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  1. 43rd Annual Daytime Emmy Pre-Nominations List

    I seriously don't get the Karla Mosley omission. Such a head scratcher.
  2. B&B: January 2016 Discussion Thread

    I agree. She helped carry the show for a year, and did a great job. She really deserved to be recognized, esp lead over that Mansi girl from Days. But oh well.
  3. B&B: January 2016 Discussion Thread

    Poor Karla, she really deserved that pre Emmy nom. That wedding scene alone with her father, was worthy and she had a lot to choose from. I don't get it.
  4. B&B - November 2015 Discussion Thread

    B&B was more than fine for the most part of this year. Could they have dug deeper into some of the underlying issues of their stories (Maya, Aly, Brooke), absolutely. But overall from last fall, to mid Summer, it was the best thing in daytime. Now I just can't even be bothered with it. Not surprising, consistency has never been their strong suit. Even when it was at its best the past year, they had some awful moments. I'll wait for their next ressurgence, until then...I'll watch every now and then.
  5. GH Visit for the Holidays

    Here I thought it was going to be Skye....
  6. B&B - November 2015 Discussion Thread

    Love seeing Karla front and center, get it girl!
  7. B&B - November 2015 Discussion Thread

    Am I the only one who actually like this storyline? Damn, it's lonely on this island....... I despise baby storylines with a passion. I don't get why they went there so fast for them. Meh.
  8. B&B - November 2015 Discussion Thread

    This surrogate storyline is one big misfire. The family elements are great, the actors work so well together. But the the underlying story is just so much nope. And who gives a !@#$%^&*] what Zende thinks, they've known each other for like 5 minutes. GTFO with his man pain. And these Rick and Nicole bonding scenes....I cant even. They better not go there.
  9. B&B: November Sweeps Spoilers

    From the Ridge/Caroline affair to Maya/Ricks wedding day..this show was the best soap on air. Must see TV. Now in saying that it wasn't "perfect", there were some awful head scratcher B storylines (DRUNK BROOKE) and side-eye moments (Raya's fairytale ending) But there was more good than bad. Now it's just all bad. I think I've watched about 2 episodes in the last 2 months. It's a shame, it's not like this show is over run with newbies and bad characters. Bell has checked out again.
  10. B&B: September Discussion Thread

    Today was actually good, great to see Raya, and I LOVED watching Katie and Bill give it to Steffy and Liam.
  11. B&B: September Discussion Thread

    Oh my God, those final scenes with Thomas and Caroline, were embarassing and cringe worthy.
  12. B&B: September Discussion Thread

    Brooke should have been Stephanie-lite, as a thorn in Maya's side. But instead they've had her as Caroline's. I really don't know what they could do with her either tbh, she just feels tired at this point. She "was" the show for so long, she should have been able to sustain like Erica Kane did on AMC, but instead she just feels out of place. On the other hand, Eric fits perfectly in his role, more than he has in years.
  13. B&B Episode Counts: August and Year-to-Date 2015

    How is Ivy at #3 for the year....yikes
  14. B&B: August 2015 Discussion Thread

    Karla looked gorgeous today, her and Jacob Young have chemistry for days. Good to see them back. Lindsey did a great job today, as did Thorsten. The scene with Caroline and Ridge was really well done. Overall, I really enjoyed today, I haven't watched since the Raya wedding, and I was surprised by how engaged I was with today
  15. B&B: August 2015 Discussion Thread

    . It's becoming clear with all these non-Raya stories where B&B has investment the most time (scripts, etc.). I don't have any issue with it at all, though I do question why they wanted to have the wedding so quickly. I'm glad someone else said it. Everything else feels very autopilot. They didn't even bother trying to continue with the whole Ivy/Liam/Steffy triangle, or Steffy/Wyatt