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  1. I was enjoying Jan, too, and was hoping there was a long-term plan for her. We need more people like her and Gwen to stir the pot!
  2. OMG...I'm not sure how they could possibly play that one as Laura returned to Salem right after having sex with Jack...but what a crazy twist that would be!
  3. Today was good. I really loved the Kate/Jennifer scenes and the use of history. I watched during that original storyline when Kate first came to town, and I thought she was such a fascinating character. I think digging more into her backstory could reenergize the character. And, someone finally mentioned poor Lucas, but it would have been better to pull him into some of those scenes in person...the conflict! It writes itself. I hope they eventually take advantage of that story beat. I'm really loving Cady in the role of Jennifer. She's bringing out some stronger aspects of the char
  4. Oh, if only they would go there with Lani! Or, at the least, they should up the reason why Lani defends her...maybe Kristen actually saved her life at some point. Although, I usually do enjoy their friendship. I agree about Cady and Casey. I know a lot of people love MR, but I'm not missing her. Jennifer feels interesting again! But, when is the story beat going to be played that Kate is Lucas' mother and Lucas is Jennifer's half-brother. Lots of conflict there. It at least deserves a few scenes. Gwen is AWESOME. I hope they keep her around. With Sami gone, we need some
  5. I actually enjoyed MB/Melanie, too. I really liked her pairing with Nathan, who I also thought was quite good, and was very disappointed when they ended that relationship suddenly. I think saddling Melanie as being Daniel's daughter killed a lot of the joy the character bought just by her connection to him. But, the initial relationship between Melanie and Maggie, before they magically made them related, was such as sweet one. I thought that Maggie was especially utilized well during this time by making her a surrogate mother to characters that had no family ties in Sal
  6. I'm loving Cady as Jennifer...it feels like the character has received a jolt of energy. I like a more sassy Jennifer!
  7. Talking about messed up ages...wasn't EJ born AFTER Will?
  8. I agree that the Kate/Jack thing has come out of nowhere. If the writers were going to go there, they should've been foreshadowing it much sooner so we'd think it makes sense and adds up. I'm enjoying Cady as Jennifer. There's a bit more of an edge to the character, and with her in the role, they can take the character in new directions that they couldn't with MR in the role. There does seem to be a missing story beat in these episodes though. Lucas should be at the party and enraged at seeing Steve there with the story with Allie and Trip.
  9. I would have loved to see that story played out. I thought there was some hope when they recast Bill for Alice's funeral and Kate and Bill shared scenes. Seeing a triangle with Bill/Kate/and a pissed off Laura would have been great. It would have created Lucas/Jennifer conflict and would work towards making the Hortons feel more like a family versus scattered relatives.
  10. I think Paul on Y&R owns this thread. He started off as a solo character, had a whole family built around him, but not long after that Mary was the only family he had on the show.
  11. Olivia would make a great addition as the matriarch for the Winters/Barber clan (Nate, Lily, Devon) and as a love interest for Jack?? with her connections to the Abbott family.
  12. Theo has definitely been missing from the canvas. For me, Ciara and he were set up to be endgame a long time ago... But, then we got Ben. I do wonder why the original actor wasn't brought back. Hopefully, this will give poor Abe something else to do.
  13. I'm loving Gwen...and wondering if she has some sort of connection to the Horton/Deveraux family. Kate and Stefan....Kate deserves some fun for a change. Maybe? I'm really liking the new Trask. She's a complex character in a lot of ways. It'd be great to see them keep an Asian actress around as the show needs more diversity...big time.
  14. When Billie first came on the scene she was definitely a complex character and LR was refreshing to watch. I know they couldn't stand each other, but she had great chemistry with RKK. I remember loving the twist when it was revealed that Billie and Austin were Kate's presumed dead children...a great twist!
  15. It'd be interesting to know what the streaming numbers for soaps are at this point. I feel like the online versions of AMC and OLTL were just maybe 5 years before their time.
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