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  1. I like that Julie is actually being used and I even like her ongoing conflict with Gabi...but Julie, while stubborn, has never been a character that I thought of as possibly being racist.
  2. Susan Flannery was amazing in the role...when she and Brooke were at each others' throats was soap at its best.
  3. I'd read before that SSH was the actor Bill Bell had in mind when he created Stephanie Forrester. I wonder why she ultimately didn't take the part? Was that around the time she returned to contract on DAYS for a few years. Maybe she thought the DAYS gig was the better choice at the time??? I wonder how the role would have evolved with her in the part.
  4. Some outdoor scenes like this is what I wish DAYS would incorporate. It's not a big "location shoot" but it helps make the show feel "bigger." Right now, it feels like the world of DAYS always takes place some place with the width of six feet.
  5. OMG...I am soooooo sick of that blue room with the two doors and window. It has been a thousand different things, and it's distracting. "Here we are in the blue room again!" I know the budget is nothing, but there has to be a better creative way...more outdoor shooting like they used to with Salem Place? Right now, the show feels downright claustrophobic to me.
  6. I could also see him as Jeremy Horton on DAYS as well.
  7. The "new Kristal" did not take off at all last season. There was no spark to the character at all. I'm not sure what a recast will do. I felt the first season was tightly written with great twists and turns while Season 2 was just all over the place...as if the show didn't know what it wanted to be.
  8. I remember one with Brooke and Deacon on B&B way back in the day that I was shocked to see actually make it to air. He was on top of her...thrusting!...until he collapsed on top of her. I was like...whoooooaaaaa
  9. I could watch Traci every day. I couldn't give a flip about Cane, and now that Lily and the kids are gone, Cane really has no connection to the show.
  10. I thought the Cane/Traci pairing had some potential...at least it was something different. DG blew it if he fought against this story. He could have been paired with an Emmy winner whose character is arguably the moral center of the show. I did think a Traci/Paul/Chris triangle could have potential and give all of those vets a story. I'd love it if they somehow managed to make Traci a mom again (maybe she adopts a teen that could be added to the scene).
  11. I do like the actress but this show needs a new permanent real pot stirrer. It would have been better to have brought back a slightly more sane Kristen who stuck around and screwed with everyone's lives.
  12. Still not over the killing of Colleen...such a shortsighted story decision.
  13. Poor DAYS...three episodes under two million. This does not bode well at all. They have about half of the audience of Y&R....which is struggling itself. The show has certainly been worse in my opinion, but I still can't seem to get myself invested in it. It's just sort of middle of the road blah. I might watch half an episode a week where I used to watch every day. Between the budget and actors' minimum appearances stories are hard to build any sort of momentum with and characters who should interact don't. It feels like everyone is in their own little storyline islands that don't intersect, so we don't get that sense of Salem being a community. That being said, I know a lot of this is due to the budget and the restraints put on the show. I'm not sure what the answer is...if there is one at this point. Since they're already shooting April of next year...almost a year in advance...there isn't time to turn the ship around. By the time renewal talks usually happen in January, the show will probably be shooting November. Maybe NBC will give us one last Christmas in Salem in 2020? I wish I even had suggestions at this point on what I would think could help, but I just don't anymore. Nothing is "popping" story-wise. I'm tired of latex masks and back from the dead people and Trump Jack and a serial killer being the hero. I was intrigued by Maggie's falling off the wagon which should be a HUGE umbrella story, but SR is only getting her minimum....so there's no real build up or pay off. I mean I could watch Xander in those running shorts every day, but after a while, even that is not enough. The ONLY thing I can think of is they need to get on their knees and beg Allison Sweeny to come back (even for a year). Sami has never been my favorite character, but it's true that DAYS feels like DAYS more when she's on. I miss the great rivalries the show used to have (Kate/Vivian, Kate/Sami, Sami/Carrie, Kate/Laura, Marlena and ED's Kristen). They helped keep the show fun. Right now, if we're lucky, we get a Julie/Gabi scene. RC was one of many writers who understood how important the Viki/Dorian rivalry was to OLTL as a whole. I'm just randomly throwing out thoughts, but it's just sad to see the show slowly slipping away.
  14. While I think all the actors brought their A game to the story, I agree that I didn't like seeing Felicia in "the other woman" role. She was too big of a personality for that. And, then they put John and Felicia together for a millisecond before breaking them up.
  15. Who remembers the great Traci and Lauren catfight?
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