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  1. Stories moved very quickly sometimes! And many characters came and went as a result. I often think it was a show way ahead of its time.
  2. Santa Barbara has always been my top soap...and one of my favorite TV shows period. I watched from the beginning to the end. When it was hitting on all cylinders it was off the chain good!
  3. I don't believe so. This would be a first which will make it more compelling.
  4. I don't believe so. This would be a first which will make it more compelling.
  5. This is literally the ONLY reason I'm tuning in right now. SR/Maggie is so deserving to have a real storyline again. I, for one, really enjoyed the show a few years back when she was frontburner again. No matter what, or how little, they give her, she manages to squeeze every little bit of possible emotion out of it. I think this story has a lot of possibility IF it is done right. What happens when the person that so many people lean on to maintain their own sobriety begins to slip? This could, "COULD", be a great umbrella story that could impact many characters. Fingers crossed it's done right.
  6. I'm pretty sure I saw Esther at Neil's funeral, but she didn't have any lines.
  7. I would love for them to give SR another crack at a REAL story. The woman can act, and when they really give her meaty material she runs with it. She was such a highlight a few years back when they sort of rediscovered her character and had her frontburner for a couple of years. Maggie has spent all of these decades nursing other addicts, so it would be interesting to see what would happen when the one who usually holds others together begins to fall apart. I could see from the character's perspective that it would be very difficult to ask for help when all the other addicts in town look to you for advice.
  8. She was de-aged quite a bit by that water! I wonder what the age difference was between Janis Page and Nicholas Coster. I did enjoy her in the role though. As much as I wasn't a fan of Pam Long's last year of writing, she did use the Lockridges, including Minx, more than previous regimes. Bizeau as Flame was amazing....she had a real "it" factor about her.
  9. Ashley....just like Jack, Victor, Niki, and Paul should be mainstays.
  10. Definitely...she could have been made Chief of Staff at the hospital, been more involved with Eli's story, and imagine the great triangle that could have been if David Banning was revealed to actually be alive...great material for her, Eli, Abe, and Julie.
  11. AMEN! She is sooo talented and they just wasted her.
  12. Lynn Herring would have been an interesting choice!
  13. As much as I love JW, I think the character of Jill is so needed on the show, full-time. Dare I say a recast? Although, I'm sure the show would never invest in it.
  14. I'm going to miss Gina. She really took Phyllis to a new level I thought...one I actually liked!
  15. I really wish Amazon or another streaming service would show this show from the beginning.
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