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  1. For me it would have been far more interesting if Zende would be the one infertile instead of Nicole which I predicted would happen during the Lizzie pregnancy, 2nd pregnancy for Rick storyline, now 3rd pregnancy for Zende storyline. I now predict she goes boinkers and run away w/Lizzie or something..maybe sue for her child back. I wish they could find something else for this character besides baby baby baby.
  2. THANK YOU! I hadn't seen the show in a few weeks, Huh? The family against Victor again..? He'll fall out, a heart attack, get kidnapped or something like last time when they put him quickerthanthis they were trying to get him out. Nikki looks like an idiot she talks up a good game then its "well I've loved him most of my life ... since I was a young girl..."
  3. The only time Lily and Cane are remotely interesting (when they have affairs) ... otherwise they're dull as dirt. I actually liked the storyline when Lily boinked what's his name (was it Joe?) they had heat and for some reason he diffused her Valley Girl dialog... But they flipped it and made him the bad guy in it and she whined her way back to Cane. I've never liked this Lily from the moment she hit the screen
  4. They have zero chemistry for me they pack no heat maybe its the story and the slow build just fizzled out. And yes they are being pushed the whole show is touting how great their relationships is .... I was waiting for the day players to chime
  5. I think its been long gone they haven't even mentioned it in dialog in years .
  6. Hopefully gone never to return. They write Liz like crap with sanctimonious Lucky around...No thanks but then I haven't been a loyal viewer in five years so what do I know.
  7. Me too, even though I knew Sharon's motivation for keeping Christian she had to know the walls were caving in on her and the clock was ticking on her lie ..very naive
  8. I tuned in 20 min into the show. I was surprised at how many vet to vet interactions there was. The Jack and Phyllis scenes were horribly shot and directed. And Peter Bergman's acting was way over the top bad. I still cant stand the Winter family. They were written so horribly that I just cant with them anymore. His bloviating was bad for me too; I just cut him off started watching another show and never went back. Why Billy dumb-dumb caved to tell Ashley then quickerthanthis she caved to Jack I don't get. I'm not interested in another Jack/Victor battle either. Jack never wins and its a waste of time. I did like when Billy called him out making nice with Victor is "why Phyllis turned to me.."
  9. Re: Katherine's mansion? It doesn't look like one, it doesn't seem at all like an estate definitely no longer stunning... It doesn't even look like a large house. It always seemed like a mansion to me and was one of my favorite things about this show loved just looking at it.......The Chancellor Estate. The color palette is much better but its cramped and puny. Not a fan of the sofa it just looks cheesy to me. I assume the crystal or is it Lucite? candlesticks is suppose to give it an aura of elegance which it sorely lacks. Jack is prattling on.... .... YEP! I thought the same thing STFU...please. He's so insufferably self-righteous I actually turned the channel and didn't come back. I can't take him. I found myself glad (don't know why) Phyllis told Billy about his mummy knowing about their affair and that caused her to back down.
  10. Insta-redemption? I wouldnt say that at least not yet. The only two people that give a damn about her are Eric and Wyatt. Everyone else hates her and express that everytime they speak about or to her. She hasnt been redeemed to most that interact with her. I like Rena and was excited about the character as she was written when she first came on... but I just can't stand how they developed Quinn into dig bat cray-cray. Today Wyatt said Eric's never been with a woman like Quinn. I really wish someone would throw Sheila in Eric's face. Brooke or Ridge should bc Eric got hoodwinked by a psycho before and they were around for that THANK YOU ... I went Huh? Its odd seeing Thomas and Liam as BFFs now when they have bad history with them fighting over Hope in the past. BTW Thomas looks so much better now that he's shaved and fixed his hair. I like the longer look on him If both Nicole and Zende are cool with Thomas and Sasha, where is the conflict in this new relationship? Another instacouple with no story. I guess we have to hold out for Julius Could be Caroline when she returns or even when while she is away she could cause them angst mother of his son and he caught feelings.
  11. Caroline is the name of Sarah and Liz's mom Elizabeth (and Sara) is the daughter of Jeff Webber and Andrea Trent. Unless they've changed it since I stopped watching.
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