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  1. How did his direction fit with Y&Rs style?? I've always been a fan of his work!!
  2. Guiding Light discussion thread

    Was there a time gap between krista tesreau's final episode and Kimberly simms' first or did it happen right away? I can't seem to recall!
  3. Regarding Y&R, is Sara Bibel the new script editor and why are there now two script writers listed after the BW??
  4. was SSM DOOL this boring and bland? i somewhat seem to remember enjoying it and thinking she really kept the show going after JER left?? crazy nurse allie and patrika darbo! i could be wrong though cause i was getting more back into AMC so my memory is foggy, also i was more entertained as to why Broderick was hired and fired within a week of being named DOOL HW?!!!!
  5. I just watched part 1 of the prime time premiere episode and I'm definitely going to watch the rest, but my question is, did the daytime version pick up right after the events of the prime time premiere?? And why a nighttime premiere??
  6. As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    Thanks Soapsuds, that was a treat! I remember being so enthralled in that storyline!
  7. As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    Does anyone have the clip where Barbara is on the stand and pulls her veil back to show her burned face? I would love to see that again!
  8. I doubt Kate Hall was fired, she was one of the better script writers! She made it very clear Pratt was one of her favorite HW's and once he got fired/left, she bolted!
  9. Britney Spears Thread

    This is Britney's hottest video in years imo the song is good not great but kicks "make me"s ass! I'd much prefer "if I'm dancing" as her second single but this is ok, she's actually moving and dancing along the lines of her much older videos instead of just standing there and walking back and forth like she's been doing for awhile now. Thumbs up Brit!!!
  10. GH: Actor NOT returning

    Makes me wonder if Steve Burton and Jason Thompson convinced him not to take GH's offer and join Y&R?? Maybe new Adam?
  11. Is the actor who plays Luca out for good? I don't recall any news of him being let go and his exit was very abrupt?!? I'll really miss him if he is gone!
  12. So is Bethany gone? I didn't understand any of this with her involvement with victor? Was he helping Chloe and how did he even know who Bethany was? I'm totally lost on this twist!
  13. Is Mary O'leary out at Y&R? She wasn't listed in Friday's credits. It's odd cause she never leaves one job until JFP lands somewhere else!
  14. They Almost Became

    wasn't the role of ben warren on guiding light created and offered to james depaiva without an audition and he turned it down? it always struck me odd since rauch and depaiva adored one another!! then phillip brown won the part and backed out at the last minute!! anybody have insight to this??