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  1. I'm sure Mac's death changed quite a bit of what had been planned. I feel like when Lemay started he also took Rachel back to her core as a character, but then she ended up being the matriarch of the show after Mac's death.
  2. Out of curiosity, what characters were introduced in 2003/4 to replace the Forresters? This would have definitely given Doug and Julie's characters a new lease on life, so to speak. I feel like Marlena as a character has been completely lost at this point because of "Stefano's obsession."
  3. He was absolutely spell-binding on Santa Barbara and had amazing chemistry with Eden (and I was a Cruz fan!) and Kelly. I always wished they hadn't killed off Robert leaving us with Quinn. Robert could have been such an interesting mainstay until the end. Who can forget this iconic scene from Santa Barbara with that big reveal with Robert at the end? Roberta Bizeau was amazing on that show, too.
  4. Agreed he was magic on Santa Barbara!
  5. So many characters have been ruined in the name of redeeming of Ben. I just don't understand it. If they just HAD to keep the actor they could have given Ben a twin. That could have been a compelling story actually....think what GH did with Ryan Chamberlin. Even having some big DiMera plot revealed where Ben only thought he was the killer (a la Marlena) would have been better. But, all of these people throwing away their lives and family just to make this serial killer happy...a serial killer who tried or did kill family members, it's just too much. I can't watch it anymore. Ben's "redemption" may just be the final undoing of this show.
  6. It's like they'll destroy every other single character on the show just to prop Ben. Why???? Does the character really get that great of feedback from viewers?
  7. Marlena crying over the man who tried to kill her grandson...ugh!!! I just don't get the Ben fascination.
  8. I'm glad Suzanne Rogers is getting so meaty material for a change...I'm sure there's another twist coming though.
  9. I don't know why they haven't introduced some of Justin and Adrienne's other kids. They have three more! The show could use some more new blood definitely.
  10. With JJ, Abby, and Will all exiting it only leaves Ciara and Eli as "younger generation Hortons" I'm not sure what they will do with Jack and Jennifer once their kids are gone.
  11. Yep, that was so shortsighted. What makes soaps special is that they're multigenerational.
  12. Exactly! And all of it has NOTHING to do with discussing the actual show.
  13. I know...all the negativity and nasty comments are so childless and energy draining just to read. This board in general has started to become a forum for juvenile comments...not a discussion. Not liking a specific character or not caring for a certain actor is fine. We all have opinions on what we do and don't like. But when it falls into personal insults and "jokes" about DUIs or constant obsessions with a person's weight, it's just sad. Hint= being bitchy does not equal having a personality...and hold onto your hats...a happy person doesn't feel the need to constantly put others down.
  14. I felt that the two characters had been written into a corner in many ways...CS/Paul had better chemistry with either of them than Will and Sonny together. But, regardless, to me it's sad that there will be no lgbt presence on the show anymore. As a gay viewer, characters like Will, Sonny, Paul (and a lesser extent Evan and Leo) made me feel sort of more of the DAYS world if that makes sense. Now, with just Ciara and the serial killer and other stories (Stevano, Princess Gina) not doing it for me, I don't feel any compelling reason to watch. For about six months now, my viewing has been spotty to begin with after years of watching daily...so I've seen the good and the bad over the years. But, this just kind of kills any interest I have at this point and sort of deflates any excitement I felt about the show. It would have been better to maybe release one from their contract and send the remaining character on a totally new storyline path. It's also sad that Will was one of the few characters left with the Horton name.
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