, it's so good to see you two. How is Bentley? Hope He's doing good; he's recovering well. Bo and I are going to try to adopt him and get him away from Jan Spears. Julie And thank goodness for that! Now, how is Laura? Bill April's been talking to her all morning. Hopefully, she's doing well. Hope It's so good to see you, Uncle Bill. I'm really glad you're back in Salem. Bill It's good to be back, Hope. And good to see that you and Bo are still doing so well. Hope, thoughtfully Yeah... Everyone turns when the courtroom doors open yet again, and Laura is led inside by a guard. April follows behind her. They take their seats at the front of the room, and Jeremy is tempted to go over to see his grandmother, but stays at his mother's side. Maggie, Bill, Mike, and Alexis all head to Laura's table. Mike Mom, how are you? Laura I'm good, Michael; just very nervous. Maggie Stay strong, honey. We're all rooting for you. April Like I told you, Laura, you can't let Robin push your buttons. She and the prosecutor are going to try to do that today; that's all that Robin has been doing. She wants to make you look crazy. Laura I know. I am really going to try my best to remain unaffected by anything that she throws at me. April Today, I'm going to turn the tables. I'm going to push Robin's buttons. Her testimony is critical. Alexis About time. Make her squirm. Mike Just please, April, be careful. This is the mother of my son; I don't want an all out war today. April I may have to push her as far as I can, Mike. That's the only way that your mother is going to be set free. Mike, sighing I'm just more concerned for Jeremy than anything else. I don't want to make this hard on my son. April I know, Mike, I know. Laura shares a glance with her grandson; neither of them say a word, but silently, Laura makes one last plea for him to believe her. To realize that his mother is lying. However, he simply looks away. Laura sadly looks at Bill. Laura Thank you for coming back, Bill. I really didn't expect to see you here. Bill Laura, you and I may not be together any more, but I still care about you. You'll always be special to me. You're the mother of two of my children, and I know that all of this is a lie. Laura Thank you. Laura and Bill stare at each other for a moment, almost recalling all of their insane history just by looking at each other. They both turn away when the baliff enters. Baliff All rise! Judge Karen Fitzpatrick presiding! Judge Fitzpatrick enters, and ushers everyone to sit down. Judge Fitzpatrick We are here today for the proceedings of the people of Salem v. Laura Horton. I don't want to drag this out any longer; let us begin. Alamain Valentine is sitting in her office, filling out some paperwork, when Vivian barges in. She looks up and rolls her eyes. Valentine Just who I wanted to see. Vivian Yes, I imagine this is quite a disappointment. I didn't die in that fire of yours, did I? Valentine What? What are you talking about? Vivian Don't play dumb with me, you botoxed whore! Someone tried to burn my mansion down the other day, and I know it was you. Valentine Oh, yes, I heard about that. Do you honestly believe that I would do that, dear old sister? I mean, I own part of that mansion, too. If I wanted you gone, all I'd have to do is tell the police that you set Peter up to die. Vivian I'm getting sick of you holding that over my head, and now, I have something on you. Valentine My ass! Vivian, if you think I am getting any enjoyment out of this, you are wrong. My marriage is starting to come a part because of you; everything in my life revolves around you and I am tired of it! Vivian Then you never should have come to Salem in the first place. You never should have blackmailed me into signing fifty percent of everything I own to you! You've glued yourself to me, Valentine, and now you're sick of me? All the more reason why you'd burn down the Kiriakis Mansion to try to kill me! Valentine I didn't set the Kiriakis Mansion on fire! You must be getting too old to hear me! Let me say it again: If I wanted you gone, all I'd hav- Vivian Oh, believe me, I heard you. But see, you would go to jail for withholding information for so long if you did that. So this would be much easier. Valentine Please. That is an easy problem to avoid. You're pushing your luck with me, Vivian. Vivian Excuse me? Valentine stands up and walks right over to her older sister, getting right in her face. Valentine You've included me in none of your decisions! I am supposed to be a part of all of your businesses, but instead, you've gone off and done everything without a word to me! The only reason I am even back at Alamain is because I blackmailed you. Now, you're accusing me of trying to kill you? I hold all the cards here, and I'm about ready to play my hand! Vivian Oh, how wrong you are. I am Vivian Alamain. I'm undeniable, I'm unforgettable, I'm unstoppable, and I'm on top! You will not bring me down; mark my words on that. Vivian turns to leave, and Valentine scowls. Valentine You'd better watch your old, wrinkly back, bitch! Vivian, turning around No, YOU'D better watch YOUR old back! Valentine, you had better be on board with my take over of Salem, otherwise, you WILL go to jail for that fire, whether you started it or not! And then, once you are in jail, I will have everything to myself once again, and no one will believe a word you say about Peter. So think wisely about whether you are with me or against me. Vivian marches out of her office, and Valentine angrily watches her leave, more determined than ever.
  2. Salem University Hospital Hope walks in to the hospital, still fuming and angry over everything that is going on in her marriage. Bo quickly follows her in, desperate to calm his wife. Bo Fancy Face, please, you've gotta listen. Hope Listen to what, Bo?! Some excuse for your actions?! I know that when I went to prison, our marriage was falling apart, but we were still married. You slept with Jill, you slept with Megan...you even slept with Kristen! Bo, startled by Hope's last accusation Hope, I've told you a million times, nothing happened on Padre Island! Hope, surprised I wasn't talking about your trip to Padre Island, Brady; I was talking about when you slept with her the night that I got out of jail. Bo, relieved yet aggrivated at himself Right. Hope stares at her husband, continuing to wonder if something did in fact happen between Bo and Kristen on Padre Island. Bo Hope, I...I feel terrible for all of this. I really do; you know me, you know that I love you. We haven't been in love for almost thirty years for our marriage to crumble now. With Jill, we were both drunk, and I didn't even know about Megan. I was drugged and I thought it was you. And we've already gone over what happened with Kristen. Hope It didn't use to be this easy. Years ago, it would have taken a lot to get the husband that I knew in bed with another woman; now all it takes is a few drinks? A pill? Bo I felt like I'd lost everything. My two sons were dead and my wife was in jail for murder. Hope Damnit, Brady, but you did have something! Our two daughters! How could you bring all of these random women home with them in the other room?! Did you even think about them?! Bo You know I love Pamela and Addie, Hope. Above all else; the problem was that I wasn't thinking at all. Megan walks in to the waiting room, interrupting their argument. Megan Ready to get welcomed into the family, Bo? Bo and Hope both ignore Megan; seconds later, Lexie walks out into the waiting room. Lexie, taking a deep breath I'm glad all three of you are here. I have the results from the test right here. Lexie shows them the file, and she glances at Megan; Megan winks at her, and Lexie just sighs. Bo I really wanna get this over with, Lex. Let's hear it. Lexie nods and starts to open the envelope. Bo, Hope, and Megan all watch in anticipation; for all of them, this could be a great relief or a great disaster. Hope looks at her husband one last time. Megan Come on, sis, we don't have all damn day. Bo and I have a family to raise without Hopeless. Lexie takes out the results, and looks at them. She then looks at the three before her. Hope Well? Come on, Lexie, don't leave us hanging. Lexie, looking right at Bo Bo, you are NOT the father of Megan's baby. Megan's eyes are suddenly filled with horror, and Bo and Hope feel a rush of relief. Hope exhales, suddenly a lot happier than before, and Bo looks at Megan. Bo Guess you're scheme wasn't so full proof after all, was it? Megan, looking from Lexie to Bo I...I can't believe this. I'm so sho- Bo Cut the crap, Megan. I want to know what you were really up to and I want the truth! Megan, scowling Fine! I did sleep with you, and I really wanted to get pregnant with your baby, but one night may not be enough. It was my master plan, Bo, I couldn't let it fail at that point, and I knew that I wouldn't be able to get you into bed twice. So I slept with sevral men to ensure that I got pregnant, and sure enough I did. My son isn't yours, but he could have been! Hope, marching over to Megan You are sick. Do you hear me? Sick. Do you know how crazy that sounds?! Drugging my husband and sleeping with random men, all for some chance at a baby that would give Bo back to you? I've had enough of you. You've been nothing but trouble since the day you showed up in Salem all of those years ago. Bo Hope's right, Megan; you and I aren't connected in any way, shape, or form. We will never be together, and it's time you accept that. I don't ever want to see you again. Megan, growing angrier Tough, because this is not the last you've seen of Megan Hathaway DiMera. Megan shoves her way past the couple, and storms up to her sister. Megan You and I talked about this. You were supposed to make sure that paternity test said that Bo was my baby's father! Lexie You know I couldn't do that, Megan; I've betrayed my ethics enough over the years. I was not about to do it again, especially because it was only for your selfish desires. You and Bo were over a long time ago and this was ridiculous. Megan, getting right in Lexie's face You'll regret this, Lexie. You'll pay for not putting family first. After making that threat, Megan leaves the hospital in a fury. Bo looks at his wife. Bo Well, that's one problem out of the way, Fancy Face. You won't have to worry about Megan anymore. Hope, slowly nodding Yeah, yeah, I'm definitely happy about that. Lexie I don't mean to interrupt any more, I'm sure you two have a lot to talk about, but I was asked to pass on a message. Bo and Hope both look at Lexie curiously. Lexie, sighing I'm really sorry that this has to be so sudden, but your grandson, Bentley Spears, was shot tonight. Hope What?! Bentley's just a toddler! Bo Is he ok?! What happened? Lexie He had a great surgery and is expected to make a full recovery for now. I'm not sure on the details, but something happened with his mother, Lucas Roberts, Eugenia Willens, and Greta Von Amberg. Lucas was taking care of him, but he's been arrested for Greta's murder, and he wanted you to get to Bentley before Jan did. Bo We are Bentley's grandparents, and we haven't been active enough in his life; I've always known that Jan was trouble. Now is our chance. Hope You're right, Bo. Lexie, can you take us to his room? I want to see him. Lexie Of course. Follow me. Bo I'll be right there. Lexie and Hope leave, and Bo watches his wife go, as he thinks about the current rift in their marriage. Bo We have a family to raise; Hope is my wife, the love of my life. I've got to get things back on track. I have to end my affair with Kristen. Bo then sets off in the direction that Lexie and Hope went, determined to put his family back together. Episode#454: Welcome Back, John Written by: Tara Smith and ML Cooks Salem Jail Lucas is in a jail cell, thinking about how his life has gone lately; he has a family, but now he is here, inside jail, for murder. He couldn't go back and change anything; there was no turning back now. Eugenia approaches his cell. Lucas, jumping up Did you get a hold of Bo and Hope? Eugenia Lexie was going to see them today, anyway, so she's passing on the message. I'm sure they'll take good care of Bentley. Lucas Yeah, they're good people, and he's their grandson. It's only right. Eugenia I'm working on getting you a good lawyer. I tried to hire April Ramirez, but she's pretty busy with the mess that Laura's in. I'm going to try to get Ji'Min Kim down here. And I can talk to your mom and- Lucas No, Eugenia, stop. I want a good lawyer, I need one, but it's not going to stop the inevitable. Like I told you, I killed Greta, and I've gotta take responsibility for that. I'm definitely going to prison for a while, and I don't want to hold you back. Eugenia But Lucas, I'm your fiancee, and I- Lucas Have a son to raise now. I love you, Eugenia, and that's why I won't keep you distracted with this. I've got to break up with you. Eugenia, tears coming to her eyes What?! Lucas, please, don't do this. Lucas We have to and you know it. I'm not going to make you watch as I go through all of this; you need to focus on Josh. I'm doing this for you. Eugenia Just when we were finally happy, this had to happen. I-I understand, but it's so hard to deal with. Eugenia sheds a few tears, and Lucas reaches through the bars to wipe her eyes. Lucas The minute I get out, I'll come looking for you, where ever you are. Eugenia I'll be waiting. Lucas motions for her to leave, wanting to make this as easy as possible on both of them; he feels some tears well up in his eyes as she walks towards the door. Eugenia turns to look at Lucas one last time. Eugenia Goodbye, Lucas. And thank you for everything that you've done for me. I know I haven't always been the best person to you, but...thank you. Eugenia hurries out. Lucas sadly watches. Lucas Goodbye Eugenia. DiMera Mansion Andre comes down stairs, ready for his romantic dinner with his wife Valentine. He hears some noise coming from the living room, and walks in to see Megan packing her bags! Her son, Bo DiMera, is at her side in his carrier. Andre, visibly confused Megan, what the hell are you doing? Megan Getting the hell out of Salem. I'm sick of this town. Andre So you are just abandoning everything? The DiMera dynasty, the threat of Vivian Alamain, your own quest for Bo? Megan Bo...my mission has been temporarily haulted. And I have to say, I'm starting not to trust our own family. My father would be disgusted with all of this. Andre And you are giving up? That doesn't quite seem like you, Megan. Megan, laughing Oh, Andre; I'm taking my son and we're leaving Salem. But I will be back one day with a vengence, and I will make everyone pay for what's happened. I may be down, but I'm not out. I just need a chance to re-generate. The DiMeras are not done. Megan picks up her son, as well as her bags, and walks right out of the DiMera Mansion, leaving Salem...for now. Kiriakis Mansion Vivian stares at the Kiriakis Mansion, which is now half-burnt and half-intact; a fair amount was able to be saved, and it would not take too long to rebuild. But nonetheless, for now, it was not habitable. Vivian is on her cell phone as she observes the damage. Vivian Get all of my possessions to the DiMera Mansion as quickly as possible, Ivan! I'm going to have to return there for now, until the Kiriakis Mansion is repaired. Vivian hangs up the phone, and Chris approaches. Chris Our investigations point to arson, Mrs. Kiriakis. We're pretty sure that was what caused it. Vivian Well, I could have told you that. Chris I'm going to need to interview you about this; we need a list of suspects so that we can bring them to justice. Vivian Certainly, officer. Chris Okay, first off, who would want to do this? Do you have any enemies? Vivian Yes, quite a few, actually. All over Salem at this point. Chris Would any of them go this far? Vivian thinks for a moment, and many names come to her mind; all of them had valid reason to attack her. Vivian Valentine.... Chris Who? Vivian My sister, Valentine Heart. She and I have been at odds many times; she owns fifty percent of everything that I own. We basically share these companies and properties, even though I call the shots; I wouldn't put this past that whore. Chris Anyone else? Vivian Kristen Blake. That damn DiMera has been after me for ages now; she's shot off nonsense accusations about me. