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  1. As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    Interesting, also, to see David and Ellen Stewart discuss their relationship issues as a mature couple. When Susan and Emily returned to Oakdale during Marland's tenure, David and Ellen did play critical roles as parental figures, but I could recall only a handful of scenes where they had soul-searching discussions about themselves. (An especially memorable one occurred in the middle of the Tad Channing murder mystery, when they stayed at the cabin while Betsy and Craig went looking for Steve, who skipped town.) But it really wasn't entirely Marland's fault - I believe Henderson Forsythe was actively seeking acting opportunities in theater, so the show kept saying how David was out doing research on AIDS in Africa.
  2. Texas!

    ^Tom Wiggin - one of my all time favorites!
  3. As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    I watched the show live at the time and Gregg Marx and HB Smith were so good (peaked, for me, during the miscarriage of Margo in November sweeps of 1986), Scott Holmes' entry into ATWT was very jarring - even though Marland sort of prepared the viewers with Tom's absence from Oakland. Watching the show now retrospectively on YouTube, Scott Holmes gradually grew on me, and even his earlier scenes with HB Smith made sense.
  4. As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    ^You're welcome. Hers was a hopeful prayer, but for many, the feelings are still too raw for it. Incidentally, other ATWT alums, e.g. Margaret (Maggie) Reed (Shannon), did not take it so well, looking at her FB. Incidentally, she has a major birthday coming up - she's turning 60 on 11/15! On another note, if anyone's interested in Melanie's take on her time at ATWT (and in case no one had already mentioned it), I really enjoyed a podcast interview she did earlier this year: site: http://seincast.libsyn.com/seincast-interview-melanie-smith The whole interview is a little over an hour on her career to date, but she spoke very positively about her time at ATWT during the beginning quarter of the hour - mentioning Doug Marland and referred to her cast-mates as "thespians," e.g. Larry Bryggman, Julianne Moore, Parker Posey, etc. See here for Bill Shanks bio, mentioning a spouse after Crow.
  5. As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    Actually, Melanie did write something about it on her FB: (BTW, D-Dreamer: sorry to miss your reply to me sometime ago on Billy Shank and Ashley Crow. To the best of my knowledge, they are no longer together.)
  6. As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    I remember reading about that a few years ago and was surprised by it. I guess it worked out for them. I'd say, they've been married since 1980! I think that even beats Margaret Colin and Justin Deas' time united in matrimony! Sorry if someone already posted this, but Ashley Crow (Beatrice) was married to Bill Shanks (Casey Peretti) from 1988 to 1993. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ashley_Crow http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0788208/
  7. As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    I loved Finn Carter and Sierra during the Marland years! Sierra was such a subtle character but the development of her character from 85, when she first appeared to the end of 86' was so dramatic when you actually think about it, but it was a gradual change that was rooted in story, which made it so believable. From those scenes of Sierra being manhandled by Tonio and wanting to hide the bruises to her response to Lucinda's plea for her to reconsider divorcing Tonio where Sierra saucily says "If you think he's such a great husband, why don't you marry him?!" And Sierra admitting that (in marrying Tonio) she made the biggest mistake of her life and she was trying to fix it. So you went from a character who was once easily manipulated by her mother, lied to and cheated on by her husband, to someone who creates and determines her own agency and under her own power, charts her own life course. That was some deft writing on Marland's part, which made it all the more sad how Sierra's character was torn up in '94 to facilitate Craig's budding relationship with Samantha. I know Finn wasn't returning to the show so something had to be done to resolve the issue of her marriage to Craig but considering the fact that Scott didn't even stay that much longer anyway and Kirk and Sam soon got together, I consider it kind of a waste what they did to both Craig and Sierra at this point-from then on, both characters became somewhat expendable. During the Marland years however, the character grew in esteem, albeit quietly. I didn't really start watching ATWT live until summer 1985, so it was a bit jarring to find on Youtube Sierra's early scenes where Craig found her in Montega as a tomboy/rebel-fighter speaking English with a Latino accent. But it just goes to show what a great writer Marland was by how well Sierra was integrated into the storylines. Oakdalian uploaded some terrific and feisty performances by Finn Carter (playing opposite Scott Bryce) from a November '85 episode under the title "Lily Meets Holden," before her disastrous marriage with Tonio.
  8. As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    Finn Carter really didn't have a chance surrounded by such a stellar cast at the very top of their game during those first years of Marland's reign. But I've always loved her portrayal of Sierra. So memorable even after all these years.
  9. As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    Today is not just April Fool's Day - it is also Don Hastings birthday: 4/1/1934. Happy birthday, Dr. Bob!! Found this photo of him taken in February 2012, after ATWT ended.
  10. Soap Stars - Where are they now?

    The Arena Stage has finished its run of The City of Conversation. Now Tom Wiggin (ATWT) will have a role in Arena Stage's production of the 2014 Tony Award winning play, All The Way - playing the role of Stanley Levinson - opening April 1: http://www.arenastage.org/shows-tickets/the-season/productions/all-the-way/ He was interviewed in the March '16 issue of the Northern Virginia Magazine: http://www.northernvirginiamag.com/buzz-bin/2016/03/02/tomwiggin/
  11. As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    In case anyone is interested in that interview quote with Helen Wagner, the interview (from June 8, 1994, conducted by Peter Anthony Holder) transcript in its entirety could be found here: http://peteranthonyholder.com/atwt-n.htm In fact, the same site has interview transcripts of several other ATWT actors, all conducted in the first few years after Marland's death: Eileen Fulton (6/21/1995): http://peteranthonyholder.com/cjad12.htm Don Hastings: (5/9/1994): http://peteranthonyholder.com/atwt-bob.htm Tom Wiggin: (5/29/1996): http://peteranthonyholder.com/cjad20.htm There is also a much shorter interview (6/11/1996) with Julie Poll, who wrote under Marland then authored the ATWT Complete Family Scrapbook: http://peteranthonyholder.com/cjad25.htm
  12. ATWT: Lindsay Frost (Betsy) and Rick Giolito (Nick - the bad cop with connections to James Stenbeck) (According to IMDB, they were married back in 1980, which would predate their entry into the show - she in 84, he in 86.)
  13. As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    Colenback and Marie Masters:
  14. ATWT Tribute Thread

    Right around the time of ATWT's finale (late summer 2010), Carl posted this really interesting article on Colenback (SOD June 1982). I did not start watching ATWT until the early 80s, so I have always wondered also why the show brought him back to finish up Dan and Kim's stories. I thought that part of the popularity of Dan and KIm must have been the chemistry between Kathy Hays and John Reilly. Before reading the article, I thought it was a nod to the show's history by bringing back the actor who first made Dan popular. If so, I do also wondered whether Kathy Hays' on-screen chemistry with Colenback could compare to that of Reilly, and whether the demise of the character could be attributed to the lack thereof. Maybe it was just too big of a change for the audience, like Kelly and Morgan on GL when Vigard left the show. But Colenback said in the article that Reilly wanted to leave the show, so he returned when asked. In the article Colenback spoke very highly of Marie Masters, and had good things to say about Hays as well.
  15. Head Writer Tropes

    Doug Marland has also written murder mysteries as a way to explore and deepen the relationship between a mother and a daughter--not necessarily biological. The person murdered was generally obsessed about the mother-character, and the daughter was misled to believe that he cared for her instead. GH: David Hamilton - Lesley and Laura ATWT: Doug Cummings - Kim and Frannie