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Dynasty: Discussion Thread


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Dynasty was VERY much a product of the 80s. I cant see it working in the 2010s




Because 90210 and Melrose Place were so well put together? Because Dallas soared?


Mixed feelings on this one

I thought 90210 and Dallas were decent enough. MP was dreadful




I just read the description, and it could work with the right script. This is a true reboot unlike those other series which were continuations/spinoffs of the original series. It has room to be original while using the initial concept to help set it up. 

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Well, a true reboot COULD work, I suppose. I need to read more about it. Was just posting some quick thoughts.


90210 wasn't too bad but it didn't know what it wanted to be and having several showrunners in the course of a couple of seasons didn't help. It never set the world on fire. MP was a disaster. Some small potential there but what a waste. Such a shame. Dallas was OK but Cidre was a problem and the lackluster Metcalfe and Brewster didn't help.


Anyway ... back to the Dynasty remake ... to me, a reboot is picking the show up where it left off, but a remake is doing the show over again in the vein of the original but updated, like this is going to be. I hate how they call them "reboots".

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Dallas had an awful cast and a showrunner who seemed actively ashamed of the original product. 


I don't think there's any real need to reboot Dynasty, especially as the show mostly was carried by the charisma of a few leads and by the style of the era. With that said, we seem to be stuck in the '80s (only with much worse entertainment...), so who knows. 


I go back and forth but I sometimes think a revival of Falcon Crest might work better than the others, even without Jane Wyman. 

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The 90210 reboot would have been better with a few stronger actors, but wasn't bad. The MP reboot had potential, but mostly stunk up the room. Dallas needed a better younger cast, and Cidre was n't a good enough exec to do the series justice. It was great to see the big three back (Duffy, Gray, and, of course, the one and only Larry Hagman). As for Jordana Brewster...yawn... and JM was boring. Dynasty reboot... meh...

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This sounds like a big disaster!

This sounds awful.   Every which way.   They want to center the show around Fallon?   So much for the original premise of the show being Blake.   They want a teen drama and don't know what to call it.   The turning Krystle into a different ethnicity is silly too.   Also, they don't have pros like John Forsythe and Joan Collins anymore, I can't even see who would play Blake, and you just know they will de-age him to being about 40.  And what celebrity special guest stars can they possibly get for short term roles?   There are no Rock Hudsons anymore.  And they clearly won't have the budget to do the show right.  Let these people for once come up with their own shows.

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