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GH: June Discussion Thread

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I don't think Maya will be missed. I think Mayan was a speed bump on the road to Ethina.

This show will be cancelled in September 2012, and Ethina is its end. Ethan and Kristina are the show's final relationship, and the show will wind down as their romance grows. The final episodes will feature the Ethina wedding. The marriage of Sonny's daughter and Luke's son will bring a lot of old characters back to Port Charles.

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Well you all know I'm a HUUUUUUUUGE Becky Herbst fan. But I thought Martha did very well. It seemed like she studied Becky a bit. The way she stood at the nurses station, it was very similar...Facial expressions, etc.

Either way, I miss Becky. But I hope we get a Liz/Maxie scene with MM in the role.

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WTH is the point of Lucky and Siobhan going out to look for Luke when it's OBVIOUS they aren't going to find him?! Anthony Geary is still on his vacation! Isn't this dumb?? Stupid & pointless!

Nathan Parsons (Ethan) was amazing in yesterdays show! Great work! He has improved so much since he joined GH, I remember I couldn't stand watching him.

Anyone else sick of looking at Michaels face?! He has the same lost deer, "poor me, I'm angry" look planted on his face throughout each episode.. I'm really sick of it. I'm sick to the highest point of sicktivity. Send him back to Pentonville and don't tape his stay in there this time.

And he got accepted into a college but said he didn't want to go because he wants to work in the mob! OMFG what a DOLT!

Martha Madison captured Liz's pain very well! That first scene she had at the beginning, she seemed so much like Becky/Liz. I agree with you SoapBoy, I think she did study for this. I thought she did great her first day.

Sam to Kristina: "What ever happened to Taylor? He was a nice guy" THANK YOU! What did happen to him?!

I can't get enough of the Zacchara's! Johnny wub.gif Omg. LMAO at him saying "One nutjob is enough".

We did. It was right at the beginning of the show, at least I heard lol.

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Isn't it time for that Neo-Hitler to do some "ethic cleansing?" I hate Michael... and not because of his ethics. Because of his profound stupidity! He is the absolute STUPIDEST character on this show. S-T-U-P-I-D STUPID!

Wasn't there some throw away line about him getting an early acceptance into some college... which is why Kristina reinstated her crush on Ethan? I'm genuinely asking, because I've been watching sporadically due to my Laura Sisk Hate reaching its max.

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    • I think it was more LW having something to sink her teeth into beyond posturing with Nina for 6 months. And she killed it.
    • Hahahaha! Biscuit sex. 

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        Damn, that's serious. I still don't like her though, lol! But, damn. Realness right there.
    • What I don't understand is that I hear this over and over and over from the Right.  Do they believe elections have always been rigged - but only when they lose???  Republicans have lost at the ballot box many many times - it was just the electoral college that saved them.  And it's the reason they fight tooth and nail against statehood for DC - because DC would then have 2 senators and at least 1 vote in the House.  And they know what side the city sways.  But Gore, Clinton (Hillary), Biden all WON in the number of votes/popular vote.  Only on the 3rd example did Democrats actually WIN the Presidency because of the electoral college.  People have blinders on and I don't know why - they don't understand that NO, every vote does NOT count under an electoral college system.  If every vote counted, then those are 3 different Presidents we would have had.  It's funny to me that they do NOT see the plain number of votes.
    • Please pass along the SH dirt (or anything else you wish)! I won't be getting to it for at least a couple days. Yeah, I knew a lot of that SNL stuff already. I do wonder if there's more in the full chapter. I do find the whole of DW compelling, though - the history but also the material.
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