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if your very own boss, Bo Brady, did this for her. Chris Bo? One of the most honorable men in Salem? I doubt he tried to burn down his own father's mansion. Vivian Please! He's been helping her all along. And they aren't the only ones, detective! Mike Horton could be a suspect. Chris The chief of staff at University hospital? He's been very respected in this town for a long time; are you sure that you aren't shooting off random people to me? Vivian How dare you! You don't know me or what my life is like; I know for a fact that all of these people are my enemies! In fact, shortly before the fire, I got a threatening letter from the ex-chief-of-staff's mother! If she wasn't in jail right now, I'd throw her in as a suspect. I don't think you can trust any of those Hortons. Chris Okay, any other people you want to throw out there? Vivian Celeste Perrault. That insane woman has assaulted me several times since Victor died, and we've never quite gotten along. She used to work for one of my other late husbands, Stefano, so she can be devious if she wants to be. I'd say she is a prime suspect. Chris Okay, keep going. Vivian Kate Roberts. Kate is probably my biggest rival; she's always had it out for me, and I bought her company recently. I wouldn't put it past that vulture to try to kill me like this! In fact, not too long ago, she hired someone to kill Tony DiMera! Attempted murder is nothing new for her. Chris This is turning into a long list, ma'am. Vivian And it's not done yet. I've also recently had arguments with my nephew, Nicholas, who has changed from the sweet boy that I raised; he could have done this. Victor's nephew, Justin, wasn't so approving of Victor's decision in marrying me, and I recently froze his assets. One of them could have done this. Chris, sighing You've got a lot of people out to get you, Mrs. Kiriakis. We'll look into this; in the meantime, I'd advise taking necessary precautions to keep yourself safe. Chris walks off, and Vivian clenches her fist. Vivian Damn it, that man's right. So many people hate me right now, and I can't let myself collapse after all of this. I have to get this ball of mine to work; it has to happen soon, so I can cement my place. I have to distract everyone so that they won't try to steal their companies back! Back at the Jail Lucas quietly sits inside his jail cell, shortly after breaking up with Eugenia so that she wouldn't have to watch what was to come for Lucas. He hears someone else enter, and looks to see his teenage son, Will. Will Dad, I can't believe this. What the hell's going on? Bentley was shot? You killed Greta? Lucas Hey, son. Yeah, a lot of crazy stuff has been going down lately, but Bentley's fine; his grandparents are going to take him in. Will What do you mean? I thought he was going to live with us; I mean, you'll be out of here soon, right? Lucas, sighing I doubt it. I'm sorry, Will, but I need to be straight up with you; you're probably the person that I love and trust most in the world. I'm going to have to serve some jail time for this; I'm just pleading guilty to this, because it's true. I killed Greta. I'm not going to fight the system, so hopefully this'll move quickly. But I'm going to be gone for awhile. Will stands there for a moment, stunned. Lucas Come on, man, talk to me. Will I don't know what to say, Dad. You've been there for me in life a lot more than Mom has, as much as I love both of you. You stood by me when we were fighting the Galores for Arianna; you took me back in even though I ran away and had a baby. You even gave Destiny a home.You've been so great, but now you're gone? Just like that? Lucas It'll be okay, I promise; I'm not going to be in here forever. And you've got your mom, who really cares about you and is trying to help you now; that's what's important. I need you to be strong; be the responsible man that I know you are. Will, nodding I'll try my best. I still can't believe this. What about Eugenia? Grandma Kate? The rest of our family? Lucas I'll get the family down here and tell all of them myself, but I'm glad that I got to see you before anyone else. I broke up with Eugenia; I don't want her to watch this, whether it's fast or not. And I don't want you to watch it, either. b]Will Wha...? But you're my dad; I have to be there for you. I want to be there for you! Lucas I know, Will, and I appreciate it, but I don't need it. It's gonna be tough, but I'm strong and I can handle all of this. Eugenia has Josh to raise, and you have Arianna to raise. You've got school to go to. You need to focus on that, not me. Will, frowning If that's what you want....I promise that I'll visit you as much as I can, though. Lucas, smiling That'll be great. Will So this is goodbye, I guess. Lucas Yeah, it is. It's really what is best. I just want you to know how much I love you; I know I've had a lot of problems over the years, but I've always loved you. And I'm so proud of the man you're becoming. I really am. Will Thanks, Dad. Thanks for everything...I love you, too. Words can't express how much that I do, and how much I appreciate everything. I'm gonna miss you. Lucas I'm gonna miss you too. Now get out of here; go make out with Destiny or something. Will actually manages to chuckle, and he waves at his father. Will Bye, Dad. A tear goes down Will's cheek as he turns to leave, and Lucas barely manages to hold back his own, as he watches his son leave. It then hits Lucas all that he will be missing; his son, his granddaughter, his family. He thinks back to all of the good times with every single one of them. Lucas I'm gonna miss Salem, definitely....but I'm ready to face what's to come. I'm gonna face prison head on. Lucas turns around, absolute and determined to strongly confront whatever was ahead of him in life. DiMera Mansion The Door bell rings at The Dimera mansion. Andre opens the door and greets Valentine by giving her a hug. Andre “You smell so sweet. Please come in.” Valentine enters the dreary mansion. Andre takes her coat and purse and hands it to the maid. Andre “Right this way.’ He says ushering her into the living room. The living room is decked out in romance. Classical music playing, white candles burning. Valentine “This is beautiful.” Andre “Only for the most beautiful lady in the world.” Valentine “You’re so sweet.” She says as she sits down at the table set for two.” Andre “I have the chef making something very special for us tonight.’ Andre tells her as he takes his seat. He pours them glasses of champagne and then holds his glass up to toast. Valentine "What shall we toast too?” Andre “To us and the down fall of your dreadful sister.” Valentine “Oh please Andre. Not tonight. I am tired of talking about my dear old sister.” Andre “What do you mean?’ Valentine “My nephew Nicholas came and saw me earlier today grilling me about Vivian.” Andre “Well we are all worried about what are you going to do.” Valentine “I did not come here to talk about the war on Vivian.” Andre “Well I want to know what are you going to do to stop her. My entire well being is at stake here.” Valentine “Like I told Nicholas, I have things under control. Vivian is not going to win and that’s all there is to it and that’s I am saying.” Andre “But we are spouses. We are supposed to share these kind of things with each other.” Valentine “Sorry to inform you that I’m not sharing this... I am doing things my way and I will not reveal my trump card to no one.” Andre “You don’t trust me?” Valentine “When it comes to business I trust no one.” Andre “If we don’t have trust we don’t have anything. I think I am done here. You can see yourself out. Thanks for wasting our time.” Andre gets up and leaves the dinner table. Valentine “But we haven’t eaten yet and I’m hungry.” Andre ignores her and walks out the room. Valentine “Well ain’t this a fine how do you do. I am so sick of Vivian running my life. I can’t wait until she gets what’s coming to her so I can move on with my life.” The maid hands Valentine her purse and coat and she storms out the house slamming the door behind her. Back at University Hospital Inside John Black's hospital room, all is quiet; the man sits perfectly still, remaining catatonic after all of this time. The man sits there...the words that he has heard recently echo in his mind; all of the prayers of his family and friends. All of the visits that he had recieved from his children. The wheels begin to turn in John's head again as he focuses on the people around him that love him, and the people that he loves. Finally, after so much time of being in a catatonic state, his mouth moves. John M... John's right hand begins to slowly move, and minutes later, his left hand does as well! He begins to get a feel for the world around him once again, slowly but surely, as he regains control of his hands. He continues to try to speak. John M...Ma...Mar.. A nurse passes by while John's hands slowly move back and forth, and he tries to speak. Her eyes go wide in shock and she rushes inside! Nurse Mr. Black, are you awake?! John continues to try to formulate words. John Mar...Marle....Marlena! Nurse, darting out of the room I need help! John Black has just woken up! John Marlena...
  3. Kiriakis Mansion Philip is now gone as the Kiriakis Mansion's fire is starting to spread; not too many inside the mansion have realized it yet. Vivian sits inside the living room, continuing to think about how she reigns over Salem and must make sure it stays that way, when the smoke alarms go off. Vivian What in the hell.... Ivan rushes in. Ivan Madam! We have to get out of here; I don't know how it happened, but a huge fire has broken out on the other end of the mansion! The smoke alarms are just now picking it up, and the fire department should be on there way! Vivian, stunned Well, there isn't any time to waste! Let's get out of here! Ivan nods and take Vivian's hand, both immediately rushing out into the foyer and towards the front door. Ivan What about the staff? Henderson? Vivian Oh, let them fend for themselves! Hell, you're lucky I'm letting you escape with me, after how you betrayed me for Valentine all that time ago. Ivan and Vivian dart out into the front yard, and they quickly run as far as they can. Once a safe distance away, Vivian turns to look at her mansion. The fire is starting to engulf a good portion of it. Vivian How could this even happen?! I have a competent staff! Sirens are heard in the distance, and Vivian and Ivan see fire trucks drive onto the grounds of the Kiriakis Mansion. Fire fighters immediately emerge and start battling the flames; Vivian sees some of the staff darting out of the mansion, particularly Henderson. Vivian Henderson, you're alive. Henderson No thanks to you, Mrs. Kiriakis! Were you just going to leave all of us to die?! Vivian Well, no, but I had to save myself. Henderson Exactly! I have tried putting up with you and serving you since the day that Mr. Kiriakis died and left you in charge, but enough is enough! You didn't care whether any of us lived or not! You were just out to save yourself! Ever since the day you came to Salem, you've only cared about yourself. You've schemed, you've lied, you've killed...you are pure evil! Vivian Well, Henderson, I didn't know you had such courage. Henderson This fire is just the beginning, Mrs. Kiriakis! Your enemies are finally striking out against you, and I couldn't be happier! Henderson storms off, and Ivan watches him go. Ivan I suppose we'll take that as his resignation. That butler has always seemed a bit insane to me. Vivian In all of Henderson's madness, some truth is there. This is not good, Ivan. This fire was no accident; I have enemies all over Salem now. One of them tried to kill me. Vivian looks at her burnt mansion, obviously disturbed by the fact that someone was able to attack her so easily. Episode 453: A Flaming Payback Written by: Tara Smith and ML Cooks Downtown Salem, Alamain Inc. Nicholas walks into Valentine’s executive office. Valentine, who was on the phone spins around in her swivel chair and smiles at him. Valentine “Ok thank you. I’ll be in touch” She says into the phone before hanging it up. She gets up and hugs her nephew. “What brings you by?” Nicholas “I think you should know. I want to know what are you planning to do about Vivian. Whose side are you on?” Valentine “I told you have a plan.” Nicholas “That’s what I’m here to find out. Why haven’t you told me about this so called plan?” Valentine “I just can’t Nicholas. But just know Vivian is going down very soon. Her time in Salem is limited.” Nicholas “We are family. I hope you don’t try to cut me out of Alamain…… I think I see what’s going on here.” Valentine “What do you mean?” Nicholas “You’re not including me in your plan because you’re going to take it all for yourself?” Valentine “I can’t believe you would think I would such a thing.” Nicholas “I didn’t think my Aunt Vivian could do the things she’s done but she has. You’re acting just like her.” Valentine “Nicholas I promise you I will not cut you out. I need a right hand to run Alamain once I get rid of Vivian. Things are not as they seem. This is very personal for me. It’s personal between my dear old sister. She raised the stakes. My freedom is at stake. I will not involve you with that. “ Nicholas “Well let me help.” Valentine “I’ll pass. Like I said it’s personal. I will take care of Vivian myself. I have the trump card and as I said I am keeping my hand close to my chest as big as they are.” Nicholas “Ok, I’ll let it go. For now. But you better mean what you say. We are family and don’t you forget it.” Valentine “Family means a lot to me. I am not like Vivian. You’ll see that. I just need for you to trust me. I got things taken care of.” Nicholas “Good I can sleep better.” Valentine “Yes, it looks like you are not sleeping well. You look horrible. Why don’t you take Belle and go on a romantic getaway. I am sure you two could use something like that. In fact, it’s on me, my treat.” Nicholas “Belle and I are not seeing eye to eye right now. I’ll take a rain check on your offer. “He looks at his Rolex. “Look at the time I have to get going.” He gives his aunt a hug and leaves her office. Valentine walks over to her mini bar and pours her and drink. She holds up the glass and toasts to herself “To Vivian, your time is done.” She swallows her drink and has a gloating smile on her face as she sits back in her chair. Belle's Penthouse At Belle's Penthouse, which once belonged to her deceased mother Marlena, Belle is sitting on the couch, watching a news report about Vivian's upcoming ball. She starts thinking about Nicholas and their huge fight. Her thoughts our interrupted when she hears the door bell ring. Belle, jumping up Maybe that's him now. Maybe he's finally come to his senses and we can talk about this. Belle rushes to the door, anxious and hoping to see Nicholas on the other side, but is stunned when she opens it up and sees Philip! She stumbles backwards. Belle P...Philip....you should be in jail. Philip My family got me released. You don't have to be afraid; I'm not going to hurt you. I'm past what happened all that time ago. Belle I can't trust you, Philip. Not after all that you've done; you kidnapped me, you stalked me, and you get off just like that?! Philip I spent years in prison because of that, Belle. I've done my time, and I am over everything that happened. I'd never hurt you like I did. It was a time of weakness; you know me, you know what I'm really like. Remember the man that you were married to. Belle All that I remember is the man that acted without thinking! The husband that, instead of trying to calmly work things out, got angry and went insane! It feels like every man that I'm with is like that. Shawn, you, and now Nicholas! Philip, raising an eyebrow Nicholas? Who's Nicholas? Belle's eyes go wide as she realizes her slip-up. Belle You'd better go now, Philip; I don't want to see you, I don't want to talk to you, and I will call the police if you come near me. Philip Come on, Belle, we've known each other since high school. We were married for almost two years! Do you know how hard it was for me to find out that Claire wasn't mine? That you'd cheated on me with Shawn? My world came down around me and I just snapped. I'm better now. Philip flashes back to burning down the Kiriakis Mansion, but quickly pushes it out of his mind. Belle Then why are you here?! You and I were finished the minute you took me out of the loft that day! Philip If I want to start my life in salem with a clean slate, I needed to see you. You were an important part of my life, Belle, and I'll never forget you. I had to come and apologize for everything I did to you. Belle I don't even know what to say, Philip. This is so sudden, and so much is going on. Do you know what's happened in your time away? Philip Yeah. Your mom's dead and so is my dad. The woman who gave birth to me has taken over everything in Salem. Belle And I work for one of the businesses that she owns. My boyfriend left me, so I've got a lot on my mind right now. Please, Philip, just go. And don't come back. Belle slams the door in her ex-husband's face, and tears up afterwards; she feels as if everything in her life is closing in on her. In the doorway, Philip stands, silent as he wonders what his true feelings for Belle are. Salem University Hospital Lucas and Eugenia both sit in the waiting room, shortly after visiting Bentley. Eugenia sits in her fiancee's arms. Eugenia This has been so insane; I hope, with Greta gone, all of this can be over. Lucas Don't worry. I'll make sure that no one can interfere with our lives ever again; we can finally be happy now. We can be together now. Chris approaches the happy couple. Chris I wouldn't be so sure about that. Eugenia, sitting up Detective Reddins? What are you doing here? Chris We're very happy that your son pulled through, Mr. Roberts, but the police have investigated and you killed Princess Von Amberg in cold blood. Lucas I had every right to. The woman was terrorizing my family; she barged into my home. I had to stop her once and for all. Chris I'm sorry, but to the legal system, that doesn't make any difference. I have to arrest you. Eugenia What?! That's insane! What proof do you even have that it wasn't in self defense?! Greta shot Lucas! Chris We have a witness. Your wife, Jan Spears, came forward and gave us a detailed description. She said that you strangled Princess Von Amberg, and I bet that you could back that statement up, Miss Willens. Eugenia, enraged That bitch! Lucas, sighing as he stands up No, Eugenia, calm down. I've got to take responsibility for this; I did kill Greta because of what she did. I don't regret it, but I did kill her. I'm not going to be like Jan or Greta and run from the law. I'm a grown man. Eugenia Lucas, are you serious? This could destroy our family when it's barely even started. Lucas I don't have a choice, babe. I'm sorry. Just do these things for me: Tell my family, and get Bo and Hope Brady down here. They need to take Bentley before Jan does. Chris, taking out handcuffs Lucas Roberts, you are under arrest for the murder of Greta Von Amberg! Bo and Hope's House Bo and Hope are in the living room of their house, both purely silent, and the tension between them is thick. Bo Come on, Fancy Face, we've got to get through this. Talk to me. Hope So much is happening, Brady. I don't even know what to say at this point. Bo hears a knock on the door, and he heads to the door and opens it to see Megan! Bo Megan, what are you doing here? Megan, walking right in I came to see my new house, as I will be moving in once the paternity test proves that Bo DiMera is your son. Or we could always move to my Father's house, but there are so many other people there. This house only has one person that needs to be gotten rid of. Bo You're crazy. I don't know why or how you've held onto me all these years; all we had was a fling in highschool, but you're still after me. Megan You love me, Bo, I know it; oh, hello, Ugly Face. Hope just groans and stands up, rubbing her temples. She still can't believe this is happening. Bo Megan, the only thing that this test will prove is that you're a liar. You concocted this ridiculous scheme to get me back. I still don't even know how you did it. Megan Let me give you a play by play: I knew that while Hope was gone, I needed an edge to get you right back into my arms. So I brought back Jill Stevens to carry the baby and not throw anyone off. Who, I might add, also slept with your husband while you were in jail, Hope! Hope, whirling around, stunned and hurt You slept with Jill too?!! Damnit, Brady, damnit! Bo No, no, Hope....that was different. We were both drunk, and I didn't know that Jill was Megan's surrogate until just now! Hope I put it together after I saw Megan and Jill together in the park; I barely even remembered Jill, but it was our fight that caused her to die. I guess the baby was saved, though. Tears begin to roll down Hope's cheeks at this new revelation, and Megan takes joy in seeing her rival in so much pain. Megan See, Bo? She's weak...you need a strong woman. Bo So that's who's baby Jill was pregnant with. Yours and mine; you really are a bitch, Megan. After this, I don't want to ever see you again! You're the spitting image of your father. Megan And I couldn't be prouder. The phone rings, and Bo sighs, before answering it. Lexie Bo, it's Lexie. The paternity test results are in, so I need you, Hope, and Megan to get down to the hospital ASAP. And there's something else, too. Bo Megan's here with us. We'll be right there. Bo hangs up the phone, and looks at the two women before him. Bo We need to get to the hospital; the paternity test results are in. Megan grins and quickly darts out of the house, and Hope wipes her eyes and just gives Bo a hard stare, before walking out as well. Bo follows her, concerned and worried at how his marriage is bursting apart at the seams....
