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  1. Do NOT bully me @Soapsuds @Errol I am sick of Soapsuds bullying me!
  2. Rushing back into production won’t end well.......
  3. @Errol I’m sick of Soapsuds. That being said, I have been in touch with Juliet Law Packer who was thrown into the head writing trio when Doug suddenly passed. Very interesting time. She is a doll.
  4. Nancy St Alban is lovely! Enjoyed seeing her on The Locher Room today.
  5. Marcia McCabe was an ok actress. Not great, but ok. She had the smokers teeth.
  6. Marland violated his own rules. Often. He was a good writer, But he wasn’t perfect. That rules crap is just that. Crap. He violated those rules himself. Stop bullying me! Your threats are bullying tactics. I have a right to my opinion!
  7. While I am NOT allowed to say his name, I have alerted Chandler’s handlers to be on the lookout for Mr. G I can’t say his name.
  8. Joe Willmore became a Stage Manager in the waning days of GL. To go from Executive Producer, which he failed, to Stage Manager. Joe Willmore fell, bigtime.
  9. Everyone looks at youtube. NO need to post you tube videos here. Ridiculous. The idiot who posts youtube videos acts like he has discovered a treasure. But, we’ve already seen it. Smh. Go to youtube and search As The World Turns. It all comes up. We’ve seen it all.
  10. Smirky gets paid for his ‘acting’? No wonder he was FIRED! Thank you Ron Carlivati for cutting that non actor.
  11. If anyone doubts why Smirky Massey was fired, look no further than the episode that aired today. He smirks throughout the episode and has checked out of acting. BAD performance by Smirky. Better luck in his next career, because acting isn’t in him. Oh and by the way, Freddie Smith was not in this episode. Smirky smirked annoyingly all through the episode without Freddie. Can’t blame Freddie for this horrible performance. It’s all on one note actor Smirky.
  12. Pam Long is a sweetheart. Nancy Curlee is great also. But don’t expect much. Remember, Alan is all about positive Public Relations and never talk about controversy.
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