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  1. Totally agree about Philip/Chloe/Brady. Haven't we already seen this story play out a 100 times with these three characters? I sort of feel like the show has a lot of characters that are just played out at this point and need a rest. I could care less about Rafe, Ava, and Nicole. Snoozeville. I love EM as Brady, but I feel like the character needs a break. He just bounces from one woman to the next with no consequences...and it's like...who cares at this point? Chloe is another one that I'm kind of mystified why they keep bringing her back....to be in ANOTHER triangle with Brady? I would rathe
  2. Am I crazy to think that they're slowly building something between Culhane and Sam??? Would they actually go there?
  3. I remember when LG was replaced as Gina. I was so upset even at a young are, but RM more than won me over. Gina and Keith were magic!
  4. That's an interesting question as their cast was often the size of a 30 minute soap versus an hour.
  5. I would have centered the show around: Continuing the Capwells with keeping CC and Sophia apart as long as possible, revamp Kelly (bring back Carrington Garland) and possibly have a back from the dead Joe to complicate her life (he had to pretend to die to save her somehow), and give Mason and Julia a new conflict with Pamela coming to live with them fresh out of the hospital...and still a bit crazy. Lockridges: I loved this family. I would have brought back Laken to be a spoiler for Ted/Lily, Augusta to be an obstacle for Lionel/Gina. I loved the character of Cassie an
  6. I wonder if Eileen Davidson may have been more successful if she had been brought on as an entirely new character or someone besides Kelly. I just never bought Kelly making the moves on Cruz because of Eden. I'm rewatching the first 100 episodes for the first time since they aired. A lot is rough or not quite working, but Augusta is a stand out. She's a very complex character from the get-go.
  7. When will the show officially be retitled...Bold, Beautiful, and Liam ???
  8. I feel like it should just be titled The Liam Show.
  9. Overall, still enjoying the show, but... It's obvious they have no idea what to do with Culhane at this point. Although, I'm not sure what they could do, either. I do like the actor though. I STILL miss Steven and his balance of "normalness" in contrast to the rest of the family. I wonder what the story is with not using the character/actor. I want Sam to get a real storyline again.
  10. I loved the Lockridges, too. In many ways, I thought they were more entertaining than the Capwells.
  11. Santa Barbara burned through characters perhaps faster than in other soap. Outside of the Capwells, Cruz, and Gina, they often struggled writing for other characters. Which characters in particular did you think were missed opportunities? There were so many on SB...often gone before you could really get into them. I remember the entire Richards family which was talked about for a few months...we saw them for a few months at most...and they wrapped them up in like a week of story.
  12. I'll never be over them deciding to kill of Colleen. It was so short sighted and done for a quick shock plot point.
  13. I just can't get excited about anything Rafe, Ava, and Nicole. All of the characters just feel played out to me right now. As much as I hate the Kristian and her 45th mask story, I have enjoyed seeing Sami and Lucas working together again. The two still have awesome chemistry after all this time. I miss Sarah and Xander together. I wonder how/why that exit happened. It felt so sudden.
  14. I'm so over the whole mask thing...it's cheap and easy without really having to delve deep into character to motivate things. What's next? Kristian wears a Julie mask and tries to seduce Brady???
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