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Dynasty: Discussion Thread

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I enjoyed the original Dynasty (tho i never watched a lot of the original run) and shows like Dallas and Melrose Place, but to put this show in that category is ridiculous. I've tried to get into this show. I just can't. The whole time I'm watching it through a filter as though it is a bad SNL sketch making fun of the original. In that sense, it's kind of a funny show. As a "drama" about a rich family, not so much. 

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17 hours ago, John said:

Lets guess who will play Cristal in season 4

LOL! They really should do it. It's like a tradition at this point!

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I love how Dominique isn't worthless in this and that they're actually making the most of her.


Bravo nuDynasty writers!

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OK, I watched the season finale last year and then the season premiere last night, and I am kind of hooked on the campy charm of this reboot.


Although I still need to reference the original characters in my head in order to "translate" the current cast, Dynasty is a great example of using a reboot to correct the past.  Melrose Place, 90210, and the Dallas reboot proved that nobody cares about new characters in our old shows.  Recasting Fallon was a huge production error in the original, but this time the series is able to give her center stage and focus on her as the most interesting member of the Carrington Clan.  In my opinion, John Forsythe verged on creepy when playing sexual scenes, but Grant Show (who is only four years younger than John was when he portrayed Blake) maintains a healthy sex appeal.  As much as I miss the other Morells, like Sable and Caress, I like Dominique being Jeff and Monica's mother.  Obviously, nobody could be better than Joan Collins, but that is why I am glad to see that the current series doesn't focus on Alexis as much, and uses Alexis as an antagonist rather than a heroine.


I am shocked by how truly funny it is, without being too wacky.  E.g. in last night's  premiere Fallon turned to her new Latina florist and yelled, "crystal" as a referential nod to the seasonal recasting of her step-mother, when in fact she was talking about the fact that her wedding cake topper was crystal and not gold.  They found a sweet spot between parody of primetime dramas, absurdity, and comedy.


That being said, it also looks expensive.  Although there are too many excuses to keep the drama in a limited number of sets, those sets looks great.  La Mirage has tons of flowers and extras to fill the lobby.  Alexis's suite is chic with modern details.  And the costumes are fabulous.


Of course there are errors in logic, I like Sam, but I have no idea why the Carringtons continue to support him after his aunt Cristal's death.  The loss of Steven seems unresolved, especially given that Michael the chauffeur is still around in season 4.  Also, character motivations flip flop each week, for example, why does Kirby like Fallon?


I still don't get who the intended audience is supposed to be?  As an older gay, I get the references to Moldavia, the girl hidden in the pond, pool fights, barn fires, and other OG Dynasty tidbits.  But, would the 18-25 crowd be willing to check the old WIki to understand these callbacks?  I don't actually care if they are producing the show solely for my entertainment, but it does seem like a rather specific cultural indulgence which I am really enjoying. 



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