  4. Salem Jail Mike, Maggie, and Julie all walk into the local jail, intent on meeting with Laura and telling her about the news regarding the hospital. Julie I am still mad about this. I refuse to sit back and let a gold digging woman who has tricked people, buried a woman alive, schemed her way into carrying Victor and Kate's baby, has tried to kill people countless times, and Lord knows what else take our hospital away from us! Mike I know, Aunt Julie, and she's not going to get away with this. This isn't even about just us. Its also about Grandpa Tom and Gran. They were the ones that started our family's involvement in the hospital. This is a disgrace to their legacy. We all need to unite as a family and stand up to Vivian Alamain. Maggie Yes, you both are right, but should we really tell Laura about this now? She already has so much going on with Robin and I am worried that she's so fragile right now, that anything else would push her to the brink... Mike My mother is stronger than most people think. I do not believe that she is going insane at all. As much as I hate to speak this way about the mother of my son, this is all just a ploy by Robin. Mom is stable and has been for years...she can take this. Maggie You're right, Mike. She would find out eventually anyways. Mike, Julie, and Maggie all then walk up to Laura's cell, and Laura's face lights up at seeing them. Laura Michael...Maggie...Julie. I'm so happy to see you...I get so lonely in here. Do you have any news about my case? Have you finally found a way to stop that bitch? Mike, sighing I'm afraid not, Mom. We've recieved some bad news. Laura Bad news? What has Robin done now? Julie This isn't about Robin, dear...Mike and Maggie recieved some news about the hospital. Laura, confused The hospital? Whats going on at the hospital? Is everything alright? Maggie Unfortunately, no...it has to do with Vivian Alamain. Laura Vivian?! I know her well. That woman is nothing but trouble. Mike I've just begun to realize that myself...Vivian called an emergency board meeting at the hospital, and revealed that she now owns more interest than anyone else...meaning that she controls it now. Laura, stunned beyond words WHAT?! How could that happen?! Mike I-I don't know, she worked fast and did all this before anyone could find out...to make it worse, she fired me and removed the Hortons from the hospital entirely. Laura then goes into a rage, slamming her hands on the bars. Laura That bitch! How could she do this?! The Hortons haven't done anything to her! I know that she's pulled alot of things, especially when it comes to her rivals like Kate or getting what she wants, but I never thought she could yank a hospital away from an innocent family! Laura immediately grabs a spare piece of paper and a pen, and begins writing. Mike Mom, what are you doing? Laura I'm going to give Vivian a little message! Maggie Oh, Laura, there's no need for that...nothing will get done by lashing out at her. Laura writes quickly, ignoring her family, and within minutes is finished. She walks back over to the bars. Laura I'm sorry, but I am not going to keep quiet about this, and out of all of us, I know Vivian the best. I still remember being with her at Bayview Sanitarium and how she used me to go after Kate, and how she helped Kristen in that entire baby scheme. Its only right that I send her my thoughts on this...guard, oh guard! I need a letter sent out ASAP! For delivery today! The fastest way possible! A guard comes over, nodding, and takes the letter. Mike Mom, you really didn't have to do that. Laura No, Michael, I did. Its bad enough that I can't go to the Kiriakis Mansion myself and confront her, but I am not going to keep quiet. I am tired of people taking myself and this family for fools. I am going to fight Robin and get these charges dropped, and then I am going after Vivian. Suddenly, before the conversation can continue, April walks in. April Well it seems everyone's here. Good. Mike April. I'm so glad to see you...this past day hasn't been pleasant. Mike walks over to April and kisses her. April, smiling at the kiss Why not? Mike I'll tell you about it later. Julie Do you have some news, April? Laura I hope so, because now I need to get out of here even quicker than I thought! April Well, I have a trial date. April 11th. Laura Good! Thats soon! That means that once I finally clear my name, I'll be free. April I am going to do the best I can, Mrs. Horton. Maggie I just can't believe that all of this has happened at the same time...its awful. We need the Hortons to stand together now more than ever and most of them aren't even in Salem! Man Well, now one more is. Everyone turns in complete astonishment as they see Bill Horton(Jerry Ver Dorn) standing before them! Laura BILL?! Bill Thats right...I'm back. Episode#452: War on Vivian Written by: Tara Smith Hotel Justin and the newly released Philip walk into the entrance of a hotel. Justin Since Vivian rules the Kiriakis Mansion with an iron hand now, we can check into this hotel until we get it back. Philip I still can't believe this. My father trusted you to be able to help him lead his empire in my absence, and take it over once he was gone, yet you let Vivian weasel her way into marrying him on his deathbed and taking our home from us. Justin I couldn't stop her. You act like I have a magic wand, when I don't. By the time I actually found out about Vivian's scheme, it was too late. Philip I doubt it...but, lets forget about that and just check in. It will be great to sleep on a comfortable bed. I'm assuming that we'll see Adrienne soon too? Justin, hesitating Actually, no. Adrienne and I are still married, but she doesn't live in Salem. Philip What kind of Kiriakis are you? You can't fight some pathetic lunatic, and you are perfectly content with your wife off in another city. The only good move you made was getting me out of prison. Justin, growing irritated You are one to talk, Philip. You kidnapped your ex-wife and held her captive, and then you stalked her for months. You know what, forget it, I am not going to fight with you. We have to stand together if we want to get Titan back. Lets just get some hotel rooms. Justin walks up to the front desk, and hands the receptionist his credit card. Justin Two hotel rooms please. The receptionist takes his card, but after a moment, she gives it back to him. Justin Is there a problem? Receptionist I'm sorry, sir, but it seems that this credit card no longer works. Justin Thats impossible. I'm Justin Kiriakis. The receptionist checks a few things, but then shakes her head. Receptionist It seems that your assets have been frozen. Justin, jaw dropping You must be joking. Philip, stepping forward I'm Philip Kiriakis, the son of Victor Kiriakis. I am sure I have some funds in my accounts that will suffice? The receptionist once again checks. Receptionist I am sorry, your assets have been frozen as well. Philip Surely you must be mistaken. There is no way in hell that both of our assets our frozen. Receptionist I am sorry, sir, thats just what I see. Justin, walking away in a rage Damn that bitch... Philip, following Obviously, Vivian did this. She's taken my father's fortune all for herself. Thats it, no more of this. This sham about Vivian ruling Salem is going to end. Justin I'm not going to let her win...she's gone too far. Philip Enough talk, thats the problem with you. All talk. I am going to take action. Philip storms out, leaving Justin to wonder what his cousin is going to do... Kiriakis Mansion Vivian sits very happily in the living room of the Kirakis Mansion, having herself a drink. Vivian Ah...such victory...it is so good to be me. However, it seems that quite a few of my dear neighbors in Salem aren't pleased with my recent decisions...but I'll take care of them. I already have Kristen taken care of, lets see who's next... Vivian thinks for a moment, going over all of her enemies. Vivian Lets start with Kristen's sister: Lexie. Poor Lexie has been through alot, and I tried to make up for it by giving her that COS position...however, she still doesn't seem quite happy. I know she never approved of my marriage to her father, and she's trying to be a goody goody now...she may try to stop me. I just need to figure out some way to keep her from even attempting anything... Vivian continues to think, pondering what she could do to Lexie. Vivian There isn't really anything to blackmail her with...not that I know of, anyway. She really doesn't have anything going on in her life...damn, she sure is boring for a DiMera. Suddenly, an idea pops into Vivian's head. Vivian Thats it! Lexie doesn't have anything going on in her life...she's just raising her son, she's single...so she needs a man. I actually don't think she's even had a man since Abe or that Tek, which both ended years ago...she needs someone to distract her, to whisk her off her feet! But who in this town would be interested in our dear Alexandra? Abe obviously hates her, she killed her lover, I think Abe's son that she liked is with Carrie... Vivian continues thinking. Vivian There has to be someone out there! Wait...I remember...years ago...Abe had a brother that was in town that she almost had a little thing with...Jonah Carver! Vivian laughs as she sips the last of her drink, figuring out a way to distract Lexie. Vivian I guess its time to bring Jonah back to Salem, then! Then, Ivan walks in. Ivan Madame, a letter has arrived. Vivian Oh? This should be interesting. Ivan hands her the letter and leaves, and Vivian laughs when she sees who its from. Vivian Laura Horton? Oh, this WILL be interesting! DiMera Mansion Lexie and Andre walk into the living room of the DiMera Mansion, where Kristen waits. Andre Well, I'm assuming that you called this meeting because of Vivian, Kristen? Kristen, nodding Yes...we need to do something about her. She's going too far...she's taken over all of the large businesses in Salem and pretty much thinks she rules the town, and I'm not going to let her continue on like this. Andre I agree...the woman sickens me. We cannot let her ruin the DiMera name. Kristen Not that the fact that you are married to Valentine is any better, but Vivian is the bigger fish right now. Andre Do not criticize my marriage, Kristen. Its not like you have the best track record. Lexie Please, no fighting. There's enough going on as it is, and Vivian's made another...business acquisition. Andre Oh what now? What is there left for her to own? Lexie She apparently bought controlling interest in Salem University Hospital... Kristen, jaw dropping What? Don't the Hortons own the hospital? Lexie They did...but now, Vivian does, and she threw them out. Kristen She threw the HORTON family, the most honorable and well known family in Salem, out of their own hospital?! Mike is Chief of Staff...who is going to replace him? Lexie Well, you see...thats the other part of this. She installed me as interim COS. Andre, raising an eyebrow Thats odd. What the hell is Vivian playing at? Lexie I don't know, but I don't think she cares who she hurts and how. She has basically taken over every part of Salem. Andre She's almost getting more insane than me, you could say...I honestly thought Vivian was only interested in businesses like DiMera, Titan, Alamain...but the hospital. She is on a quest for domination. Whats next? The Brady Pub? Kristen How did Mike take this? Lexie Not good...he and Maggie were both there, and after that, I don't think there is going to be any doubt that Mike's as much of a family man as we are. He was enraged and got into a huge fight with Vivian...Maggie wasn't too excited about me being COS, either. Andre Ah, well, the fact that she is engaged to Abraham Carver perfectly explains that...but, Lexie, at least you have your old position back. Lexie I didn't want it back this way. Hell, it was such a circus when I was COS, I don't think I really ever thought of getting it back...Mike was gracious enough to let me back on the staff there after all I did, I never wanted to replace him. Especially not like this. Kristen, nodding I understand...we have to stop Vivian. I refuse to let the bitch sink her claws into every single person in Salem like this. Lexie But how can we stop her? Kristen Well...I do have a secret, or something on her, I should say...but I'd rather keep that to myself for now. Everything has to be certain before I unleash it, but it'll blow her out of the water, and this time, she'll never get back in. Andre You better not be blowing smoke about this. We need a sure-fire way to get rid of her. Kristen Don't worry, this is it. I promise you. Andre stands up to leave as the short, but critical, meeting comes to an end...as he heads out to the foyer, he continues to wonder what Vivian is up to. Andre I better speak with my dear wife about this unexpected turn of events... With that, Andre leaves. Back at the Kiriakis Mansion Vivian slowly opens the letter from Laura, anxious to see what she has to say. She begins to read it aloud. Vivian Dear Vivian, I know what you've done, and you won't get away with it. Ever since the day you came to Salem, you have walked all over everyone you've met and it stops with my son. You won't get away with taking the hospital away from an honorable family like mine, and a great doctor like my son. You've crossed the wrong woman this time, Vivian Alamain, and when I get out of jail I am coming for you. Vivian sets the letter down, and sighs. Vivian And after all I've done for that Laura, she has the nerve to send me a nasty letter like this. She practically threatened my life! Does she not understand good business? Well, I suppose she wouldn't, she is a basket case after all. Ivan re-enters the room after hearing Vivian's complaints. Ivan Is everything alright, madam? Vivian No, Ivan, it isn't. My dear old friend Laura, who I helped out of that mental asylum, sent me an awful letter. She just about threatened my life, and I'm not having it; I got her out of Bayview, and I can send her back in just as fast! Ivan, raising an eyebrow How, Madam? Vivian Oh, my dear Ivan, it is simple. This woman is currently in jail, about to face charges of insanity. Charges, that might I add, her almost-daughter-in-law pressed against her. I can simply make everyone believe that she has indeed gone insane and send her away for good! However, all of this is rather alarming. Ivan Why is that? Vivian Well, you see, the Hortons haven't been as...easy to run over as I thought they would be. I have nothing against them, but they are a little stronger than I thought. I didn't expect this much of an outrage over taking over the hospital. I need something to keep them busy, keep them distracted... Vivian pauses, thinking for a moment, before speaking again. Vivian Ah, that's it! Vivian rushes over to the phone, picking it up and immediately dialing a number. Vivian Operator? Get me Robin Jacobs' number, please. Salem University Hospital Jan, Lucas, and Eugenia all anxiously stand in the waiting room, awaiting the results on Bentley's surgey; they all are in disbelief. A young toddler was shot earlier that evening right in front of their eyes; a toddler that they all know and love. Eugenia Lucas, baby, how's your arm? Lucas It's fine; they got it all patched up. Greta didn't hit anything major. Jan, scoffing What a pity. Lucas Jan, can you tone down on the insults, just for once?! Bentley, a toddler, is fighting for his life in there and all you can do is roll your eyes at us. Jan Because this is your fault to begin with, Lucas! If you hadn't taken Bentley from me in the first place, none of this would've even happened. Lucas I had to take him! Bentley's been like a son to me since the day he was born; I helped you give birth to him in that elevator. I couldn't let a psycho like you raise him, and if I hadn't taken him, Greta probably would've killed you and who knows what she would've done to him. Eugenia, stepping in between the two Okay, everybody, let's calm down. We have bigger things to- Jan Stay out of this, Eugenia! You have no say here! You shouldn't even be here! You wrecked my engagement, you wrecked my wedding, you've wrecked my life! Go the hell away! Eugenia, offended Excuse me? I've wrecked your life? You were the one that stole my baby from me! Jan I didn't, Greta did! Eugenia But you were the one who barged into the Church, ruining my wedding, and telling everyone that Josh was your son