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  1. Changes need to be made at Y&R. B&B beating them in all of the important demos should be an eye opener at Y&R. Wake up, Y&R!
  2. I could not agree with you more! The genre is doomed! No one, in charge, cares. But I disagree with you about Phelps. I liked her work.
  3. Does it matter if you’re added to the opening credits if you’re not on contract? Y&R is a MESS! Everyone is asleep at the wheel. On Tuesday’s show, they gave Josh Griffith a co-executive producer credit - not once but TWICE! No one at the show is paying attention. What is happening at Y&R? Low ratings, terrible editing. Someone needs to step in and FIX Y&R.
  4. Y&R has serious ratings problems. The show skews so old. They have a million and a half more viewers than GH, but they only beat GH by a few thousand women 18-49? And B&B beats Y&R in women 18-49. Yikes. The median age of a Y&R viewer must be about 89. Y&R is in deep crap.
  5. Agreed. Y&R is so BAD right now. A snore. Nothing is interesting or worth watching. Changes need to be made ASAP.
  6. So in the Dec 1980 Daytime TV ratings, Texas bumped Another World from the Top 10. I don’t know which week these ratings are from.
  7. sorry. I’m 90 going on 70. Talk about old!
  8. Happy Anniversary to Texas! 39 years ago.
  9. Griffith wants to tell the stories that JFP said NO to back in 2013. Morina doesn’t have the balls to say no to him. Look at the ratings. They are a disaster.
  10. Remind me again why Kevin and Michael are having their scenes in the Chancellor Mansion? This show has gone to crap.
  11. You’re right. I don’t get how the remaining soaps are staying on the air. Demos are the most important number and every remaining soap has lower demos than the past cancelled soaps. (OLTL, AMC, ATWT, GL) Even when GL was cancelled, it had more women 18-49 viewers than Y&R has today.
  12. Steve Kent and Angelica McDaniel can hire and fire all the regimes they want (how many have there been????) McDaniel’s interference has been a cancer to Y&R. Why doesn’t anyone higher up at CBS see that? They constantly change regimes and ratings fall even lower. But McDaniel is the one constant at CBS. Fire her and let the producers and writers be creative and not stifled with her cancerous interference.
  13. I think it’s a stretch to blame Y&R’s ratings lows on the Dtv blackout because as others have pointed out, it didn’t start until after this ratings period. B&B, also on CBS, gained in all of the demos this week so why weren’t they affected? Y&R just plain sucks right now. That’s is why they are hitting new lows.
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