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  1. Do you have social media? It’s not hard to find Jay.
  2. Bingo! Didn’t he say that he was happy writing for a medium that has 70 million fans? Wrestling. But yet he downgraded himself to write scripts for 4 million viewers to enjoy. lol And he wasn’t hired longterm. Egg on his face.
  3. Will Maureen talk about her real life divorce? Hmmmmmm
  4. Thank you! That is an incredible analysis! Let this sink in, folks. Hoda & Jenna beat Y&R in the women 18-49 demos. Think about it.
  5. I will tune in for Liz Keifer! Poor Don Hastings had memory issues on the ATWT show.
  6. You don’t like the truth, but that’s okay. I hope Leslie had him checked.
  7. I don’t drink orange juice but you wouldn’t know that so why are you assuming I drink it everyday? I didn’t say anything untrue. Am I wrong that Don had some memory gaps? Nope.
  8. Um, Ambitions lost half of its audience from its first to last episode. The show got cancelled. If Giddens lost half of Ambitions audience over 18 episodes, how could he sustain 250 episodes of Y&R? No thanks!
  9. Jamey Giddens, who I absolutely do NOT want anywhere near Y&R, would take the job in a second. There are writers out there. You’re naive.
  10. Don’t headwriters make well over A million a year? I’m sure there isn’t a lack of writers looking to make that kind of money.
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