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  1. Java Cafe It's a brand new day in Salem; the sun is shining and the birds are chirping. Inside the Java Cafe, Eugenia sits at a table with her son, Josh. Lexie enters and walks over to her table. Eugenia Lexie, thanks for coming. You're probably the closest person I have to a friend in this town. Lexie, smiling Sure. If you need anything, just tell me; I'm so sorry about Lucas. Eugenia I know you've got to go in to work, so I'll make this quick; Lucas and I broke up. He knows that he can't get out of this, so we're going our seperate ways for now. Lexie Oh, honey, I'm so sorry. Eug
  2. Salem University Hospital Hope walks in to the hospital, still fuming and angry over everything that is going on in her marriage. Bo quickly follows her in, desperate to calm his wife. Bo Fancy Face, please, you've gotta listen. Hope Listen to what, Bo?! Some excuse for your actions?! I know that when I went to prison, our marriage was falling apart, but we were still married. You slept with Jill, you slept with Megan...you even slept with Kristen! Bo, startled by Hope's last accusation Hope, I've told you a million times, nothing happened on Padre Island! Hope, surprised I wasn't t
  3. Kiriakis Mansion Philip is now gone as the Kiriakis Mansion's fire is starting to spread; not too many inside the mansion have realized it yet. Vivian sits inside the living room, continuing to think about how she reigns over Salem and must make sure it stays that way, when the smoke alarms go off. Vivian What in the hell.... Ivan rushes in. Ivan Madam! We have to get out of here; I don't know how it happened, but a huge fire has broken out on the other end of the mansion! The smoke alarms are just now picking it up, and the fire department should be on there way! Vivian, stunned Wel
  4. Salem Jail Mike, Maggie, and Julie all walk into the local jail, intent on meeting with Laura and telling her about the news regarding the hospital. Julie I am still mad about this. I refuse to sit back and let a gold digging woman who has tricked people, buried a woman alive, schemed her way into carrying Victor and Kate's baby, has tried to kill people countless times, and Lord knows what else take our hospital away from us! Mike I know, Aunt Julie, and she's not going to get away with this. This isn't even about just us. Its also about Grandpa Tom and Gran. They were the ones that st
  5. Salem University Hospital Inside the boardroom, Mike and Lexie sit as they wait for this sudden board meeting to begin. Lexie Mike, do you have any idea what this is about? Mike Honestly, Lexie, I don't know...I just know that it has something to do with Vivian Alamain. I don't know what she wants, but it seems we have no choice but to hear her out. Lexie Watch out for her, Mike. Vivian's a scheming bitch. Pardon my language, but its true...she weasled her way into the DiMera family and my father's life while he was still alive. Then she somehow made her way into the Kiriakis family w
  6. After a year of silence inside LIS studios, news has finally broken that 'Life in Salem' will be making it's return to mySON TV at long last; Co-EP/Co-HW ML Cooks broke the news last week. Now, it's time to get an indepth look at what is going on at LIS. Where has it been? What's been going on, what will go on? When is it coming back? Any changes? A lot of questions must be on reader's minds; they probably thought it for dead, like many other past SON blogs. Well, 'Life' doesn't die that quickly; readers will have a lot more LIS coming their way. It is back and ready to roll. However, befor
  7. AFTER A SEVEN YEAR ABSENCE FROM SALEM, JAY KENNETH JOHNSON RETURNS AS PHILIP KIRIAKIS! Philip Kiriakis is heading back to LIS...but this time, played by his most known and most loved portrayer, Jay Kenneth Johnson! Philip has been on LIS before, played by Kyle Brandt(2006-2007, 2008), but he was sent off after kidnapping and stalking Belle in 2007, going into a rage after the revelation that Claire was not his daughter, and only returning for one guest episode in 2008, when his father Victor visited him in prison. However, now, under the pen of new HW ML Cooks, Philip is heading back to Sal
  8. Flight 720 lands at Salem Airport as night falls. The plane opens its door and Nicole is the first passenger to get off the plane. Nicole is clearly distraught and crying, with dried up black eye mascara on her face. As she walks into the airport, she wipes tears as she thinks of Travis’s death. “I can’t believe some one killed my Travis. We were going to be so happy. Who would do this? Who would kill Travis?” She is now inside the airport and sees her mother Faye waiting for her. Faye walks over to her and gives her a hug. Faye “I am so sorry
