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  1. She knew that Bill cheated and she accepted it. Not too much respect for her. Sorry. RIP.
  2. I am beyond thrilled that Matt Hanvey got his twitter account suspended! #justice He is a cancer to B&B.
  3. Yeah, because Berjer and Hedison were the keys to AW’s success.
  4. I actually don’t remember JFP dropping everyone over 50. Refresh my memory, please. Who did she drop? I recall her propping up Linda Dano, David Forsyth, Anna Holbrook, Charles Keating.
  5. Ambitions was cancelled, Jamey and Ron. It was a disaster. Get back to Days storytelling. Funny how Ron hasn’t hired Jamey to be on the Days writing staff.
  6. Chandler Smirky was embarrassingly BAD in his scenes today with the great Suzanne Rogers and John Aniston. He smirked throughout it. To those who say Chandler is just bored with Freddie, bullcrap. Chandler is checked out as an actor. He had scenes with 2 greats, and he still smirked and didn’t show up. No wonder he got fired. Go study chinese.
  7. Smirky was embarrassingly bad with Suzanne Rogers and John Aniston today. Too much smirking. Smirky can’t act.
  8. All the sniping is irrelevant because they’ll be back taping before their last scenes air.
  9. Oh honey. At least Freddie gets the clicks. Especially from those who claim to ‘hate’ him. Smirky has nothing. Nothing.
  10. The Freddie haters keep giving him clicks. He’ll be fine. What does Smirky have to fall back on? Mandarin?
  11. Go Freddie! He looks great, has a beautiful fiancée, and doesn’t need Days as his only source of income. Funny how those who hate him watch his every move and watch his youtube and insta videos. Score for Freddie!
  12. Maybe TWO time dui driver Colleen Zenk can help hot Freddie. Smirky is talentless. He’ll go back to Atlanta and wait on tables.
  13. I’m sure that smirky knows that chances are slim that he’ll get hired elsewhere. Whatever happened to him studying mandarin? That’ll come in handy.
  14. lol! How can we forget something that didn’t happen? Yes, Freddie had a dui, but he didn’t run people down while drunk. Good lord. Stick to facts. Running people down while drunk is stretching it abit. Smirk.
  15. So is the smirky one, who has nothing now. No job, no prospects. See ya at McDonald’s, smirky. And get my order right! lol
  16. Freddie looks fine to me. And he’ll be ok. Freddie has lots of side jobs. No worries.
  17. I’m thrilled at smirking Chandler’s firing. McDonald’s is hiring........he can smirk when I want extra ketchup.
  18. Will Chandler learn how to not smirk all the time at his next job? Buh bye.
  19. Ditto on disliking Theo’s hair and beard. He looks unclean. Gross.
  20. And it’s clear that Y&R is going to exploit Kristoff’s death to win awards. Shameful.
  21. For me the big difference is that the regime at Y&R is exploiting a real life unexpected tragedy to win awards. I don’t recall a soap ever doing this before. Yes, soaps constantly do stunt episodes (Emmy bait). But they were never based on real life cast member tragic events. I still say shame on the show for using Kristoff’s death to win awards. This will probably happen at the Emmys, too. Ugh!
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