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  1. I know. I don't know why people have to attack other's because of their looks...well I have an idea why. As you mentioned, the ones who are doing it PROBABLY are not 10's on the "attraction scale." It's easier to criticize others to make yourself feel better from the anonymity of a keyboard. Plus/minus the weight he's still a very attractive guy and most importantly he seems genuinely friendly in interviews I've seen him in. There's soooo much negativity in the world already. I don't know why some others have to add to that.
  2. OMG...You guys act like Freddie Smith belongs on My 600-Pound Life when he's actually a regular weight!
  3. I'm actually enjoying the time jump because we don't know answers about plot points yet, there are daily surprises, and it feels like I want to watch again... But ratings-wise, is it too little, too late?
  4. I remember Grace talking about that cake all the time! My favorite Grace line of all time though was, "I haven't had a thing to wear since the house got sucked into hell."
  5. While not perfect, the time jump is the first time I've been intrigued watching the show in a looooong time. I've purposefully stayed away from spoilers, and it's nice to be surprised or not know what's coming up. Nicole seems like she might be back to bitchy self...Thank God! I was disappointed Haley is dead. DAYS has such few minority actors to being with.
  6. Grace returns to town...only now she's especially a bit...off...and she becomes Harmony's most infamous serial killer...all starting with poisoning her tomato soup cake!
  7. Yep, the time jump was the just the last scene....Monday we'll start getting a better idea of where this is going. I'm sort of intrigued for the first time in a long time, so we'll see how it goes. I actually think a 5 year jump (like Desperate Housewives) would have been interesting. Wrap up all stories, ends with a few cliffhangers, and then jump...really reboot the show as if starting from the beginning.
  8. Seeing Princess Gina's lair also stand in for Eli's bedroom/apartment was a bit jarring. I know they have to recycle sets but when it's the same set used more than one way in an episode it's distracting. If they need to have sets that can be repurposed, they should be as nondescript as possible with no unique details. Besides that, I am all in for Casey Moss' chest hair. So, glad that waxing era for men is over!
  9. I know Jess Walton is semi-retired, but this storyline really begs for Jill to be there.
  10. Hopefully, this means we will see more of the Chancellor mansion set again. It's felt odd it not being a regular part of the show anymore.
  11. Exactly! It was just too simple for her to grab the phone...or have a good twist like you mentioned where Eli and Lani beat Gabi at her own game. That would have been a lot of fun! It makes the character of Lani appear to have the smarts of a paper bag.
  12. Wow...DAYS is down again. I feel like the show has been MUCH better lately, but is it too little too late....
  13. I wonder what was the closest SB ever got to AW....Someone posted earlier what would have happened to Santa Barbara's ratings if it had been switched in timeslots with Another World.
  14. Overall, I'm enjoying the show much more this past month. But... Why doesn't Lani just grab that stupid phone out of Gabi's hands or tell Eli in secret so they can take her down. That makes no sense. Although, I do like evil Gabi much better. Not sure how I feel about the Princess Gina stuff, but at least it's something different for KA.
  15. How wild! If I wasn't scared to go to Russia right now, I might would visit!
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