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  1. LOL at Doug grabbing Paulina's ass. The way he was looking at her. LOL So, is this supposed to be Devil Doug?
  2. I so hope they realize that Zach Tinker would be an awesome addition...even with or without Will (Although, I'd like Will to return full-time, too).
  3. I feel like I've seen this Brady/Chloe/Phillip story a thousand times. All of these characters need to go in a different direction...and without each other.
  4. I think it many ways this story has already been a success just in its announcement...people are talking about it! It's on non-soap sites as news. That's huge. I'll hold out ultimate judgement until I see how the actual story plays out.
  5. I agree. It was a good way to piggyback on the media they got for Beyond Salem (which I loved!)
  6. I'm actually not completely opposed to this. It could be some campy fun if maybe another character becomes possessed and Marlena has to save them. If done right, it could create some buzz like Beyond Salem did for the show.
  7. LOVED the scenes with Will Sonny, Leo, Chad, Billie, Jackie Cox. I haven't had that much fun watching the show in a very long time.
  8. I do hate that we won't have Hope here for this story. Just like EJ, I think they'll need to recast or come up with a concrete reason as to why she's not there for such stories.
  9. While i applaud giving the 96 year old actor a story, it's such a downer of one. Sure, it makes sense with his age. I'm still amazed the actor is still working! But, I'm not looking forward to watching this specific story.
  10. I think at this point, Bill and Katie are played out. Both need someone new to be involved with. No one cares about their 9,000 reunion/remarriage. I agree that they don't know what to do with Heather Tom at this point. While she's an AMAZING actress, I've never found Katie all that interesting or compelling.
  11. Is it just me or does Johnny look waaaaay more like Lucas than EJ. They're the same height and could easily pass for father and son. Could that be a twist down the road?
  12. Everyone who leaves Salem heads straight to South Africa! Lol At this point they could do a Beyond Salem: South Africa limited series! I wish Theo were staying long-term. They need to beef up that generation. It'd be good to bring some non-Horton/Bradys into the mix. Poor Claire often had few romantic opportunities anyway. She was related to everyone but Theo!
  13. I was really hoping we'd get Cady McClain back full-time. She breathed new life into the character, and I actually enjoyed watching Jennifer again.
  14. That would have been nuts considering the supposed age difference between the characters, but nothing would surprise me. We never got any real insight on who Cassie's father was. Overall, I was a big Cassie fan and disappointed when they made her completely bonkers and wrote her out.
  15. A few minutes into the episode it hit me who would be in that coffin. I really liked the actor, but they didn't seem to know what to do with the character as of late.
  16. There were huge hints that they we're going to go the route of making Warren CC's son with Augusta as the show built up the Mason/Warren rivalry. I'm glad they ultimately never went there, and it felt like the whole thing was sort of swept under the rug and forgotten about by the end.
  17. I agree that it's good that NBC is experimenting with this as streaming is the future. It would be a fun idea to continue this series with characters with followings that aren't on the show full-time. I like the idea that someone mentioned with a limited show about Will/Sonny/Paul and their lives now. There are so many possibilities. Out of curiosity, I wonder if this would count as a "separate show" with the Daytime Emmys and could fall in the same category as the other digital series, like The Bay.
  18. I'm glad Carter and Quinn weren't already dropped as I suspected would happen...they're hot together! Still...that should have been allowed to build more before the reveal. So many missed story beats there that would have made the reveal so much more compelling. Of course, same thing with the Justin story. That should have been building for many months.
  19. On paper, I can see where that plot point would be one ripe for conflict, but I'm so glad they didn't go there.
  20. For me, Ciara and Theo were always supposed to be end game. I can not and have never been able to get into Ben or get the fan love for a serial killer. Having everyone act like he's this great guy makes them all look beyond stupid. If they just had to keep the actor around, they should have done the twin thing with him versus Stefan/Jake or one of those damn brain chips or have it turn out it wasn't him after all (as in Marlena and the Salem Stalker story)...anything would have made it just slightly better. No serial killer gets out of prison because they're on medicine now. Ugh. Honestly, I just FF through all the Ben stuff. Theo should be on full-time in my opinion as well.
  21. After ratings fell by almost half following the move to NBC, SFT did see a small increase in ratings for two years. It's a shame they couldn't sustain it, because if they kept moving in an upwards direction NBC would have probably given it more time.
  22. I've been to the city of Santa Barbara quite a few times. I believe three stories may be the limit in height for buildings. Also of note is that business signs are VERY small compared to other cities, and if you're not used to them, it's easy to pass someplace by. I remember the McDonalds on State Street just had a small sign with the yellow "M" not the whole name. Another surprise is that no drive-thrus are allowed in the city. You have to go in to get your fast food. The architecture is closely controlled by the city government to maintain the city's "style."
  23. The show made a huge mistake getting rid of Gina Togni. She was awesome, and Phyllis had developed a lot since MS. It wasn't the same character she had played once she returned.
  24. I would have preferred if the Carter/Quinn affair would have been allowed to develop more with them actually falling in love with each other. The fallout would have been even greater with more nuances. Again, the show seems to speed through story before I get really invested in it. The whole Justin takeover of Spencer would have had much greater impact if it had been built up over months versus days, maybe even with Katie and Justin developing a relationship so it really seems like Justin is taking EVERYTHING over in Bill's life. So many potential story beats looked over...
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