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  1. Episode#426: Jan Panics -Nicole and Travis are seen getting off a plane...in...LAS VEGAS!! Nicole says she can't believe this...she says she can't believe they just decided to rush off and get married tonight! Travis smiles and tells her the sooner the better...and he knows this would be her kind of wedding night. Nicole tells him he knows her too well and kisses her soon-to-be-husband... -Jill screams out as she lands on the ground on her stomach...the top of her head begins bleeding as she screams, before falling unconscious. Megan and Hope both gasp and rush over to her, and Megan tur
  2. Episode#425: The Stolen Tape -Jan inwardly rejoices and asks Lucas if this means that he's finally kicking that whore to the streets...where she rightfully belongs! Lucas sighs and is silent as he tries to think of a way to gently break it to Jan that he's chosen Eugenia! Jan looks at him and asks whats wrong...Lucas looks at Jan, and very slowly and calmly tells her that he's sorry, but...he wants to be with Eugenia. -Dr.Stansville looks at Eugenia, confused, and tells her thats impossible! Eugenia says that the week of Blake's birth isn't in here...Dr.Stansville examines the pile herse
  3. Episode#424: The Location -Lucas walks into the Spears Mansion...he sees Jan in the Spears Mansion. She smiles and walks over and wraps her arm around him...she says its so great to see him...she asks where he's been! Lucas says he's been busy...he gently gets Jan off of him, and she asks him whats wrong...he stares at her...thinking now its time! -Dr.Stansville leads Eugenia into a random room in the hospital....however...when they step inside, Eugenia sees piles and piles of tapes! Dr.Stansville explains that this is where they keep all the old survelliance tapes, incase they are ever
  4. daysfan


    Welcome, everyone, to my new fanfic/blog: One Life At A Time, a fic based on the ABC soap opera "One Life to Live"....people also mainly know me as the Creator/Head Writer/Executive Producer of "Life in Salem", a fic based on the NBC soap "Days of Our Lives"....however, I am not particularly enjoying OLTL right now, and have been wanting to take a stab at writing it for ages...and now that it seems you can have more than one blog on SON, I decided now would be the perfect time! "This is, in itself, an experiment...I want to see if I can correctly write OLTL, and if I can handle more than on
  5. Episode#423: Jeremy Questions Robin -Jill walks into St.Luke's...she slowly looks around as she stumbles in...she walks towards the front of the Church, and gets down on her knees...she looks up to the ceiling...and begins praying! She tells God that she knows they've never had the closest relationship, and she's done alot of bad things in her life...but she's here today to pray for the safety of her daughter! -Eugenia is walking through the hospital...as she walks through the waiting room, she bumps into Dr.Stansville! She tells her she's glad she found her...she says she needs her help
  6. Episode#422: Vivian Signs It Over -Nicole is shopping inside a store at Salem Place...suddenly...she runs right into Jan! Nicole sarcastically says this is sure the bright spot of her day...she asks Jan if she's still pretending Eugenia's baby is hers! Jan says for the record, Josh is HER son now...not Eugenia's...Eugenia doesn't have a son! Nicole says okaaay, whatever she says...Jan asks if she's still living in happy land with whats-his-face...Nicole says yes, in fact...they are getting married soon....in Las Vegas! -Celeste is at the DiMera Mansion with Theo and Lexie...Celeste tells
  7. Episode#421: The Ultimatium -Dr.Stansville is at the hospital...she comes out of a room...Jill and Megan sit in the waiting room, and Megan growls that she doesn't understand why they could've been WITH her when they found out the gender of her baby...Jill nervously looks at Dr.Stansville, flashing back to how they arranged it so they didn't have to be with her when she discovered the genders of BOTH the babies...Dr.Stansville tells Megan that her baby with Bo is a BOY! -Lucas tells her he really does love Jan...he truly loves her...but when it gets right down to it...the one he feels th
  8. Episode#420: Blackmail -Lucas walks into the Brady Pub...he runs into Sami, who greets him, and tells him Will and Arianna just left...she says she loves that little girl so much, and Lucas grins and says he does too...Sami notices he's a bit solemn, and asks him whats wrong...Lucas tells her its just Eugenia and Jan. Sami groans and asks him why he hasn't dumped both those bitches yet...Lucas rolls his eyes at Sami and says he's trying to choose between them...he explains he loves them both deeply...and Jan of all things has his baby son...he can't just leave her! Sami looks at Lucas, dumb