with Lucas! You let me think that my precious son was dead for months, just so you could keep Lucas! If you had just been honest from the beginning, none of this would've ever happened. Jan I've lost two children! Not just one, but two! Neither of you knows what that feels like! And so I have one baby, one miracle, that I refuse to let die! I won't lose him to death, and I sure as hell won't lose him to either one of you! Just as Jan makes that declaration, Dr. Phyliss Stansville approaches. Dr. Stansville Luckily you won't have to worry about that, Mrs. Roberts. Lucas It's Ms. Spears. Trust me. Jan Does that mean what I think it means? Bentley survived? Dr. Stansville He is very fortunate. For a toddler his age, that could've been fatal, but we were able to remove the bullet and patch his wound up with minimal blood loss. It may take some years off of his life later, but for now, everything is alright. You'll be able to see him soon. Lucas, relieved This is amazing. Thanks, Dr. Stansville, thanks so much! Dr. Stansville smiles and walks away, and all three breathe a sigh of relief. Eugenia This is another miracle. We've been blessed with too many lately. Jan You and I can agree on that first part; this is a miracle, and soon I can take my son home. Lucas Whoa, Jan. I'll let you see Bentley in a little while because of what happened, but I still can't let you take him. You're no Greta, but you can't raise a child. Jan, enraged WHAT?! You bastard; after all of this, after everything that has happened and everything that I've said over the past day, you still won't let me have my son?! A son who really isn't your son?! That's it, I've had enough of both of you. I loved you at one point, Lucas, but no more; you and your whore won't get away with this. Jan storms away from the two as Lucas and Eugenia watch. Eugenia She really is insane, isn't she? Lucas, putting an arm around Eugenia Yeah, she is. That's why I can't let her raise Bentley. Eugenia I agree; you can annull your marriage to Jan and get custody of Bentley. Then she can be out of the picture and we can all be a family. Lucas and Eugenia kiss, hoping to make this true in no time. Down the hall, Jan scowls as she thinks about the happy couple. Jan They're both such idiots; they think they have it so great? Well, I don't think so. I'm going to blow them right out of the water; there has to be something out there that can ruin them once and for all. Eugenia's such a bitch, and I'd love to get the last laugh over her. It'd also be fun to see Lucas lose her amazing ass. Maybe there's something that I can find. I'm not stopping, no matter what; my son will leave this hospital in my arms. Determined, Jan walks off. Back at the Kiriakis Mansion Vivian is having a nice drink, pondering on how many enemies that she has to take care of, as Henderson enters, with Robin behind him. Vivian, smiling Ah, thank you, Henderson, for letting Dr. Jacobs in. You can go mop the butler's pantry or something, now. Henderson just rolls his eyes, and leaves. Robin stares at Vivian suspiciously. Robin You know, I've heard of you from a lot of people, especially over the past few days, but I don't think I've ever met you. Why would you want to see me? Vivian Ah, excellent, Robin. It is very good to see you back on your feet; it means you are ready for what I have in store for you. Let's cut to the chase, shall we? I know you are framing Laura Horton for trying to kill you. Robin, suddenly enraged Excuse me? Laura tried to kill me three times. Vivian, laughing even louder Oh, dear, please. I have set a few people up in my day; I know how it goes. The simple look on your face tells me that you are a liar. Your games may work on the Hortons, since they are just middle-class, happy go lucky people. However, I am a woman of a more upper class; the dame of Salem. You are dealing with the big leagues now, darling, so you cannot fool me with any of that nonsense. However, do not fear, I will not expose you. Robin You never answered my question: Why did you bring me here? To call me a liar? Vivian No, not at all. I am sure you know that I just took Salem University Hospital from the Hortons, and fired the chief-of-staff, who is also your ex-fiancee. Today, I got a rude letter from his mother, who we both know is currently behind bars. She threatened me, and I cannot have her trying to interfere; I want her committed to a mental institution again. You must make sure of that. Robin, stunned by all of this Uhh, well....I was intending on that anyway. Vivian I need you to keep a close eye over all of the Hortons; you live with half of them, so it shouldn't be too hard. Sabatoge them. Bring that family to the ground. Robin You want me to sabatoge the entire Horton family? Are you insane? They are good people. The only reason that I am doing this to Laura is because she was going to step in the way of my son's happiness; she was trying to let some whore back into his life that should never have been there in the first place. My son means the world to me, and I can't let that happen to him. Vivian Touching, but the fact remains: You have connections to all of the Hortons. Make sure they do not get in my way, especially Laura. If she goes down for this, it will bring all of them down. It'll keep them occupied for a time. If you succeed, I will pay you a substantial amount. Robin, sighing Fine; it's not like this is any change for me. But you must be a real, heartless bitch to be torturing a good family for no valid reason. Why are you doing this? Just so you can have more power over this town? That's petty. At least I am doing this out of love. Vivian, shaking her head and chuckling Robin, you must be new to all of this; such a naive viewpoint. If anyone is petty, I'd say it's you; you are torturing the family already. I'd say it is more than just love for your son; are you a scorned woman? Watching your ex-fiancee run around with the likes of Carrie Brady and Alexis Kefer is a little too hurtful? Come now, be honest. Robin, scowling That's not true. I think we're done here. Vivian Oh yes, we are. But remember what I said, and make sure that the Hortons don't screw anything up for me. I want Laura Horton locked up in a padded room, and you'd best not fail. Robin Oh, don't worry, I won't. Robin just shakes her head at Vivian and her schemes, before walking out. She heads out onto the Kiriakis doorsteps. Robin That bitch is lucky that I hate Laura and that I was already doing this, or else she'd get nothing from me. Robin then leaves, and right as she walks away from the mansion grounds, Philip emerges from a bush, with a gasoline canister in hand! Philip This is my childhood home...but it already burnt down once. No true Kiriakis lives here anymore; the closest man to that is Henderson, and I'm sure he feels trapped. Anyone else is just Vivian and her servants. I'm going to end her fun-time in my father's house right now. Philip begins to pour the gasoline all across the exterior of the huge mansion, making sure he doesn't get seen by any security; after emptying all of his cans of gas and making sure that the exterior of the mansion is covered in it, he takes out a match. Philip Sorry about this, Dad...but it's for you. That said, Philip lights the match and throws it on the gasoline; a fire immediately erupts. Philip watches as the Kiriakis Mansion starts to go up in flames!
  5. Salem University Hospital Inside the boardroom, Mike and Lexie sit as they wait for this sudden board meeting to begin. Lexie Mike, do you have any idea what this is about? Mike Honestly, Lexie, I don't know...I just know that it has something to do with Vivian Alamain. I don't know what she wants, but it seems we have no choice but to hear her out. Lexie Watch out for her, Mike. Vivian's a scheming bitch. Pardon my language, but its true...she weasled her way into the DiMera family and my father's life while he was still alive. Then she somehow made her way into the Kiriakis family while Victor was on his deathbed. She threw all of the Alamains, her own family, out of their own company. I'm just saying that Vivian's a very unstable woman, I've seen it all first hand. Mike I've heard of Vivian's crimes. However, I am sure that this meeting is something pointless. I think I heard that she bought some interest in the hospital recently, she probably just has some proposals. Maggie then enters, walking up to Mike and hugging him. Mike Aunt Maggie, I didn't think you were coming. Maggie Well this is my family's hospital, and I am one of the only Hortons left to still come. I would never miss out on a board meeting...Mickey, Tom, and Alice would all want me to be here. Maggie glances at Lexie, and Lexie sighs as it reminds her of Abe having a stroke after their intense custody battle all that time ago. Maggie just takes her seat. Vivian then enters. Vivian Ah, hello, everyone! So glad you all could make it! I'm not going to bother introducing myself since you would have to live in a hole to not know who I am. Mike, groaning What do you want, Mrs. DiMera? Or wait, is it Kiriakis now? Vivian Whatever you prefer...but don't mock me and my personal life, Dr. Horton. You may be very interested in what I have to say. Mike Listen, Vivian, no offense, but we have patients to attend to. People are struggling with illnesses and nearly dying everyday, and we need to hurry through this thing. Vivian Alright, if you insist...well, let me say that I am a bit concerned about how this hospital is being ran. Maggie What do you mean? Mike has the best handle on everything. Vivian Well, you see...over these past couple of years in Salem, since Mike has been back, I've noticed that people just don't stop dying. Mike Excuse me? Vivian Oh don't act like you don't know what I'm talking about, Mike! People have been dying like its the hottest thing around here...and most of the time, they come here for help. But you can never save their lives...thats not a good doctor. This is the only hospital in Salem, and its time that we stop all this death...its time that we do what Salem University Hospital is dedicated to doing: Saving lives! Mike I'll have you know that my staff and I do a just fine job of saving lives. Vivian Oh really? Mike, half the people that you and I know have died in the past year! Your ex-wife had a minor injury, but she's still been practically helpless for nearly a year because you couldn't be fast enough! Mike Excuse me?! Thats none of your business. Vivian If you ran this hospital better, maybe Peter would still be alive. Maybe Victor would still be alive. Greta Von Amberg was able to pull off a baby switch in this hospital without your knowledge! Admit it: You are worthless! Lexie What is the point here, Vivian? Vivian My point is is that Mike Horton, you are fired! Mike What?! You can't do that! Vivian Oh, I can...in fact, what I came to tell you is that I have bought so much interest in this hospital...I own it now! Maggie What?! Thats impossible! Vivian Maggie, dear, I am Vivian Alamain Kiriakis Jones DiMera DiMera Kiriakis. Nothing is impossible. Have you not heard how much of Salem I own? Mike, standing up in anger This is outrageous! This hospital has been in the Horton family for years...for generations! My grandfather himself was the one that started the Horton wing here years ago...I came back here two years ago to continue the tradition, and we have ran this hospital the best we could. I will not stand for this. Vivian Oh well you don't have to. Please, take your exit. Maggie I understood why you went after your own family...I didn't like it, but I knew that you wanted revenge. I understood why you infiltrated the DiMera and Kiriakis families, even though I hated it...but what have the Hortons done to you? Why are you taking this hospital from us? Vivian Well, Maggie, its nothing personal...its just that I own nearly all of the big businesses in Salem...I own two of the best mansions in town and am in charge of three of the richest families...but there was something missing. I had managed to save all of these businesses and I am merging them all into one, but I needed to do something more...if I could salvage the mess that Forrest made Alamain and the mess that Kate made Basic Black...not to mention the unstable states of Titan and DiMera..why couldn't I salvage the hospital? Mike, still fuming This hospital is just fine damnit. I know that I am not the best doctor, I have my mistakes, but at least I am not corrupt. I do the best I can...the Horton family isn't like all those families that you have messed with in the corporate world. We're a family that doesn't scheme like you all do, we try to stand for whats right, and thats what we try to do here. We're not in it for the money like you and your friends do. Vivian But see, Mike, thats the problem: You Hortons don't get business. You all came from lower class...Mickey was a good lawyer, but still, none of you can live in a world like this. You can't handle everything like I can. So thats why I bought the hospital...so I could run everything properly. This is a recession, its not the time for jolly families that live in la la land to run a place where people should be saved. You claim to be good...well, Mike, I've lost two husbands in the past year. One of them was here under your care, but you couldn't save him, could you? Mike You evil bitch. How can you be so cruel? Vivian I don't have time to listen to this. The bottom line is: Mike, you are hereby relieved of your duties as Chief of Staff. You will no longer be working at MY hospital in any capacity. Have your office cleared out by the end of the day. Maggie, go back to your farm or something, because you're out too. Mike You won't get away with this. I am not one to ever wage war, but this is a different story. I can't let this happen. And I am one of the few doctors in this hospital that is skilled enough to be Chief of Staff...who will replace me? Vivian Dr. Lexie Carver would be just fine! Lexie, standing up in shock I remained silent during all of this but...what?! Are you serious?! Vivian You are an excellent doctor, Lexie. You were Chief of Staff for years before Mike came back. Lexie Vivian, I am flattered, but I-I...I'm not sure how I feel about what you're doing... Maggie, standing up herself Lexie?! Lexie?! You fire my nephew...the best damn doctor you will find in Salem...and you replace him with Lexie?! Now listen, I am understanding and everything, and I want to assure you that I am not trying to get into another fight with Lexie...but do you know what this woman did? She took part in that awful baby switch with Zack and JT years ago! She killed her lover and covered it up...she let Abe go down for the crime! It took Sami Brady of all people to free him...she's sided with Stefano on numerous occassions with his crimes. I am still sure that she used her DiMera power to get custody of her son and snatch him away from his loving father, and it caused him to have a stroke! Thats who you want as your Chief of Staff?! Lexie Maggie...Maggie...please. I know I've done some bad things, but I don't want to bring that stuff out here...I have really tried hard to change. The thing with Isaac and JT was so many years ago...and everything with Tek was an accident that just led to one thing after another that I was forced to go along with, and I love my son. I love him with all my heart, and I never ever wanted Abe to have that stroke...please don't insult me. I am going to try to be peaceful but I don't want to fight with you all over again. Vivian Maggie, that all is personal...it has nothing to do with her doctor skills. Not to mention, she is only an acting interim for now. Maggie A good doctor?! She signed nearly ten people's death certificates when they weren't really dead, including mine! Vivian That was such a long time ago and the situation was manipulated beyond her control. She has an excellent track record! Mike Lexie is a good doctor, I'm not denying this...but you can't do this to me, to us! I'm sorry, but if you think removing the Horton family will somehow improve this hospital... Vivian Alright, I can see that you obviously aren't happy about this...but unfortunately, as a respected business woman, I can no longer listen to this. Get out. Mike, clenching his fists I will NOT get out! Vivian I could always call security...they do listen to me now. Maggie, putting a hand on Mike's shoulder Come on, Mike...don't