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  1. I know Paul. I vow to ignore the NUT who invaded the board. She will not engage me ever again. Promise.
  2. So you never said this: I see where you said that Ellen Weston loved Jammy but apparently you see something different.
  3. You contradict yourself Donna. In another thread, you posted about Frankie’s murder being the brainchild of Susan Lee at NBC and Margaret DePriest. JFP had nothing to do with Frankie’s murder. Getting back to GL, again, you post incorrect information. Jonathan and Tammy happened well AFTER Ellen Weston left GL, but you claim that Ellen Weston loved Jammy. Please post facts and not fiction. Thank you.
  4. So the incompetent Wheeler (Worst EP Ever) couldn’t learn to write Peapack because Conboy and Weston left GL 4 years earlier and were still haunting Wheeler? Got ya. #nutjob
  5. Thank you, @Robbwolff. There is no dealing with that woman. She’s out there, for sure. Conboy and Weston left GL YEARS before Peapack. They were not still hanging on. Wow. You just don’t get it.
  6. But you said that Karen Harris wrote for GL, which is wrong. And you said that Conwest was involved with Peapack, which is wrong. Please post accurate information. Thank you.
  7. Did Conwest tell you that when they were in Peapack? Or Karen Harris while she was writing GL? You’re SO reliable.
  8. Oh mother of god. When you proof read Donna, remember to fact check. Fact check. Fact check. Fact check.
  9. It has taken 20 years to understand why AW was cancelled but I finally get it. The NUT Donna Was fighting to save AW. Mickey Dwyer Dobbin was given a choice - deal with Donna or cancel AW. I’d have made the same choice, Mickey.
  10. Donna, if you label yourself a Scholar, why are you so uninformed?
  11. Good lord Donna. Karen Harris NEVER wrote for GL. Please stop posting incorrect info. Please. You embarrass yourself with all of the wrong facts.
  12. A book is just that. A book. One persons perceptions and recollections. People mentioned in the book will always have different recollections and dispute the book. Take it for what it is. The truth is usually somewhere in the middle.
  13. Shocking that she posted more wrong info. Does she ever get anything right! lol
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