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  1. I'll have to look up that movie then. I was familiar with Prof. Ben on Queer as Folk. Then last weekend in a rerun of Friends I realized that this boyfriend of Phoebe's is the same guy... I do recall also his sporadic appearances on Y&R.
  2. This might be stretching it - how about Robert Gant - David Sherman in Y&R, son of Katherine's lawyer (Mitchell). Quite a few nighttime serials and also cable Queer as Folk.
  3. Colleen Zenk (ATWT - Barbara) cries easily and quite naturally. I don't watch Days enough, but I remember vividly an '80s interview of Tracey Bregman (Y&R - Lauren) where she gushed about being mentored by Diedre when she was Donna on Days (pre-Y&R). Apparently she heard from Diedre that there is a muscle in the back of the neck that once you're trained to control it, you could cry on cue. I know next to nothing about acting, but that just sounded so unusual and unbelievable - and has stayed with me to this day.
  4. ITA! Such easy chemistry among the 3 of them after all these years - memorable, vivid details from their reminiscence. Glad to hear about Marland and Calhoun, and grateful that Scott talked about Liz Hubbard and Gregg about Eileen.
  5. Bailey Chase (ex-Chris, ATWT) was on CBS S.W.A.T. last night (season 3, episode 18).
  6. ^ I remember that about Bob! Larry Bryggman also went through phases of mustache. Oddly enough I'm somewhat neutral about him with or without it.
  7. I can't imagine Michael Swan without a mustache, but IMHO the best one in soap-dom was Joel Crothers (Edge of Night - R.I.P.) - though he was clean-shaven, I believe, in Dark Shadows. The late Dennis Parker (Edge of Night) was another good one.
  8. Rest in peace... (I hope Ann Flood is doing OK - she just lost her husband late last year: https://www.legacy.com/obituaries/nytimes/obituary.aspx?n=herbert-granath&pid=194590452&fhid=4724)
  9. Brett Cullen - primarily nighttime serials, e.g. Falcon Crest, Person of Interest, etc.
  10. ^ Amazing - I did not know that. (FWIW, Jenny Harris and David Faber have been married since Jan 2000 - ten years before the show was axed.)
  11. Marie Masters' (Susan - ATWT) two children (fraternal twins), Jenny and Jesse, have done quite well. Jenny Harris worked for a long time for CNN as a producer before moving on to Reuters TV. Her husband is David Faber, CNBC analyst/anchor. Jesse Harris is a singer and award-winning composer -http://www.jesseharrismusic.com/
  12. Ann Flood's (Nancy Karr) husband, TV executive Herb Granath, passed away in late November at the age of 91. (She's 85.) https://www.lawrencefuneralhome.com/obituaries/Herbert-A-Granath?obId=9254388; https://www.tvtechnology.com/news/former-abc-exec-herb-granath-has-died
  13. Suzy Cote Sean McDermott (actually most famous for his role in Miss Saigon, but was Hart Jessup on GL; brother of Colleen McDermott - ATWT Emily Stewart)
  14. ^ Thank you for the link to the article. In all of her photos regardless of age there's an inner calm and serenity that radiate from within and as such, Hays will always seem ageless to me.
  15. ^ Speaking of Kathryn Hays - thank you for linking the article about her house back in February. That article actually came out in December 2017 and the house finally sold in April of this year. (The property address was in the photo caption.) It sold way below the 2017 listing price (40% cut) and, based on open source information, the house was first listed in summer 2011, about a year after ATWT went off the air. By the time the article came out in 2017, the listing price had already been cut quite a bit. I realize that we like to bring up the longevity genes of A
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