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  1. Episode#338: Disposing of Nicole -Abe is at the Carver Household, and someone knocks on the door…he yells for them to come in, and sees it is Faye! He happily greets her, and she says she was driving by…and she decided to come to see him again…she asks if he’s alright, being here all alone…Abe says Maggie simply ran out to get something…Faye also says she saw a for sale sign in his front yard, and asks if he’s really selling his house after having it for so long…Abe nods, and says with physical therapy and all, it’d be better if he just moved in with Maggie at this point…Faye then asks: Faye
  2. Episode#337: The End of Nicole Walker? -Mike walks into Robin’s hospital room at the hospital, and examines her…he mutters to himself that she’s still stable, thankfully….he looks down at his ex, and says they haven’t been on the best terms…but its…saddening to see her like this…Mike then flashes back to when him and Robin loved each other deeply… -Tony and Kate lay under the covers on Tony’s bed at the Salem Inn, after making love….Kate looks around and asks what the hell just they did…Tony answers that he believes they had sex…Kate sighs and asks how could they do this! She says its so rec
  3. Episode#336: Greta vs. Nicole -Victor asks Vivian what the hell she means, and Vivian says that the DiMera family owns a fair amount of Titan stock…she wanted a position months ago, and she’s asking again..Victor yells that she’s trying to take over Titan, as well! Vivian tells him NO, its just…she owns Alamain, and also owns Titan stock…if she and Victor worked together, it would get rid of a rival company of his, and everyone would be happy. -Tony and Kate return to Tony’s room in the Salem Inn…..both are a bit tipsy, but not full out drunk…they go into Tony’s bedroom…and begin to rip each
  4. Episode#335: Escape? -Tony enters Chez Rouge after the discussion with Anna at the Salem Inn, and he sits at the bar, and tells the bartender he knows its early but he’d like just one drink…but then Tony looks to his left, and sees Kate sitting there! -Victor is in the living room of the Kiriakis Mansion, and there is a knock on the door…he opens it to see none other than his ex-wife, Vivian, there! -Eugenia is up and around in the Spears Mansion, and she and Lucas are both in the kitchen…Lucas asks how she is, Eugenia says a bit better…its still going to hurt but she’s at least a bit bette
  5. Episode#334: Nicole’s New Plan -It’s a brand new day in Salem! -Tony and Anna slowly wake up in bed next to each other at the Salem Inn…and Anna says that last night was yet another night of random sex…Tony nods, and Anna sighs and tells Tony that they’ve been doing this for awhile, random dates, sleeping together when they feel like it… she asks what the hell is their status together! -At the DiMera Mansion, the DiMera family continues to mourn and recover from the loss of Stefano…Kristen asks what they’re going to do now, and they still haven’t figured it out…Elvis says that he doesn’t kn
  6. Episode#333: The Old Jan Returns -A man looks down at Forrest, as the thugs have him bound and gagged….he orders them to take him away…to “the place”…and he’s not one to be found like Kayla was…the thugs nod and forcefully cart Forrest off…the man then follows… -At the hospital, Chris decides that since Robin probably won’t be awake for a little while…he can’t do anything to Alexis, and leaves…meanwhile, Jeremy continues to sit at Robin’s bedside… -Nicole tells Jan she’d be CRAZY to just play right into Greta’s hand like this, and Jan says she’s not, because Greta’s just trying to trick her
  7. Episode#332: Celeste Figures It Out! -Forrest is in the Alamain Mansion, continuing to wonder how to put the Alamain family back together…but suddenly…a masked man is seen watching him! -Celeste yells that something is happening and it involves Jan Spears and Eugenia Willens! -Jeremy walks into Robin’s hospital room, and Maggie follows for comfort…he sees his mother, lying there with tubes down her throat and a hospital gown on, as well as a lot of wrapping over the stitches where she hit her head…he slowly sits down beside her, as Maggie comforts him, and Robin is unconscious but constantl
  8. Episode#331: The Switch -Dorian tells Celeste she must be paranoid…she doesn’t have any connection to Victor outside of being a good friend! Celeste calls her a liar, and SLAPS Dorian! Dorian angrily slaps Celeste back, and tells her next time maybe she’ll be a bit more wise when speaking to Dr.Dorian Lord! Dorian then leaves! -Laura tells Alexis not to worry, she’ll try to smooth it over with Jeremy…Alexis thanks her, but Laura says she’s not sure about the police…she warns Alexis that Robin is a true bitch at the core, or has been since she returned to town…she may tell that officer, when