  9. Lexie gets a knock on her door. She puts her controller down to a playstation 3 game she was playing with Theo to answer the door. She is surprised to see Hope. Lexie “Hope, what a lovely surprise.” Hope “I hope you don’t mind me dropping by like this.” Lexie “I don’t mind at all, come in, I’ll fix us some coffee to warm us up. It’s chilly out there.” Hope “Indeed it is, you can definitely tell fall is in the air.” Hope says walking in the living room. “Hello Theo.” Theo
  10. daysfan


    A *HUGE* SHAKEUP COMES TO LIS! ML COOKS RETURNS! MORE CUTS ON THE WAY! A HUGE EVENT IS ON ITS WAY! AND RETURNS?! Things have been quiet lately at the "Life in Salem" studios. Barely any announcements and only some episodes airing. However, massive word is breaking of the biggest shakeup to hit LIS in a long, long time: Former Co-Head Writer and Co-Executive Producer ML Cooks is heading back to Salem and he's spicing things up! Longtime fans of LIS remember ML when he joined the LIS crew in late 2007, hot off the heels of former Co-HW Jay Vandeburg's sudden exit from the series. Cooks is
  11. University Hospital Sami walks in John’s room. She pulls up a chair. She looks over him, pulling the covers up over his chest. She speaks to him, “I don’t know how much longer God plans to keep you like this. I keep faith that you will come back to us dad.” She pauses and thinks of Marlena being murdered. “Come back to what dad? The woman of your life is gone, forever. Thanks to that Stami, this ultimately is my fault for getting involved with a sicko like him in the first place. Will you ever be able to forgive me? Can you ever get over the fact
  12. Episode#439: Nicole Tries To Help Travis -Vivian asks Celeste what she's doing here...she says she cannot just barge into her mansion like that! Celeste tells Vivian that she still has the keys...she informs Vivian that she is going to be here sometimes, she wouldn't dare leave Vivian alone in her soulmate's house! -Sami is buying some coffee at the Java Cafe...she goes to a table and sits down with some coffee, and smiles as Arianna sits in her stroller...Brandon walks in and greets her...and asks if this is her granddaughter! -April and Mike lean in and KISS...they both embrace the
  13. Episode#438: A Poisoned Drink -Jan stands up, all alone, in the Church...she says to herself that Lucas is gone....Josh is gone....Bentley is gone...she says that Eugenia won! She says that damn Greta...she knows she arranged this...she probably sent that bitch Lea back to town! She says that she and Lucas were MARRIED, she almost had everything she wanted...but Eugenia, Greta, Lea...they all just had to blow it to hell! Jan screams in frusteration as she yells that she's lost ANOTHER man! -April asks Mike if he knows why she became such a bitch...Mike shakes his head, he says he lived i
  14. Episode#437: The End of the Switch -April looks at Mike and asks if he just said that he slept with Alexis Kefer! Mike says yeah...April explains to him that was one of the first people she met upon coming back to Salem! Mike tells her thats not surprising, and says that Alexis is majorly involved in this mess. April thinks for a moment and then says that so...Robin must be jealous of him and Alexis, and now it makes sense! -Maggie gasps and asks Abe if he's serious...Abe asks her why wouldn't he be! Maggie looks at the ring and happily says of course she'll marry him! -Travis and Nic
  15. Episode#436: Baby Switch Exposed! -Mike smiles and tells April that she has a place in his heart, as well...but it still surprises her that she came back to represent his mother in court...especially after how they ended! April chuckles and says it was nineteen years ago, she's over it now. She says that she was heartbroken when he stayed in Israel, but his son was there and she understood. Mike says yes, he just wishes that it had helped get him and his son close! -Abe is with Maggie at Chez Rouge...Maggie asks him why he wanted to have dinner here tonight...Abe tells her its a chance t
  16. Episode#435: I Do! -Mike looks at April, shocked, and asks what...he says thats impossible, April's not a lawyer! April smirks and says oh but she is...she says she's sure Mike just remembers her as that candy striper! Mike asks when she became a lawyer...she tells him that she studied law while in New York, and one of the Hortons told her about Laura...and so she came rushing back as soon as she could! -Kristen tells Bo this is so sudden....Bo says he knows, but the sooner they go, the sooner that they can prove that Vivian set Peter up! Kristen nods, and Bo asks Kristen if she's in...s
  17. Episode#434: Wedding in Las Vegas -Mike is sitting in his office, going through paperwork...he hears a knock on the door, and thinks its Lexie...he says he'll have the files for her in a minute...but the person enters...and Mike freezes when he sees April Ramirez! -Bo walks into the Brady Pub, and sits down at a table...where Kristen is! He greets her, and she greets him...he says he told Hope they were going to Padre Island...and she asks how Hope took it! He says she was fine with it. Kristen says she's just been so anxious ever since they found out thats where this guy is. Bo says she
