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  1. Believe me I always got excited to see what it was you had to comment on. They meant the world to me. It's very bittersweet for me too since I've been writing this series for so long. I don't know what I'm going to do with myself? Bernard Griff was Tanisha's date in Season 3 when Ginny and Owen were on their date at The River Teal when Owen was pretending to be British to impress Ginny. He's in love with Tanisha and will do anything for her. Like help her not become a criminal. That part was actually inspired by the Series Finale of Santa Barbara. I re-watchted it recently. That is definitely true about Ava and Nate in this episode. It could be true for this season to since their main focus was Nate's amnesia, Bobbie being James's daugther, and the love triangle between the three. In previous episodes they interacted more with other characters. Ava met Blake in Season 1 after Zak died and bonded over his death. Nate had already known Blake from high school and when he originally came to the school, his main purpose was to find a job with his frirend's new success. In the back of my mind, just being there was enough. Ava was also at Blake and London's first wedding and had a little interaction with London. I also didn't want to overhoard it with the brides and grooms. Had I extended the episodes in this season, I was going to have Carlos ask Jenny to marry him before the trial, but question his proposal since she was so wrapped up in taking Nan down in court. One episode would've ended where Jenny is asked to open a ring box where it would either be a ring or emptiness. I was kicking the idea of having Nat and Nan be related. Maybe they're cousins? Nan already has a dead twin and a mentally unstable triplet. Unless Nat got plastic surgery from Lorrister's money to start her own company and Nan decides to get in on the profits or she'll expose her for what she really looks like. Thank you so much!!!! I think Alley summed up this episode the best. "Everyone who deserves to be together, is together."
  2. I always imagined this moment. Writing my thanks after ending the series. I can't believe that it's here already. Thank you so much for all of my readers and fans who have supported Point Palace. This has been my baby for ten years! It's all because of you guys. If time had done it correctly, this series would have ended in 2006. But time and life got in the way of that. Certain seasons like the first season and the fifth had me creatively hyped to get each episode out weekly. Other seasons not so much. When I first created PP, I was a teenager. Jobless. Then I turned 16 and got a job which of course took me away from writing episodes. Everything happens for a reason and I think one of the main reasons why the time factor happened as it did, was to have PP be shown on mySONtv. Let's get to the finale. The ending was something I went back and forth with a lot. The original ending was going to be Alley and Blake standing over London's grave and Blake saying "I won" and Alley sporting an engagement ring. That ending didn't work out since London was brought back from the dead in Season 5. Something I'm happy I did. Then I thought Nan escapes but if she leaves, then her enimes have won. They kicked her out of town. Nan had to make them think that she had the upper hand so if Jenny were ever to visit Nan, she would know the truth that Nan's still out there. Maybe when Nan gets to Japan she'll keep sending her threatening e-mails to make her visit Anna Lee. I also thought of having Bryan escape with her but Nan's selfish. The only thing Bryan was good for was getting back at Blake and sex. Nan needed to do this one on her own. If I had continued PP for ten more episodes or even for a seventh season, this last episode had made me think of some interesting plots. Alley having Blake's baby would've spelled trouble for both of them since Blake's parents aren't too fond of Alley. John would've gotten wind of this and would have done everything in his power to make the Hammertons hate Alley. Meanwhile, London (who's fearful of divorce since her sister just recently got one) has become so insecure that she would want to raise the baby as their own and tell all of their parents that the baby belongs to Blake and London. I also wanted to a volcano disaster and had characters fighting for their lives in the wake of tragedy. It would've been the Season 6 season finale cliffhanger. I'm happy with who ended up together. The couples who started out