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  1. I remember the furor thirtysomething’s gay bedroom scene caused just two years before.
  2. I remember when I was producing a YouTube series years ago, we tried to secure a very short (like 10 seconds) clip of the British reality series The Only Way Is Essex. They literally asked us for thousands of dollars, which would have been more than our entire budget for the video.
  3. Echoing the other stories: growing up in Missouri, my mother and sisters were big soap fans. They watched Santa Barbara in the morning, AMC at noon, and then ATWT, GL, and Y&R. I remember all of them vividly as a kid in the ‘80s. Y&R shifted between 3 and 4 pm on my city’s CBS affiliate, so I could watch after school. I was gripped by the melodrama of Jill, Sheila and Lauren, Nikki and Victor, Nina, Traci, and Katherine. Brad Carlton was an early crush. But I also was captivated by GL, especially Beverlee McKinsey’s Alex, and how Springfield seemed like such a richly layered and interconnected community under Nancy Curlee’s pen. Her GL became the standard by which I judged all soaps. I watched a bit of Marland’s ATWT (I remember Neal Alcott and Royce Keller well, and Lucinda spotting an amnesiac Holden in NYC), but Gottlieb’s OLTL just felt more energetic and current, so that became an obsession, with Viki/Dorian, Marty, Rachel/Kevin, and Mia Korf’s Blair. Of course, I loved Natalie in the well, Will Courtlandt, Hayley/Brian, and those iconic stories on AMC. And like so many of us, I started subscribing to TVG (for Michael Logan), SOD, and SOW, and bought Christopher Schemering’s book, which opened my eyes to the world and history of soaps (and also gave me a critical perspective). And I became familiar with all of them, jumping over to AW, where Alicia Coppola’s Lorna captivated me. I really started watching DAYS when we moved to Mississippi, and the NBC station was initially the only channel we could get clearly without cable. And Reilly’s crazy vision was going strong at that time.
  4. From Lagoa Santa, Brazil
  5. The ghost of LVP continues to haunt BH. Not an episode goes by without a reference or flashback or voiceover...
  6. Gotta see that full chart on Dorit.
  7. Cancers are supposed to be particularly emotionally sensitive, right? My mom and my best friends are Sag. People are using Kenya as an opportunity to drag Aquarians on Twitter lol.
  8. Oof. She’s not had a good time of it this year, has she.
  9. Hell, I’d be into a doc that starts with Dickens/newspaper serials and the Greeks and sh!t like that. I totally want to an opportunity to geek out and watch something over and over again. And learn.
  10. Peter Parros was on ATWT around that time and was pretty hot himself. But man, they definitely sh!t on him over the years.
  11. Speaking of astrology (which I just find fun), Kenya and Marlo are both Aquarius (like myself). Just funny to see their Aqua-on-Aqua violence.
  12. All the men in my mother’s side of my Southern black family watch Y&R and DAYS.
  13. Yes, definitely seemed like it was dancing on daytime’s grave. As if they were a thing of the past and there’s no need for them to exist anymore. Yeah, there’s no way this would fly on a network, especially after those ratings. But who needs the networks anymore. That’s actually part of the story they *didn’t* want to tell: that the big broadcast networks and their precious primetime programming have become just as irrelevant as the daytime soaps they’ve relegated to the ancient past. But yeah we’ve been begging for a Ken Burns-style documentary series. Maybe even PBS would be good, but a streaming service would be ideal.
  14. Are they fücking serious? They owe us Sheila, Lauren, and Molly at the farmhouse AND the lab catfight.
  15. Basically this needed to be five times longer and on streaming, on a relatively neutral platform with fewer self-promotional demands like Netflix. It really whet my appetite for a more thorough exploration, without ad breaks or unreasonable ratings expectations.
  16. LOL I love how agitated EB gets. He’s always SHOUTING in his tweets like Frank Costanza.
  17. The Tonys were cancelled and everything else is on hold, so I guess why not?
  18. The 2021 Oscars could be postponed according to sources. https://variety.com/2020/film/news/oscars-2021-postponed-possibly-1234610694/
  19. I hope this means they are planning a full Sheila week. Josh Morrow had a rough patch with hairstyle/facial hair combos in the 2000s.
  20. I was curious if Jon Hamm had any daytime credits (as a jobbing actor who had been kicking around the industry before his Don Draper break, it wouldn’t have surprised me). But I can’t find any. I thought he might have been there to bolster the idea that even a “prestige” drama series like Mad Men was basically a soap, but they didn’t make anything of it. Maybe he was friends with one of the producers? He seems up for anything. Who knows. I chalked a lot of the Agnes Nixon focus and Bill Bell erasure to the fact that she was ABC. Plus, thematically, she followed the “shows for women, by women” theme.
  21. I was comparing this to the CNN decade documentaries, but those were so much more professionally done, with appropriate budgets. They labeled most of their longer clips. Yet they didn’t have these elaborate sets and graphics mimicking slides from a carousel projector, which, again, were eye-catching (and maybe more accessible to a network primetime audience not used to a stark documentary style), but I’d gladly have sacrificed those for better clips. And you are SO right about the hypocrisy of these networks going after unauthorized uploaders of clips yet using said clips to cut costs in their programming, claiming “fair use.“
  22. Sad that soaps forgot this too. The “heroes” on soaps are mobsters, rapists, and serial killers.
  23. Maura Mandt, the late producer who got the remembrance at the end, was better known for her sports documentaries, I see.
  24. Susan Sullivan? I mean, they aren’t wrong in the ultimate fate of soaps and how they’ve mutated into new forms (any astute observer of pop culture knows that), but it’s telling that they are writing this epitaph when a daytime soap is still airing on their network. GH runs out of original episodes in two days. I want a proper documentary now. One that delves into the roots. Gotta do it soon before we start losing even more of our early veterans.
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