ruin your dignity. We need to go and calm down. Mike You haven't heard the last of me. Mike and Maggie then leave. Lexie, walking out I can't believe this... Vivian, smiling as she sits down at the table Well...check and mate, I suppose! Yet another part of Salem is now under the control of Vivian Alamain! Episode#451: Ding Dong the Rabied Bitch Is Dead! Written by: Tara Smith Hotel, Lucas and Eugenia's Suite Greta's body, deprived of air, slumps down to the ground, as the psycho is dead. Bentley screams out after being shot, and Jan shrieks herself as she constantly holds him. Eugenia looks in shock at Lucas, who just killed Greta. Eugenia Lucas...Lucas...you just killed Greta! Lucas, in a rage Can you blame me!? She just shot Bentley! An innocent child...Greta's tormented everyone, but she's gone too far this time! She was going to kill us all! What did you expect me to do?! I think it had to end this way. Jan WHO CARES ABOUT THAT RABIED BITCH?! MY SON HAS BEEN SHOT! MY TWO YEAR OLD HAS BEEN SHOT! CALL 911 YOU IDIOTS! Eugenia Jan's right. I'll call them immediately. Eugenia quickly calls 911, still holding Josh, as Lucas rushes to his side. Lucas I can't believe this...I can't believe Greta did this...I'm not going to let him die. I won't...we need those ambulances now! Jan, crying If you didn't try to take him from me, this would've never happened! Bentley was a miracle child for me...my one child with Shawn, the one child that I had that is still alive! I'm going to save you, baby, I won't let that psycho win! Damnit Eugenia where are the paramedics?! Eugenia, rushing forward They are on their way! As everyone horrifiedly watches over Bentley, refusing to let the precious child go, and Eugenia tries to calm her own son, Nicole finally wakes up. Nicole, looking around What the...what the hell? Where am I? My head is pounding... Jan Who cares about you, my son has been SHOT by your psycho rival? Nicole Jan? Lucas? Eugenia? Oh yeah, I was going to....wait... Nicole looks at Greta's body, and her face immediately fills with anger. Nicole Greta! That bitch that killed my husband! She attacked me...I....think... Eugenia, turning away from Lucas and Jan You two stay with Bentley, I'll explain everything to Nicole. Nicole, Greta came here to kill us all, specifically you and Jan. She shot Lucas and held me and Jan at gunpoint with our suns...she knocked you out right when you got here and then shot Bentley...Lucas then got so mad that he killed her. Nicole, staring at Bentley in shock and horror He did the world a favor. If he hadn't, I would have myself. I know she killed Travis, and she was heading that way with those rabies. Finally, Greta's reign of terror is over...ding dong she's dead. I can be free of her. The paramedics then burst in. Jan About time you all got here! My son's been shot, he needs to go to the hospital now!!! Nicole Yeah, and you need to get that psycho's corpse out of here too. I'm sick of looking at it. Jan and Lucas watch with extremely worried looks as the paramedics quickly tend to Bentley and get him out of there, as well as take Greta's body. Jan I'm going to the hospital. I need to be with my son. Lucas has tears in his eyes as Jan leaves. He can barely keep it together. Lucas I loved Bentley like my own son...I never knew Greta could go this far. I'm going to the hospital, too. I've helped raise him and I want to be there. Eugenia I'll be right behind you, Lucas...I loved Bentley too. We don't have anytime to waste. Lucas and Eugenia leave, as Nicole looks around the ravaged hotel suite. Nicole Greta...you really are one evil bitch. I always hated you, but you actually used to be nice...then, you kidnapped Jan and me, switched babies, shot me, put a woman into a coma, and you killed my husband...I thought that was the worst...but then you were so soulless to shoot a baby. Not even I am that heartless. Its a good thing that you are dead. With that, Nicole herself leaves. Horton House Hope and Julie are at the Horton House, the place where the Horton legacy began. They sit in the kitchen, and Hope looks around, remembering Alice. Hope I miss Gran so much...its still so weird without her around. Julie I know, Hope, I know...but Alice is still alive in our hearts forever and ever. She's watching down on us...and she's overjoyed that you are happy with your girls. Hope hesitates for a moment. Julie, sighing Hope...whats wrong? I knew that not all was well with you...is it Bo? I know things haven't been the greatest since you got out of prison and got back together... Hope Yes...I don't know...I love Bo, but I feel like I can't trust him. Bo has always been a trust worthy man, but ever since we reconciled...things still haven't been the same. He's distant. Julie I know things haven't been the best, and I know that you were a little concerned after he got so close to Kristen while we were in prison...but I thought things were getting better. Hope Well, Julie...something new has come up. It actually doesn't involve Kristen. Julie Oh really? And what is that? Hope Megan DiMera is claiming to have had his son. Julie WHAT?! Hope She came up to our doorstep with this infant in her arms and said that he was Bo's! We're having a paternity test run now. Julie Hope, Bo has known for some time that Megan is a psycho. They were only together in highschool years ago...why would he sleep with her? How would he sleep with her? Hope This is where it gets complicated... Julie I'm Julie Olson Williams. Complication is nothing, dear. Hope We were in prison...and apparently, Megan was really eager to go after Bo...so she drugged him one night, and dressed up as me, or some weird scheme. She managed to get pregnant with his baby after that. Julie This is ridiculous. Not like we've seen Megan, and I've only met her once or twice, but she was never pregnant. Hope She got a surrogant to cover it up...to surprise Bo with it. Of all people, Jill Stevens was her surrogant...that woman that Franco hired to try to come between Bo and I all those years ago. In a fight with Megan, Jill fell and ended up dying...but I guess the baby came out okay. Its just...I can't handle this Julie. I've seen enough drama with Bo, and I am sorry, but if this baby is his...I.... Hope tears up, and Julie holds her hand as comfort. Hope Julie, its just...I couldn't stand by and watch Megan be in our lives. Its not the child I would mind...but Megan would be there all the time. She'd use it to try to steal Bo back...and even though he was drugged...we were still married while I was in prison! We are still married...but he slept with this woman, and I know he probably couldn't remember...but he didn't even mention it until she had to tell us herself! Julie I'm so sorry, Hope, darling...you can't let this happen. You can't role out and be a doormat for Megan DiMera or anyone else. You have to fight for yourself and your daughters...are the paternity results back yet? Hope No, but we're all waiting anxiously. I'm so terrified. Julie Hope, you seem like something else is bothering you. I know alot of its Megan but I feel like there's something else. Hope, sighing Well...there is, honestly, Julie. Julie What? Hope I think Bo might be having an affair. Julie's jaw drops. Hope Well...you know that while I was in prison, he grew very close to Kristen and slept with her...however, we got over that...but Bo recently took a trip with her to Padre Island, as I may have mentioned before...and I think that something happened. Julie Remind me why he went there again. Hope Kristen is trying to figure out who set her brother up to die, and Bo is a detective, so she wanted his help...I understand that, but there's something more going on. I feel it...I worry...I love Bo, I really do. He's been my husband for so many years...but ever since I killed Gina, it hasn't been the same. He's been even more distant since he returned from that island. I think that there may still be something going on now....I hate thinking like this, but I feel like I have to. Julie Hope, if you really want your marriage to continue, you have to be strong. You can't let these DiMera women get your man like this. This is unacceptable to let Bo run around possibly cheating on you like this! Hope I know, Julie, I know...but...its just...I get so stressed sometimes and I... Julie, staring at Hope Hope...I've seen that look before...I first saw it a couple years ago...you...you... Hope Yes, Julie, I know what you are thinking. You are thinking about me doing drugs. Julie You can't do that. That was probably the worst point in your life. I know that things are hard as you try to keep your family together and figure out whats going on in your marriage with Bo...but you can't turn to drugs again. Hope I...I don't want to think about doing them again, Julie, they are a bad thing...something that I would never do under normal circumstances...but....I am open to the fact that...I still have urges and I could return to it. Julie looks on in shock at her half-sister, wondering if Hope will be driven to the edge all over again and turn to drugs for the second time... Back at Salem University Hospital Sami, Carrie, Eric, Belle, Rex, and Cassie all sit in the room of the catatonic John Black. They have just arrived and all look at the motionless man. Eric Do you really think this will work? Carrie We have to try, Eric. Our father has been like this for so long...and with Marlena gone and all this chaos in Salem, we need him. Marlena would want us to do this..she would want her husband to be able to live his life. Rex Carrie's right. We've all been ignoring John for too long now...if he's ever going to wake up, he'll need us by his side. Cassie Like praying and wishing that he would wake up will do anything. I am all for John waking up and us trying to be a family, but I really think this is just stupid. We're wasting our time. Sami Oh shut up you bitch. I never was on the best terms with John, but he's my father, and I am trying to accept that. You'd be amazed at what this can sometimes do. Eric Lets not get into a fight, please. This is definitely not the time. Sami You're right, Eric. Cassie and I shouldn't be sniping at each other. This is a prayer session. Belle We should really get started. Carrie, bowing her head as everyone takes hands Dear God...we are coming to you today because we have a simple request...we don't want to seem selfish, but this isn't even about us: Its about our father, John...or Roman, whatever you wish to call him. We didn't always think he was our father, and none of us were ever on the best terms with him...but most of the time, we loved him just the same...he's an honorable man, and has always tried to do his best...he doesn't deserve to be like this. He's been like this for over two years, and in his time away, his wife has died...so much has happened, and now...we just want to be a family again. So, God, what I am asking is if you can please...please help wake him up, and restore his life to what it once was...please. Thats all we ask. Sami, continuing Well, God....you know I have never really been that great of a person...I've done alot of wrong things, and I've said alot of horrible, awful things to my mother...and John, even when I found out that he was actually my father...I really never accepted him. But...now...I just want him to wake up...not really for me, but just because...I think everyone needs him right now. I...I think...he needs to live his life...he needs another chance to live....so I echo my sister's statements...if you can, please...bring him back to us. Belle We pray this in Jesus's name, Amen. Everyone then lifts their head. Belle That...that was beautiful. I really hopes it works. Eric It may seem sappy...but maybe it'll work. Its all we have to do now....just...hope that he'll wake up. Everyone watches John/Roman, hoping that someday soon, he will finally open his eyes and speak again... DiMera Mansion Vivian enters the mansion, triumphant after taking over the hospital and booting out the Hortons. Vivian I really do rule Salem, don't I? I have every single big business here under my control...I have the hospital...I have two great mansions...what else could I possibly have? Kristen then walks out of the living room, scowling. Kristen So you decided to stop by here for once? The Kiriakis Mansion got too boring? Vivian Oh, no, never...but I do own both of them, so I thought I'd stop by and see how things are here. Kristen Well, I'm glad you did, because I've been wanting to speak with you. Vivian, laughing You? Speak with me? What could you possibly want? Kristen Its about Peter. Vivian My goodness, Kristen, the boy's been dead for over a year now, and for months all its been with you is Peter, Peter, Peter. His killer is in jail...what could you possibly have to say about him now? Kristen, angrily grabbing Vivian's arm Don't play dumb you bitch. Peter's true killer isn't in jail...just give up the act. I know you set him up to die. You sent him to the pier that night. Vivian, narrowing her eyes Stop making such accusations...you are beating a dead horse. Crystal Galore shot Peter when she meant to shoot Tony...and that was all Stefano and Kate's idea! Kristen Sure, they wanted to kill Tony...but I know that you sent Peter down there because you knew he'd get into a fight with Tony over my rape, and then he'd probably be shot on accident...and I also know that you figured out that Bo and I were on your tail, so you sent us on that wild goose chase on Padre Island. Vivian Padre Island? I have no clue what you are talking about. Don't you see, Kristen? The fact that you can find nothing incriminating anyone shows that no one set your brother up to die! It was all coincidence! Kristen, lowering her tone to a whisper I know deep in my gut, Vivian....I know that you set Peter up. I know that someone set Peter up...thats a fact, because I didn't call him down to the pier that night like he thought...someone planned the entire thing. And the only person that would want to kill Peter would be you. I know there is proof out there somewhere that you did it, and I'm going to find it. Vivian Thats preposterous. I am a respected business woman. Kristen Don't play that card with me! I know you, Vivian, I have for years and years! I am so tired of you walking around Salem all smug, like you just have won everything. You have totally taken over the DiMera family, and I'm going to stop that...my father wouldn't want this, he only married you because he could use you. I am going to stop all of this madness you've poured onto my family! Vivian, staring right into Kristen's eyes You wouldn't dare...I have more on you than you have on me, my dear. Kristen What are you talking about? Vivian I know you are having an affair with Bo. Kristen's jaw drops, and she stumbles back in pure shock. Kristen H-how do you know about that? Vivian I'm Vivian Alamain, you dumb fool! Of course I know that you've been sleeping with the man...and I also know that Bo is still married to Hope...so if this comes out, it would really be dreadful for you and your lover. I can expose it at any moment...so here's how things are going to transpire: You keep you and the DiMera's at bay, and I keep quiet, but if anyone in the DiMera family tries to wrong me, it will be exposed to the entire city and Bo's precious Fancy Face. Kristen, staring at Vivian furiously You really are one evil bitch. Vivian And you aren't?! Don't make me laugh! Have you forgotten your evil side, Kristen? Have you forgotten all you did to John and Marlena years ago? You tried to pass off another baby as your own, you locked Marlena in that secret room...I watched you hide a pillow in your stomach! Then when you came back years later, you went after Marlena again! Kristen, pausing for a moment before speaking I-I've changed now... Vivian You haven't changed. Now, instead of faking pregnancies, you are sleeping with married men! You are so laughable...but I don't care what you do, as long as you don't screw with me. Kristen wants to outlash at Vivian again, but knows that for now, the blackmail Vivian is holding over her is too heavy...as Kristen hurries to leave, she turns to Vivian one last time. Kristen You won't win, Vivian. I assure you that you won't. Kristen then leaves. Vivian smiles as she walks into the living room, very happy. Vivian Oh Kristen, you can't stop me with what I have over you...no one can stop me!
