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  1. Did we ever find out what happened to Cruz's sister, Carmen? Or did she just disappear...sort of like CC's lost son, Greg. There one day...never seen or spoken about again.
  2. I'm just upset we haven't seen Xander in those little gray running shorts lately. Having Victor let his grandson believe his daughter is dead and that his nephew's husband did it...wow...that's a lot! I am excited that Maggie should be getting some good material (I met Suzanne Rogers a couple of times and she's a real sweetheart) , but how is everyone going to get out of THIS MESS???
  3. Sophia's timeline was also confusing. I always got the impression Sophia was more of a B-movie actress. That would explain why she wasn't so easily recognized in my opinion. It makes sense that Mason was at least 6 to 8 years older than Eden. I'm not sure we ever got clarification on how long CC was married to Pamela. Ugh, Pamela...a character that was sooo mishandled. She should have been the show's Alexis Colby IMO.
  4. I do have to say the flashback episodes this week are some of the best the show's done in a long time. What sucks is the timing...most people aren't going to see them with the preempted airings. Add that to the timeline changes, I'm sure that's one of the reasons the ratings are tanking. Regular viewers can't follow what's going on. Another thing 45 messed up! Ugh!
  5. I was disappointed that Michael was written out. I think he was a much needed character to further develop the younger set.
  6. I always wondered if the JB story with her demanding a helicopter with contract negotiations was true!
  7. Hmmmm....I wonder if this has anything to do with Sarah's baby being sick. I feel like the initial idea for Summer sounded good on paper, but didn't click somehow. Will see how it plays out...
  8. LOL! They really should do it. It's like a tradition at this point!
  9. I agree that Vicky became very watered down when played by JB. I thought she lost all of that "sprak" the character had before. She became another generic romantic lead. Didn't JB refuse to play Marley after a bit? That's when it sort of felt like the characters merged into one.
  10. I agree that DAYS has been VERY plot heavy lately. There's little attention paid to the relationships between the characters that make a soap special. Neither the Hortons nor the Bradys feel like a family anymore because characters' don't interact with family members often and plot beats aren't played out. I'm all for a brisk pace, but if we don't care about the characters....so much feels like wash and repeat. The constant propping of Ben (which I've never gotten the appeal of after his serial killer days), Nicole in a constant state of repeating the same storyline over and and over (Brady or Eric), no one noticing Hope is acting weird, Lani not just taking Gabi's phone from her....I had high hopes for the time jump, and the first week caught my attention...but follow-up has been soooooo bland. The numbers are just plummeting...
  11. It's sad....I have never missed a hanging of the Horton ornaments in the past. And, this year I didn't even bother to watch.
  12. Wow....Remember when DAYS used to get a holiday boost?? I can't help but be worried that TPTB are thinking twice about their renewal decision. I wonder if they have wiggle room to still get out of it. I'm not sure why people, including myself, are having trouble getting invested in the show. I haven't watched in weeks. I think the time jump was a good idea on paper, but after the first couple of weeks it started to drag. And, having things like Will and Ben being BFFs is just too much. I'm sooooo tired of "crying Nicole." I miss when she was a martini drinking bitch. Now, she just cries and whines and bounces back and forth between Brady and Eric. "Stevano" was kinda a last straw for me. Stefano should have permanently been laid to rest with JM. We didn't need him, and to be honest, the DiMeras at all. The one suprising thing I sort of enjoyed was Lani and Kristen's friendship. All of the rest, I just can't get into it.
  13. If I remember correctly, TPTB didn't get much notice before the last episode, so that scrambled to wrap things up quickly which is a shame. I think Rachel's transformation lasted over years in the 70s and early 80s. So, it was gradual. She sort of transitioned to matriarch around late 80s when Amanda and Matthew were aged to adults.
  14. Poor Matt always got the short end of the stick. His character would be much more prominent in today's climate.
  15. I can't get on the Ben and Ciara pairing. I don't care about their "chemistry." It makes her look like an idiot. The man is a serial killer! You don't "recover" from that. If they HAD to keep the actor, they could have just made him Ben's tortured twin.
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