in the beginning are together, enimies remained enimies, friends reconcilled, and family members were reunited. I did feel like Alexia was a break out character in this episode. Just because she did a lot for her friends and her family. However I always thought she needed to be with someone. I was going to have Victor meet up with Rena at a bar but she was too fragile after the Lenvy & Will send off that Alexia seemed like a good pairing. Even if it's for one romantic night. Who knows where it could lead for those two? One plot that came to my mind while writing this was Lenvy's death and Carrie finding more information out about her sister. Another mystery would have unraiveled and Dylan would've been dragged along too. I do remember one plot a long time ago where Lana reveals that Dylan is actually a woman named Diana but it never panned out. It was very sad to type THE END at the last line, from the original lap top that I created the series from, but all good things must come to an end. It's true that I became lax with my posts but when I felt creative, it really flowed! I ended my other series with a thank you to my fans saying "as always stay tuned." This time, I can only hope that if I were to ever continue to try to make Point Palace a television show, I will be asking you all to "tune in!" -Matt
  3. - - - Tanisha’s finger gripped closer to the trigger. Until she hears someone coming towards her. Bernard: Put the gun down T. Tanisha: You actually showed? Nice tux. Bernard: Could we have a gunless conversation? Tanisha: I need to do this. Bernard: Then what? You get caught? You go to jail? That’s not a life I want to see you lead. Tanisha: What the hell do you care about me Bernard? Bernard: I’ve always cared about you T. Just lower your riffle. We’ll walk away and you and I will be together. How does that sound? Tanisha lowers her riffle. He puts out his hand for her to take. Bernard: You can trust me T. Tanisha: I just want you to take care of me Bernard. Tanisha decides to give into him. She places her riffle over her shoulder and they walk off. Not seen by anyone. - - - Another couple sat at a table that was covered in white. Ava drank water as did Nate. Ava: You stormed out the other day I didn’t get to hear what you thought of my speech. Nate: I thought your speech was beautiful. You almost had me in tears. Ava: You couldn’t have told me that afterwards? Nate: Ava you already had a support group. One in particular. Ava: Referring to James? Nate: One and only. Ava gets a call on her cell phone. She looks at the caller ID. Nate: I bet that’s him right now. Go ahead. Take the call. Ava stands up to take his call. She shields the receiver to tell Nate how she feels about him. Ava: You’re acting ridiculous! (to James) Hey what’s up? James: Hey I know this sounds weird but I’m in the area. You’re at this big wedding that’s going on right? Ava: Yeah I am. Ava begins walking. Ava: Where exactly are you? James: Do you know the boat house? I’m parked near there. Ava: Oh I see you. Ava waves to James. He sits on the hood of his car. Ava: What are you doing here? James: I came to say good bye. Ava: What? Why are you leaving? I thought everything was going good here. James: It really was. I reconnected with you and I found Bobbie. But I just think that it’s time to move on. Ava: This seems like déjà vu. Nate overhears the two talking and decides to interrupt them. Nate: That sounds like a great idea James. Pack your things and leave. Ava: (to Nate) Don’t do this. James: I also wanted to tell you that I think you two make an amazing couple. You both have become two good friends of mine. Nate: So you’re not trying to steal Ava away from me? James: Of course not. I’d be lying if I said that there weren’t reacquainted feelings towards her when I came back but seeing you two together just made me realize that I’d only be a burden if I stayed. Nate: I’m sorry for acting like a jerk. James: You were being chivalrous. That’s a good trait to have. Ava: I’ll miss the psycho babble. James: At least this time we’re saying bye on good terms. If you two ever want to hang or if you want to talk about Bobbie or visit her grave together. You have my number. Ava: Definitely. Bye. Ava hugs James good bye. Nate shakes his hand. James gets into his car and drives off. Ava looks at Nate. Ava: So are you done being jealous? Nate: Yep. I’m actually quite secure with myself. I got my job back with the school board and I have probably the prettiest girl in this whole entire town standing right in front of