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LATEST RATINGS: September 16-20, 2019

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Haven't been watching any soaps but I think in a lot of the country, with the addition of Tamron Hall and Kelly Clarkson talk shows, it's taking a bite.  In my area (Northern VA/DC area) - Kelly is doing well and airs at 2:00 against GH.  People who still only watch major network TV or only have basic cable packages - especially retirees - have another choice now.  From looking at the numbers, Monday's Y&R hit over 4 million one day for the first time in a long time - then the bottom fell out on Friday?  They must have been completely pre-empted in a lot of the country on Friday.  


To me both B&B and Y&R became completely unwatchable.  Dead baby switch killed B&B and the whole show became so incestuous and everyone is so fickle.  They're annulled and marrying someone else the next week, and it's all the same people.  No one gets a divorce - you can be married for 2 years and get it annulled.  Y&R - I watch the episode count posts and it's a problem when a new actor has the most episodes for months.  I'm sick to death of Adam and I'm in the minority - I don't like the actor.  But it really wouldn't matter - I'm tired of the character.  I read synopsis, and it's stupid to have Victor to "die".  He's never going anywhere so any illness or death is a yawner.  And the revert to years ago with Chloe, Kevin, Chelsea, etc. etc. - killed it for me.  At some point you have to move on.  


Thomas and Adam killed both for me, but B&B's issue is really the incest.  Brooke/Bill/Ridge and the constant switch-off.  The consistent polygons of Wyatt/Steffy/Sally/Liam/Hope, and then now Flo.  It's tired.  And the show has a problem with when couples get married, they get written into a corner.  They had a huge opportunity with Rick/Maya/Caroline and squandered it when they made the whole world embrace Maya.  Just tragically stupid.  

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