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GH: June Discussion Thread

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I think the only think that could ever ever ever get me invested in GH for real again is seeing AJ come back and NOT AS A WHIPPING boy but as

a true foil for Jason. And Trevor St. John is my pick to play him

Other than that I have nothing

GH is full of better balance these days but the same dull stories and conversations

I will say my hate for Tyler C has subsided as I have finally see him do something he hasn't done on GH for years now and thats act. He's been very good

and no that doesn't mean I think Nikolas needs to stay. There are at least 25 characters ahead of Nikolas that would have a greater impact on the canvas one

being AJ. Characters get written out of soaps all the time. And I say that for Jax/Ingo who I adore.

as for Julie Berman other than looking like Genie I do not nor ever will get her appeal at all.

And I have never been a fan of the Liz character ever. I loved LL2 once upon a time but that horse has been beaten. So no matter how many cute tender scenes they give her I just can't empathize. Becky is a very sweet person. Liz well enough said and Sam. She and Jason are about the dullest lowest energy couple on earth.

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Jax comes of looking even more pathetic with each episode, the show is writing him purposely this way I think. He is making the dumbest decisions and looking like such an ass! Hate to say it but I'm team Carly as well. In the end I have no doubt she'll come galloping out of that courtroom with full custody of Joss & a giant, snaggy as ever smile on her face. Then she'll be back to having no real S/L, she'll be all up in Michael's business reacting to whatever goes on with him or something like that I'm sure. And maybe a flame will start with her & Shawn...

Loved the Michael/Abby stuff at ELQ today but I'm not so sure about that Asher guy. He seems suspicious and I hate that...why couldn't this just go smoothly for once?!

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OMG, are you for real? ABC made the smart decision and had Asher crossover from AMC to GH? Thats amazing news, espcially coming from you. From Cortlandt to ELQ, Im sure he'll make a good fit. Since he has very little history, he's like a brand new character. You just made me day. I cant wait to see Asher mixxing it up in Port Charles :D

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To each his own I guess I just don't find Carly at all rootable and haven't found her a remotely rootable character since Sarah left. I know people all over facebook love her , Jason, and SOnny and it still boggles my mind that with the heavy handed writing she Jason and Sonny have gotten over the years that it hasn't backfired with the general audience. Although I firmly believe that had a lot to do with why Jason and Liz bombed as a pairing.

I have always loved Jax even with all the crappy stuff he's done through the years. I know I was supposed to see Jax as terrible for trying to frame sonny for Claudia's murder a couple of years ago but I was cheering him on. Here he has at least noble reasons for what he's doing. Maybe not right but after watching the rest of these children, I don't find anything wrong with him thinking his daughter growing up around these people would not be good. And no Carly is not a good mother.

I have to give it to Tyler. His scenes the past week have been good and he was heartbreaking in his scene with Lucky and at Emily's graveside today. Liz and Lucky like Jasam and Sam totally bore me and are blah but the Nik and Lucky stuff has been great. It reminds me so much of what was enjoyable about watching them together so many years ago.

Enjoying seeing edward, I don't care for Michael and Abby but at least its away from mob stuff.

I am glad I haven't watched much of Brenda's return and I am happy VM is leaving. This shadow on the screen is not Brenda.

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