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GH: June Discussion Thread

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I caught the last thirty minutes of today's episode. Had no idea what Brenda was talking about when she was coddling Sonny and talking about Kristina and he coldly asked her if she was done. Damn. Guza took a jack hammer to Sonny and Brenda. For weeks he barely tolerated her and he pulled a Carly today in telling her not to interfere in his children's lives. I never feel bad for Brenda and now I kinda do. That was beyond cruel.

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OMG @ Anthony Z killing the Claudia clone in cold blood so easily like that! That was so ruthless! LOL wow.

Wow Sonny told Brenda straight up he didn't want her to be a parent to his kids! He told her not to tell him how to parent! Well, IMO at least, she is the better parent and did the right thing today with Kristina! She actually LISTENED to what Kristina had to say and made some ground. I felt bad for Brenda today as well...Sonny didn't even listen to what she had to say.

Another thing about Sonny, idk about anyone alse but I love when he rocks his beard cool.gif lol

LOL @ Kristina wearing that hideous prom dress, prancing around the docks in the middle of the day!! I actually agreed with Sonny's criticism of what she was wearing (though, as an adult, she can still do/wear whatever she wants). But yeah anyways, where the hell is Alexis? Lmao.

rolleyes.gif at GH totally butchering the character of Maya. She's been "M.I.A." for a month according to Kristina, which is true, but GH could've easily recasted this character with Annie Ilonzeh off doing her new show. It's obvious GH had no intentions of doing that, as it's clear they are headed full speed for a Kristina/Ethan hook up!! Sigh!! I loved Ethan/Maya.

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