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DAYS: January 2018 Discussion Thread

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Anna (LH) is as gorgeous as ever but can we bring her wardrobe up a few decades!  That fur and matching hat was so Dynasty and awful!  


Question...is she Carrie's mother?  I've only really started watching Days since the 90s.  I saw some of the 80s but I really didn't watch watch until Marlena/John...  

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An adult Carrie and Anna never shared scenes (and weren't on the show at the same time, in 2006 or 2007 Anna came back and Carrie had left, Anna disappeared in 2010 before Carrie returned for Alice's funeral, and Anna was off the canvas in 2011 when Carrie returned) until this time last year when we had the blah Prague story. Austin, Carrie and Anna with Tony's urn were quite entertaining. I'd really like Carrie and Anna to both be on the show at the same time, long-term, though. I'd also like Austin back to throw shade and glare at Rafe like he did last year. That was fun.


I was hoping Christie/Carrie would come back full time under Ron but we can't even get Belle and Shawn long-term ... I was hopeful for at least a visit during the Will story because Christie visited the set while Sweeney was filming. But, nope. And now Christie is on a trip around the world for the year so we likely won't see her this year

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Anyway, I was hoping Ron would beef up some of the areas, like bringing back Carrie, bringing back Shawn and Belle full time, bringing back Philip ... I think there needs to eventually be a recast Joey. I love Shelly Hennig as Stephanie but I think they need to recast and have Stephanie on the canvas.


It's nice we're getting a visit from Laura but she's another one, along with Bill, who should have long been back on the canvas in a supporting role.


I'd like more visits from Kim and Shane. I can't see either being on long-term.


It's nice we're getting a Billie visit, I suppose. I'm not really sure why Theresa is coming back (though I know why, obviously it makes sense because of Brady and Eve and I hope Theresa is a raging bitch again instead of a pathetic victim).


We spent 8 years wasting time on Daniel when we should have had Mike Horton back.


Marie should have been re-integrated around 2006/2007 when Nick was introduced.


Serena should have been Sarah Horton.


Xander should have been someone else and we should have gotten Alexander Kiriakis.


I think Tyler Christopher should have been Nicholas Alamain and he and Vivian still could have taken over DiMera, but I also sort of like the idea of Stefan so ....


Not to mention some of the generic hunks over the years, one of them could have been Andrew Donovan.


Just so many missed opportunities.

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Agreed on Anjelica's son coming back. They missed a great opportunity last year to have an Alexander v. Adrienne story. I'm gonna do a hard pass on Tyler being Nicky. He's not even a decade younger than CC (Carly). Any re-cast of Nicky has to be within the age range of Gabi/JJ. 

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I'm glad it's confirmed it was for DAYS too. Good news. I was meh to him for so long but he has won me over finally. I've really enjoyed Psycho Ben.


The problem though is that these bad people are played by good actors we want around but they can't work long-term (at least under the current writers on all the soaps). Look at how many cringe at Andre the killer walking around free.


I've thought that as well


I get the age thing with Crystal Chappell but I don't see it as that big of an issue. But now seeing him on DAYS I don't know if I'd want him as Nicholas.


Nicholas should be in Shawn-D's age range, they were "frenemies" in 1992/1993 (and I always thought it should have been Nicholas instead of Philip introduced as a teen in 1999, even though I love Jay Johnson as Philip).


Victor Webster was cast as Nicholas in 1999 (which was ultimately a waste of him, a total shame, because Nicholas should have been in Philip's spot). That's more of a problem for me picturing him as Carly's son than picturing  Tyler as her son.

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I didn't watch RC's GH after the first few months bc as much as I HATED the Phelps/Guza decade, FV & RC's campy and silly af interpretation of the show wasn't 'my GH' at all... but I actually loved the first couple years of his OLTL and I loved the crop of characters who'd appear a few times a year... and I really appreciated we'd visit where these characters lived, and London, esp., became a secondary setting for the show.


And when he opened with guest stints for Hattie, Bonnie, Sheila, Xander, Ben, and Clyde and knowing Sami, Susan, Shawn, Belle, and Vivian were popping up in the future, I was so hoping for/expecting the kind of recurring cast you mentioned above.


Seeing Leann Hunley and Christie Clark together for the first time in over 30 years was the biggest treat, but they wrote Anna as such a loon and skipped over any emotional resonance in their scenes... and they missed the opportunity to have one of the show's most significant character moments addressing how Marlena was the mother to Carrie Anna never was with Dee, Leann, and Christie all there.  And IA about Austin and Rafe lol.  Another treat would be to see Austin, Billie, Lucas, and Philip all together with Kate again (last time would've been around '06).  Kate works as a DiMera, but it cheapens the fact that the Roberts/Reeds were THE 'other' family on the show for 20 years, outlasting the Johnsons (since they're not played like that now), Walkers, Lockharts, etc.  But I would love to have Austin, Carrie, Mike, and Billie back full time, even more than Shawn, Belle, and Philip (who I'd also love back lol).  And, ya, Bill & Laura should absolutely be recurring on a basis similar to Doug & Julie, though I wouldn't use Jamie Lynn Bauer.  And Xander not being Alexander was one of the more WTF casting choices in years.  Lolol, this show...

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