me. Ava: Why don’t you move in with me? Nate: (taken off guard) Huh? Ava: You’ve lived in that damn hotel for so long now. It’s about time you feel right at home! Ava places her arms around his neck and kisses him. - - - Blake’s parents Edmund and Katrina Hammerton find Lana sitting alone by herself. Katrina: Lana you look darling. Lana: Katrina. Edmund. Great to see you. Edmund: Can’t believe our boys had a double wedding. Katrina: They grew up so fast. I can only remember when they were playing in our backyards. Lana: I know. Time is definitely slipping. Edmund: Are you here with anyone? Lana: Unfortunately no. Lana spots Dylan, Vi, Ryley and Jason talking with Sean. Lana: Definitely not. - - - London spends time with her family at their table. She sits down exhausted. Bradley: Looking good sis. London: Better then the first time? Joanie: Much better. You have such a glow to you. Divorce doesn’t do that. I should know. Bradley: Yeah because you pay your divorce lawyer a crap load of money that you can’t afford botox. Patricia: Real funny Brad. And where’s L.J.? Gavin: She’s with her pap pap. Gavin holds baby L.J. and coos at the two-year-old in her party dress. London: My baby girl’s been passed along so much tonight. Patricia: That’s because she’s such a beauty. Ever thought of having another one? London looks over at John and Alley. London: I feel like I already have. Excuse me. London walks over to speak with the both of them but is pulled away by Blake. - - - Sean enjoys the moment he’s sharing with his children and his family. Jason: Tell us more about Cancun Uncle Sean. Sean: It’s a very beautiful and exotic location. I lived there for three years. Vi: Maybe we could take a family trip there. Ryley: Yeah I’m sure that wouldn’t have disaster written all over it. (to Dylan) Dylan you’re such a lucky guy. You have us all here in the same place and nothing’s gone wrong. Jason: Yet. Vi: Don’t jinx it you guys. Mom’s still here…alone. Dylan: Hey could I have a minute with our father? Jason, Vi, and Ryley leave the father and son alone. Dylan: Ryley’s right. This is a nice family moment. Sean: Thank you for inviting me. I didn’t know where we stood. Dylan: You’re my dad and I want to make the effort to get to know you. Carrie convinced me. Sean: She is a fantastic girl. Dylan: Where’s you date? I thought for sure you’d be bringing Kellan. Sean: Kellan and I are no more. Dylan: Oh? Sean: Yeah. He turned out to be a different person from who I met. It just didn’t work out and I’m fine with that. Carrie finds Dylan talking to Sean. Carrie: There you are. There are so many guests here I can’t keep count. Sean you look handsome. Sean: And you look heavenly. Like a picture out of a magazine. Why don’t you two have fun. Enjoy this special night. Sean walks over to Lana. Lana: What do you want? Sean: I’m single. Lana: Great. I’d propose we get drunk and hook up but I have a feeling you would disappoint me in the sack like you did in life. Sean: Lana being bitter gives you wrinkles. Sean extends out his hand. Carrie and Dylan watch from a distance. Carrie: Look at that. Dylan: Too funny. Lana looks at him and laughs. Lana: Let’s dance you old queen! - - - Back at Rena’s dorm, she steps outside to talk with Lenvy and Will. Will: We saw Yvonne leave in a huff. Lenvy: Is everything okay? Rena: Yeah. Better then ever. The good news is that Alicia forgave me. Will you did it. You brought us together. If I could hug you I would. Lenvy: I actually know that the heavens await for him. His good deed has earned him a passage way to the pearly gates. Will: That’s awesome! Thank god. Rena: So I guess this is it? You two can go off into the light together. Lenvy: Unless Will decides that he wants to stay here as a spirit. That was also a possibility. We could float on over to my sister’s wedding. Will: It’s my time to go. Rena I should be thanking you for everything. Lenvy: Me too. You guided Will to be a better ghost. Rena: If he was a better spirit it’s because of you. You really are an angel Lenvy. Go on. Heaven’s waiting. A bright white light begins to shine in the night sky. Will and Lenvy smile at Rena. Rena blows them a kiss and waves good bye. Will: You ready my angel? Lenvy: After you. Will: Yee haw! Will takes Lenvy’s hand and they both vanish into the light. Rena felt relieved. She goes back into her dorm to watch a movie with Alicia. - - - Carlos and Jenny make their way up to the brides' and grooms' dinner table. Carlos shakes Blake’s hand as Jenny kisses London’s cheek. Blake: Where are