  9. Episode#419: Norman Sundberg -Hope is walking with Pamela and Addie down at the pier...as they walk, Hope points out all the ducks out in Salem River...but she also can't help but think of Bo and Kristen...however, she tells herself that NOTHING is going on....as she walks...she bumps into SUGA!!!! -Vivian is at the Kiriakis Mansion....she constantly orders Henderson around, who rolls his eyes and wonders to himself why Mr.Kiriakis had to marry her at the last minute...suddenly, there's a knock on the door...Henderson opens it, and Valentine invites herself in...she walks into the living
  10. Episode#418: Note -Its a brand new day in the town of Salem! -Will, Sami, and little Arianna are all at the Brady Pub...Sami says its so great to see her wonderful little granddaughter...to get to know her! Will smiles, and tells her that its even better to be reunited with her after being apart for so long...he's just been having a blast raising her...Sami says she's one of the few bright spots in the midst of all this sadness...Will tells her its funny, he resented her for so many years...and still kinda has problems with her and Lucas...but he understands what it must have been like f
  11. Episode#417: A Decision -Kate sits at the bar at Chez Rouge...she takes the last sip of her drink...she flashes back to when Tony cut her off from his life at the courthouse...and Kristen telling her he and Anna left town...a tear runs down her cheek as she says she misses him....Maggie is walking by and sees her...and asks if she's alright! -Celeste asks what she means...Valentine informs Celeste that she's going to take Vivian down...she has a plan...so she shouldn't fear about all this power Vivian has! Celeste looks at Valentine in disgust and says that if it wasn't for what they pul
  12. Episode#416: Eugenia and Lucas Talk -Kate and Celeste sit at a table at Chez Rouge...Celeste thanks Kate for being here for her during all this...she says they never knew each other really well or were great friends...but she appreciates it...Kate says of course, Victor was her ex-husband! Celeste tells her its just so hard....Victor is randomly murdered and she doesn't know who killed him...and Vivian's taking over everything! Kate sighs and tells her she understands...just as Valentine approaches! -Mike dryly laughs and asks Alexis what CASSIE has to do with anything...Alexis exclaims
  13. daysfan

    Vet OUT!

    ANOTHER CUT HAS STRIKED LIS...JOHN ANISTON FIRED! As fans have probably already noticed over the past couple of weeks, John Aniston(Victor) has exited "Life in Salem". He exited after his character was killed by his former henchwoman Suga, and after a heartbreaking reunion in the hospital with his love Celeste...but he didn't die before he married Vivian Alamain one last time! Aniston isn't the first cut from LIS...in the past three months, many vets AND newcomers have been axed in the form of Stephen Nichols, Mary Beth Evans, Philece Sampler, Brent Weber, Charles Shaughnessy, Patsy Pease,
  14. Episode#415: Mystery Woman -Lucas pulls back from kissing Jan and tells her that she still has to understand that...he can't do what they did that night because of Eugenia...and he's still trying to figure all this out. Jan sighs and says of course... -Mike tells Alexis thats NOT true...he got over Robin years ago...they're through! He says its just...three times, two times that Robin nearly died? That is a bit suspicious...Alexis says Robin's a scheming liar, she set her up each time...Laura's innocent! She tells Mike she has to believe that...because Laura needs more than just her sup
  15. Episode#414: The Room -Lucas is at the park with Josh, Bentley, and Arianna...he holds Josh as Bentley and even Arianna play...he sighs at his son as he tells him things just keep getting crazier and crazier in town...and crazier and crazier between him and mommy. Suddenly, Jan approaches Lucas...she sits down beside him...and tells him she wants to apologize! -Mike says that he loves his mother...he loves her dearly, but he's watched this whole thing, and he doesn't know what anyone can do...he says that they can't manipulate the court...Alexis says no but they can prove that she's inno
  16. Episode#413: Records -Hope and Julie enter Bo and Hope's house...moving boxes in hand! Hope tells Julie that everything still is kinda....awkward, but she's so happy...it feels good just to say she and Bo are back together...her FAMILY is back together! Julie grins and says she knew everything would heal in time...and here Hope thought the spark between them was gone! Hope shakes her head and says she really thought it was gone for good...but now its back, and its great! -Abe and Faye are together in Maggie's living room...Abe tells her it was great of her to come and help him with his p
  17. Episode#412: Catfight -Dorian is seen at the Spears Mansion...she rings the doorbell...and Will and Destiny come to the door! Destiny tells Dorian this is such a pleasant surprise...and asks if she's alright! Dorian nods, and tells her that she's just here to tell her...goodbye! She informs Will and Destiny that she's leaving Salem! -Kristen nods, and says that with all this CHAOS...and now with him and Hope back together...she hopes she's not disrupting anything by having him help her! Bo says of course not...he says that a police investigation has been launched when it comes to Victor'
