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I wonder if the man who wrote that knew that most of the "relevant" shows he listed were done by writers who had once worked at ATWT or with Irna Phillips.

That "relevant" stuff is kind of a joke now, considering what soaps have become. I wish we could see the ATWT of that era to know exactly how dated the show was. I think that soaps went too far in running from what was seen as dated, but at that time, they had not alienated viewers to the point where viewers were going to just leave and never come back.

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For those viewing at the time:

I know Colenback was very popular in his first stint with the whole Dan/Liz story.

Then he was dropped. Was he fired? Or was his contract up and he decided to leave or TPTB (Irna) decided to drop Dan?

When Dan returned it was John Reilly who was popular as Dan in the Dan/Kim romance.

When Colenbeck returned did he have the same chemistry with Kim/Kathryn Hays? Was his Dan vastly different to Reilly's?

I didn't even really realize Colenback was Dan for such a long period of time. I was very young in the '70's, so I don't have memories of Dan per se, but any time I think of Dan, it's John Reilly's face flashing in my mind.

Right around the time of ATWT's finale (late summer 2010), Carl posted this really interesting article on Colenback (SOD June 1982). I did not start watching ATWT until the early 80s, so I have always wondered also why the show brought him back to finish up Dan and Kim's stories. I thought that part of the popularity of Dan and KIm must have been the chemistry between Kathy Hays and John Reilly. Before reading the article, I thought it was a nod to the show's history by bringing back the actor who first made Dan popular. If so, I do also wondered whether Kathy Hays' on-screen chemistry with Colenback could compare to that of Reilly, and whether the demise of the character could be attributed to the lack thereof. Maybe it was just too big of a change for the audience, like Kelly and Morgan on GL when Vigard left the show. But Colenback said in the article that Reilly wanted to leave the show, so he returned when asked.

In the article Colenback spoke very highly of Marie Masters, and had good things to say about Hays as well.

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On 6/22/2010 at 6:13 PM, DRW50 said:

Oh, Franny was the woman Ellen went on trial for killing? I wonder how she felt when Bob's daughter was called Frannie...


I didn't know that about the Holmes family. I wonder why they were a failure? Dabney seems like she would have fit in well at ATWT.

William Prince returned to the show in 1981 to substitute for Henderson Forsythe as Dr. David Stewart.

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