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  1. I just got caught up on RHONY and all I have to say is "VIVA AVIVA" praise her infinite light, what planet of Fabulously Sociopathic inclined people is she from, she is GOLDEN. She has literally revived the show. What I love most is that she KNOWS she is crazy, her smiles, her head tilts, God I love her. This season is amazing, and I can't wait for THE DUCHESS as someone else said a few pages back, she defines what this franchise should be about, she shouldn't have been bumped for this new girl, Luann to me is just as important as Ramona. I miss her Barry White self! But Lord I hate Heather, just no....
  2. Peter "Pretty" Porte (Ricky Y&R) is on The New Normal right now...and HE IS SO HOT. That strip scene = LIFE

  3. Gosh, I wish they would just have Gabi miscarry, and we could be done with this awful storyline.

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    2. Vee


      Not a bad idea except Sami doesn't need more babies. She already has like eight children. Just miscarry the child. It's such a regressive story.

    3. DRW50


      That would be part of the story for me. How would Lucas react to her suddenly caring more about this child than invisible Allie? How would Johnny react to this? (don't really remember the other one - Nicole can get her)

    4. Ms. Chandler Quartermaine

      Ms. Chandler Quartermaine

      Yes, Sonny & Will have been "sexual" but have lacked chemistry each time. The one Brian and Sonny kiss was hotter than anything the two have ever done.

  4. Brian >>> Sonny & Will

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    2. Ms. Chandler Quartermaine

      Ms. Chandler Quartermaine

      I am female, Soapsuds! And I don't think I could ever hate him CarlD2, too cute to hate. I really wish he was a recast Sonny, but then that means he would be sacked with Will..he doesn't deserve that.

    3. JackPeyton


      Im the most attracted to Sonny tbh

    4. All My Shadows

      All My Shadows

      I agree with JP. That's still Teddy's tennis boy to me.

  5. Queen Lydia better be back, I love her crazy invincible ass
  6. Ste & Doug Doug is seriously the cutest thing ever.
  7. Rant time! I really think Taylor had a point in her fight with Lisa, everything she said was backed up with a flashback..I don't know why Lisa plays dumb, nor do I know why those woman just sit back and let Lisa walk all over them. She is constantly stirring the pot, and at the beginning of this season, they showed a clip of a future episode where all the women finally realize "LISA STIRS THE POT". I don't necessarily think she is doing it on purpose, but the woman has no boundaries. For example, when they went to the banquet for Camille's foundation after the huge fight between Kyle, Kim, and Brandi..Lisa asked Kyle if she had spoken to Brandi since, and she goes "no and this isn't the place", and Lisa goes "Well I'm going to do it for you" . Bitch this isn't your fight stop butting into everyone's drama. And Taylor was right, Lisa has had it out for her since they meet. Taylor has never said anything bad about Lisa on the show, and even last season Lisa went to Kyle and bad-mouthed Taylor to Kyle saying "She is really not her friend yada yada", she couldn't stand that Kyle and Taylor got close. Taylor was completely in the wrong with the second half of her argument when she called the girls out for talking behind Lisa's back, she should have left the girls out of it. And another thing, I found the way the women handled "Taylor's abuse" disgusting. I was appalled how they were all saying "I don't know if it's true or not so I won't judge". I'm sorry, but if someone I consider a good friend comes to me and says "their spouse beats them", I believe them. I don't need to see bruises to make it true, it shouldn't get to that point. Taylor has a history of abuse, which these women seem to gloss over or have simply forgotten, of course she is staying with him, that is the pattern of victims of abuse. This isn't a case of Taylor is in the middle of a divorce and has thrown abuse allegations (which many would see as a ploy for a big settlement), she is still in a marriage and coming to these women. And the way Kyle snapped at her, also left me uneasy. Taylor sweetie, none of these women are your friends. But I'm sure they feel for you now since your husband killed himself, and they all feel bad. Also, I can't stand Kyle. And tonight only furthered my dislike for her. Remember in Season 1, when she got in that fight with Camille at dinner, and she asked Kim to back her up and Kim said "I'm not getting into this" Well, she held that against Kim all season, and constantly berated her for not being there for her, even when Kim said she simply did not want to get in the middle of the fight and that is why she said nothing. Well guess what Kyle said tonight after Taylor left the first time and Lisa got on her for not speaking up "I didn't want to choose side, I didn't want to get in the middle of it" . She is soo unlikeable, she wants everything to be on her terms....(totally paraphrasing) "I don't think Kim should move in with him, she needs to live her own life. And she should move close too us, so she can live her own life blah blah". The only person I really like is Kim, and that is cause she is crazy
  8. I agree with everything you said, but I don't think writing Ste out is the solution. I like him, he has history, but they need to put him in a new relationship....and a dynamic one at that. Noah was cute and all, but their story was so boring compared to what Ste's first gay relationship was. Brendan and Ste were exciting, and riveting in the beginning, but after it became apparent Brendan was not going to stop hitting Ste...it became unsettling. I would like Ste to find someone else, the complete opposite of Brendan, but with a story just as riveting. Right now he is just coming off as so sad, when I saw him run after Brendan half-naked , my heart sunk, it was his lowest point on this show...so sad.
  9. I was so mad at Kyle, that was a low blow to call her an alcoholic in front of everyone and cameras. Kim clearly has a problem, but instead of talking to her sister to sister she berated her and yelled at her, that is not the way to handle anything and made Kyle look foolish. And Kim was ABSOLUTELY right, Taylor,Kyle, Camille, and Lisa won't let the drama go and keep bringing it up. They say they want to move on but every time they get together they rehash it over and over again. And Taylor TOTALLY instigated the fight in tonight's episode, if Kim could string two sentences together long enough to be coherent she could have held her own, but she obviously can't take confrontation well at all. I love Lisa and Cedric together, it breaks my heart to think that Lisa's husband may have been talking about Cedric in the reunion episode.
  10. Why am I so hapy lol....Im just soo amped up because of Britney I thinks its good time to be a Britney fan again, and im excited. If she does indeed go on that world tour like she said...Im going whenever I can get the chance.
  11. Also... THAT GUY IS SOOO HOT...lol. Very nice pick Ms. Spears, and I just love the video I think I have seriously watched it 20 times already.
  12. Heres the VIDEO..... http://www.mtv.com/overdrive/?vid=288244 Personally, not only do I love the song, I freaken love love love the video. She looks great, she looks happy and im glad Britney's back in full-force. Yeah the song isnt my favorite from her (that will always be Im a Slave for you), but its still good. And the repetitivness in the song is really not shocking considering how alot of the top pop songs are extremely repetitve nowadays(remember Holla-Back Girl lol). And I have a feeling this song is going to number one, and that her CD will be a huge success. And I never understand why people say "Blackout" wasnt a good album...it was seriously her BEST, even the critics loved it which isn't always the case with a Britney CD.
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