you two off to? Carlos: I have a surprise for Jenny. Sorry but we have to jet. London: Thank you so much for coming. Jenny: You’re welcome. What an exciting day we had. A victorious one if you ask me. Bye guys. Carlos takes Jenny away. Blake looks at London. Blake: May I have this dance Misses Hammerton? London: Certainly. I was kind of hoping we’d be able to talk with our ex’s. Blake: Now seems like a good time. Blake leads London to the dance floor. They dance close to John and Alley. Alley: So this is going well. John: For sure. The only disaster was hurricane Nan but that just blew away. Blake: John? John: Yeah Blake? Blake: Would you like to dance with the bride? John: Sure Blake. Just as long as I’m not dancing with you. Blake fakes like he’s going to punch him. Blake dances with Alley. Alley: We’re having a kid together. Blake: I know. What happened to the times when we were fighting about petty stuff? Now we’ll have something bigger to argue about. (beat) Four parents to raise L.J. and baby…? Alley: I know the sex of our child. London and John overhear them. London: She does? I mean you do? John: I know too. Alley: I take it you’d all like to know what I’ll be having? You don’t want to be surprised? Blake and London shake their heads. John: Let’s throw out some baby names. Blake: Presley if it’s a boy. Vivi if it’s a girl. John: Those names suck! London: What about Matthew if it’s a boy? And Jessie if it’s a girl? Alley: I like London’s idea. Baby Matthew will be proud to be a gift from god. Blake: A baby boy? Blake hugs Alley and John. John: (sarcastic) Dude don’t make me slap you. I need to dance with my woman. John bows to London and goes back to dancing with Alley. John: Are you happy with the way things turned out? Alley: I am. I’m even happy for Dylan and Carrie. It seems everyone who deserves to be together, is together. John: What do you think of all this wedding stuff? Alley: Not really my thing. You know me John. I’m a simple girl. For me, getting hitched in Vegas would be fun. Because it would be unexpected. John: So if I were to maybe slip a ring on your finger. You’d say yes to eloping? Alley: Always and forever Mister Snaldry. John takes out a wedding ring from his jacket and slips it on her finger. John: (joking) Eloping will save us so much money Misses Snaldry! Alley laughs at his joke. The two gaze deep into each other’s eyes and share a kiss as a secretive married couple. - - - Carrie was being doated on by Michael and Mary Ann. Mary Ann had tears of joy in her eyes. Mary Ann: Oh you look so pretty. Michael: The decorators really knew what they were doing. Carrie: Thanks you guys. I feel like the second time around, I was supposed to have my dream wedding go this way. I sort of wish that Lenvy was here to enjoy it. Mary Ann: We didn’t really know her but I’m sure she’s looking over you right now. Carrie: You’re right. I bet she is. A woman and a male’s voice are heard arguing. Carrie: What’s going on? Carrie goes to investigate. She steps off of the dance floor to find Juliana and Victor. Carrie: Victor you’re here? Juliana: He was just leaving. Victor: Juliana it’s not what you think. I came to congratulate you. I want to be sincere. I promise. Juliana: Carrie if you don’t want him here, say the word. I’ll have one of my men escort him out. Victor: I’m family Juliana! I know how important that is to you. Carrie: It’s okay mom. We can talk. Juliana: I’ll be watching. Juliana leaves them alone. She hopes it wasn’t a mistake. Victor: Always the protector. Carrie: Thanks for coming? Victor: You look pretty. And alive. That's always a good combination. Carrie: Look we both know our situation is tainted. So…I don’t know what else to say...let’s maybe try to move on from what happened. Victor: Yeah I agree. Which is why I wanted to get out of here quickly. I just wanted to say. I’m sorry. I should’ve acted differently whenever I found out the truth about us. Instead I went into a downward spiral. I’m a different person. I’ve changed Carrie. Carrie: I believe you. I kind of hope that you do stay. Don’t worry about Dylan. If he sees you, I’ll handle him. Victor: Yeah…no…maybe it’s best if I go. Carrie hugs Victor and smiles. Victor turns to leave but accidentally bumps into Alexia. Victor: So sorry. Alexia: Hey no problem. Victor: (nervous) Are you free to dance? Alexia: I planned this whole wedding. But yeah. I’m free to take a break. I sure as hell need one. Victor and Alexia dance together. - - - Carlos leads Jenny to the chapel set on "Blue Crystal." Her eyes