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  1. So true...her hair has been the most consistent thing on the show for the past 15+ years.
  2. I wonder if an early evening soap would work in this day and age when more people are at home and can actually watch...but maybe that's what streaming is for.
  3. I was surprised when Jason was written out. I thought he and Julie could have been a great way to develop a younger set/ next generation of characters. I know not everyone enjoyed Jason's intro story, but I thought it was an important one that explored child abuse in a frank way you didn't see on TV at that point. I was disappointed by the dropping of Michael at the end of season 12. Not only was he great eye candy, but he still had a lot of story potential and could have been a pairing with Kate.
  4. Oh man....that really hit me where Neil talks to Devon about how important it is to keep taking his medication and continue to get help with his depression. The irony of that scene is so sad. As someone who's dealt with depression/anxiety issues, It broke my heart.
  5. So sad. It makes me want to cry just knowing the pain he must have been in these past few years. We've made some inroads, but as a society, we have to keep working on our attitudes towards mental illness. The stigma HAS to be removed so people can get the help that they need. RIP you talented and beautiful man.
  6. I never understood the whole point of the Karen road rage plot was. Maybe is Jason had died in the accident it would have lead to something.
  7. The budget in the last season had a definite impact on telling the story arcs because characters couldn't really be utilized as needed. There was one episode, I believe, that had just Karen, Mack, and Anne with supporting players as filler.
  8. Is Xander already gone? I'll miss him and his athletic shorts. It's hard to get invested in scenes with Chole and Stefan since Leo continues to be the most interesting part of most shows. He's just crazy entertaining. The show needs more good pot stirrers like this since we no longer have Sami (or even Theresa).
  9. The character of Alexis needs to be completely salvaged. She's not a threat at all to Blake...or to anyone. She needs to be playing nastier and causing tons of conflict for everyone. Cristal 2.0 has been really strange. They really haven't given her anything to play. Love Monica, and I think they should make her a regular. I'm curious to see if Dominique arrives soon. We need someone to stir the pot. I feel the first season was so tightly written with great jaw-dropping twists. This season has been okay enough but I don't nearly look forward to it as I did during season 1.
  10. If I had a stash on dough, now would be the time to start setting up tattoo removal clinics. Give it a few more years, and all these people who have gotten tons of them will be regretting it once they go out of style- which everything does eventually. The result will just be that these people look dated.
  11. DAYS is far ahead of the other shows in diversity. Whether they're used properly all the time is another issue, but at least they're part of the cast. Just look at B&B, it takes place in LOS ANGELES and in the FASHION INDUSTRY. Yet, we have no Latinos and no gay characters.
  12. I was hoping she would turn out to be Dru's long lost daughter out for revenge...
  13. It sounded like he was a real nightmare to work with, but wow...was he hot! He also had great chemistry with everyone they paired him with. I was still disappointed when they replaced him even though I understand why.
  14. Pleeeeeeeaaaaasssseeee let there be something to this one. Christopher Sean was one of the best finds DAYS has had in ages. He had great chemistry with everyone, and he really excelled at being the "good guy" you can root for.
  15. At this point, I almost exclusively watch everything on streaming, including the soaps. TV as a whole is moving quickly in that direction. I've said before if the AMC and OLTL versions were launched now the results could be very different.
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