  9. Episode#330: The Second Birth -Celeste is at the Kiriakis Mansion.…she says its too bad Victor had to work tonight, and she was looking forward to having dinner with him…she hears the doorbell ring, and she walks up to the door, answers it…and sees Dorian there! -At Steve and Kayla’s apartment, Steve, Kim, and Shane are all there…slowly, Kayla finally begins to wake up! -Alexis sighs and slowly explains to Jeremy that she ran into Robin after she left the Horton House, Robin began insulting her and they got into this big catfight…and when Robin was about to go at her again, she tripped and
  10. Episode#329: A Crazy Scheme -Alexis asks Chris what the hell kind of officer is he, where does he get off asking if she tried to kill a woman! She yells that if she wanted Robin dead she wouldn’t have called 911! Chris nods and says he’s not accusing her of anything, these types of cases have just happened before…and since it seems she and Robin were in an intense catfight it could be possible, this is just his job…he asks how she knows Robin, and Alexis explains that she came back to Salem several months ago, and they’ve hated each other ever since…it just came to an explosion tonight. -The
  11. Episode#328: Stillborn? -Will is in his room at the Spears Mansion, awake after the accident the other night…he hears a knock on the door, and Destiny walks in…she tells him she’s sorry their date was ruined the other night by that crash, and Will says its fine…it happens, he just wishes they knew more about the crash other than the fact Stefano DiMera was the one who went off the cliff…Destiny is glad they’re alive, and she tells him she would still like to go out on a dinner date sometime! -Eugenia sits in the living room as Lucas makes some food for them both as they continue to enjoy bei
  12. Episode#327: The Birth -Crystal is at her apartment with Benard, and is reading the newspaper…she sits relaxed for a moment, but gasps when she sees the headlines “DIMERA’S ANNOUNCE STEFANO DIMERA WAS MAN PRESUMED DEAD IN CAR CRASH; WILL ROBERTS AND DESTINY STOKES ALSO INJURED!” -Alexis gasps for air as Robin STRANGLES her, and Robin tells her she’s going to make her so sorry she ever was born! Alexis tries to throw her off of her but Robin’s strength is unmatched…and Robin continues to curse her! Alexis finally lets out a shriek and digs her nails deep into Robin’s wrists, and Robin screams
  13. Episode#326: Engaged? -Nicholas asks if this means…they are back together, and Belle slowly says yes…they are! Nicholas grins as the two kiss, and he says it feels so good to lock lips with her again…the two walk into the Penthouse, and fall down onto the couch as they kiss… -Down in the Secret Room, Jan feels her stomach and looks down on her baby, and she says she sure hopes it’s daddy hasn’t moved on…because he doesn’t even know she’s pregnant…she goes on to say she and Lucas were so happy, why would he go to another woman? -Alexis growls and tells Robin to MOVE…Robin asks if her son rej
  14. Episode#325: On the Prowl -Lucas is standing in the kitchen of the Spears Mansion as Eugenia waits for him in the living room…he says to himself this may be too soon, but he can’t let this opportunity pass him by…he has to tell Eugenia something! Little does he know, Greta is watching in the background! -Belle is at the penthouse Marlena used to live in before she was killed…she thinks about her mother, and how much she misses her…but its nice being able to still live here…suddenly she hears a knock on the door, and opens it to see Nicholas! -Alexis runs up to the entrance to the Horton Hou
  15. Episode#324: History Repeats -Jan and Nicole sit in the Secret Room…Jan still worried about her baby and everything between Lucas and this Eugenia Willens, and Nicole continues to try to come up with other plans to escape….Jan looks at Nicole, and asks if she really thinks Lucas would get with another woman. -Lucas and Eugenia spend time together, Eugenia asks how Will and Destiny are, Lucas says they’re fine, he told them they were just in a minor accident, and didn’t mention Sami or the other person who died after going off the cliff…Eugenia and Lucas continue to bond and kiss, Lucas wonde
  16. THREE CRITICAL ACTORS EXIT LIS....BUT FOR HOW LONG?! A very stunning and shocking announcement has just been released after the airing of "Episode#323: Leaving Salem": Alison Sweeney(Sami Brady), Christie Clarke(Carrie Brady), and Matt Cedeno(Brandon Walker) have been axed...temporarily! Their characters all left Salem on March 18th when they decided to take off to find any evidence that Stan(Dan Wells) really killed Marlena, but vowed to be back! "I don't know if axing would be the right word...its not like Joseph Mascolo, who has been all out cut. Its like a belated maternity leave for Al
  17. Episode#323: Leaving Salem -Rhonda says that’s quite…odd…Suga explains that apparently she’s being charged with shooting an infant…and Rhonda just blinks at that one! Suga says that Pasadena jails were too crowded so she had to come here…Rhonda tells her that’s quite interesting…but regardless, she’s pleased to meet her! She and Suga shake hands. -Steve and Kim are down at the Brady Pub, and Steve says he shouldn’t have left Kayla at the apartment so soon…she hasn’t even woken up yet…Kim tells him to calm down, Shane is there, and Steve needs to EAT. Steve says he knows, its just…he doesn’t