  18. Episode#411: Celeste Attacks Vivian -Its another new day in the town of Salem! -At the police station, Kristen enters and sees Bo...she tells him once again...she's so sorry about his father! Bo thanks her, and she asks how he is...he says its kinda weird...he and Victor were never REALLY close, but its still...just sad...however...he's back together with his wife at long last! -Valentine is seen entering a hidden place...she greets someone...and its revealed to be...ANDRE!!!! Valentine tells Andre she has ALOT of useful information for him...and Andre grins! -Justin is walking thr
  19. Episode#410: Euologies -Its a brand new day in Salem...days after Victor's death! -Dorian stands inside St.Luke's...she looks down at Victor's coffin...she says its interesting...only two months ago, she wanted revenge on him for all that happened with Viki...but then, in his last moments of life, she was having sex with him...she says she's so glad that at least...they managed to bury what happened before he died...she sniffs...she suddenly turns around to Celeste! Celeste slowly greets her...and Dorian says she's sorry, she just...wanted to come here early so she could have a moment wi
  20. Episode#409: Victor Dies -Alexis promises Laura that she's going to get her out of this, as Robin is wheeled out by Jeremy, with Mike beside him, and groans at Alexis...however, everyone is distracted when they hear Victor's monitor go off as he flatlines! -Everyone in the waiting room stands at the window....they watch Celeste and Victor.... -Victor and Celeste kiss passionately....a deep kiss full of love...Victor finally dies as the monitor stops buzzing...Celeste slowly pulls up, tears streaming down her cheeks....Victor lies there, motionless...but Celeste knows that everything a
  21. Episode#408: The Love of Victor and Celeste -Everyone stands out in the waiting room now...Bo goes over to Hope, and he just hugs her...Kristen sees this...and she sighs, but remembers that she has bigger things to focus on...he sees Lexie, and asks her how much time she thinks Victor has...Lexie sadly shakes her head and says she doesn't know....Valentine arrives, and walks over to Vivian...Vivian asks what she wants...Valentine wonders to herself if Vivian even remembers her confession, and says she heard about Victor...and she also heard on the news that Vivian and Victor married! Vivian
  22. Episode#407: A Spiritual Visit -Jill nods and says she understands, and heard about all the chaos with that Victor Kiriakis...Bo says he was going to ask Dr.Stansville some things, but he's sorry for disturbing them...he leaves, and Jill nearly collapses as she says that was close! -Celeste tells her former son in law that even if she did...she can't, because he slept with Dorian...now he's married Vivian! Abe says that perhaps he did...but Celeste is the one in his heart! He urges Celeste to not give up on Victor now!!!! He says that Victor will come around before the inevitable happens
  23. Episode#406: Marriage -Jan turns to Nicole and tells her to go away...Nicole chuckles and says thankfully, its been awhile...Jan says to Nicole to go back to happy land with her boyfriend...nothing about HER son is coming out anytime soon! Nicole tells Jan to just keep on thinking that, before Travis tells her to come on, something's happening with Victor! -Jill slowly says "Hi...Bo", and Bo looks at her and says its been quite awhile...Jill nods and says it has...Bo looks at her and sees she's pregnant...and he suddenly flashes back to having drunk sex with Jill...Bo says NO...she can't
  24. Doesn't Nate find it the least bit creepy making love to some little girl?!!?!??!?!? Ah well....looks like everything may be about to blow up anyway!!!! Bryan and Nan are psychotic weirdos...but I love them!!! Alicia/Rena/Lenvy/Will/Yvonne was all interesting....but I am not sure if I like this constant angel stuff...we'll see though. Yvonne is so Pat though. Yay for Ginny finally getting back to PP and and confronting Tanisha!!! Very interesting stuff with Carrie/Carlos/Juliana/Victor....hmm hmmm who did this to Carrie?!?! I really liked the stuff with Blake/London and John/Al
  25. Episode#405: Man and Wife -Julie tells Chris to leave Laura ALONE...she is an innocent civillian! Chris says that Laura has a history of problems like this and Robin's apparently already accused her of trying to kill her TWICE!!! He then says that Laura still has some time left of freedom...but its fast running out! -Jeremy walks into Robin's room...he caresses her face, saying he's so glad he didn't lose her...he says he knows she's strong, she's a fighter...but he just...he hopes that his grandma didn't do this to her...she couldn't have! It had to be an accident! He then hears Robin m
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