  6. After a year of silence inside LIS studios, news has finally broken that 'Life in Salem' will be making it's return to mySON TV at long last; Co-EP/Co-HW ML Cooks broke the news last week. Now, it's time to get an indepth look at what is going on at LIS. Where has it been? What's been going on, what will go on? When is it coming back? Any changes? A lot of questions must be on reader's minds; they probably thought it for dead, like many other past SON blogs. Well, 'Life' doesn't die that quickly; readers will have a lot more LIS coming their way. It is back and ready to roll. However, before LIS can return, explanation is needed. On the past, present, and future. "Readers of LIS may remember that in Fall of 09, ML Cooks made a return to Life in Salem and took the main pen, while I took the main control of his own, original soap "S.T.E.A.M". That fall was a big time for those shows, but suddenly, both began to stop posting episodes. Why? Well, a variety of reasons," explains LIS creator, EP, and HW, Tara Smith. "I fell ill that fall; I had a lot of health problems with a rupptured appendix that had to be taken care of. So I fell off the map first; ML tried to keep the ships afloat, but his own real life began to get in the way. Our lives prevented us from penning these soaps, and S.T.E.A.M's last episode aired in November of 09; LIS' last aired on New Years Eve of 09. Another problem was that the blogs on SON were shut down for months. The most recent episode of LIS had to be posted in the mySON TV board, and that was in Febuary of last year. So things have been quiet because all of this just crashed together and the blogs fell to the wayside." However, not any more; S.T.E.A.M is already hitting the SONOP airwaves once again, and LIS' return is fast approaching. But is anything going to be different about LIS? "LIS will be very different," answers Smith. "When LIS went on its long hiatus, it was already in a transition, if readers remember. However, it's about to get real different; it's almost going to be a new show. It will be great, though; ML has cooked(no pun intended) up some big plots. They are the likes of which Salem has never seen before. Changes can be scary for any show, and sometimes, they aren't for the best. LIS needed them, though; I was losing control of it when I was on my own, and ML came in and made some big decisions. He's majorly overhauled the show; there weren't that many changes when he came on the first time. Now, it's going to be insane. A lot of the cast has been trimmed. Current stories are in the process of ending, and new ones will begin." Smith was not hesitant to give the details of the changes 'Life in Salem' was making, either. "It's not just a change in story. The format is changing up, as well, as readers may have seen during the Fall of 09; LIS used to be a daily soap. Well, those days are long gone. It's now going to be airing only twice a week," Tara explained. Does that mean less LIS? Maybe not. "It may not air as many times, but the episodes are different, too; most of my episodes for LIS used to be written in a more prose style. They were very simple and to the point; long-time LIS readers also know how ML writes, in a more script form. Well, once again, I have adopted that form. That will be the way this show will be presented from here on out, but it's a good thing; the prose was always good for LIS, but in these scripts, you know exactly what the characters are saying. This gives you a chance to dig deep into these scenes and see the emotional aspect of it, while keeping the action that you already had in the prose. Basically, these episodes will pack much more of a punch than previous ones did; if you read ML's older script eps of LIS or S.T.E.A.M, or even the ones that I would write in script, you'll have an idea as to what I mean." Overall, this is a lot of info for readers to take in; changes are running every where on LIS. "Right now, we have about ten episodes or so already written; that's well over a month of story, and we keep going. We really want to stay ahead, because in the past, LIS has found itself a little chaotic because episodes were written so shortly before they should've been posted to the public. We are going to keep writing and try to keep ourselves in check; right now, most of the episodes are being written by me, with some scenes from ML thrown in. In due time, we will see episodes from ML return, but he is also heading up S.T.E.A.M. However, ML has written most of the outlines; right now, we are very far ahead in that area. We have outlines written almost all the way up to 500; that's a lot. I can honestly tell you that Life in Salem has never been that ahead before; it is a good feeling to know so clearly where we are going with story," the exec continued. "So LIS has not just changed on a story and cast level; the production of the blog is different, too. Far different, but it's for the better." However, while this sounds great for the blog, readers are more likely concerned with story; the inner workings of "Life in Salem" can be left to those in charge. However, what will the readers see? "ML has been working extremely hard over the past few months on the storylines that will soon be heading the readers' way; like I said, LIS was in a transition period when it stopped, and so when it returns, it obviously still will be. The next few months of LIS will really be filled with ending current stories, and starting new ones. We have a lot of exits coming; LIS will have a smaller cast than ever before. As certain stories end, characters will be phased out, but the door is always open for returns down the road. Right now, though, it's not happening; however, there will be a few returns. A few new characters. These people will be slowly eased in and merged with our current cast. They will interact with a lot of people currently on LIS, and will slowly build up to their own stories, which will be massive. Life in Salem is headed for more character-driven territory; a lot of LIS has been filled with camp and action. That is changing, somewhat; we will be digging deep into the characters' hearts and emotions. Their feelings. There will be a lot of romance, a lot of emotional material. As time goes on, mystery will start to play in to the equation. But what else could LIS be about? Maybe it will have some different stories, maybe a few different characters, but at it's core, it remains the same: Love, mystery, and adventure. Diversity is being increased; the Hortons are going to take the front stage. Long-time couples, heroes, and villians will find themselves in a tail spin. These changes may seem scary, but LIS is going to be hitting the big 500 episode mark within fifty episodes. In a few months, it will have it's five year anniversery; I think it needs some fresh air." Now, what are these big changes? What in the world is going to happen to this blog? Well, while sources refused to get a play by play of every single story, arrival, and exit coming up on Life in Salem, the list of people exiting, and arriving, has been released. That has only happened once before in LIS history, and this one is a much bigger list. Without any further adieu, the characters/actors departing from the soap are: Jensen Ackles(Eric Brady) Kimberlin Brown(Megan Hathaway DiMera) Daphne Bloomner(Eugenia Willens) Matt Cedeno(Brandon Walker) Robin Christopher(Dr. Robin Jacobs) Christie Clarke(Carrie Brady) Bryan Dattilo(Lucas Roberts) Farah Fath(Mimi Lockhart) Heather Lindell(Jan Spears Roberts) Julianne Morris(Greta Von Amberg) Brandy Norwood(Dr. Phyliss Stansville) Thaao Penghlis(Andre DiMera) Louise Sorel(Vivian Alamain Kiriakis) Gina Tognoni(April Ramirez) Greg Vaughan(Detective Chris Reddins) Valerie Wildman(Faye Walker) Bree Williamson(Alexis Kefer) Eric Winter(Rex Brady) Also, dropped to recurring is Tanya Boyd(Celeste Perrault), who will remain on the LIS cast, but in a lesser capacity. "There are some big names on that LIS; big names. Louise Sorel, Christie Clarke...it sounds insane. Some of those exits had already been announced, but hadn't really happened yet, so they were re-stated here. That is a LOT to take in; I'm sure that anyone who reads this is going to wonder how the cast can survive this. Some of these people are keys to so many stories! Well, I can't reveal how they exit; you just have to read to see it all come together. Some won't be gone for a while, and others will be out within a few weeks. With a lot of these exits, the door is always open for a return down the road, so don't count them all out for good," Tara stated. Now, to counteract the list of massive cuts, "Life in Salem" also released a list of returns/additions to the cast, with some equally shocking names on the list: Drake Hogestyn(John Black) Michael B. Jordan(Reggie Carver) Kristoff St. John(Jonah Carver) Jerry verDorn(Bill Horton) Walt Willey(Franklin Stokes) "Obviously, that list is not nearly as large, but the list has some big names on it," remarked Tara. "John Black is making his way back to LIS, as is another legendary character, Bill Horton, with the face of soap vet Jerry verDorn! Jerry is a fantastic actor, and unfortunately, all of the other actors who played Bill have left this Earth. ML and I both feel confident that Jerry playing Bill is a great choice, and Bill is going to play a huge role on LIS; so many family and friends are already on the cast. This is the perfect time for him to show up and take his place as the Horton patriarch; we've also have Jonah Carver, another character from the past, returning; he is bringing along a son, Reggie. He is going to increase diversity, as well as help the Carver family grow; expect the Carvers to take a center stage on LIS. Jonah is going to have a huge story that pulls a lot of our beloved characters into madness, and Reggie is going to make a great addition to LIS' very small teen scene. Franklin, played by yet another soap vet, AMC's very own Walt Willey, obviously shares last names with Destiny; we'll see what their connection is, but he's also going to mix it up with a lot of our Salemites over time. All of this won't be right off the bat; it will be slow. Every single one of these characters has to be slowly integrated onto the canvas. It will take time, but Life in Salem is coming back, and it's coming back with a bang. Expect to see the first episode of LIS' return, 451, THIS Monday. There's going to be a lot going on, but stay tuned! It's good to be back!"
  7. AFTER A SEVEN YEAR ABSENCE FROM SALEM, JAY KENNETH JOHNSON RETURNS AS PHILIP KIRIAKIS! Philip Kiriakis is heading back to LIS...but this time, played by his most known and most loved portrayer, Jay Kenneth Johnson! Philip has been on LIS before, played by Kyle Brandt(2006-2007, 2008), but he was sent off after kidnapping and stalking Belle in 2007, going into a rage after the revelation that Claire was not his daughter, and only returning for one guest episode in 2008, when his father Victor visited him in prison. However, now, under the pen of new HW ML Cooks, Philip is heading back to Salem in the wake of his father's death! Johnson will reprise his role in the next several episodes, and he is here to stay! "One thing ML wants to do is re-establish family on LIS," Tara Smith explains "With all these cuts, and some more coming, the family aspect has really diminished, but he's going to change that. One important family in his vision is the Kiriakis's, and while we already have Justin and Bo on the cast, one very important element of the family is Philip. He will help lead the family now that Victor is gone. We're happy to have Jay back, and Philip will definitely be a central player on the show." Now, with Philip back, will he still have feelings for Belle? "Philip and Belle have alot of loose ends still left...and Belle's relationship with Nicholas will soon be on the ice, and Philip is alot more emotionally stable than the last time he was in Salem...you'll just have to stay tuned to see where it goes." Also, expect a few more announcements over the next few days and weeks!
  8. Flight 720 lands at Salem Airport as night falls. The plane opens its door and Nicole is the first passenger to get off the plane. Nicole is clearly distraught and crying, with dried up black eye mascara on her face. As she walks into the airport, she wipes tears as she thinks of Travis’s death. “I can’t believe some one killed my Travis. We were going to be so happy. Who would do this? Who would kill Travis?” She is now inside the airport and sees her mother Faye waiting for her. Faye walks over to her and gives her a hug. Faye “I am so sorry for your loss.” Nicole “I just can’t believe this is happening. Cyanide,... that’s really serious. I didn’t know that stuff was still made.” Who would do something like this?” Faye “It is scary. I am just glad it wasn’t you.” Nicole “I bet I know who did this.” Nicole stops for a minute and think of Greta. Faye “Honey who? Who did this?” Nicole “It’s not important mother but trust me I will get to the bottom of this.” Faye “Nikki, you’re scaring me. I don’t like when you talk like this. It always leads to trouble.” Nicole “No trouble at all mother. It’s time to turn the tables. I have to put an end to this madness. This rabied Bitch has to be stopped! Take me to the police station; I need help in brining this person to justice.” Nicole storms out the airport with Faye following. As they leave, Greta enters the airport disguised as an older blonde. She watches Faye and Nicole drive off. “So you want to play a hero now huh Nicole? You want to turn me in to the police? You think you’re smarter than me? You think you know it all? I got news for you Bitch. You’re next. You’re going to die too.” She says, chuckling to herself as she thinks of how she is going to kill Nicole. Episode 442: State of Drunkenness Written by ML Cooks Executive Story Consult: Tara Smith Salem Place Apts. Sami who was doing her hair, gets a knock on her door, she stops to answer her door. She is happy when she sees her son Will, his daughter Arianna and his girlfriend Destiny. Sami hugs them all. “Come in. I just ordered a pizza.” She picks up Arianna and cuddle’s her. “How is my little grandbaby?’ She looks at Will. “I can’t believe you’ve made me a grandmother so early in life.” Will “Come on mom. Let’s not go there again.” Sami “I am just so thankful she is safe and with you. You are her father and she should be with no one else. Thank God Benard and Crystal are out the picture.” Will “I feel the same.” Sami “So how has school been for the two of you? Who’s been watching my precious grandbaby while you two are in school?” They don’t answer at first. Will “Uh, we take turns staying home from school so we can watch Arianna.” Sami “WHAT? Why didn’t you ask me? I would have! Will you must have an education. You don’t want to be a bum trying to raise your daughter.” Destiny “He’s not a bum and he won’t be one. He loves his daughter very much and we are trying to do this on our own.” Will “Destiny, it’s ok.” Sami “I don’t think I like your tone with me Anna.” Destiny “You know that’s not my name.” Will “Mom, please don’t start. I know an education is important. I am going to make my daughter proud of me.” Sami “Good! I am glad to hear it. You need help raising this little one. You are only 17. You must get your diploma and go on to college. You’re going to need my help.” Will “What help mom?” Sami “I heard about your father’s fiasco with Eugenia and Jan.” Will “Yea, Jan did some vial things. “ Sami “With Jan back, I assume all of you guys won’t be living at the Spears Mansion. Where have you two been staying at?” Will “Dad is putting us up in a hotel.” Sami “Non sense. You two will move here. I have a spare bedroom. I can watch Arianna while you two are at school. Then when you get home, I will pitch in and help watch her while you do your home work.” Will “Mom please. Arianna and I are managing just fine at the Salem Inn.” Sami “A hotel room is no place to raise a baby. You don’t have a job and barely going to school. You two are going to live here, go to school and get part time jobs. You will be responsible parents. You two can stay here rent free, just save money to get your own place when you turn 18.” Destiny “Will I do think it’s a good idea.’ Sami “Good Anna agrees, It’s settled.” Will “Under one condition.’ Sami “OK……?” Will “Call Destiny by her rightful name.” Sami “Of course.” She hugs her son. “This is wonderful. I am going to invite your dad and his wife over for dinner. So we can tell them the news.” Will “Oh God. Why me? You, me, Destiny, my dad and Eugenia in the same room? It’s a disaster waiting to happen.” It’s morning on Padre Island Kristen is lying in Bo’s arms on the couch as they both sleep. They hear a loud pounding at the door. They both jump up and look at each other’s naked bodies and remember they had sex. Bo “Oh my God. I can’t believe we did it again.’ He says putting his jeans on. He opens the door and sees the receptionist. “You have an important call down stairs padre. The caller said it was urgent and something about a Pete Blake.” Kristen, fully dressed now, coming from around the corner, “Oh my God, It’s about Peter. It’s for me.” Bo “Let me handle this.” Kristen “I’m a big girl Bo, I can handle this.” Kristen follows the receptionist downstairs to take the call. Bo just stands in the doorway feeling guilty, that he betrayed Hope again last night. After he vowed and promised he is over Kristen, after he gave her his word she could trust him on this trip. “How could I be stupid? I’ve hurt Hope again. “He then leaves the room to go downstairs to see about the phone call. Kristen comes up running to him. Kristen “Bo we have to go. A man named Paco wants to meet us by the bar on the ocean front. He is going to hand us an envelope with a name in it, and pictures of the person who really killed Peter.” Bo “And what does this Paco want in return?” Kristen “5 million dollars.” Bo “Oh come on. You’re really going to fall this trap?” Kristen “We have to at least try Bo. This could be are only chance. Are you going to come with me or what?” Bo “Yes.” Kristen “Good.” They leave the hotel to head to the bar. Jan throws herself through the front door of her Mansion with a bottle of whiskey in her hand. She looks around and sees family pictures of her, Lucas and Bentley. She takes it and throws it at the wall as the glass in the frame shatters. “It was all a waste of time. All thanks to Greta. It all started when Greta kidnapped me. That’s when Lucas met that ugly Eugenia. She did this to me. She has to be stopped. This has gone too far.” She takes a big gulp of her bottle. She then sees a picture of her true love Shawn Brady. She stumbles over to the picture and picks it up. She kisses it. “I will not let Lucas take our son away from us. Bentley is my key to you. My connection to you. He has your blood and I will never let that go. He is all I have. He’s all I got from you lover.” She takes another swig of the bottle. “I love you Shawn. I wish you were here to ease the pain. ‘She begins to break I into tears, as she begins knocking over furniture and breaking expensive glassware in a fit of raging anger. She completly destroys the first floor. She takes another sip of her whiskey and then collapses to the ground, drunken. Back on Padre Island Bo and Kristen are sitting at a table drinking Cosmos. Bo “Do you know what Paco looks like?” Kristen “No, He’ll have a large orange colored envelope.” Bo “This is so absurd.” Kristen “Maybe not.” Kristen sees a man approaching her with an envelope. “There he is!” Paco, approaching them “Are you Ms. Dimera?” Kristen “I am. You have info for me on who killed my brother?” Paco “Do you have the money?” Bo, interjecting “Now wait a minute!” Kristen “Shut the hell up Bo! Don’t screw this up!” Bo “Fine!" Kristen pulls out an envelope filled of cash, 5 million dollars to be exact and hands it to Paco. Paco hands her the envelope and rushes off. Bo “See he left to fast. He’s up to something. This was too easy.” Kristen “I am about to prove you wrong. We are about to find out who killed my brother.” Kristen opens the envelope and pulls out a picture and is stunned to see…………