  18. Episode#322: Vivian Tells the DiMera’s -It is a brand new morning in Salem! All the rain and clouds are gone, and the sun shines brightly throughout the town! -At the Spears Mansion, Lucas and Eugenia slowly wake up in the living room…lying together…again! Eugenia looks at him and says they must have fallen asleep together again…KISSING! Eugenia says she’s sorry about last night, but Lucas slowly tells her to stop…and maybe…it was good that they did! -Forrest and Billie are at the DiMera Mansion…Forrest paces and says that its been awhile since the Alamain takeover, they are fast running ou
  19. Episode#321: The Phoenix Has Fallen! -Greta asks Lea what she means, and Lea says she just wonders if, with one of these women pregnant with a baby, if she really has to keep them down here…Greta snaps that her job is just to take care of Jan, no questions asked! Lea says she knows but, however Greta interrupts her and just commands her to do her job if she wants that money! Lea slowly nods as she leaves… -Lucas and Eugenia walk back into the Spears Mansion, with Will and Destiny in wheelchairs and whatever wounds they had patched up…both of them stir and wake up slowly, and Will asks what h
  20. Episode#320: Will’s Fate -At Maggie’s house, Maggie, Julie, Abe, and Laura all continue to talk…but suddenly, they hear the doorbell ring, and Maggie answers it to see…HOPE! Maggie is stunned and tells her to come in and get out of the pounding rain, and Hope slowly walks in, and after shutting the door Maggie pulls her into a tight hug, saying she missed her so much…and is so glad she’s out of jail..but she asks what she’s doing here, she expected her to be alone at home with Bo! Hope sighs as she sheds another tear…and asks Maggie if she can stay here! -Greta tells Nicole through the windo
  21. daysfan


    LONGTIME VET, JOSEPH MASCOLO, FIRED AS MARCH SWEEPS GOES ON! Its now official: Joseph Mascolo, who has played Stefano DiMera off and on since the 80's, has been cut from LIS! Mascolo last aired on March 10th when his car, in a huge rainstorm, went flying off a cliff, after he was nearly killed by Sami Brady(Alison Sweeney) and his wife Vivian Alamain(Louise Sorel)...however before his death, he also nearly killed Will Roberts(Stevie Brock) and Destiny Stokes(Ambyr Childers) in the process! Stefano was presumed dead after his car fell off the cliff. "LIS loves Joe and all the years he has giv
  22. Episode#319: Did Stefano Survive? -Julie is at Maggie’s house, and has reunited with Maggie, Laura, and Abe…and has gotten caught up to date on all the happenings…she tells Maggie she is so happy that she’s happy with Abe, and both Maggie and Abe smile and Maggie tells her she’s just glad she’s out of jail, and Julie nods and says she is mostly happy for Hope…she just wonders what will happen between her and Bo now! -Bo tells Hope that it was nothing, but Hope says that she won’t buy that…she knows that Bo’s probably moved on over these past 9 months…and she knows that after she came bac
  23. Episode#318: Sami Calls Lucas -Bo looks in shock at Larry grabbing onto Hope…Hope and Larry both look at Bo, and Larry says this is just like old time! Hope orders Larry again to LET GO, and Bo tells Larry he doesn’t know how the hell he’s out here but he had better just let Hope go…Larry laughs and says not this time…this time, Hope Williams Brady, who should have been Hope Welch, will die! -Everyone goes back to the doorway inside Rhonda’s house, and upstairs…the officers find Rhonda’s security guards, and Chris tied up! They quickly rescue Chris and also arrest the security guards, and as
  24. Episode#317: The Other Car -Greta tells Nicole that she’s no better than her, but Nicole goes on to say that Greta has so much money since her mother is truly dead….she had a chance with such a great man, Eric, yet she’s spent so much time seeking revenge on HER, and even Jan, for something that happened years ago! She tells Greta she knows this is much deeper than her and Jan shoving her out of town in 2007, or just some fight where she got rabies…she still holds a grudge against Nicole for Eric leaving Greta for Nicole alllll those years ago! -After Megan is gone from Jill’s hospital room,
  25. Episode#316: Crash! -Greta says to Jan that its very possible, Lucas and his new women seem so very close…Nicole says that she must be twisting the details, but Greta just laughs, and Jan looks down to her stomach and holds it as she walks around…she says she’s carrying Lucas’s baby, she’s his fiancee, he helped her give birth to her first child…he wouldn’t do this… -Megan again grins and says this is all going excellent…her seducing Bo that one night after drugging him and dressing up as Hope worked…she got pregnant with his baby, but so his suspicions wouldn’t be raised, she just used Jill
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