  18. Episode#433: Viva Las Vegas! -Laura tells her there's no way they can somehow prove that Robin's lying...there's no evidence! April says just as there's no evidence that Laura did anything to her...besides Robin's word! Laura points out that its happened three times...and she has a history of mental illness! April says that still isn't enough evidence to actually throw Laura inside a mental home...there's still a chance! -The priest speaks to Travis and Nicole...he says they're gathered here today, in Las Vegas, to witness the joining of these two in holy matrimony...he asks if before th
  19. Episode#432: Where's Jan? -Alexis says no...of course not! Laura says this just seems weird...suddenly Mike's ex-fiancee is back in town and ready to help her! April explains that she keeps up with some of the Horton family...they told her about her dilemma...and after how she let Robin have Mike two times, for her to just turn around and do this...its despcible...so she's here to stop Robin once and for all! -Nicole and Travis are at a Church in Las Vegas....Travis stands at the altar, in one of the main rooms in the deluxe Church....he has a huge grin on his face...as music begins play
  20. Episode#431: Lea Comes Clean -Alexis and April walk into the cell area at the police station...Chris leads them to Laura's cell, and he tells Laura she has some visitors...Laura greets Alexis, and asks her who her friend is....Alexis grins and tells Laura this is April Ramirez: her new lawyer! -Nicole and Travis are seen at one of many Churches in Las Vegas...Nicole is in a wedding dress, and is with Travis...Travis says you know, its bad luck for the bride to see the groom before the wedding...Nicole says pft, she's had enough bad luck...whats a little more, and she knows NOTHING or no
  21. Episode#430: Arrival in Las Vegas -Alexis and April ride in a car, on the way to the police station to see Laura...Alexis says so....what went down between her and Mike! April laughs and assures her it was years ago, but she says that they fell in love in the late eighties...she explains that when Robin came back and saw them together, she left Mike so he could be with her...but in the end, it scared Robin away, and she ended up marrying Nick Corelli...she says later, she and Mike got engaged, but he went to Israel...and she knew it was over when he didn't come back...she says that was TWO
  22. Written by: Tara Smith and ML Cooks Episode#429: Seasection -Robin looks at April in astonishment and tells her this is RIDICULOUS...she says she can't just storm back into Salem after years of being gone, suddenly as some star lawyer, and then just take on Laura's case...she never even met Laura! Alexis says thats funny, she thinks Robin did something similar last year! Alexis then goes on to say well...she's sure Laura will take whatever help she can get! -Eugenia walks into the graveyard at St.Luke's...she walks around, looking at all the graves, until she finally gets to Blake/Bra
  23. Written by: Tara Smith and ML Cooks Episode#428: Sister Pat Visits Salem! -Alexis asks April Ramirez(Gina Tognoni) who she is and what she's doing here at Maggie Horton's house...April introduces herself as April Ramirez...Mike Horton's ex-fiancee! Alexis gasps and says she's heard Mike mention her a few times....Robin asks April why the hell she's back in Salem, she left YEARS ago....April tells her she heard about what she's trying to do to Mike's mother...so she rushed back to help Laura and Mike first chance she could! -Megan asks WHAT....she says she doesn't think its time yet! L
  24. Episode#427: Knock on the Door -Robin sits in the kitchen of Maggie's house...she relishes in the fact that she's nearly succeeded in sending Laura back to the looney bin, and thinks to herself that Laura should have never tried to go up against her. Alexis suddenly barges in, and asks Robin where Jeremy's whore is! Robin says if she means Cassie, she and Jeremy are enjoying some quality time together...as they should be, and Robin remarks that if anyone's a whore, its Alexis! Alexis tells Robin to be quiet...she's one to talk, framing Laura for Robin hitting her head and all! -Jill arri
  25. MICHELLE PATTERSON AKA SISTER PAT CROSSESOVER TO SALEM! Only weeks after the axing of longtime vet John Aniston(Victor Kiriakis), some happier news comes to LIS for once! Michelle "Sister" Patterson will guest star on Life in Salem for two episodes this week...Patterson is best known for her role on reality show "I Love New York", where she she pops in as the crazy mother to New York. However, Patterson also plays one of the main heroines on former Co-HW/Co-EP ML Cooks' SONOP soap S.T.E.A.M. Sister Pat is a very crazy nut on that show as well, constantly having crazy antics as she pressures
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