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  1. Ignacio Pérez Rey from Madrid
  2. Reade Owen from London (who kind of reminds of what a young Conan O’Brien would have looked like if he were jacked)
  3. Reno from Washington, D.C.
  4. Danielle Collins is about the worst I’ve heard in terms of screaming, when she’s feeling panicked. It’s like a pterodactyl screech.
  5. Is there a home crowd who isn’t horrible, especially during Slams, though?
  6. CNN is having trouble. They just axed a bunch of people from their health editorial team.
  7. Bertens retired to Kuzmova. Damn. Mahut has been GOATing this tournament. He just routined Kohlschreiber. I don’t think his doubles partner is doing so well against Paire.
  8. Olivér Pusztai, Mr. Gay Hungary, from Budapest
  9. Dentist Curtis Fitzgerald
  10. Tom from Mannheim, Germany
  11. Truth. The editors dodge a lot of accountability, as they usually aren’t public faces like columnists and reporters.
  12. “Mr. Miraculous” from NYC
  13. Hazzel Choudhry from Delhi
  14. Imanol Asaravicius from Montevideo, Uruguay
  15. Mohammad from Syria (via Amsterdam)
  16. And Diatchenko only wins one game after winning that first set lol. Shapovalov goes out in straights to Struff. People are saying that something’s going on with him personally, but who knows?
  17. Yikes at Serena’s form so far.
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