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  1. Kimberly simms GL. Wendy Munoz GL. Elaine princi OlTL. Just to name a few who I'm surprised never had another role on daytime despite they're popularity
  2. Were Nick and Mindy unpopular though? I seem to remember them being GL's it couple at the time!
  3. Does anyone know how I can find the OLTL prime time episode from 98? I never had a chance to see it and I was a huge Pam Long fan from GL and was also a fan of her on OLTL and her stories. All I have heard about it is that it was way over produced and I'm curious to see why everyone thought that. Any of y'all opinion on the episode I would love to hear so I can share mine after I can see it
  4. I'm glad to see some Marnie S. Love! I always liked her as allison and would love to see her back on daytime preferably Y&R
  5. I always believed Beth Ann Bonner would have made a fire ass Victoria Newman
  6. I don't know if this has been discussed here yet but how can I find the famous scene of Rachel telling Alice about the affair while brushing her hair? I have always wanted to see this!!
  7. What directors do you speak of? I haven't caught the end credits. I know McKinsey is there and they are lucky to have him!
  8. I haven't been able to catch a JHB script yet. Is he still a great script writer like he was when he was writing scripts at GL?
  9. Wow thanks for all the information! He's still adorable! Him and Ashley Peldon, child Marah, remains two of my all time child actors of all time. Hands down!!
  10. Whatever became of cutie patootie Bryan Buffington from GL?
  11. Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't the prime time soap Savannah originally proposed by William J. Bell and the Dobson's? I seem to remember an article in soap opera weekly(?) About their plans for a soap together around 95-96? Was this scrapped and Spelling picked it up? Please tell me I'm not hallucinating!
  12. Does anybody have a YouTube link for when Nadine came to visit Harley in heaven after Harley was in a coma from being shot?
  13. As a long time GL fan, can anyone confirm why my favorite producer and HW Robert Calhoun and Pam Long were fired from the show when they had it in such great shape! This happened before internet so any insight would be appreciated!
  14. Can we please start a campaign for Maxam as the new Y&R Ex. Producer. He is very talented and know's the show's history. He's already proven at DOOL (which is the last time I really enjoyed that show), that he is an accomplished producer who loves the vet's, can work within a budget and creates an artistic vision! Anybody agree?
  15. I would also like to add sherry stringfield to this list as Blake on GL since she was technically a recast. Can't say i didn't like Dehenney in the role and would have loved what she brought later on or even if she was cast as a different character! Her and Stringfield Blake almost seemed like two completely characters but Stringfield knocked her Blake out of the park! I definitely couldn't see Elizabeth's version seducing Ross away from Holly! But again, i can't say i didn't like Dehenney in the role!
  16. Kimberly Simms hands down as mindy Lewis GL! I never thought i would ever like another Mindy after Krista left but Simms rocked that role!
  17. Im actually wondering if Sally and Josh could balance eachother out? You know, it's really funny cause I remember back in the day when everyone was saying OLTL fell apart once Griffith left his post as CO-HW! Almost makes me feel like Malone would be a perfect fit at YR with his stories and pacing imo!? If only Sally would have made Alden her CO-Head.........
  18. Anything regarding Jeffery O'Neill was disgusting ITA! Im talking more along the lines of Phillip/Olivia, Gus/Harley, Tony/Marah, and Shayne/Marina! Under his production, those were pretty racy scenes imo!!
  19. Any John Conboy produced love scenes on GL were pretty racy hot imo!!
  20. Was there ever an exit interview with Pam Long at GL? I've always wondered why exactly she was let go from the show. In my opinion, the ratings were strong and the show was holding momentum and in a creative upswing despite her favourite character Reva there to no longer write for! She will always be one of my favourite Head writer's!
  21. I could actually see Michael Malone or Pam Long with Trent Jones as a co-head writing the show! As a matter of fact I would love to see that happen.
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