were closed and her hands were trying to feel anything or get a clue of what was going on. Carlos: Keep your eyes closed. We’re almost there. Jenny: What are you doing? Carlos: Okay. Open them. She opens her eyes and sees a chapel. Sitting in the alter is Agatha and Ian Hadley. A minister stands in the middle. Henry and Carinia stand to the side ready to film. Jenny: What is all of this? Carlos: Jenny Fremann. Will you marry me? Here today? Carlos gets down on one knee to propose with a diamond ring. Jenny: Of course I will. But…why are we filming it? Cairinia: We’re writing your character back into the show. Henry: Your first scene is your marriage to Miguel. We’ll edit the dialogue when the time comes. Minister: And I’m a real minister. But I’m also an actor. This marriage will be binding. Ian: I'm just happy to be here and begged Cairinia to put me in the scene. Agatha: I get to play your mother. Eek. I’m super excited. My grand kids are going to be so happy to see me on TV! And no one knows it better then me how much you two have gone through to get to this day. You two deserve this. Carlos: Jenny I love you so much and I don’t know I just thought spur of the moment we could do it here. The fans will love it but we’ll have this memory for life. Jenny is silent. She walks away from him. Carlos: What’s wrong? Jenny: It’s a little overwhelming. And maybe a little sudden? Carlos: We could just film the scene and get married another time if you want? Jenny: No. I’m just worried about something. I’m worried about Nan. Carlos: You need to forget about her. Jenny: She keeps warning that she’s going to do something. And I need to know what that something is! Carlos: So what if she does? She’s out of everyone’s lives, especially ours. Henry hands Carlos and Jenny a script to look over. Carlos: I wrote the script myself. Feel free to add anything. Some of it is in Spanish. Hopefully you’re okay with that. (reading) I couldn’t think of anyone else who better suits me then you. (in Spanish) Usted es mi vida. Jenny: There is something that I would love to add. Carlos: What’s that? Jenny: (in Spanish) Te amo chico! Tú eres mi perfección. Carlos smiled at how good her Spanish was. The two hugged and kissed before walking on the set of their soon to be wedding. - - - At the bride and groom’s wedding table, Blake and Dylan stand with champagne flutes in their hand. They clink the glasses at the same time with a silver fork. Leon comes around to snap a photo of the couples. Leon: Picture perfect! Dylan: We would like to make a toast. All four of us. Carrie: The reason we made the wedding ceremony so short was so that we could say our vows to each other now. London: (joking) And also because Blake was hungry. The band drums the joke. Blake: John wrote that. Good one. Carrie: I didn’t get to do this at my first wedding and I’m glad I get to do it now. I get to tell you Dylan how much I truly love you. You stood by my side in my most darkest times. Now I get to spend my most happiest times with you. My knight. My hero. My love. Dylan takes Carrie’s hand into his. Dylan: Carrie and I met on this campus. She was troubled and I was lonely. I remember when I first looked at her and thought. Dang. That girl is beautiful. I was really nervous to ask her out. It took me about three tries to do it. The way she answered me was pinning me down to the ground with a kiss. That kiss was one of many. London turns to Blake and smiles. London: For me I came back to life. Literally. When I did there were pieces in my life that were missing. Things changed. The one thing that didn’t change was the love that I have for you Blake. Which is why I get to share my love with eve
  4. I bet it's Ria, that would be sick!
  5. Well LaDonna just handed her man over to Alexis. Good going dummy! Lynn is such a strong character. DC deserves not knowing about his daughter because Lynn's right. She would be tainted by the messed up family. I really am stoked about Rufus's mystery man reveal. I thought that I had glanced through and saw that it was Karim but I was mistaken and so glad that I was. I want to be surprised.
  6. Nat has been hanging around Ria way too much. She turned disgusting. What a family woman she is. The LaDonna/Kevin/Alexis triangle reminds me so much of the Ginny/Owen/Tanisha triangle on PP. If that's where it's going, then I hope to see LaDonna get her man. However Alexis better switch the results or better yet promise Rufus more from her company to do her dirty work for her. Well Lauren kind of deserved that!
