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  1. Days is SO bad. Ridiculous. There is a reason why Ron got rejected doing the time jump on his previous shows. It’s stupid.
  2. Today’s episode was so bad. Does Ron really think that Patch (Stefano) telling Kristin that he’s her father will bring in viewers? Ridiculous! This show is beyond bad.
  3. Cannot stand Chance. Cannot stand Theo. Cannot stand Tessa. What is left? lol. Y&R is SO bad! Get Victor back!
  4. It also airs from 3-5 on Saturdays and 1-3 on Sundays. I’m hooked.
  5. Remind me again why Tessa is still on this show? #fail
  6. Just a reminder to the mentally ill woman trying to sabotage every thread: This is The Doctors discussion thread. Now that Nola has given birth on the Retro TV episodes, what’ll happen? I’m so into The Doctors and can’t wait for the app!
  7. Sorry, Ron. They rejected the time jump at your other shows, for good reason.
  8. Under Josh and Morina, Y&R has scenes. No story. Just scenes. It’s boring.
  9. If you’re gonna claim to be an activist who fought for your cancelled shows, at least get the facts right. Hito- hah right on outta here.
  10. It’s scary. The woman is mentally ill.
  11. Exactly! The nut can’t get anything right.
  12. Oh and just to be clear, Griffith did NOT get a 3 month extension. Gotta love the wrong gossip.
  13. For everyone saying that Griffith got a 3 month extension................that is NOT true.
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