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  1. pdm1974

    Days: Leo's Mom

    Pretty sure it will go there. Otherwise, why even make the connection. NOW, we need a Paul recast to come back. With the four characters to mix together, things could get really interesting. Still miss Christopher Sean though...one of the best finds DAYS has had in a VERY long time.
  2. pdm1974

    Days: January 2019 Discussion Thread

    That banana scene...wow Although, it did crack me up! I was just surprised to see them go there.
  3. +1 Their furry chests were awesome!
  4. pdm1974

    Days: January 2019 Discussion Thread

    JJ's furry chest was the highlight of the show. I'm so happy more guys are going natural with that. It looks so much better than all that waxing!
  5. pdm1974

    Loving/The City Discussion Thread

    Did the story with Ava and Mr. Burnell ever get resolved?
  6. pdm1974


    I feel year 9 just got so wacky and out of hand I'm not sure anyone could turn that ship around. Passions did have some of my favorite dialogue of all time though... Grace- "I haven't had thing to wear since the house got sucked into hell!" Some of the actors should have gotten awards just for keeping straight faces.
  7. pdm1974

    Santa Barbara Discussion Thread

    I agree, and it was sort of disorienting when Cruz's mother was suddenly 20 years younger. I don't remember the recast lasting past this story either. I forgot how they eventually wrote Ric out. Did he just quietly leave town?
  8. pdm1974


    Thanks! That would be interesting to see!
  9. pdm1974

    Days: January 2019 Discussion Thread

    I have to say, I thought Marci Miller was a good actress, but I have been loving having Kate Mansi back as Abigail. I feel like Mansi just "gets" what it means to be a good soap actress, and she makes the perfect younger leading lady. I haven't enjoyed Abby this much in a long time. I wish she were sticking around!
  10. pdm1974

    Days: 1/14/19. Weekly Preview

    Trask night actually make Haley interesting!
  11. pdm1974


    I feel like the show didn't start of as a parody of soaps but as a supernatural soap that JER loved to write. But as the years went on, especially at the end, I feel he went all out parody. Remember Juanita who blamed Pilar for her whole family getting mowed down the cops? She was totally off the charts camp/telenovela. It was fun to watch but no way could you take it serious.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9zQMfUf7dE8
  12. pdm1974

    Days: 1/14/19. Weekly Preview

    Sarah and Xander...there could be some potential there...much better than her squawking about Eric needing to raise Holly.
  13. pdm1974


    Travis was really bad as Ethan, but the writing hardly helped. I did think Eric's performance was an improvement though because I think he really "got" the campiness of the show. As an actor on such an over-the-top crazy ass show, you just really needed to embrace the kookiness to shine.
  14. pdm1974

    Days: January 2019 Discussion Thread

    I had high hopes for Sarah and Lindsay's performance, but the writing has her coming off as demanding and annoying. I hope the writing changes for her soon.
  15. pdm1974

    Days: January 2019 Discussion Thread

    It's also nice that the show is continuing to expand its racial diversity. I hope that continues! I do think Vanessa William's Valerie was a missed opportunity. The actress exuded charisma, and I really wanted to see her get her own story.