  9. Lexie gets a knock on her door. She puts her controller down to a playstation 3 game she was playing with Theo to answer the door. She is surprised to see Hope. Lexie “Hope, what a lovely surprise.” Hope “I hope you don’t mind me dropping by like this.” Lexie “I don’t mind at all, come in, I’ll fix us some coffee to warm us up. It’s chilly out there.” Hope “Indeed it is, you can definitely tell fall is in the air.” Hope says walking in the living room. “Hello Theo.” Theo “Hello Aunt Hope.” Hope “I see you are playing video games.” Theo “Yea and mommy was losing.” Lexie “Only for now. I’m going to fix Hope and me some coffee and talk and when I get back, be ready to get your butt kicked.” Theo, laughing “Heard it before.” Hope follows Lexie into the kitchen as Lexie begins making coffee. Lexie “I can tell something is going on Hope. What is it?” Hope “I just feel so bad by my dropping in like this.” Lexie “This is what good friends are for. Out with it! What’s bothering you?” Hope “It’s Bo and Kristen. Bo is helping Kristen in finding out who killed Peter. She got a lead on Padre Island and Bo offered to help. I thought it would be good for everyone involved. I would be able to let Bo know I still trust him. But now I am having second thoughts. Why was I so stupid as agree to a trip like this between Bo and his mistress? What on God’s green earth was I thinking? But then its like, I don’t want to seem petty and appear insecure if I told Bo that I did not want him going with her.” Lexie “It took a lot of strength to let Bo go with Kristen. It’s a very noble thing. Treat this as a test for Bo. It will prove to you if things are really over between those two. If nothing happens, then you know you can fully trust Bo. If he committed adultery again with Kristen then that should tell you if things are really over between them. I think it’s a good thing you did Hope. Though you may not like the outcome but at least you will know the truth.” Hope “I think you’re right. I am just scared of what the outcome could be. I love Bo so much and I don’t want to lose him. I just got him back and we have been through so much.” Lexie “Yes you two have. God has a plan for you Hope. No matter the outcome. It’s up to you to follow it.” Hope gives Lexie a hug. “Thank Lexie. I feel somewhat better. This trip will make or break Bo and I.” Hope grabs her purse and leaves the Carver House praying she can trust Bo and Kristen together on Padre Island. Episode#441: Temptation Written by ML Cooks Executive Story Consult: Tara Smith Padre Island Bo and Kristen finally make it to a motel called “The Spanish Fly” They walk inside, Kristen is about to fall over from walking two hours to get here. Kristen “That was the longest walk ever. My feet are killing me.” Bo “I am sure it is nothing worse than the Bataan March. I’m going to try and get us rooms” He walks over to the male receptionist. Bo Como estas?” Receptionist “Can I help you padre?” Bo “Good, you know English. Look buddy I need two rooms.” “Only have one room left. Tourism is big this time of year.” Bo “I bet.” He looks over at Kristen. Then back at the receptionist. “We’ll take it.” Bo pulls out some cash and signs some papers then gets the keys to the room. He walks over to Kristen. Kristen “Did you get the rooms? I am ready to soak in a hot tub. But by the looks of this place, I don’t think that will be possible.” She looks at his hand and sees only one key. “What’s going on Bo?” Bo “I got some good news and I got some bad news.” Kristen “They only have one room don’t they?” Bo “At least they got one.” At the same time, they both think of sharing a room together and think about when they last made love. Kristen, remembering how great it was is not so annoyed by the fact they have to share a room. She looks at Bo and she can tell he is a bit nervous. “Will you be able to sleep with me...I mean in the same room?” Bo “I love Hope. Of course I can. My heart belongs to her. What you and I did was a mistake. Let’s go to the room so we can get some shut eye, we got a big day tomorrow and I am sure you are tired.” Kristen “I am.” Bo leads the way to the room as Kristen follows. Having flashbacks of Bo making love to her. She wants to experience that again but does not want to be the other woman especially against Hope Brady. Bo also thinks back on the one night stand he had Kristen, thinking it was some of the best sex he’s had in years. He remembers Kristen satisfying him completely. These sexual thoughts get Bo stimulated. It’s evening in Salem Lucas and Eugenia take the elevator to the top floor where Penthouse Grille is. They are greeted and then seated. Eugenia “So this is your surprise for me?” Lucas “I just wanted to take you out and celebrate. We have overcome crazy Jan’s plot to break us up. We have Bentley, and Josh. We have a loving family. My life is complete. Thank you Eugenia for giving me happiness. Thank you for being my fiancee.” She has tears running down her cheeks “I love you so much Lucas.” She gets up and kisses him and then sits back down. ”You have made me the happiest woman in the world. You have treated Josh like he is your own son and your taking responsibility for Bentley. That’s a real honorable thing to do.” Lucas “I can’t let Jan raise him. He’ll turn out just as crazy as she is. We have enough psychos in this world.” Eugenia “I know she is not going to give her son up without a fight.” Lucas “Oh I know….. And I am ready for a fight. There is no way in hell a court in Salem will deem her sane enough to raise Bentley. I’m a Horton for hell’s sake. The Horton is a good name in Salem and it carries weight here…… Let’s not talk about Jan.” Eugenia “Sounds good to me.” A waiter comes over to take their order. Lucas “Get whatever you want baby?” She smiles at him “Filet Migon” Lucas “Chicken Parm for me, chicken well done please.” Waiter “As you wish sir.” Lucas “And one more thing, bring us the best champagne you have in stock. We’re celebrating love tonight.” Eugenia “You’re so romantic.” Lucas “Tonight is ours. Let’s dance” He puts his hand out and she takes it. They get up and walk over to the dance floor. They hold each other and slow dance to “He loves Me” by Jill Scott. Eugenia “Listen to the words to this song baby; this is how you make me feel” “You love me especially different every time You keep me on my feet happily excited By your cologne, your hands, your smile, your intelligence You woo me, you court me, you tease me, you please me You school me, give me some things to think about Ignite me, you invite me, you co-write me, you love me, you like me “ Lucas “It’s beautiful” He leans in and kisses her romantically. Suddenly they are pushed apart. Lucas and Eugenia look at the person and it’s Jan. Lucas “What nerve you have. How dare you?” Eugenia “Don’t you ever give up you loser?” Jan “Where the hell is my son? Bentley is mine; I laid in pain for him. I created him. Where is he?” Lucas “Don’t cause a scene Jan. You’ll only make things worse for yourself. You are unstable. You should not be raising any kids.” Jan “Who are you to tell me something like that? You’re no doctor. I’ve lost everything. I won’t lose my son.” Lucas “Sorry Jan, I can’t let you raise Bentley.” Jan “You’re going to fight me for custody?” Lucas “If that is what it comes too.” Jan, beginning to scream “You son of a bitch! Hand over my son! You’re a kidnapper. Someone please call the police! HE STOLE MY SON!!” Eugenia “You have really lost it. Get a hold of yourself.” Lucas “Go ahead Jan, call the police and I will tell them how you was complicit in the kidnapping of Josh. Now if you will please excuse my fiancee and I, we want a sane night with sane people and now that you are here, that is not possible. Come on Ms. Roberts” Lucas escorts Eugenia out of Penthouse Grille, pushing Jan aside. A waiter walks past Jan carrying a tray of champagne; Jan feeling insulted by Lucas literally pushing her aside, decides to take the bottle of champagne off the tray and tosses it in Lucas and Eugenia’s direction. The champagne hits a wall and shatters, with champagne spilling on a few patrons. Lucas and Eugenia looks back at Jan and just laugh at her. They get on the elevator and head out the building. Jan, the laughing infuriates her, “THAT BASTARD AND HIS BITCH!!!! I'm still his wife damnit. I lost everything thanks to Greta. Wait until I find her and I will not lose my son, my son with Shawn Brady to the likes of Lucas and Eugenia. I’m Jan Spears damn it, no one out wits me.” The Manager on shift tonight walks over to Jan, “You’re going to have to pay for that champagne.” Jan “Rot in hell” She says boarding the elevator and leaving The Penthouse Grille. Back On Padre Island. Bo is sitting on the couch trying to get a TV channel to work on the old beat up TV. He hears the shower begin in the bathroom. He looks at the bathroom door, and can see the door cracked. Bo “God help me tonight. Why do I keep thinking of the night I slept with Kristen? I can’t get her out of my head. I can’t do this. I can’t stay here tonight.” He walks over to the bathroom door to tell Kristen he is going to sleep on the couch in the lobby downstairs. But as he knocks on the door, he can see Kristen’s body via the mirror in the shower. He looks upon Kristen’s beautiful body. The water falling on her skin drives Bo crazy. “I can’t do this. “ He says turning around to look away. Suddenly the door swings open. Bo sees Kristen a wet and naked Kristen. Kristen “You’re a peeping tom now?” Bo “Kristen, I am so sorry, I was just coming to tell you I was going to sleep on the couch tonight in the lobby.” Kristen “Why? See something you like? You see something you want?” She looks at him seductively.”Just take it Bo. You know you want it.. You know you want me. Don’t fight it no more baby.” She leans in and kisses him. Bo wraps his arms around her and returns the kisses of temptation. Kristen rips his clothes off as they kiss in a passionate frenzy. They walk over to the couch and they fall back onto it and make love.. Kristen and Bo make love again.
  10. daysfan


    A *HUGE* SHAKEUP COMES TO LIS! ML COOKS RETURNS! MORE CUTS ON THE WAY! A HUGE EVENT IS ON ITS WAY! AND RETURNS?! Things have been quiet lately at the "Life in Salem" studios. Barely any announcements and only some episodes airing. However, massive word is breaking of the biggest shakeup to hit LIS in a long, long time: Former Co-Head Writer and Co-Executive Producer ML Cooks is heading back to Salem and he's spicing things up! Longtime fans of LIS remember ML when he joined the LIS crew in late 2007, hot off the heels of former Co-HW Jay Vandeburg's sudden exit from the series. Cooks is more widely known as the creator, executive producer, and Head Writer of original series "S.T.E.A.M.", a soap which Tara Smith has also worked on since early-mid 2008. On LIS, he was famous for the stories that he and Tara penned together, such as the Secret Storm in the Winter of 2008, Nicole impersonating Marlena Evans and Tony DiMera's secret child, and probably the most remembered of all: Hope Brady becoming an alcoholic and smoking crack! In the Summer of '08, ML broke even more barriers for Salem: He launched a spinoff, called "Affairs of the Hearts". AOTH had a much smaller cast and proved to be a hit, achieving fairly large views at the time, with only 15 episodes! But they were very intense episodes, the finale ending with the death of Dr. Marlena Evans! However, just as the series was closing production, a shocking announcement came: ML Cooks was exiting LIS all together! His last episodes aired in November, and Tara Smith was sole HW of the show once again. However, after nearly a year of being gone, ML has returned! "In the past year...I feel like I've done some great things for LIS," Tara Smith commented "But I also feel like I've done some bad things, and I think over the Summer, I achieved some greatness with Victor's death, but outside of that, LIS has slipped into a hole it has a hard time getting out of. I felt so stuck, but luckily, ML has returned to save the day! And this time, he has full control...I am still involved but not writing any episodes! His material started with Episode 440, and he's ready to clean this show up! I promise you it will be a great ride. The past year has been chaotic for Life in Salem, and will it end anytime soon? Not necessarily, but its going to all come together." However, with ML's return to the soap, there also comes word that even more cuts are on their way! In the past year, LIS has seen over 20 cast members axed, and sadly, it may not be stopping! The most notable cuts have been that of center characters like Deidre Hall(Marlena) and John Aniston(Victor)...its not stopping there! There will be massive cuts, but this time, there is a difference: Not as many of them may be vets as there have been in the past! Newcomers and established characters, but not veterans, have all been handed their pink slips! "In an effort to clean the cast up, and get it more organized, ML thought it would be best to send some of these characters off...they've had their time, and alot of them just need a rest. He's handling their exits quite well, and more will be revealed soon!" Smith said. However, with all these massive cuts, there are also rampant rumors of some HUGE returns coming LIS's way! "So many characters have been cut, under me and him, we do need some returns...thats one thing ML is doing that I never did, and I am glad that he is doing it! These returns will definitely be big!" Smith continues "And yes, a couple of them are veterans." Also, the storytelling will change a bit, but for the better: With all the action and camp on Life in Salem in the past year, it will be toned down, and more character driven stories will arrive...all of these plots on LIS will come together and head for some fantastic material! "All I can say here is that a BIG event is coming LIS's way...an event full of climaxes that wrap up alot of stories but sends these characters off in a whole new direction! ML has a plan, and its a great one. We have seen alot of action under my reign, and while there will be some, there won't be nearly as much under ML. I'm really excited. Stay tuned!" Smith encourages.
  11. University Hospital Sami walks in John’s room. She pulls up a chair. She looks over him, pulling the covers up over his chest. She speaks to him, “I don’t know how much longer God plans to keep you like this. I keep faith that you will come back to us dad.” She pauses and thinks of Marlena being murdered. “Come back to what dad? The woman of your life is gone, forever. Thanks to that Stami, this ultimately is my fault for getting involved with a sicko like him in the first place. Will you ever be able to forgive me? Can you ever get over the fact that Marlena is no longer here with us. I know I am a rotten person dad, but can you really believe they thought I killed my own mother. I know I have done some evil things in my days, but killing my mother could never be one of them.” She wipes a tear falling from her right eye. “Anyway dad, you really have to come out of this coma. You have great grandkids now. Arianna is beautiful. She is a splitting image of Will. In fact she has your eyes. You are going to love her. I can’t believe I am a grandmother now( After saying that, it really hits her, Sami Brady, is now a grandmother!). ……..I am a grandmother. That means I am getting old. Just like you dad. It’s a scary thought. Here I am a grandmother and I have nothing to show for it. I have nothing. Nothing at all.” She caresses John’s face. “I will get my life together. Just for you. I don’t want you to wake up out this coma and be disappointed in me. I love you dad and I will see you soon.” She gets up, kisses John on his forehead and quietly leaves the room, wondering how she is going to get her life together. Episode: 440, Death did us Part! Written by: ML Cooks Executive Story Consult: Tara Smith A small private plane lands on a grassy field on Padre Island. The plane which has smoke coming from the engine comes to a stop. Kristen and Bo hop off the plane, coughing, and pretty banged up from the hard landing. Bo “Are you ok?” Kristen “Besides from being tossed around like a cheap barbie on this toy plane, I am fine. Just have a splitting headache.” Bo “And I’m hungry. Let’s try to get to the local motel.” Bo walks over to the pilot. “Can you guide us to a motel?” The Puerto Rican looks at Bo confusedly. Bo “Do you speaketh any English?” Pilot “No Habla En Englas!” Bo “Great.” Bo puts his hand together and makes the sleep sign, putting his hands next to his face. Pilot, imitating Bo’s sleep sign “Sustantivo?” Bo “I think he understands” he says looking back at Kristen. Pilot “Seguir me.” He says waving his hand, signaling them to follow him. Pilot “El walkie, 4 miles” He says pointing on the highway. Kristen “Tell me he didn’t just say we have to walk 4 miles to the nearest motel.” Pilot “Si, Si!” Bo, smiling, taking the situation in humorously, looks at Kristen “Let’s put a move on it sweet cheeks.” Kristen “You can’t be serious?” Bo “I’m not carrying you.” He says starting down the road.” Kristen “BO! “ She hollers out but he keeps walking. She takes her heels off and begins to run after Bo and joining him on the journey to the local motel. Bo “Don’t forget this was your idea.” Kristen “I’m not in the mood Bo.” Bo chuckles, enjoying getting under Kristen’s skin. Back in Salem, The Kirakis Mansion Celeste, looking at Vivian in the living room “How can I help find out who killed Victor dahling? I am willing to bet that you know more about who killed Victor than I ever could.” Vivian “In your dreams. Just get over it Celeste. I win, you lose. I have everything. Money, power. You have nothing. You’re nothing but a bottom feeder. Admit it.” Celeste “You will not have it all for long dahling.” Vivian “Please, I’m not your darling, so please stop saying that to me. And who tells you I won’t have it all? Your card readings? Celeste, please, you sound pathetic! Playing solitaire with yourself is old and it’s making you delusional. You need a new hobby to occupy your time…darling. Clearly you are bored.” Celeste “You take such joy in this. Insulting me,-“ Vivian, cutting her off “Now wait, YOU came here! I own this house. You are the trespasser here! It’s a waste of time in talking with you. Why should I? I’m the winner. You’re a loser. You can keep all your dreams and card theories to yourself. Nothing and no one ever will ever take what I got from me. I have worked too hard to get to this point. I basically own and control Salem. I will not give that up without a fight.. In fact, in a few days, I plan something big that will rock this little town. It will cement my control of Salem for years to come. Remember Celeste, I am unstoppable. Tell your friends that. Now get the hell out of my house before I call security.” Celeste “As you wish dahling. But you remember all good things come to an end. What goes up must come down. Good night.” Celeste turns around and leaves Vivian to herself. Vivian pours herself a drink. She looks around the living room and really takes in she owns the Kirakis mansion. “I own Salem, I own everyone and I will not give that up. Salem is mine!” Back at the Hospital Alexis looks at Mike and April waiting for an answer to her question Alexis “Hello? Let’s not be speechless now? Did you two have fun hooking back up after all these years?” April “Mike, what the hell is she doing here?” Mike “She's just a groupie.” Alexis “Excuse me? You was not saying that a few months ago when-“ Mike gets up out of his chair, knowing what Alexis is about to say and not wanting April to hear it from Alexis, grabs Alexis and pushes her out his office, slamming the door in her face and locks it. Alexis “You Bastard! I’ll get you for this!” She says hollering at the door. She causes a scene and patients and nurses look at her. Alexis is embarrassed and calms herself down, fixing her clothes. “I’ll get you for this Mike Horton. I think Robyn might find it interesting if she knew Mike and April were shacking up. Hmm, sounds good to me.” Alexis leaves the hospital to find Robin. Meanwhile inside of Mike’s office. April “Mike, what just happened?” Mike “A dreadful mistake. She's a mean and spiteful little woman.” April “You mean you were with her?” Mike “It was a one night stand. She was dating my son.” April “Jeremy? …….Oh my Mike.” Mike “I know April. How could I? Believe me I regret it every day.” April, walking over to him and hugging him. She pulls back and looks into his eyes. “My God your eyes still do me in every time.” Mike winks at her. He leans in and begins to kiss her passionately. She rubs his chest and realizes Mike has really kept his body up. April “Do you still have that hairy chest? You know I find that sexy.” Mike, smiling at her. He unbuttons his shirt and proudly shows his ex lover his well toned and defined chest. April caress his chest and looks in his eyes. Mike pushes everything off of his desk and sits April on top of it, kissing her passionate once again. They make love, in the afternoon in Mike’s office at the Hospital. Las Vegas, Kindred Hospital Nicole is waiting in the lobby of the ER, drinking coffee, trying to remain calm and praying for the best for Travis. A doctor approaches her. “Nicole Walker?” Nicole “That’s me doctor.” Doctor “I’m Dr. Hocksteader. I understand you were with Travis when he was brought in?” Nicole “I am Dr. Hocksteader? How is he? Is he ok?” Dr. Hocksteader “I’m sorry Ms. Walker, Travis was poisoned tonight. We were unable to save him. He was poisoned with cyanide.” Nicole drops to the floor in hysterical tears. “NO!!!!! This can’t be happening. Travis can’t be dead!!!! Someone killed him!!!”
