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  1. Yeah, but Bergman is increasingly craggy. I think he is one of those men who really ages well. He's a daily runner too. But he's also a weekend sailor. I don't think ANY significant work has been done, though. On my TV, we've noticed he's lately been wearing some kind of yellow-ish under-eye concealer...I don't know why, though. Leblanc has really noticeable brow lines....I don't think he's doing much/anything either...just staying as slim/ripped as he can
  2. Maybe. I'm worried about the "back 9"...but we'll see. I think a show like this might toil best before the publicity hits. The first 13 episodes were basically filmed in obscurity, with no one knowing if the show would make it. I believe that likely helped to fuel the "striving Loser" dynamic that the show plays so well. Now that they're an international megahit with a hit show, albums, DVD sales, and soon concert....who knows if they'll be able to stay connected to their humility. Plus, I'm not interested in what Jennifer Lopez or Idina Menzel offer in a particular week...I'm more interest
  3. Lisa Rinna has retreated from her "nothing done" claims. http://omg.yahoo.com/news/lisa-rinna-i-look-like-a-freak-after-too-much-plastic-surgery/17290?nc
  4. Okay, so this is from Perez: One of the many reasons I hated Will and Grace was because of all the stunt casting. I'm very worried their going to damage Glee with this kind of nonsense too. Why do this? The success of the first 13 episodes had mostly to do with a focus on the fresh faces...and a few broadway stars thrown in. Is Glee the new format for an Ed Sullivan/Carol Burnett style variety show? Is that what this is becoming?
  5. Could someone contact Gil and ask if Steve's real obituary could be posted here? I'd love to know more about the man.

  6. Rapidly becoming my favorite show. The situations are SOOOOOOOOOOO real: - war with a teenager; hard to wake up teenager - son springing a big project on parents...due tomorrow! - kids unable to relax and look good in pictures Some genuineness in behind the writing is what makes this sweet. That's also true for Modern Family. Cougartown, which makes me laugh, is less reality-based...so I'm liking it less.
  7. I think Puck and Rachel are white, just not WASP, LOL. I think Puck got a whole new fanbase this week.
  8. Yes, I have thought about this too. Last week, they tried to make the claim that "we're all minorities"...but the fact remains that Puck-Quinn-Finn-Rachel are front-burner, and among the teachers, Shuster and Sylvester are front burner...and each one of 'em is white. One of my disappointments about this show is that it is less of an integrated ensemble piece...so that "Wheels and Aretha and Shaft, etc." all get equal emphasis. For now, though, the show is one that I can just lose myself in...goofy/funny, soapy, interestingly done tunes. I find it is one of the few hours a week wh
  9. Not the best episode of the season, but such a bright spot on the schedule for me. Even the weaker/less funny shows (or shows with music I care less about) are better (for my mood, anyway) than just about anything else on US primetime. (Except for the ABC Wednesday comedy lineup, which are the first sitcoms I have watched in a decade!) I'm stuck in some kind of warp, listening to Puck do "Sweet Caroline" on endless loop, lol.
  10. A moment of soapy perfection on Glee. Puck sings "Sweet Caroline" (which is fun, as we discover the voices of these people). And in wordless reactions, we see that Quinn loves Puck, Finn notices Puck going for Rachel and is jealous, Rachel is blithely ignorant.... Suddenly we have a workable quad...and it was done without a word of dialogue. I love this show.
  11. Anyone following Melinda Sue Lewis on Twitter? Seems slightly interesting to read the domestic dramas with Leah, etc.
  12. I think Wall Stree Journal (yup) is recording "Sue-isms"...but my quotes this week were typed with my loving hands. I just loved the ep so much.
  13. I gather the show is growing. Slight bumps in the 18-39 demo (per Roger Newcomb). He also links a WSJ blog that lists many of the "Sue-isms" that I do above. I think this may be the breakout show of the year...not necessarily in ratings, but in buzz!
  14. Dear God in Heaven! The bon mots in last night's Glee. Also balanced out with the emotional moments (Will crying at the sight of his child, and his wife feeling remorse; the beautiful finale number where--maybe--Quinn realizes that Glee is more on her side than Sue). === FIGGINS: Let’s hug it out. … This meeting won’t end until I see bodies touching. It’s a technique I learned in my leadership seminar last week. WILL: I will destroy you. SUE: I am about to vomit down your back. === JACOB (what is his name?): The independent polling company in my Dockers has determined you’re t
  15. Awesome music and scene. All those episodes surrounding TGVN's first wedding to Nikki were one of the creative high points of the show...and true passing of the torch between the first and second generations of the characters.
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