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  1. I do think Julie is one character that has done well under RC.
  2. How is the guy who plays Doug 95 years old and still working and nailing it?! I can't even remember what I had for dinner last night!
  3. Killing off the character of Caroline just for a quick plot point was very short-sighted as are most story decisions on B&B.
  4. Wait? What? I actually like her, and she's in a huge story with Xander. I love the two of them together! Why are we losing characters like Jennifer (played by CM) and Sarah, but have characters that are beyond played out (Nicole, Rafe, Chloe) on our screens?
  5. I do enjoy Julie's snarkiness....One thing I have enjoyed about RC is his use of Julie.
  6. I SOOOOOO don't need another mask story. The last one irritated me enough as is.
  7. Wow...it's interesting to see how small the cast was the time.
  8. I'm actually enjoying Jackee Harry much more than I thought I would. I love how she says anything and points out how whitewashed Salem is. She manages to crack me up, and that hasn't happened watching this show in a long time. It's great to see more diversity on the show. I wish they would keep Theo full-time no matter who plays him. I have my suspicions about who she really is to Lani though.
  9. Did we ever find out the whole story about why the Dobsons got rid of Dane Witherspoon? If you watch the pilot, Joe is definitely of the show.
  10. I'm really bummed her stint ended. I haven't enjoyed the character of Jennifer that much in years. She brought a whole new energy to the role. I am hopeful she may be back at some point down the road. After all, how long can Jennifer stay in Boston and what will they do with Jack in the meantime?
  11. I think when people started changing romantic partners at the blink of the eye often with little motivation is when I began to lose interest after watching for years. For example, we went through the whole Brooke and Thorne relationship which I thought was very good only for her to drop him in a single episode to try and be with Ridge again. We won't even get into the whole Liam and his harem "story." The show often feels like it has no end game, so you can't get invested in any of the stories.
  12. Wow...I didn't see that ending coming! Although, I doubt that Laura is actually dead, but this certainly complicates Gwen becoming "part of the family."
  13. It's obvious that DAYS actors don't work over their guarantee now which is why stories/characters are dropped for periods of time. It's also why big events such as weddings, holidays leave out certain characters who should be there.
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