  7. Jasmine is my new favorite character. She's not giving up on her sister. Maybe after she helps get Ria's life back on track, she can clean up her mouth too! Lauren confuses the hell out of me. The things she does is just so out in left field. Sharon and Daniel belong together. She beglongs with a Bro Hoe (whichever one is alive). I'm also liking Maxine. She should've punched DC's arrogant smugness right out of him! So many mysteries are building up. Love it when there's not just one.
  8. This was the STEAM that I know and love! It focused on characters who weren't obsessed with sex. I get why Sabryn needed a trial. Ash has every reason to defend her psycho sister. If Sabryn gets out we know she'll go after Nat and Bryan but what about Ash? Will she try to get Ash out of her life for good too? Lauren's such a bitch!!! Since Sharon is so good at slapping everyone, I hope she slaps her real good. Daniel is such a romantic gentleman who didn't deserve to have his plan ruined by his ex. Knowing that DC fathered so many Bro Hoes, it's not surprising that they're acting the way they did at the bar. We still don't know who Rufus's lover is. Can't wait for the big reveal.
  9. Maybe Steam should be called DICK? I swear it's all anyone ever talks about in this town. Especially Rufus. If she's looking for love then sex isn't the answer. Maybe it should be a new character who falls in love with her. One who can share the same problems and have the two fight the town together. Is Ty out of the series?
  10. I can't believe Alexis crumbled liked that. Rufus is very powerful but Alexis shouldn't let her know that. Soap characters always think they're right and they have the upper hand. Which Rufus totally does here. Jenn can be really childish. Santino throwing his drink at her reminded me of an episode of Basketball Wives. Life does imitate art. Kiko's smart enough to see that Ria is still a nymph at heart...hopefully he sees that.
  11. The dialouge in this episode was kind of raunchy! I don't know who I would give a ranchy award to Rufus or Ria. Probably Ria. Karma's a bitch isn't it? She's in a state where her family is grieving for her and she doesn't want them there. What the hell? Get off your high horse and start letting people in your life. How many slaps were in this episode? Three or Four? Good for Kiko to stand up to Don the way he did. Even though Kiko made a mistake, he's still a good person who has a heart! That's what makes him a very interesting character. I felt sorry for Sister Pat. She's all alone with no one to hear her plea.
  12. Matt P.

    S4 Episode 8

    The same thing happened to me. Instead of individually posting pics, I had to add them all into one jpeg to make the size smaller. This episode was so action packed and well written. I thought for sure Aubrey was going to take the baby and run butg was shocked when she changed to save Lizzie. Makes me wonder has she changed for good or did she do it just to be on Lizzie's good graces? Her and Annie together? Double A's equals Double Trouble!!! I was thinking the same thing when Blake stopped Ross's advances. It's not the time, not yet at least. I know they'll get back together sooner or later. Sooner hopefully then later. Spencer jumping will bring a family together. It was so suspenseful! Vi is just completely psycho. But a good one if that! Very devious. Ashlee will never learn. I hope that Eden causes more problems for Coop and Ashlee's friendship. She was always a favorite character of mine.
  13. You're going to make me cry and it's not even the finale yet! I always love viewing your comments. They mean the world to me. I'm definitely putting a rush to the end. However when I was writing this episode I sort of thought of other plots that would allow me to extend the series 7 or 9 episodes. But that would take tons of time to do. (I'll mention those plots in the afterword after the finale). That's the same actress who plays Alexia, different photo. That picture is from MTV's "Spyder Games" where she played Daphne. It's how I picture Alexia. As a fiery red head. Blue Crystal is Carlos's job as he still has a contract with the show. Roger Hogwarth is a recurring character from season 3. When I get a chance I'm going to post more character photos in the block since it's up and running. (I think I have it saved somewhere). I can't give too much away but the ending will be good!
  14. Lauren's day of reckoning is finally here! Wonder how she'll react to the news that her sister is Alexis and Ashley. Poor Rufus. No wonder he's so vengeful. Even the townspeople are mean to him. I thought for sure Ladonna would've offered Santino a bribe to make him lie to say that he impregnated Alexis is Miami. The whole time I was thinking Brian should have this same talk with Ria when she gets out of the hospital. Nasty Nat hasn't changed at all. Still cunning, still slutty, still desperate. So reminds me of Nan or C.C.
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