  12. Episode#439: Nicole Tries To Help Travis -Vivian asks Celeste what she's doing here...she says she cannot just barge into her mansion like that! Celeste tells Vivian that she still has the keys...she informs Vivian that she is going to be here sometimes, she wouldn't dare leave Vivian alone in her soulmate's house! -Sami is buying some coffee at the Java Cafe...she goes to a table and sits down with some coffee, and smiles as Arianna sits in her stroller...Brandon walks in and greets her...and asks if this is her granddaughter! -April and Mike lean in and KISS...they both embrace the kiss for a moment, but suddenly they both pull back...April apologizes, as does Mike...April says that all the emotions from seeing him again must have gotten caught up with her...they hear someone say "Oooh whats going on here?" and they both look to see Alexis standing in the doorway! -Travis doubles over in pain, and Nicole looks at him in shock and asks whats wrong...Travis falls off the bed and clutches his stomach, and Nicole begins to worry and again asks whats wrong! Travis shakes his head and slowly says he doesn't know but he feels sick! Nicole wonders what to do as Travis lies on the ground in pain! *Life in Salem Opening* -Vivian tells Celeste to stop deluding herself...Victor married HER on his deathbed! Celeste reminds her that she and Victor reunited right before he died, and so she deserves all this, NOT Vivian! She tells Vivian she already married Stefano, why did she have to marry Victor too?! Vivian grins at seeing Celeste squirm, and simply explains that she loves Victor...she always wanted him back! She tells Celeste that if she really wants to do something...how about she finds out who KILLED him! -Sami smiles and says yes...this is little Arianna! Brandon grins and says she's cute. He tells her that Carrie's talked about her a few times, Sami says yup, Arianna loves great aunt Carrie! Sami asks how Brandon and Carrie have been lately, she hasn't seen them too much! Brandon tells her they've just been keeping busy. He says he's really been happy with Carrie, he loves her so much, and Sami slowly nods and says thats good... -Nicole asks Travis whats going on, and Travis tells her he feels awful...as he lies on the ground in pain, Nicole quickly calls 911 and tries to help him! -Mike tells Alexis nothing, nothing is going on...he says he was just getting re-acquainted with April here! Alexis walks in and says yeah...his ex-fiancee that, aside from a brief mention, he never told her about! Mike looks at Alexis and tells her that he doesn't need to give her every detail of his life...Alexis says maybe not..she walks forward and asks if they've had fun meeting each other again after all these years! -The paramedics arrive at the hotel...they bust into Nicole and Travis's room and Nicole yells for them to please help him...she yells that he's her husband! The paramedics check Travis out for a moment and try to help him...but they turn to Nicole and say its appeared he's been poisoned...and he may not make it!
  13. Episode#438: A Poisoned Drink -Jan stands up, all alone, in the Church...she says to herself that Lucas is gone....Josh is gone....Bentley is gone...she says that Eugenia won! She says that damn Greta...she knows she arranged this...she probably sent that bitch Lea back to town! She says that she and Lucas were MARRIED, she almost had everything she wanted...but Eugenia, Greta, Lea...they all just had to blow it to hell! Jan screams in frusteration as she yells that she's lost ANOTHER man! -April asks Mike if he knows why she became such a bitch...Mike shakes his head, he says he lived in Israel on/off and saw her from time to time but no, he has no clue where it came from! April says its obvious that Robin never got over him...Mike laughs and says that Robin hates him! April tells Mike not to be so sure, she says that he's a man that NO woman can deny! -Abe asks Maggie's what wrong...Maggie tells Abe that she'd love to marry him and she's going to...but she can't take on the Carver name! Abe asks why not, and Maggie explains that she feels like keeping the Horton last name is one of the last links she has to Mickey! -Travis and Nicole drink their champagne glasses...Travis drinks the poisoned one, as they toast to their new life together, and Nicole tells Travis that she loves him so much...there's no one for her but him... *Life in Salem Opening* -Vivian walks into the Kiriakis Mansion after an evening of dinner at the Penthouse Grille...Henderson follows her in, and she tells him that despite Valentine owning half of everything, she still loves being in control like this as Mrs. Victor Kiriakis! Henderson rolls his eyes at her...and Vivian walks into the living room, and turns the light on, to see CELESTE sitting on the couch! -Mike laughs and tells her that Carrie loved Austin...but April points out that Carrie stayed married to him for years! She says that she just knows that she definitely can't resist him, Alexis couldn't resist him, and Robin probably wants him back! Mike tells April that he hopes her lawyer skills aren't like this, or his mother is gonna be in trouble! April laughs and says to Mike that she calls them like she sees them! She and Mike stand beside each other for a moment, silent...and they lean in and kiss! -Travis and Nicole continue drinking the champagne, telling each other how much they love each other, and Travis drinks the last of his glass! -Abe sighs and tells Maggie he kinda understands, but he just wanted her to take on his last name...Maggie says she's sorry, but whats important is that they are getting married! Abe smiles and says thats true, and the fiancee's kiss.;.. -Nicole drinks the last of her glass, and sets it aside. She leans in to kiss Travis...but suddenly...Travis stops! Nicole asks whats wrong, and Travis says he doesn't know...he just feels sick all of a sudden...and then he suddenly doubles over in pain!
  14. Episode#437: The End of the Switch -April looks at Mike and asks if he just said that he slept with Alexis Kefer! Mike says yeah...April explains to him that was one of the first people she met upon coming back to Salem! Mike tells her thats not surprising, and says that Alexis is majorly involved in this mess. April thinks for a moment and then says that so...Robin must be jealous of him and Alexis, and now it makes sense! -Maggie gasps and asks Abe if he's serious...Abe asks her why wouldn't he be! Maggie looks at the ring and happily says of course she'll marry him! -Travis and Nicole continue to make love...however, they hear a knock on the door! Nicole asks who that could be...Travis tells her he ordered them some special champagne for their wedding night! Outside the room, a table is there with a bottle and two glasses of filled champagne on it...however Greta arrives...and pours a vile of poison into one! -Lucas asks Eugenia what she's talking about...Jan says she's gone into denial! Eugenia snaps she has NOT, she's telling the truth! Lucas looks around and says no...this is impossible, it can't be true! Eugenia says she's sorry, but she has proof...she says Greta was behind it, and explains the entire situation to Lucas...Lucas continues to deny it, but Eugenia constantly confirms it...Josh is her son! Lucas finally looks at Jan and asks if this is true! *Life in Salem Opening* -Jan tells Lucas no....Eugenia's lying! Lucas asks what the hell is going on...he asks Jan why she's in a wedding dress, and why he is in a suit! Eugenia then explains Jan kidnapping him....and Lucas just stares at her...he asks how she could do such a thing! Jan says no, he doesn't understand...but Lucas says no, he does...she KIDNAPPED him once she learned he chose Eugenia! Eugenia yells "WHAT?!" and Lucas says: Lucas:Wait...if you did all this...taking me to Las Vegas to try to marry me.....then you really did pretend that Josh was our son, didn't you? You tricked me for all these months...you tricked Eugenia, me, everyone else? -Mike says NO, Robin's not jealous...she just has grown very over-protective of Jeremy! April says while thats possible, she thinks that Robin may just be jealous of Alexis...she tells him that Robin did want him back when they were together, but she left heartbroken once she saw him and April together. Mike tells her that was twenty years ago, Robin's changed since then...she's become a cold stone bitch! -Jan tells Lucas NO...NO...Eugenia tells him its the truth...Jan tells Lucas she's his WIFE, he should believe HER!!!! Lucas looks at her in shock and asks WHAT...Jan tells him that right here in this Church, he DID marry her! Eugenia tells Lucas this should show him how crazy Jan is...she tells Jan that she wants her son back...and she's not leaving without him! Not this time! Lucas looks Jan in the eyes and tells her if she loves him at all...if she loves him at ALL...she'll tell him if his son is really dead, and if she's been passing Josh off as Eugenia's son for months! He stares deep into her eyes...and Jan finally screams that its TRUE! Its all true! -Maggie jumps up and hugs Abe, and then pulls him into a very passionate kiss....she says she can't believe this! Abe says they've been together so long now...he just thought it was time...and soon, she can be Maggie Carver! Maggie stares at him for a moment...and slowly says not so fast! -Jan tells Lucas that her baby WAS stillborn...and Greta took him, their little Bradley, and switched him with Josh! Lucas says but she went along with it...Jan says YES, because she fell in love with Josh...she considered him HER son! She explains to Lucas that she thought that would've helped him stay with her...Lucas asks Jan how she could use a baby as a toy like that! Jan says he has to understand...Lucas says he does...he understands that she's a crazy bitch! He tells Eugenia to come on...they should get Josh AND Bentley, and get back to Salem! -Greta says to herself that she doesn't really care who drinks this...but she hopes its Travis, just to spice up Nicole's life a little bit! She grins as she walks off, and Travis comes outside and pulls the cart inside...Nicole says oooh this looks good...they both grab their glasses and toast to their new lives together...and Travis begins to drink the poison one! -Jan says Bentley is HER son, he has no relation to Lucas aside from that whole third cousin or whatever mess! Lucas tells Jan that he's raised Bentley ever since he was born...he helped Jan give birth to him...and he loves him like a son, he's not going to let him live alone with some psycho like Jan! He calls Jan despicable, and tells her that they'll be out of the Spears Mansion in no time! He tells Jan they are THROUGH, and she breaks down crying...he turns to Eugenia, and she asks what he meant when Jan said that he chose her...Lucas tells Eugenia that before Jan pulled this stunt...he made his choice, he chose Eugenia over Jan! Eugenia says wow....she says to Lucas she doesn't know what to say! Lucas pulls her into a kiss and tells her she doesn't need to say anything! Eugenia walks over to Josh, HER son...she picks him up, and tears fall from her eyes at finally be reuniting with him...she says that he's her son...he is her son! Lucas gets Bentley, and the four leave the Church, leaving Jan a complete mess as the baby switch finally ends....
  15. Episode#436: Baby Switch Exposed! -Mike smiles and tells April that she has a place in his heart, as well...but it still surprises her that she came back to represent his mother in court...especially after how they ended! April chuckles and says it was nineteen years ago, she's over it now. She says that she was heartbroken when he stayed in Israel, but his son was there and she understood. Mike says yes, he just wishes that it had helped get him and his son close! -Abe is with Maggie at Chez Rouge...Maggie asks him why he wanted to have dinner here tonight...Abe tells her its a chance to get out, and actually visit her restaraunt for once...and he has something very important to ask her, and what better place to do it than in one of Maggie's favorite places in Salem! -Travis and Nicole are passionately making love on their wedding night in their hotel room...Nicole tells Travis she loves himn so much...Travis nods as they continue to make love...but unknown to them...Greta watches from the window! -Jan looks up at Eugenia and asks her what the hell she's doing here! Eugenia says she figured out what she did...she knows EVERYTHING, and she means EVERYTHING! She looks at Lucas and asks if he's alright...Lucas is still a bit drugged up, and he looks at her and asks if its Eugenia, and Eugenia deduces that he's drugged and sits him down! Afterwards, she looks at Jan, and asks how she could do all this...how could she pass off HER baby as her and Lucas's!!! *Life in Salem Opening* -Jan looks at Eugenia in complete shock, and her face pales slightly...she lies and says she doesn't know what she's talking about...she asks where she got that crazy idea from, Josh is the baby that her and Lucas had together! Eugenia tells her to give it up...she has the security tape of when Greta and Lea drugged her into giving birth and switched Josh with baby Bradley, the boy she thought was Blake! She says that Lea returned and told her every little detail! Jan's eyes go wide! -April raises an eyebrow and asks if he and Jeremy aren't close...Mike shakes his head and says sometimes there's a moment, but DEFINITELY not! April tells him she didn't know that...Mike says he was distant even during those four years in Israel...he went back again after he married Carrie Brady and tried to get close to him again, but he and Carrie divorced and it all just didn't work out, and Jeremy's always resented him for it. April says she's so sorry. Mike nods and thanks her, and says the kicker was last year when he slept with Alexis Kefer...Jeremy's girlfriend, at the time! -Jan wonders how this can be happening, but she lies again and says she doesn't even know a Lea! Eugenia tells her to STOP...she says Lea was the nurse Greta hired to oversee Jan's pregnancy, but when Greta told Jan about her and Lucas's engagement, Jan went into premature labour and the baby was stillborn! Jan says no...thats not true! Eugenia says she knows it is...as Lucas comes back to reality at long last and asks whats going on! -Abe says he wishes this could be a bit more romantic...but he's trying to do the best he can. Maggie laughs and asks what all this is about, and Abe takes out a small box...and asks Maggie if she'll do the honor of being his wife! -Lucas slowly wakes up and comes back into reality as the drugs wear off...Jan looks around nervously, and he asks where they are as he looks around, and slowly asks what the hell is going on! Eugenia rushes over to him and tells him that they're in Las Vegas...Lucas's eyes widen and asks what they're doing there! She looks at Jan and says maybe its time that Lucas knew the truth! -Travis and Nicole continue to make love...Greta laughs and tells Nicole to enjoy her happiness while she has it...because it definitely won't be around long! -As the drugs continue to wear off, Lucas asks Eugenia what she means, and asks why he has such a headache...he still slurs his words slightly, but Eugenia goes on to say that what she's about to tell him...she's really sorry, but it has to be done. Jan screams "NO!" but Eugenia looks Lucas directly in the eyes and says: Eugenia:Lucas, I'm sorry, but...that baby, Josh, that Jan's been telling you was yours for months... Lucas:Yeah? What about him? Eugenia:I'm not sure how exactly to put it, but maybe I should just get out with it...he's not yours...Greta switched our babies on the night they were born...your son was stillborn, and mine....lived. Eugenia tears up slightly as she says this, and Lucas looks at her in astonishment and confusion before the screen fades to black...
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