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  1. True...the writing was probably on the wall when she joined. While I took issues with a lot of what she wrote, especially how the Walkers suddenly ate the show, just curious as to what others think she wrote right...or stories that had potential if the show would have lasted.
  2. I LOVED the character of Laura once she went crazy! Bunny was a favorite, too.
  3. I remember being very excited when the Dobsons came back, but yes, much of their work fell flat. Cassie had such great potential to be a real force to be reckoned with and having her turn out to be Minx's daughter helped bolster the Lockridge family. But, having her turn out to have had a love affair with Warren seemed so odd, and they had to reconn Warren's birth father to not make them aunt/nephew. Warren's birthfather was never revealed (I suspect they were planning on making it CC), and it all served no purpose in the end. Cassie went nuts and was shipped off. Getting rid of Carrington Garland's Kelly had to be one of the biggest casting mistakes of all time for the show. She was the perfect one to step into Eden's role as lead heroine. I too thought Flame and Michael had potential...sigh. I did enjoy Rosa's return as I thought she was such an interesting character and more of a mother figure to the Capwell kids than Sophia had actually been, especially to Mason. Mason had hinted that CC somehow stole valuable land from the Andrade family, but that plot point evaporated, too. The Santana recast flopped because of personality issues between the actress and the cast. August and Dash was a horrible idea from the word go. Cruz/Suzanne was such a boring story...not to mention implausible.
  4. When she first came on I thought they hit casting gold. She just sparked from the first scene and felt like Bo's daughter. Then the Ben pairing came along and totally sunk the character. How can you root for someone who is in love with a serial killer??? Such a waste. Ciara had a lot of potential. I'm not surprised...but are we still stuck with Ben, too? Nothing against the actor, but again...I can't root for a serial killer!
  5. A step in the right direction is getting rid of the Dr. Rolf character and his "serum." Death on DAYS means nothing anymore as there are no real stakes. If someone dies, even if their head got cut off, you know they can be back in a few months, so why even care.
  6. The budget is really impacting the show...to the point of often being distracting while watching it. They can't really tell these mustache twirling villain or brain chip stories on a dollar store budget. The only way it can work, IMO, is to focus on interpersonal relationships and family dynamics. It will take a whole rethinking of the show.
  7. We can't be that lucky! While the writing for Hope hasn't been there for a few years, I will miss KA. Hope is one of those characters that makes DAYS feel like DAYS for me. Is it confirmed about Camila? In my opinion, her character type is really needed on the show.
  8. The backlot shooting also helped the show feel more "open." Now, everything feels tiny and cramped. I have a feeling that Horton Square is about 20 feet wide at the most.
  9. True...I think he's even hotter now!
  10. I thought Reign Edwards was an especially good find for the show and a great actress. It's a shame they couldn't find a way...yet again...to fully integrate an AA character into the show.
  11. This! I know B&B is a half hour show with only so much room on the canvas, but to set a show in the fashion industry with no LGBT characters and in Los Angeles with no Latino cast members has never made sense.
  12. If one thing today's "classic episode" reminded me was what a waste it was to have the actress who played Maya return briefly after maternity leave and then let her know...ending her marriage to Rick with a vague "didn't work out." They had to have known they weren't going to keep her around, so she could have just visited LA while Rick stayed in Europe. Their wedding was a first on daytime and to end it...when the actor isn't even on the show anymore...just didn't make sense and felt like a letdown if you had invested in the story at all.
  13. Even as a kid watching it with my mom, I didn't understand why these two women who hated each other so much were constantly showing up at each other's home to talk! lol My favorite though was one time when Esther told Katherine that Jill had just showed up at their house, and Kay said, "That's funny. I didn't hear her broom pull up."
  14. wow.... https://tvline.com/2020/06/24/melissa-reeves-racism-days-of-our-lives-instagram-controversy/ Gina Tognoni could be fire in the role (still can't believe Y&R let her go!) and take it in a whole new direction...maybe free Jennifer from the Jack union since both characters are kind of written in a corner at this point.
  15. Loved todays classic episode with Stephanie confronting Brooke about being pregnant with Deacon's baby. It was the trashy, soapy goodness B&B used to excel at back in the day. KKL and SF had such great chemistry. I loved their fights! I never bought them as friends at the end. Was surprised to see Kristen, Antonio, Zende. Antonio was soooo handsome. I feel like they ended up just wasting the character after having a big intro for him. The HIV story was timely, but it also virtually wrote him in a corner.
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