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  1. ^ Amazing - I did not know that. (FWIW, Jenny Harris and David Faber have been married since Jan 2000 - ten years before the show was axed.)
  2. Marie Masters' (Susan - ATWT) two children (fraternal twins), Jenny and Jesse, have done quite well. Jenny Harris worked for a long time for CNN as a producer before moving on to Reuters TV. Her husband is David Faber, CNBC analyst/anchor. Jesse Harris is a singer and award-winning composer -http://www.jesseharrismusic.com/
  3. Ann Flood's (Nancy Karr) husband, TV executive Herb Granath, passed away in late November at the age of 91. (She's 85.) https://www.lawrencefuneralhome.com/obituaries/Herbert-A-Granath?obId=9254388; https://www.tvtechnology.com/news/former-abc-exec-herb-granath-has-died
  4. Suzy Cote Sean McDermott (actually most famous for his role in Miss Saigon, but was Hart Jessup on GL; brother of Colleen McDermott - ATWT Emily Stewart)
  5. ^ Thank you for the link to the article. In all of her photos regardless of age there's an inner calm and serenity that radiate from within and as such, Hays will always seem ageless to me.
  6. ^ Speaking of Kathryn Hays - thank you for linking the article about her house back in February. That article actually came out in December 2017 and the house finally sold in April of this year. (The property address was in the photo caption.) It sold way below the 2017 listing price (40% cut) and, based on open source information, the house was first listed in summer 2011, about a year after ATWT went off the air. By the time the article came out in 2017, the listing price had already been cut quite a bit. I realize that we like to bring up the longevity genes of ATWT vets in this thread, but I truly and sincerely hope they are enjoying their retirement with whatever means they have. Here's a short video of Hays from 2011 talking about her Mom's final days at a hospice:
  7. This is the only clip that I know of where Nancy pointed out the affair to Kim.
  8. So sad... About ten years ago while flipping through channels one night, I was surprised to see him on Bravo's reality show of fitness trainer Jackie Warner, whose clients at the time included Kris St. John. Notwithstanding the silly premise, he was a really down-to-earth person in that episode and very earnest in going through the regimen. He was in such a good shape. Rest in peace...
  9. Not many, but - Colby Chester Mark Valley Jamey Sheridan
  10. I did check the master list on page 1 and more recent ones (after 57), so apologies in advance for any repeats: Tom Tammi Margeret Colin Bailey Chase Dylan Bruce
  11. Paige Turco Robert Tyler Jane House - after leaving ATWT, she had a cameo role on Edge of Night in 1979 as Lila Ackerman
  12. As an alternative to her book, Rouverol was interviewed by Writers Guild in 2000, resulting in a long clip on Youtube - an hour and 40 minutes. The focus was on her long career before, during and after the black-listing - discussions on soaps were sparse, though still quite fascinating. What a colorful life she lived, and she described it with such colorful details and anecdotes - all told with vivid expressions. A genuine person, and definitely a writer and performer. About 15 minutes into the clip, she mentioned her 13-year stint as a cast member on the radio soap "One Man's Family." Television soaps experience begins around an hour and 20 minutes into the clip, for about 10 minutes. Essentially, she wrote for the Hurselys' "Bright Promise," which eventually led to working under their daughter and son-in-law the Dobsons. She was basically describing the writing format for a lay audience. I was a bit surprised to learn how she was let go from writing soaps, and disappointed that she wasn't asked how the genre evolved in the 90s, which would've been interesting. I did read her book back in the late 80s - I believe she wrote it after she had stopped writing for soaps. It definitely wasn't an industry gossip, but somewhat straightforward intro to the genre (thus my surprise by her verbal delivery in the clip). This was a copy from the local library at the time so I no longer have access to it, but I do recall vividly a sample excerpt scene from Guiding Light with Katie and Floyd Parker, which she used to describe the importance of subtext - a concept she mentioned also in the clip.
  13. Forrest Compton (Mike Karr) turned 93 about 2 weeks ago - September 15.
  14. ^ Thank you for the April 1986 episode - vintage Marland and one month before the May sweep showcasing the Doug Cummings murder trial. But revisiting it, I was struck by the seemingly mundane exchange between Frannie and Sierra (about 29 minutes into the clip), where Frannie hoped that they could become good friends. A simple, understated scene of friendship-building swirled by much meatier story lines. It is a credit to Marland that their friendship did develop in 86 and by the time they ran into each other in London at the end of the year, their scenes seemed so organic.
  15. By that time, really, I was not expecting CG and JP of being capable in exploring the subtleties of Nancy's remembrance of Chris and (vs.) Dan. By contrast - I remember at the beginning of their courtship, Nancy told Dan that she'd rather not call him by the nickname used at the police station, "Mac". When they agreed on "Dan," Nancy made a remark that her best friend's son was also named Dan - a nod to history and a reference to Dan Stewart. Then, when they danced for the first time - not sure the occasion - the music was, of course, "Always," that she had sung with Chris at their golden wedding anniversary (and used with great effect as flashback when MacLaughlin passed away). The camera did not forget to capture a jolt of memory on Nancy's face even as she was in Dan's arms.
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