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  1. The ratings are not surprising. There’s nothing new or exciting happening on any soap.
  2. A little bit of useless trivia here. Those May, 1989 church scenes where Phillip gets shot and Roger swings through the church were shot in Another World’s studio in Brooklyn instead of GL’s studio on East 44th Street. GL’s studio couldn't accommodate the high ceilings needed for Roger to swing down so GL went on location, so to speak to one of AW’s sound stages at its bigger studio.
  3. Wow! Those early 80’s episodes are a great find. Thanks for posting them!
  4. So far, so good for Mark Grossman. He’s an excellent choice to play Adam. I think he’ll do well in the role.
  5. The irony that NATAS would use the word confidentiality when the very business of daytime tv depends on as many viewers as possible to watch the shows for them to be successful. But we the viewers can’t know what was submitted because of confidentiality. This is a mess now because we viewers will know what was submitted anyway because of the news outlets releasing that information. So much for confidentiality. This is another nail in the coffin of daytime tv. We’re not respected as viewers and the Daytime Emmys continue to be a joke.
  6. I am saddened with this news. They really keep pecking away and making the Daytime Emmys so insignificant.
  7. Y&R got shut down in the lead categories.
  8. Recently retired here so I now have time to get into my basement to sort through a vast collection of soap memorabilia. I’m trying to decide what to do with it. I’m not interested in trying to sell on Ebay. Too much hassle. I’ve got TONS of rating info. I always Cut out the ratings from Daytime TV but tossed the magazine. I have hundreds of VHS (I know!!) tapes from the mid 80’s on. I have scripts, including the full script that won Doug Marland the GL Emmy in 1981. Any ideas on how to best unload this stuff? Its time to pass it all on. Looking for suggestions.
  9. Daytime TV February 1979 so the ratings must have been from a couple months before that.
  10. As far as I know, yes Daytime TV posted the ratings until its demise. There is ALOT more to come. I found a huge stash in my basement of old daytime tv’s and a newsletter from the 80’s and 90’s that published the ratings. Stay tuned.
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